M: So Brett, where do you work?

B: I work as a Tech Guru!

M: Oh my gosh! No way! So do I!!

E: Hahaha.. Does this mean you guys work in the same building together?

B: Yes probably. Except I will be working in the main building on the top floor starting tomorrow!

M: I work in the main building too! I’m on the second floor!

B: That’s amazing we should have lunch together sometime then!

E: Now hold on, Brett! Don’t just go around making lunch dates with every woman coworker like you did before!

M: *internally* Oh this is awkward…

E: I’m sorry, Morganna. Brett happens to have a bad habit of being a little too friendly.

M: Haha.. No it’s fine really! It’s only lunch?

B: See, Elissa! Going out for LUNCH doesn’t mean it’s a date!

E: Well, I’m still concerned with your overly friendly attitude.

M: I’ll keep a close watch on him for you, Elissa! *awkwardly laughs*

50-shades-of-laufeyson  asked:

Dating Draco Malfoy would be like?

Oh man this request is why I am alive right now. I love that blonde asshole so much, dude.

Dating Draco Malfoy Would Include:

- he’s so so so so protective of you
- like crazy protective
- you are not going NEAR his family (or vice versa) until he thinks you’re ready
- there’s a whole family tree to learn
- if you aren’t in Slytherin, it doesn’t matter because he will lend you clothes and they will all be green and you might as well be
- you constantly having to get onto him about how he treats people
- Snape is confused how you suddenly got so good in potions class
- sex in the room of requirement
- sex in the dungeons
- sex in empty classrooms
- he’s a biter
- “Who do you belong to?” & “You’re mine.”
- supporting him through EVERYTHING even when he’s positive you could never love him after the things he’s done
- the one time he almost got himself killed because Voldemort threatened you
- helping him reconcile with his classmates after the war
- kissing the dark mark on his arm because every time he sees it, he’s ashamed
- holding him when he has nightmares
- being the first person he’s ever watched stand up to his father
- his mother adoring you
- his father finally coming around to respecting you
- eventually living in the manor with Draco and having the freedom to be yourselves
- he doesn’t ever slick back his hair again
- such a fiery, passionate love because that is the only way Draco knows how to feel any emotion




his head slowly turns towards you, the mask still on, you can see his eyes just barely through the glistening circular glass slots where he looks through, the smoke still billowing up…

Episode 33: Reunions (2.09/2.12)