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Luke letting you play on his phone when you are all hanging with his friends & your phone is completely dead or you accidentally left it at home so, you'd be sitting in his lap with his phone playing and looking all cute & shit and luke is rubbing your tummy & sometimes pressing lil kisses on the back of your head when he sees you win a round as he takes a sip of his beer, you'd give him back his phone & snuggle in his neck since you were sleepy & wanted cuddles and asked him in your+

soft cutesy voice ‘if you guys can go home’ with big puppy eyes luke would be like ‘yeah, sure, bubs’ and give you a kiss on the cheek as he grab his phone to call an uber & he’d get up and holds you to his chest since he knows how clumsy and sleepy you are and lays a wet kiss on your forehead muttering 'don’t fall asleep yet, baby. i still gotta fuck you when we get home’ as he says to his friends 'yeah we’re leaving, bye fuckers’ and grabs your hand softly rubbing your knuckles :“)

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