I just imagine Dean, 20 something, in one of his years in college. I just imagine him, tired green eyes, messy brown hair, running through the courtyard to his first class of the day, which he’s almost missed completely because of his cheap alarm clock going off at the wrong time. I just imagine Castiel, also 20 something, but older, leaving his fiction-writing class, juggling a cup of coffee in one hand as he shoved his laptop in his bag with the other. I just imagine Castiel, blue eyes widened as Dean runs into him, splattering coffee all over his white shirt, but even worse: knocking his expensive laptop to the floor.
And Dean, he’s so embarrassed, he can’t believe what he’s done. He’s seen Castiel around before, he knows he’s older. He’s going to think Dean’s stupid, immature.
Castiel is angry at first, kind of annoyed, but he understands completely and he’s kind once he’s calmed down.
I just imagine Dean feeling so bad about Castiel’s shattered laptop that he knocks on his dorm door the next day with a wad of cash in his hands. 
And when Castiel opens the door, I imagine him happily surprised, and when he lets Dean in, he tells him he can’t accept the money. 
“It was an accident,” he says. “And I have a warranty, they’ll fix it for free.”
But Dean, he doesn’t care. He wants to give Castiel something. 
So Castiel comes up with an idea: he’ll help him with his writing. 
Castiel was working on something to turn into class, but his broken laptop was making that harder since now he had to go to the library to type. So Dean, he could come with him, read his writing. Give the writer some tips. 
I imagine Castiel in the library with Dean, focused on his work, Dean looking up every once in a while from his homework to read over Castiel’s shoulder. 
Dean isn’t a great writer, he isn’t great at anything involving words, really, but I imagine that he’ll try to be for Castiel. 
And Castiel’s words, they flow like an endless silk string likely to never get tangled, but when it does, Dean is happy to untie the knots. 
In some ways Dean thinks this is all a bribe to get a friend, but he doesn’t care. He can’t believe he doesn’t have that many friends; Castiel is brilliant and beautiful, and so is his writing.
His writing reminds Dean of Castiel a lot, actually. 
I imagine that Dean really likes Castiel, but he didn’t fall in love with him that easy. 
I imagine that first Dean falls in love with his words. His amazing writing. 
Dean subscribed to his blog. 
His writing was the kind that kept you up at night. The kind that could make you cry. 
Dean didn’t even like to read, but he loved to read Castiel’s work, and after a while, reading his work became more and more about reading Castiel.
And Castiel was Dean’s favorite book.
I just imagine that their feelings sprouted like words on paper-and yeah, sure. Sometimes the flow wasn’t smooth, but it didn’t end without some sort of resolution.
Castiel got a new laptop. Dean got a new alarm clock.
And I just imagine that something so simple as a run in on a crazy morning turn into something so beautiful, and I imagine that it happen between Dean and Castiel.

Anything Can Happen in the Woods

In the end, Vex’ahlia loses her nerve.

She studies Percy in the silence that stretches between them. It has been five days since Ripley, and he is only just starting to look like himself again. There is still the lingering tiredness around his eyes—she hopes they’ll have at least one more day to rest before they are subjected to the wrath of Thordak—but he is alive, as he should be. As he shall stay. As long as she has breath in her lungs, she will keep him so.

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football baz

summary: simon attends one of Baz’s football matches

“Baz?” I call from the bathroom, emerging with a toothbrush in my hand and the minty paste dripping out slightly over my lips, muffling my words so they sound more like ‘baff?’ 

 “Yes, Snow?” He asks with a smirk, looking up from the work spread out on his desk. He’s half sat, half sprawled, across the chair, his hair hanging down loosely over his face which makes me want to run my hands through it (which I’ve done many times before. And I can confirm it’s even softer than it looks.) 

“What time is your game again?” This comes out more like ‘waff timfe if or fame afaim?’, making Baz giggle. 

 “In ten minutes, Snow. I’m beginning to regret letting you sleep in.” He leans back against his chair, stretching out his arms which almost makes me drool. His shirt hitches up at the waist, and I have to move back into the bathroom before I really do make Baz late for his game.


 I’m out of breath by the time we reach the football pitch, having run all the way from the tower. Baz is (not surprisingly) calm as we approach the locker rooms, and just as I’m about to walk off to take my seat, he grips my hand and pulls me back. A soft smile, reserved only for me, crosses his face as he looks me over. His extra football jersey hangs loosely over my body, a gift he gave me a week ago when he asked me to come to the game. (I would’ve gone anyway, but still.) 

 "I like seeing you in that shirt.“ He says. Whilst my heart is palpitating at fifty miles per hour, he seems irritatingly cool. As always. A blush rises to my cheeks. 

 "I like wearing this shirt.” I respond, as I grip him by his own jersey and push him up gently against the locker room door, lips moulding together. “Good luck, Pitch,” I mumble against his lips, before turning and strutting off to my seat. 

I miss the lopsided grin and huff of breath which he releases when he sees the words ‘Pitch’ spread across my back. 


“Simon!” Penny wails, “I have half a mind to cast silent as a whisper on you right now!” I roll my eyes at her, but bite my lip as I try to be slightly quieter. 

She had been complaining at me for the whole match about how loud I was screaming, and that Baz could hear me from the moon at the volume I was yelling. I only shrugged, it not really bothering me. 

 I couldn’t deny that I loved seeing Baz in his soccer uniform (almost as much as Baz in jeans). His shirt clung to his body and his shorts showed his gorgeously toned legs, and is it even possible to want to kiss him this badly? 

I scream for him again, and Penelope digs her elbow into my ribs, making me yelp. But this time, Baz turns his attention to me, winking slightly and casting a this kiss is bliss which sails on the wind and smacks itself onto my cheek, heating it up and leaving my skin tingling with his magic. 

“You two are so in love.”


Chapter 1: Yet Another Starting Line

Rating: T

Pairing: Akatani Mikumo/Bakugou Katsuki

Notes:  This work is, by and large, inspired by the @ask-protoheroes blog and is set in the same AU. Checking it out before, after, or during the reading of this fic is highly recommended.

Also read on Ao3

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Aww don't worry, I guess it would be part for you to relate to something you haven't had but would it be alright if it's just after an incident involving a suspect she had to go the hospital where she finds out she's pregnant then gets worried that Barba might not want a child cause they're both always working and have never even talked about it so she keeps it a secret until he overhears her scheduling an appointment with her obstetrician? Would that be okay?

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Here I am back to writing imagines. I hope you all had a nice week. I am about start midterms, so yay me. 

I hadn’t seen the knife coming, had I… I wasn’t sure what I would have done. Here I was in my own hospital room. It had happened in court, there I was giving closing arguments, and I before I knew it there was a knife in me. It had been white-hot pain and then blackness. The first thing I had seen when the darkness cleared was Rafael’s face.

“YN you ok?”

“I am fine.” I tried to sit up but he pushed me back.

“You were stabbed.” He sounded worried. It hadn’t been that bad, right?

“Lightly stabbed.” His face alternated between genuine concern and laughter.  

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Martin Freeman Appreciation

I think Martin Freeman is a wonderful actor, he’s starred in Hitchhiker’s Guide tot he Galaxy, The Hobbit, and even played a Part in Captain America: Civil War. I don’t see much concerning him and how good he’s done as his characters besides being Watson in Sherlock…but that’s beside the point. 

First let’s highlight him in The Hobbit trilogy, he played Bilbo Baggins, he took on so many different conditions for the role (along with many others don’t worry) but he took it on and he took it on well. I read some of the book before the movie and I must say that Martin got him just right, I like Elijah Wood and all but he kind of overdid it as Frodo in my opinion.

Now for Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. Once again he played the main role as Arthur and I didn’t know much about the movie but him and Alan Rickman as Marvin took the stage! 

Now Everett Ross in Captain America: Civil War! It wasn’t a huge role but he played it pretty well considering he got both Bucky and Zemo in containment (SPOILERS BTW!) but yeah!

He’s played other roles as well but these were my main highlights that I was most fond of and wanted to show my appreciation so reblog if you want to show you feel the same way!!

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Boggy Woggy Kingy Wingy

character: hate them | don’t really care | like them | LOVE them | THEY ARE MY PRECIOUS


general opinions: MY TRASH ROCK BABY. I LOVE HIM. I- I don’t even know how to put it into words. I love how grumpy he is, I love how he tries so hard to be EVIL, I love that he made terrible decisions and had misguided reasons for banning love before he came to realize that what he had done was WRONG. I love how much he loves Marianne and how much he cares about Dawn. I love him. I love him.

[She can only make out their outlines against the light of house fire, but as they draw nearer, she can tell– And it only takes one look at them for a certain sharpness to jolt through her. Before even she knows what she’s doing, her legs are moving, shes weaving her way through the surrounding brush of the house with an animal like nimbleness. Her heart pounds as she approaches them– Just like it does when she leaps for a kill. She draws closer and closer and closer until–]


[The word comes out as a frighteningly non-human sounding snarl as she smashes into his side, pinning him onto the ground. And then? Then it’s all instinct. Fury driven instinct as she’s reminded of everything he’s done to her, to Darnel, every name, every little remark to her or anyone, every threat. There’s nothing in her sights now except for Nero, and she goes at his face with a vigor she’s never experienced before, slashing and cutting and biting any exposed piece of flesh, digging her teeth into his hands and arms whenever they try to push her or hit her. This is no longer about self-defense, and before she can stop it, she’s losing herself, to the point where she doesn’t even notice how she digs her claws into his eyes and rakes downwards. She doesn’t even notice how he ceases to fight back. 

The throat! Go for the throat! Her teeth flash and she moves downward to finish this but then–]


[There’s a loud cracking sound that would have dazed her if the burning, stabbing pain in her shoulder hadn’t sent her recoiling off of Nero and onto the grass, writhing and shrieking and hissing and clutching at her shoulder as she feels her hands slick with blood– Whether it’s hers or Nero’s, she can’t tell anymore. 

She wills herself internally to get up– To chase after them, but they’re gone. And while the realization sets in, panic soon starts to grip her, realizing that she’s bleeding. She’s bleeding a lot. And she can’t stop it. And it hurts, it hurts like her arm and shoulder is on fire. And she can’t figure out what to do. Her mind is racing to point of stalling as she lies on the grass, curled up with her hand pressed to the wound.]

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Wait wait wait, what has wrath done to Taffy?! And what do you meen "basement for a week"?! Pregnancy?!! What has this papyrus done that even a mun seems to think he has nohope of being a good guy! Is he actually terrible to his nephews?! Jeebuscrist

Oh, I don’t know… XD

Maybe he tried to unlawfully claim Taffy’s soul before Spikey even got together with him?
Maybe a couple of months later Wrath locked Spikey in the shed for a whole week and tortured him?
And MAYBE Peppy found out about both matters and temporarily resorted to extreme violence?

Just maybe?

Notice: this all happened about a year or two before Taffy discovered with the triplets. :o

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Hello~! This is my first ever ask, I was so excited to see that your ask box was open :-D So my question is, what would the devils + Lindo be like as fathers, especially if they had a daughter?

Firstly I’d like to say how sorry I am for taking so long omg! This is based of them only having a daughter because I’m pretty sure I’ve done some more general ones before, I just can’t find them.



  • His number 1 goal is not to be like his own father and will do his best not give his child(ren) the childhood he had 
  • Quite strict with how long she’s allowed out but doesn’t mind her staying out very late as long as he knows and trusts who she’s with
  • He can’t say no to her puppy dog eyes even if he tries 
  • Loves making her smile by doing small tricks with his powers (also headcanon that he can make fire dance in different shapes and figures)


  • He’d spoil her so much oml like ‘oh did you like the look of that toy? Here I’ll buy you ten.’
  • More than once you’ll come home and find him doing face paints with her but chances are there’ll be more paint on the walls than on either of them
  • No one, and I mean no one, is allowed to date her unless approved by him. He will not let anyone have the chance to break her heart
  • Kinda always in denial that she ever grows up which becomes a bit of a problem when she does…


  • He’s another one that would spoil his daughter, she gets the best and only the best
  • Is always up for giving piggy back rides! The up side to having a super strong dad is that no matter how old they are he can still give piggy backs   
  • Will 100% sneak her sweets even when told she can’t have any
  • No lover of hers can break up with her without expecting a visit beating up from him


  • Not the most responsible parent here but certainly a loving one all the same 
  • Teaches her how to paint and loves all of her hand paintings, even the ones on the walls 
  • Is surprisingly good at cheering her up when she’s crying
  • When she’s a baby he wraps her in his wings and sings to get her to sleep


  • He’s very involved with her learning and can be very embarrassing during parent teacher meet ups as he tends to drill the teacher on their methods if by chance his daughter isn’t doing too well in an area 
  • Very supportive but can make her feel like he expects a little too much from her sometimes 


  • Would probably pick her up from any parties in his pj’s if she hasn’t told him beforehand that she was going to one 
  • Slightly overly protective of her 
  • Teaches her all the weird and wonderful things he’s learnt from over the years about vampires and all things alike
  • He loves having tickle fights with her and tends to lose more than he wins
Voltronween: Ghost Stories

Summary: Lance wakes up with no idea what’s going on.

Notes: This is actually the first scene of a much longer story that I didn’t get finished in time for Voltronween, but I wanted to at least post part of it. Hopefully, I’ll get the rest done soon.

Lance stumbled down the step into a room lit by eerie pulsing red lights. He had been in and out of the healing pod enough to recognize the disorientation and weakness for what it was, but he couldn’t for the life of him remember why he was in the healing pod. The last thing he remembered was breakfast, and it hadn’t even been a good one.

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I loved Abraham, but Glenn’s death really did it for me. It just hit me that without Glenn, none of the story would have ever happened. Rick possibly wouldn’t be alive and the group we have grown to know and love would possibly not be what it is today. It all started with Glenn saving Rick from inside that tank when no one else wanted to risk their lives. But Glenn did. He wasn’t thinking about himself in that moment. He made a choice to save Rick voluntarily. I can’t think of any character that would have done what he did. Not one. Even till the very end he wasn’t thinking about himself, his last words were to Maggie and the love he had for her and his group/family. He is always putting others before himself. That is just who he is. Glenn’s bravery and courage in the beginning was shown even in his last moments. He will be forever missed and affect everyone’s lives from this point on. Glenn and Abraham’s sacrifice will not be in vain people. I guarantee it.

Look, I know a lot of people don’t like Ronaldo but if you really think, even for one second that he was attempting to get Morata’s goal called offside, you really have to take a look at yourself and wonder if you’re just hating on the guy for the sake of hating him. I can count on my hand the amount of times I’ve watched Madrid play but what I can say - and with full confidence - is that Cris tends to put his hand up like that after a teammate scores. He’s done it many times before, this really isn’t anything new. I understand Cristiano isn’t everyone’s cup of tea but come on guys.. this is getting ridiculous.

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Even though I think performance-wise messi has been the best this year I want Iniesta to win (I'm sure messi would like that too) only because iniesta really deserves at least one before he retires. But we all know cristiano is gonna win even though I agree he won important competitions but he didn't actually perform great in them in my opinion :/ reallywish for iniesta to win

yeah exactly like messi is by far better than everyone else on that list (sorry neymar ily) but iniesta is such an important player for both barça and spain nt, and he hasn’t got many years left and he’s the one that deserves it the most. lmao if ronaldo wins this year im done w/ this award he hasn’t done shit besides win 2 trophies were his teammates played better

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"I may not approve of some of the things Gajeel has done and I may not like him in the slightest, but he has done a lot of good for the guild and you. I may get jealous and I may not like him, but even I know he has redeemed himself and if he makes my best friend happy, then so be it, I'll live with that."

Levy looked at Lukas with tears in her eyes. Was she really trying to help defend Gajeel from the gray face? She gave a soft smile before nodding. “Thank you Lukas. It means a lot to hear you say that. It really does. I’m glad to have you as a friend Lukas.”

im laughing so fucking hard. almost like a second into lance talking, shiro gets visibly so fucking done with him. he doesnt even finish “girl” before shiro gets angry eyebrows lmao