My thoughts on how Chris Chibnall will effect the tone and structure of Doctor Who

Chris Chibnall hasn’t written any of my favorite (full) episodes of Doctor Who.

But there’s something about his promotion that I find incredibly interesting, and makes me predict the structure and tone of Doctor Who going forward.

Spoiler: I think we’re in very good hands.

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Okay, I’d like to test something. I think that Steven Moffat is an amazing writer. He captured millions of people’s hearts with tears, both of joy and heartache,  he brought out anger and confusion and he gave life to Doctor Who again. Mark did amazing, but Steven was absolutely perfect for Matt. They were an amazing pair and they both changed people’s lives through the show. Now, I’ve been seeing tons of hate toward Steven and I have no clue why. So please, just as a test, like and reblog if you love Steven as a writer. I want to know that I’m not still the only one. I’ll be sad to see him go. Matt was hard enough.


“What do you think of the new look? I was hoping for minimalism, but I think I came up with magician.” - The Doctor; Time Heist

Or, that time with real life foreshadowing when Peter Capaldi and Craig Ferguson predicted the Doctor’s magician look 4 years before he was announced as the Doctor.  That’s a bit wibbly-wobbly, timey-wimey if you ask me!

My daughter is a Whovian, and requested a clay magnet for her locker at school. I started thinking of what animals the new doctor, Peter Capaldi, reminded me of, and I thought of an owl with the gray hair and angry eyebrows. Halfway through making it, it occurred to me that he was “Doctor Whooo.” I probably laughed longer than I should have.

Dear Whovians,
All of you, guys, are really cool and wonderful! And so I come here to ask you for help. You don’t know me, but I know you!
I want you to meet someone. It’s Wander. Though he himself sais that it’s not his real name. He travels all around the Universe, helping everyone he meets. He saves the entire worlds, but he never uses weapon. His hat is bigger in the inside and he plays the banjo very well. I think you took my hint. There are even the crossovers of “Wander over Yonder” and “Doctor Who”. (I’m the author of one of them.)
I’m the Whovian for 10 years already and for me this cartoon is a great discovery. I think for you it’ll be so too. But now this great show is cancelled after the second season. Though the authors have plans for the third one. (And among the authors of Wander there are Whovians too).
May be Wander is not as popular as GF.
May be Wander is not as weird as SU.
But Wander is really beautiful!
Please, sign up this petition:
We need your help!
It never hurts to help!
We need the Doctor!

I know Peter as an actor because he was on Torchwood: Children of Earth and I think he will be an awesome Doctor. He’s a wonderful actor, he’s also Scottish so it holds in the line of David Tennant, myself and other Scots who have been involved in the Whovian world.
And for those critics who sit behind their keyboards and say ‘Capaldi’s not going to be good…’ Shut up! Because you’ll watch the show anyway. You go on the journey the Doctor takes you on no matter who is playing him.
—  John Barrowman shared some thoughts on Peter Capaldi and moved to silence any critics. [x]
I think the reason Rose Tyler is my favorite companion is because she had bad grades, no job, and a poor family situation. There was absolutely nothing special about her life. She was less than ordinary. And the Doctor chose her anyway. He thought she was worthy enough to travel with. She was actually the one he fell in love with. And she was just like anybody. Rose Tyler gives me hope.
Bill is the future Dipper theory: the satyr

Hello guys. 

Recently I read this theory by the-whovian-down-baker-street and it makes some damn sence.

So I, in my youth innocence decided analyse some of the events involving Dipper and Bill with this possibility in mind, and let me tell you - even if you do not agree with the theory, some parallels are very mindblowing.

Under cut, because it was veryy long.

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12th Doctor!
Based on the rough sketch I’ve done some days ago :D

Little note: I know, it isn’t the sonic screwdriver he’s having in the show (the same of 11th), I’ve made him one that I, personally, think fits more him (I’d love to see him with a steampunk-ish amber-lighted one!). Hope you like it :)

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10 years ago today, Anthony Ainley passed away. Anthony is one of my biggest idols. He played the Master from the end of the 4th Doctor until the end of the 7th Doctor. He played the Master brilliantly and he did an amazing job of taking over from Roger. He had done many acting jobs and I honestly think that he was an amazing actor. He was private, but he loved us Whovians! I absolutely adore Ainley!Master. I love you so much. R.I.P darling. ♥ ♥ ♥

Anthony Ainley (20th of August 1932- 3rd of May 2004) 

Hello everyone!

In honor of the ever wonderful Matt Smith saying goodbye to Doctor Who, I got the idea for a fun little project, but I can’t do it without your help.

As all of you who watched the Christmas special know, all of Matt’s last speech in the TARDIS before he regenerated was gorgeous (and heartbreaking), but there was one line in particular that stood out to me - “I will always remember when the Doctor was me”. Many Whovians, including myself, felt that he was saying that not only as the Doctor but as Matt, too, to all of the fans. This project is inspired by that line, as you can see by the name.

I don’t think Matt realizes quite how many and how much people loved him as the Doctor, and love him as a person. (In one interview I saw him asking the fans not to forget him, with tears in his eyes. Ouch, my heart.) What I want to do is send him a letter telling him otherwise, but I want to make it real.

What I want to do is send Matt a letter full of reasons why people, from all over the world, loved him as the Doctor and as an actor and a person.

All you have to do is message me your reason - it can be anything you liked/like about him, anything at ALL, off anon or on. You don’t have to, but it would also be absolutely wonderful if you could reblog this post, so that more people could see it. I really, really want to do this for him, but I can’t do it without you guys. I already miss him terribly and, although I’m very excited for Capaldi and for all of the new things that are coming with him for Doctor Who, I still wish Matt didn’t have to go.

IMPORTANT: If you have questions or comments, PLEASE DO NOT SEND THEM TO THIS BLOG, send them to my main blog, dreamwithsilverlining. It will be much easier to do this and much more organized if the ONLY this in this blog’s askbox are the reasons.

Thank you very much for actually taking the time to read this far, and if you send in a reason I will love you forever.

Happy holidays! 

Home (Part 5)

A/N: Part 5 of my Country!Dean AU series! 

Part 1 2 3 4

Dean x Reader

Warnings: None i don’t think…

Word Count:1024

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“Dean, I really can’t. I haven’t ridden a horse since senior year of high school,” You laughed as he tried to force you on the beautiful brown horse, your parents watched from the hammock that rested between the trees, chuckling at Dean’s attempt. He picked you up effortlessly, once again trying to force you on. “Dean Winchester! Put me down this instant! Dad, can’t you see your daughter needs help?” You screeched before dissolving into another round of hysterical laughter.

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My first tumblr post about Doctor Who. Sent painting and letter to Peter and after 17 weeks got all this! Mentioned two fellow PCap fans/whovians and he replied to them too! I praised the hell out of him in the letter. Told him he was incredibly talented and didn’t think he realised this. Told him he was the best thing to happen to Doctor Who and hoped he continued to have the time of his life playing the Doctor for a very long time, and that if it was up to me he would never leave! I also told him he was gorgeous! 😍 I love this man so much! ❤


Season 6, Episode 13: The Wedding of River Song

AMY: He’s not dead. He’s not dead.

RORY: Are you sure, River? Are you really, properly sure?

RIVER: Of course I’m sure. I’m his wife!

AMY: Yes! And I’m his – mother-in-law.

RIVER: Father dear, I think Mummy might need another drink.

Hey hey! Doctor Who fans!

Does anyone else think that we should put together a small, maybe a few pages long, list of things we’d like to see in DW? One without any rudesness or criticisms like moffat is used to? I think he doesn’t listen to the fans because we’re all rude about it, rude with good reason cause he’s ruining a loved show, but sometimes we ought to suck it up and give positive criticism instead.

Something like
1. Make the companions more relatable, we’ll care about them that way. Please call someone for help, someone with beloved characters that aren’t just loved for the culture, that you know.

2. No more resurections. If someone dies, they die. If you keep bringing them back, were going to assume that all your characters will come back and never cry for them. Also, remember how jack watched rose grow up but never said hi cause” timeless and all, right?” Stick to that rule.

3. Rewatch the entire show and make a list of the things that all doctors have in common. Keep those things, or at least 2-3 of them in each regeneration. Like how they aren’t cowards, like 12 seems to be occasionally.

4. Describe previous characters correctly. i.e.Ten was NOT self obsessed, he kept his face because 1) he could for the first time, 2) rose was begging him not to change and he hadn’t seen her in hundreds of years possibly and 3) he was terrified of dying, as he considered regeneration a death of sorts (“I don’t want to go”). He wasn’t self obsessed, he was arrogant. Very, very arrogant.

5. Make that moon egg the result of a transmat or so help me.

6. Hire a PR person who’s sole job is to pre-read and remove/change racist, sexist, transphobic etc language from the script. We all know you’ve got the budget for it, and you’ll prob gain another million viewers if you do.

7. You yourself created canon stating that the doctor can regenerate into any race or gender. You made that. So let’s make it happen, eh? Let’s have a doctor who will have a hard time getting around like usual because of their ethnicity or gender, let’s add a season of that to the show, it’d be great for the kids and adults to understand how unearned social privileges are earned.

8. REMEMBER THE BRIGADIER. it seemed like you did with his granddaughter, but then 12 can’t retain that danny pink teaches math? Just like the brigadier? Remember the older characters.

Everyone add to it, find ways to fix his plot holes, retcon the bullshit he’s created.
But do it nicely.
Add to the list, when we’ve all decided that its complete,
I will personally mail, email, and call moffat and gatiss, and/or someone with agency.

I think (and psychology says) that if we don’t put him on the defensive, he might actually listen to us.