I'm Yours (NSFW)

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Imagine: Newt gets jealous of all the male attention you had gotten on a night out, becoming frustrated he shows you who knows you best. 

Author’s Note: Okay, real talk, if you were in a relationship with Newt I think he would be confident and cocky as fuck. Anyhow, tell me what ya liked, what ya didn’t. Cheers legends, also 1,500 of you guys actually like me so that’s questionable. Also this is the first smut I’ve ever written so don’t be mean, I don’t think it’s that great but I wanna hear what you think!

Word Count: 1483

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Attached (Part 2) - Carl Grimes Imagine

Part 1

request: You’re probably really busy but I just couldn’t think of anyone else but you to write an imagine of Carl X reader where he’s so in love with Enid and like Carl he just somehow doesn’t see that reader is in love with him and always there for him. But when Enid leaves he gets so emotional and furious and lashes out at reader and gets a little physical, BC he thinks its readers fault.. reader sees the hate in his eyes and he doesn’t love reader… Something super angst BC I need a good cry lmao

a/n: this ending is shitty as hell bc i’m trash but i hope you like this anyways ???!?!?!

let me know what you think! my messages and inbox are always open, and i respond to everything :-)

word count: 797

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The warm water ran from the shower head, hitting your back and rolling down your body. The heat calmed you, and your fingers traced circles on your scalp, soothing your headache. 

Enid didn’t deserve Carl. She toyed with him, leading him on only to vanish the next day. It wasn’t fair for him to fall for someone who didn’t give a damn about him. You were one to talk, though. 

The bathroom door opened and closed quietly. 

“(Y/N)?” Carl asked, his voice echoing through the steam-filled room. 

“Yeah, I’m in here,” you replied. You and Carl had known each other for so long, that nothing really fazed him. 

He took a deep breath before continuing. “I’m sorry I went off on you.” He went on when you didn’t respond. “You didn’t deserve that. It wasn’t your fault, and I was just angry, and I took it out on you. I’m really sorry.”

You were thankful for the running water, which hid the tears rolling down your cheeks and the redness of your face. 

“Carl, if you want to get Enid, go get Enid,” you said bluntly, turning off the water and squeezing the water out of your hair. “Can you hand me my towel?”

He handed you the towel, and you wrapped it around yourself before stepping out of the shower. Carl followed you into your room, where he politely sat on your bed facing away from you. You had all grown close, and your definition of privacy had become much different than it ever was before. As you began to change into your clothes, Carl spoke up again. 

“I don’t want to get Enid. I’m sick of chasing her around when all she does is leave me here. I find myself being upset because of her more than I find myself happy because of her,” he explained. 

“Look,” you chuckled, jumping into your jeans, “I know exactly how you feel.” You couldn’t see his face, but you knew Carl was frowning. “I know you never meant to make me feel that way, but that shit happens when you catch feelings.”

Once you were completely dressed, you sat next to Carl on your bed, leaning your head on his shoulder. 

“I’m sorry if I ever made you feel like this,” he whispered. His voice was jagged, like he was holding back tears. “I swear I didn’t know you felt that way. If I had known…” His voice trailed off and he placed his hand on top of yours. “Maybe things would have been different.”

You lifted your head from his shoulder and looked up at him. He was searching your face for a sign what to do. To be honest, you weren’t sure either. 

“Can I kiss you?” he asked, his voice smooth and quiet. 

Your chest was pounding, and your nerves were skyrocketing. Your breathing quickened as his hand trailed up your arm and was placed on the back of your neck. 

“I don’t want you to kiss me out of pity,” you interrupted. Carl didn’t stop leaning in towards you, though. 

“I would never,” he mumbled before his lips collided with yours. It took you a moment to adjust to the unfamiliar feeling, but he pulled away before either of you got carried away. “I’m sorry.” 

You frowned, unsure of what he was apologizing for. 

“I’m sorry for not realizing how you felt. I’m obviously not too good at picking up on that stuff,” he sighed, smiling down at his lap. “I’m sorry for getting mad at you and leaving you earlier. I was confused, and I handled it like a dick.”

“Truth be told,” you agreed with him jokingly. 

He smiled, glad to see you weren’t upset with him. He wrapped his arms around your waist, pulling you into a hug. Your arms hung around his shoulders, and you gently squeezed him, holding him closer to you. 

“It’s okay,” you whispered. “I was acting stupid, too.” Carl’s eyebrow quirked inquisitively. “I let my jealousy get the best of me, and I couldn’t even sit through a damn game of cards without getting all upset at you.”

“No! Hell, I’m glad. I can’t stand the kids here,” he assured you. “I’d much rather spend time with you. You actually know things. You’ve seen the world for what it is. All these kids are just living in their perfect world surrounded by bullshit. They have no idea what’s gonna hit them when they grow up and have to learn for themselves.”

You nodded, agreeing with him whole-heartedly. 

“Mmh,” he sighed, “Thank God I have you.”

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My thoughts on how Chris Chibnall will effect the tone and structure of Doctor Who

Chris Chibnall hasn’t written any of my favorite (full) episodes of Doctor Who.

But there’s something about his promotion that I find incredibly interesting, and makes me predict the structure and tone of Doctor Who going forward.

Spoiler: I think we’re in very good hands.

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Home (Part 5)

A/N: Part 5 of my Country!Dean AU series! 

Part 1 2 3 4

Dean x Reader

Warnings: None i don’t think…

Word Count:1024

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“Dean, I really can’t. I haven’t ridden a horse since senior year of high school,” You laughed as he tried to force you on the beautiful brown horse, your parents watched from the hammock that rested between the trees, chuckling at Dean’s attempt. He picked you up effortlessly, once again trying to force you on. “Dean Winchester! Put me down this instant! Dad, can’t you see your daughter needs help?” You screeched before dissolving into another round of hysterical laughter.

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Doctor Who #3

At first, I was dubious of #3—he just looked like such a dandy, with all the frilly collars and velvet jackets, etc. But once you get to know him, he’s more of a badass than you would think. For one, the guy could FIGHT—more so than all the other more pacifist incarnation has. He dueled the Master with swords, for Gallifrey’s sake! Suddenly, I want a velvet jacket…

Things I realize while watching Jessica Jones #7

Jessica saying “You are not ten anymore” made whovians (including me) all over the world to first laugh and then cry.

I miss 10th.


Good, Now I’ll sound like a crazy girl saying that I feel sad about Kilgrave’s death, not really because of him (He was a sick son of a bitch) but because of the 10th doctor…

Whovians understand me, right? (please do!)

What if Ashildr gives the other kit to Clara either because she sees how much the Doctor needs her around, or because she’s angry that she lives forever and wants to hurt him by doing the same to Clara. Because surely there’s a reason he didn’t give it to Clara.

What if I’m still in denial that Jenna leaves the show and I’m thinking up crazy theories that won’t kill off my OTP?

So I don’t get excited about meeting a lot of famous people but I got a picture with Steven Moffat on my birthday who is the writer of my favorite TV show of all time, Doctor Who (and Sherlock!) and he wished me a happy birthday. I asked him to describe Jim the Fish and he said that he’s a fish, his name is Jim, and everybody knows him and loves him. He said he doesn’t know if we will ever get to meet Jim the Fish but that maybe he would go home and think about it! I have never been so excited ever…! Thank you sooo much to @nycshutterspeed for taking me to see the Doctor Who Special in theaters and for snapping this photo! You really know the way to a Whovian’s heart… 😍


My first tumblr post about Doctor Who. Sent painting and letter to Peter and after 17 weeks got all this! Mentioned two fellow PCap fans/whovians and he replied to them too! I praised the hell out of him in the letter. Told him he was incredibly talented and didn’t think he realised this. Told him he was the best thing to happen to Doctor Who and hoped he continued to have the time of his life playing the Doctor for a very long time, and that if it was up to me he would never leave! I also told him he was gorgeous! 😍 I love this man so much! ❤


“What do you think of the new look? I was hoping for minimalism, but I think I came up with magician.” - The Doctor; Time Heist

Or, that time with real life foreshadowing when Peter Capaldi and Craig Ferguson predicted the Doctor’s magician look 4 years before he was announced as the Doctor.  That’s a bit wibbly-wobbly, timey-wimey if you ask me!

Bill is the future Dipper theory: the satyr

Hello guys. 

Recently I read this theory by the-whovian-down-baker-street and it makes some damn sence.

So I, in my youth innocence decided analyse some of the events involving Dipper and Bill with this possibility in mind, and let me tell you - even if you do not agree with the theory, some parallels are very mindblowing.

Under cut, because it was veryy long.

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Season 6, Episode 13: The Wedding of River Song

AMY: He’s not dead. He’s not dead.

RORY: Are you sure, River? Are you really, properly sure?

RIVER: Of course I’m sure. I’m his wife!

AMY: Yes! And I’m his – mother-in-law.

RIVER: Father dear, I think Mummy might need another drink.

Why was she so special?
  • I don't know why, like she's not the first companion he's had and I mean Not even Amy's lost was this traumatising for me or whovians.
  • What was it about her? She was something special and maybe because she properly died like I mean. Dead. Not sent away, not pulled back in time no... Dead. No coming back. Maybe the fact that she properly became the doctor's best friend . Think about it? For the doctor she's the longest companion he's had. Two versions of the doctor. Yeah I know Rose also was part of a regeneration story but I think is because for the doctor, he has known her for hundreds and hundreds of years or did we forget trenzalore? And also the fact that technically Clara was ALWAYS there, we just didn't know until the name of the doctor, and then later on in "listen" Clara influenced the doctor as a child having a hand in helping him become who he is.... So many factors... I've never seen so much sadness within the whovian community for a companion even from me till this day I cannot come across Clara not being the show anymore... Even though We knew Jenna was leaving this season but damn never expected for her absence to be felt so hardly... I remember crying like a baby in "face the Raven" and when Clara (or dream clara) said her final words in "heaven sent" ... I think the doctor was in love with Clara even more than rose. But it was more than romantic it was... It was sort of what missy explained in the beginning of season 9... When she explained what friendship meant for a time lord... Is unexplainable. Is above our understanding
  • "I've just watched my best friend die in agony, my day couldn't get any worse, let's see what we can do about yours" -the doctor