there are just… so many stories in the world, stories to be read and watched and listened to, stories that really happened and ones that didn’t and ones that are sort of both, and they’re all different and I want to know every single one from the start of the universe to the end of it

ok so i’m working on setting up commissions and here are my prices so far

  • $5 chibi sketch
    • + $3 per character
    • + $3 add inks
  • $10 waist up sketch
    • + $7 per character
    • + $15 inks
    • + $20 inks and black+white copic marker shading
    • + $25 inks and digital color
  • $25 lightsaber sketch/design
    • + $7 inks
    • + $10 inks and black+white copic marker shading
    • + $15 inks and digital color

here’s my art blog for reference. do you think these prices are fair?

song tag

I was tagged by @im-phan-trash1 (thanks!)

Rules: Using only the song titles from one artist, cleverly answer these questions. Tag ten people at the end

Artist: Dodie Clark

What is your gender? She

Describe yourself? Down

How do you feel? Fickle

If you could go anywhere, where would it be? Social Dance

Favorite mode of transportation? One For The Road

If your life was a TV show, what would it be called? My Face

What is life to you? From Braces to Lipstick

Relationship status? Sick of Losing Soulmates

Your Fear? Little Mosquito

I tag: @petekeytrashaf @lilyevans-obliviate @phantxsy @squishyhowelll @icanbeshitmama and anyone else who wants to! (sorry i tagged half of the amount i needed to at least)

for those of you who think ace is a misunderstood puppy, consider this:

  • one time, after alexandria left him, he emotionally manipulated a girl who genuinely cared for him by pretending to love her back, getting in a relationship with her, until he got bored and broke her heart by cheating on her, which had been his plan the whole time
  • he once had a “friend,” who he really only tolerated because his friend would give him free drugs. his friend trusted him enough to reveal the fact that his sister had died, even taking ace to her grave one time. ace ended up stealing this friend’s motorcycle and crashing it into the boy’s sister’s tombstone,    on purpose,    just to be an ass.
  • sometimes, when he kills a person, he goes through the trouble of sending their family a dismembered body part that came from their dead loved one.