My dearest friend Katherine gave me the loveliest necklace from Peru 😭 if I’m remembering correctly it’s a chakana w the inside representing pachamama as well as the three lives ─ it’s also made of various stones & mother of pearl! 💜🙏🏼

Reasons why people complain about Pokemon go: they don’t like it or they think everyone looks like zombies.

See this is the reason why a lot of the gamers don’t like going out or doing stuff like that. First thing people do is judge or say “ah he’s not drinking, smoking or doing exactly what I do? He’s wasting his life”. I don’t care what you do with your life. You don’t see me whining about you wasting money on stuff that will eventually mess you up or lead you to wrong decisions. Hell you might not do any of that stuff and you just live a nice healthy life and have fun and you know what. Good on both of them. That’s how they wanna live their life fine. But complaining and berating others for doing something they enjoy that doesn’t affect them in any way at all annoys me.

Actually you know what it actually helpful. You know why? Because it helps out the areas they’re interacting with. They might go to a local place and grab some food or see some new sights and that helps out the area. even if you wanna keep complaining it’s bad when it’s really not. And don’t even get me started on how it’s helping people with disabilities or are sick in hospitals. Specially kids. If you don’t like it then fine, shut up and move on. But stop making others feel bad for having fun, going out, being active and most importantly PUTTING THEMSELVES OUT THERE. Because a lot of the people playing this are shy introverts and are using this as a way to overcome it and have more chances of meeting great people. Seriously give them a chance to not be judged or laughed at just because they’re making a change even if it’s through a game. At least they’re trying.

PSA: don’t blame someone else for not playing healer if you won’t do it yourself

Date a boy who dreams about you

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It's not 'I've written the post you mean' it's 'I WROTE'. You do realise you are the only Larrie pontificating about things being fake, don't you? The others have all gone very quiet.

What Larries are you looking at? The Larries who couldn’t wait for a reason to hate on Louis or the Larries who’ve been having fantasies about Harry from day one and are finally showing their true colors? Because the real Larries I have on my dash may be tired, but haven’t stopped remarking how completely stupid and fake this is for a second. You can’t even stalk and insult the right Larries, come on!

I’m very pleased that what you could point out in my reply was the incorrect use of the present perfect, though! :P

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22 for andreil!! I love your writing

fic meme 1-100: andreil + 22. “I’ve seen the way you look at me when you think I don’t notice.”

send me a pairing (preferably from aftg/trc) and a number and i’ll write you a drabble (1-50) (51-100)

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my dude, hit me up with some iwa-chan headcanons. just some good senpai iwa-chan headcanons (especially with his son Kyoutani). only if you want to, of course. hope you have a nice day!

did u mean my fuckin life source 

  • kyoutani feels too awkward to ask his teachers for help in his classes so when iwaizumi found out about kyoutani’s bad test scores, he spent everyday after practice teaching kyoutani what he didn’t know!! 
  • don’t tell oikawa but iwaizumi sometimes texts kageyama ‘i hope you’re still having fun at karasuno, try not to overwork yourself’ 
  • watari’s current concern is wanting to build up more muscle but wasn’t exactly sure what to do and almost ended up hurting himself in the gym?? iwaizumi saw and scolded him but has been training with watari ever since!! 
  • (kyoutani is lowkey jealous and makes that angry puppy pout whenever watari recalls their training sessions) 
  • after iwaizumi moves to tokyo for uni, he crosses paths with akaashi at a gym and sees akaashi getting annoyed at not being able to gain muscle so iwaizumi helps him out lmao
  • (is this just my want to see iwaizumi as a fitness trainer? maybe. probably)
  • kunimi doesn’t really do well in cold weather (he literally wears 10 pieces of clothing every winter) so iwaizumi usually gives his jacket to kunimi without much of a second thought bc iwa chan is human heater™
  • do other people start implying that they too, are cold? maybe
  • since kindaichi thought iwaizumi’s shirt was cool, iwaizumi actually bought another one for kindaichi (who’s poor heart gave out when iwaizumi left, rest in pieces kindaichi) 
  • ok but like every first year has at least tried to confess their feelings at some point to iwaizumi but iwaizumi just thinks they want spiking advice so he spends an half an hour teaching them ??
  • iwaizumi doesn’t remember this but kageyama forgot a shirt for practice at kitagawa daiichi so iwaizumi gave him one and told him to keep bc whatever?? (kagegama still has the shirt to this day and thinks it should only be worn on special occasions™) 
  • (someone should tell the poor kid that he’s probably grown out of it by now) 

im always a fan of iwa chan headcanons so thank you!! i hope you have a nice day too ~

Imagine telling Woozi how much you admire him and his passion for what he does and seeing his face light up in gladness.

“Have a nice life, Harry.”

aka: The time fame went to his head, and she lost hers. 

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Patty is a sweetheart who loves reading and history and wants to fight ghosts and save people and learns how to use weird ghost hunting tech so quickly and I love her.

Fairy Tail be like

Me: why does everybody in this show have to be in a romantic relationship??? Why can’t some people just be friends? Platonic relationships are super important.

Random straight person: Yeah! Why can’t the gals just be pals, girlfriends! Bros! Friendships are just so important, amiright–


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“Anything but friends.” (part two to “Have a nice life, Harry.”)

aka: He’s knees deep in the mess he made, and she’s not there to help him fix it.


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So my sister visited last weekend for some serious cleaning. I posted about my terrible room before but like always, things went back to how they were about a week later. This time we went through all the junk I owned, threw most of it away, donated more of it, then vacuumed and dusted EVERYTHING.

My room feels like an oasis now. The rest of my life can be shitty but I have this nice place to come back to. I’m happy with what we did