Reylo  Pride and Prejudice AU: 

“You are too generous to trifle with me. If your feelings are still what they were last April, tell me so at once. My affections and wishes are unchanged, but one word from you will silence me on this subject for ever.”


Religions in Game of Thrones 

I’ve been all over the world, my boy, and everywhere I go people tell me about “the true God”. They all think they’ve found the right one!

Stucky things to consider
  • Bucky is a little shit and hogs all the blankets at night
  • He and Steve end up getting into kicking fights over the blankets, and they always end up tiring themselves out so much that they fall asleep without any blankets
  • Sometimes Bucky will put his freezing feet on Steve’s stomach/back, just to listen to him shriek
  • Steve loves to bake during his spare time or when he’s feeling stressed out. The kitchen always smells amazing, because he’s almost always baking something. Sponge cakes, cookies, bread, brownies… He doesn’t eat much of what he makes, so he always ends up giving the rest to Bucky.
  • Bucky has no self-control and tells himself he’ll only eat one brownie, but then he’ll end up eating like five in one sitting because they’re so good. He eventually gets a little chubby and blames it all on Steve, who just gives him the most innocent, can-do-no-wrong look.
  • Bucky sneezes like a kitten.
  • Steve likes to endearingly poke fun at him for it. The Winter Soldier, the world’s deadliest assassin and the fist of HYDRA himself, sneezing like a tiny kitten. Really, Buck?
  • Steve’s sneezes aren’t much better.
  • Not long after getting Bucky back, Steve knitted a sleeve for Bucky to put on his arm when he couldn’t stand to look at the thing. Sometimes, Bucky will wear it just because it’s cute.
  • They have pun wars.
  • JARVIS locks them out of the Tower whenever there are signs of them starting a pun war.
  • When Steve starts feeling lonely when Bucky’s out, he’ll borrow and wear some of Bucky’s hoodies around the house.
  • Eventually, he’ll fall asleep wearing them, and Bucky will come home to find him all bundled up in his ratty old sweatshirts. So instead of waking Steve up, Bucky will lay down right behind him, and go to sleep right there.
  • Stucky
"I'm very busy right now and you're distracting me."

Drabble Game: #35
Author: @thisisrobbiekay
Pairing: Peter Pan x Reader
Requested: Yes
Warning: N/A
Words: 229

He was in his treehouse again, staring at the maps of Neverland on his wall and causing colorful lines and dots to trace across them with his magic. Y/N watched him for a while before he turned to face her.

He wasn’t smiling, and he sighed softly.

“I’m very busy right now and you’re distracting me.” he mumbled and turned back to his maps. An X appeared on one section, and she realized that it was the camp. “Emma figured it out.”

“Peter, what are you doing? Why’s there an X on the camp right now?” Y/N asked, confused.

“Y/N, I really don’t have time to explain things right now. Just look out for Henry, will you? I have to go deal with his mothers, her parents, and the pirate again. Frustrating work.” he groaned, brushing last her to climb down his ladder.

“Peter! Why won’t you just talk to me?” she asked him angrily, climbing down the ladder right behind him.

She didn’t have time to say anything else before she was pressed to the rock wall beside his home and kissed. She gasped into it, not knowing what happened to Peter.

“What are you doing?” she finally was able to ask, Peter’s face buried into her neck, pressing open-mouthed kisses to the sensitive skin.

“Distracting you.” he mumbled. “Is it working?”

“I’d say so.”

I am so tired of seeing old white people complain about Beyoncé’s half time show.

It’s 2016. Stop being ignorant assholes who can’t admit that police brutality is a serious problem. Stop being racist. Just stop.

To the Millennials who are racist. ENOUGH. You’re supposed to be better than the last generation. You all should know better.


and we break… [insp]

anonymous asked:

@Mod why do your characters have purple eye-shadow? I'm curious


Oh, it’s not eye shadow! It’s sort of artistic choice, in a way? Kind of?

I’ve grown up on a lot of cartoons, and sometimes in cartoons they have colored eyelids. Don’t ask me where it came from, it just did, somehow. When I draw eyelids, they look sorta barren the color they are. So I give them a cartoony style, and add a purple hue!

The best example of this outside of my own drawings would be specifically Stimpy, from Ren & Stimpy!

He always has a lilac kind of color to his eyelids, and I’ve always found it super interesting. Take that aspect away, and it just looks… wrong. To me, at least!

(crude & quick drawing of the beloved stimpy)

So really, it’s just part of my style, I guess! I hope that clears things up.

fic: fracture (1,900 words, maccready/m!ss, AU)

so i was talking with @asexualshepard, as i do, and we had the chilling realization that if the sole survivor hadn’t hired him in goodneighbor, there would be very few options left for maccready, and fewer that didn’t end in death. one of those was the potential for him to rejoin the gunners, and off the cuff of that thought was me, saying, “what if he rejoined the gunners but he and the ss found one another anyway?”

and then… and then i wrote almost 2k of it, because. erm. nobody stopped me?

the ss here is rook - who has a tag on my blog here, but for quick reference looks like this - although he’s never actually mentioned by name. honestly, i feel like i could write more of this? but for now, here’s this mess. muah.

MacCready isn’t expecting to find anything in the attic - the truth is, he doesn’t want to be headed up there at all. Right Wide is one of six slipshod residentials in this particular territory, but it’s got shitty roof access and busted out windows, and MacCready expects the whole place to collapse in on itself at any time.

He finishes his backward trek up the first flight of stairs, and makes an abrupt about-face to start his next - the last one before the attic floor.

Tessa knows he doesn’t like heights, of course she does. He’d been in the room when she’d assigned him to Winlock again (and wasn’t that proof enough that he was on her shitlist), had dismissed them both with a flick of her bare wrist and an order to ‘rough him up a little bit, teach him what we do to quitters.’


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Imagine kagami is like making dinner and he has some music playing and dinner just gets done but he is dancing to the music a little and aomine comes in from taking a shower or something and sees kagami and he pulls him over and they start dancing together. Idk I imagined it and it was really great so you should imagine it to cuz it’s really cute and also I’m in hell thanks.

Friend: Youtube comment section is horrible, no wonder some youtubers are disabling it! I bet your guys [The Creatures] gonna disable comments too!

Me: Again? Nah, it’s actually getting better. It’s been a long time since I’ve seen any…


Me: ???!

*something emerges from the cloud of smoke*


*shoves all memes and breadsticks into a purse and leaves*