hunter x hunter week 2015; day 1 - whale x island

favorite arc: Greed Island - “You’ve got it backwards. Gon, I should thank you. I’m the one who’s glad that I got to know you.”


This one goes out to my BFF Jill.

“Leave me alone Michael, you ate all of my cereal I’m not talking to you for a year” you whined at your boyfriend. You were genuinely upset, cereal was very important to you and was at the top of your priorities. It was completely disrespectful of him to eat the last your favorite cereal without your consent. “You’re over reacting, babe! it’s just cereal!” You couldn’t believe him this was nonsense. “It’s not just cereal!!! It means so much more than that. I cannot believe you would say that, I’m not talking to you for 2 years now,” you fought back. “Okay I’m really sorry I’ll make it up to you I promise,” he pouted. Later that day you came home to find about 50 boxes of your favorite cereal on your kitchen table.

So Mashima basically drew most of the guys in FT bathing.
And here I am patiently waiting for Laxus & Jellal. Or heck, even Rogue and Sting! 😁
I’d legit die when I see dem royal gloriousness 😂

Marlene Griggs-Knope was not present when her only daughter got married.