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hi, i was reading your Galra!Keith theory, and i just rewatched episode 10- i don't think his hand turns purple and blotchy because of quintessence?? i thought it got burned by the druid :0c because later, his hand gets doused in the stuff and it heals (maybe i watched it wrong lmao)

Alright, so after rewatching that scene, I don’t really know what I think tbh. I would argue that it’s up to interpretation. It could be because of a burn, you’re right, but it seems like something more to me??? Like I feel like a burn would be more burn like. Black and charred, maybe, like Lance’s burns were after the explosion.

Like when Lance got burned, his burn marks were very obviously burn marks. They were black with angry red marks around the edges. But with Keith, it wasn’t like that.

Keith’s markings in this scene are distinctly purple, not black and charred like Lance’s.

So idk, make of it what you will. I personally see it as evidence as Galra!Keith, but if you don’t that’s fine!! Everyone interpret things differently. :)


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