If you decide not to come out to anyone your sexuality and gender identity are valid

if you decide to come out to everyone your sexuality and gender identity are valid

if you come out to some people and not others your sexuality and gender identity are valid

if you come out as one sexuality and or gender identity and then change your identity is valid

Individual feminism, that of women like Ivanka Trump and Kellyanne Conway, is the belief that if you work really hard, and if you’re rich, white, and blonde enough, you can ignore sexism and achieve “empowerment.”

This type of “feminism” is aptly named, because it gives no fucks about other women. It’s an extremely self-centered “feminism.” It caters to already rich and powerful (white) women, the ones in the least need of actual feminism, over women whose experiences with sexism intersect with racism, homophobia, transphobia, ableism, etc. It challenges nothing, and it accomplishes nothing.

I am not buying this faux feminism that they are selling. If your feminism is all about yourself, not about lifting up other women – all women, it is fake and pointless.

Hey! Just so you know! It's not okay to project your own sexuality onto others! And tell them who they should like! Because that's who you like! Stop!

“That’s enough.”

And Molly Hooper- teeny, tiny, less than-a-stone-wet Molly Hooper- slides in between Detective Inspector Jason Braddock and her boyfriend. Pushes herself into the older man’s space, forcing him to back up.

Glowering, defiant, she crosses her arms and glares up at him, daring him to repeat what he just said. Daring him to call the man she loves- the man who just solved his crime for him- a freak once more.

Her expression promises unpleasant repercussions if he does.

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I talked to someone who works works for Bill Nye today.

I’m sure you all have noticed the huge wave of negative press. The person I spoke with talked about how there is now a huge bullseye on the show because it is directly attacking the Trump administration, and the larger alt-right media outlets are now doing their best to discredit Bill and the scientists affiliated with it.  That being said, I know his show *does* have its problems and that there is definite room for improvement.  I’m not saying its perfect. And its important to start a dialogue on how to make it better.

But I told this person how much it meant to me to, for the very first time in my entire life, to see my sexuality and gender validated on a huge platform, backed up by science. If I would have seen this as a kid… I don’t even know. I’ve felt broken and confused for more years than I can count. I cried. The person I was speaking to was moved and asked if they could pass this along the message to Bill directly, especially in light of the bad press.

So, I don’t know, I’m thinking i’d like to send a thank you compilation of sorts. Would any of you be interested in sending over 1-3 sentences of thanks and/or why the show was important to you? It can be completely anonymous if you’d like. Even if it’s just 4 or five of you that would be nice too. Feel free to reblog this or respond directly to it or send me a direct message.

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Peak trans moment

A transwoman telling feminsts that transwomen are important for feminism because they can widen the perspective and understanding of how women are treated and how it really feels like to be a woman. You know, cause us “cis” women don’t know shit about our own lives and struggles so we need a man telling us how it really is.