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Bobby’s Angel - Part 8

A/N - This might be hard for some people to read. There is mention of child abuse. I’ve tried a new style and did little time skips in this chapter. There is a lot to cover in this but I’m trying to keep it easy to read.

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 This movie was Neil Jordan’s second film about vampires, the first being Interview With the Vampire and while the monsters are the same the stories are very different. I’m going to start with saying that I’ve watched several of Jordan’s films and I have usually enjoyed them. This film depicts the relationship between two vampire women, mother and daughter with striking personality differences and dances between narrated flashbacks and the present. The film has beautifully odd visuals and lovely cinematography and depicts a supernatural rendition of the difficulties between mother and daughter as the later pulls away from the parental relationship. The film feels very rich, there is a elegance to the story and narration and while both vampires were sympathetic they still come across as monsters. The film holds a creepy tension throughout it’s duration that becomes almost enchanting.As with many other of Neil Jordan’s films, the tone of the movie seems very lonely, as do the characters and the scenes of stark islands and bleak drizzle accentuate it. Over all the movie is a bit slow but it works in it’s favor and the acting was fantastic as well. I enjoyed it a lot. 

Star-Crossed Giveaway!!

I’ll be giving away five copies of this wonderful book to five lucky winners.

Star-Crossed is a lovely and light-hearted story of young romance that blossoms as an eighth grade class puts on a production of Romeo and Juliet. The book shows quite a dedication to Shakespeare’s classic as it parallels the lives of the students. Matilda “Mattie” Monaghan is a charming protagonist and narrator who is immediately smitten with British transfer student Gemma Braithwaite. Mattie loves to read and quickly learns to love the Bard’s words in Romeo and Juliet. When Gemma lands the role of Juliet, Mattie can’t help but be entranced by the performance. Mattie begins to unravel her developing feelings and worries about what her closest friends and classmates might think of her. Watching the story unfold is a magical experience and has left this reader wanting more.

I very much enjoyed this book and I want more people to be able to enjoy it too. I’d urge everyone to buy this book when they can. It really is a joy to read. This kind of positive energy needs to be out there in the world and I want to do my part to help make sure more people are able to read it.


1) Reblog to enter. Limit 1 entry per person. 

2) Contest ends April 7th at 11:59pm EDT.

3) Winners must be willing to provide a mailing address or put the book on a public Amazon wishlist.

4) Shipping is limited to wherever Amazon (US) will ship to. Seems like it has a decent variety of options, but you may want to double check before you enter. If you win and it turns out Amazon can’t ship it to you, I’ll have to redraw for that copy.

5) Five winners will be chosen from among the contestants by a random number generator. Winners will be announced and contacted shortly after 12:00am EDT on April 8th. The sooner you reply, the sooner your book gets ordered and shipped.

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I could have missed the warning for Poison Study. But, it is alright, I am pretty much good now. I still might try and finish Poison Study. It is a good book. As for genre, I am always looking for fantasy novels with good female leads. I love Tamora Pierce's books, along with Brandon Sanderson's books. And Ann Leckie's Imperial Radch trilogy. Thank you.

I believe all of these are trigger-free, but my memory is poor due to effects of my chronic illness, so I can’t 100% guarantee anything :( I apologize for my inability to promise anything, but while I can’t speak for other triggers, I’m pretty sure these are free of sexual assault (if anyone know I’m totally wrong, please reblog or comment to let me know!!)


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Can we have another sneak peak for Jamaican babymoon? 🤗

This still needs a whole load of editing and work to make it better but this is the basic outline to one of the scenes in the story - the scene before the missus and Harry have some sweet love-making;

“We’re going to head off to the bus station now. We probably won’t be back until later tonight, so, we won’t be joining you for dinner. We’ve got a key to get in if you are out so don’t worry about us, okay?” Gemma explained, slinging her bag over her shoulder and adjusting the sunglasses pushed into her hair. Holding her fringe back and stopping it from covering her vision as she bounded around the living room, in search for her shoes, “have fun today, yeah?”

She gave him a wiggle of her eyebrows and a threw a smirk in his direction, earning herself a response of a frustrated eyeroll and a flip of his middle finger, his teeth clamping around the corner of the toast piece in his hand.

“Just go and have fun. We’re just going to relax by the pool today, I think. Might go and do some last minute shopping for souvenirs. Mum called last night and begged for a new magnet to go on her fridge,” Harry murmured, crumbs falling from his lips as he chewed on the toasted bread, “(YN) wants to buy her something so we’ll go and have a look ‘round the shops on the prom.”

“Take it easy, yeah? I don’t want to see you with a sore back,” she hummed, sliding her flip-flops onto her feet and standing up, “I also don’t want to come back and see you balls deep in her. Or hitting home base. I can’t take that kind of scarring.”

“You’re disgusting. Go,” Harry grunted, sending her a smile before he spun on his bare heels and making his way towards the open door of the bedroom, “have fun yourself, yeah? The park looks great.”

“The reviews say it’s good, so, we’ll keep you updated.”

“Gem! C’mon. We’re gon’a miss the bus,” Michal called out, poking his head between the front door and it’s frame, a smile on his lips, “mornin’, H.”

“Mornin’ mate,” Harry hummed, sending him a smile before disappearing into the bedroom, the plate of toast in his hand being passed towards you as you sat yourself up on the mattress, “mornin’, Gorgeous. How are we feelin’ this morning?”

“Hungry for something’ other than toast, to be completely honest,” you teased with insinuation, eyes darting towards his clothed crotch as you took your bottom lip between your teeth, “have they gone?”

“Still here and heard that very insightful suggestion,” Gemma gagged, poking her face into the bedroom and waving goodbye, “told Harry we won’t be back till later. Have fun today. Enjoy the time as the two of you. We’ll keep you updated on the day and send you pictures of the place. Don’t be too naughty and don’t get adventurous!”


“We would if I could, Gem,” you taunted, a smirk on your lips, “unfortunately, I have a watermelon-sized baby growing inside me that’s limiting my flexibility.”

“You’re both awful. That’s our cue to leave,” she grinned softly, “love you both.”

. xx