Bully!Virgil and Theater Geek!Roman

Virgil: hey geek! *smirking* heard you were gay!

Roman: uh, yeah?

Virgil: *blushing* t-thats lame. *very gently shoves him with his shoulder*

Roman: what? What even was that? Did- was that a shove?

Virgil: *concerned* why did it hurt?

Roll With It

Explicit, 72,818 words, complete.

Summary: For two years, Dean’s been slaving away beneath his boss – many label him a secretary, but he fucking hates that and feels like it only applies to someone wearing a pencil skirt, so he insists on his title of Executive Assistant. And for what? In the vain hope that one day he’ll manage to become an editor for Sandover Publishing, and that he’ll see the manuscript that he’s slaved over since college finally realized in print.

That’s the dream, anyway.

Right now, he’s fucking late.

Dean wants to be an editor. Castiel just wants to stay in the country.
‘The Proposal’ – as you’ve never seen it before.

Tags: Fake/Pretend Relationship, Boss/Employee Relationship, Secretary Dean, Alternate Universe - Not Hunters, the proposal!au, Alternate Universe, Romantic Comedy, Romance, Editor Castiel, Fluff and Angst, Sam Winchester at Stanford, POV Alternating, Geek Dean, Russian Castiel, Sharing a Bed, Implied/Referenced Homophobia, Top Castiel, Bottom Dean, Misunderstandings, Tattooed Castiel, Love Confessions

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I can’t believe I finally finished this fic! What a journey it’s been. I am infinitely proud of the story I have created, and so, so thankful for everyone who supported me along the way. My first solo longfic - what an achievement!


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