Instrument Headcanons

All my fellow band members coming out got me thinking about what instruments the boys might play, if they were in band. 

I think Noctis would like to play clarinet, or maybe euphonium. If he joins marching band, it’s because Prompto finally managed to convince him to do so.

Prompto is probably one for the piano or maybe marimba (or another percussive instrument). Maybe snare drum. Totally joins marching band, joins the pit because he does not feel confident enough in his feet for drumline. 

Gladio would probably play the bari sax, or something deep like that. He’s got arms long enough for the trombone, he’d probably enjoy a gliss. Also totally joins marching band, constantly has uniform troubles ‘cause he’s so large.

Ignis might play bassoon or oboe – he’s a double reed kinda guy, I think. He won’t really consider joining the marching band until one of the other guys mentions it, and when he does join he’s in the pit.

sup-geek  asked:

Doors anyone else feel uncomfortable when they see the massacre referred to as the 'Uchiha Clan Downfall'. The phrasing of it just seems to place the blame on the Uchiha; "they were the ones who planned a coup, they had to be killed!" as if it's their fault their own government committed mass genocide against them as a result to their response to said govt's discriminatory and segregational policies towards them. The messages in this series are revolting.

Well, the Nazi didn’t call it a genocide, they called it the “final solution”. A solution to a “problem”. It’s a propaganda, of course it doesn’t call a spade a spade. LOL


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