Today the #YouTube channel I’ve been hosting since February hit 200K subscribers, which is still blowing my mind. (For the 1% of my followers who are friends and family, and wondering what the hell I am talking about, @KindaTV_ is the flagship YouTube channel of Smokebomb Entertainment, which produces original scripted web series like @carmillaseries… y'know, that lesbian vampire show!) Anyway, before I got this job I thought YouTube was just for cat videos and Tumblr was just for porn… so needless to say, this adventure has been quite the challenge and experiment for me. But it’s also been super rewarding, and cool to see how communities come together through it, and how much people enjoy watching me stumble around the Internet for some reason. So like, before this turns into a sappy inspirational post or some shit, I guess what I’m trying to say is thank you. Truly. by natvanlis

I love wrestling cause sometimes I can turn it on 15 minutes late and for some reason Chris Jericho is locked in a cage. Why? Who knows. Does it make sense? Not in the least. Am I entertained? Yeah, why not. 


California is beautiful. We enjoyed Knotts Berry Farm…or I did. For some reason, my son was afraid to try anything. Luckily, he likes just being in a hotel.

I am trying to remember to not be disappointed that he missed out on all the rides. Positive time together is most important…riding a little flying plane is not.

Sometimes I have expectations on in an experience and have to make adjustments. So, our water ride is the bathtub tonight and entertainment will be Dr. Seuss. 😘

The espada as babysitters

As requested by oneofvizards :)

The espada have each been asked to babysit a small child! For, um, some reason. How will each of them do?

1. Starrk: Goes to sleep and lets the child do whatever

Lilinette *is* awake, but she mostly teaches the child fun ways to torment Starrk.

Starrk: Uh…..why am I covered in glue and sparkles?

Child: [clapping and giggling]

Starrk: Well, uh, at least you had fun.


Starrk: Dang now they’ll probably ask me to babysit again.

2. Barragan: Demands that the child entertain him

Since Barragan is in a perpetual state of boredom ‘n’ all.

Barragan: Do something.

Child: ?

Barragan: Do a trick!

Child: ?

Barragan: I AM SO BORED

Ggio: …maybe we should get His Majesty Lord Barragan a puppy?

3. Halibel: Insists that childhood should be a learning experience

She is of the “Well they will only try to touch the hot stove once” variety.

Halibel: …

Halibel: [grabs child before child can touch stove]

Sung-Sun: You are more of a softie than you let on.

Halibel: ….maybe.

4. Nelliel: Plays with the child

Nelliel understands kids really well! For, um, some reason. So from minute one they are running around the house screaming as the best of friends.


Child: [screaming happily]

Nelliel: Man. Being a kid is the best.

5. Ulquiorra: Locks the child in a room

It’s a big room. There are toys. But mostly Ulquiorra just wants to keep the tiny human contained.

Ulquiorra: What is this drawing?

Child: Cat!

Ulquiorra: That does not look like a cat.

Child: Cat!

Ulquiorra: But cats only have four legs.

Child: Cat!

Ulquorra: While at least you’re not drawing a bat.

6. Nnoitra: Lets the child escape outdoors

Well….he doesn’t so much let the kid escape as he holds open the door and yells “OUTSIDE IS CANDY” and then slams it shut.

Tesla: Um….Nnoitra-sama?

Tesla: Maybe we shouldn’t just let the kid wander away.

Nnoitra: It’ll make him strong.

Tesla: He’s just sitting in the backyard playing in the sandbox.

Nnoitra: Sandboxes are basically tiny deserts.

Tesla: He looks like he’s having fun!

Nnoitra: Whatever.

7. Grimmjow: Plays with blocks

He and the kid like to build block towers really high…and then knock them down.


Child: [clapping]

Grimmjow: I am so good with kids.

8. Luppi: Takes on more than he can handle

He really shouldn’t have insisted that he could totally babysit nine kids at once.

Gin: Okay, Luppi. I’m here. What’s wrong?

Gin: …

Gin: Wow what happened to this house? Was there a fight?



9. Zommari: Just wants the kid to be quiet

He tries to teach the child about meditation. But it doesn’t really work.

Zommari: I can HEAR you blowing bubbles out of your nose, small child.

Zommari: Also, gross.

10. Szayel: Builds the most amazing playhouses

They have moving walls and secret rooms…and actually no deadly traps.

Szayel: Of course there are no traps.

Szayel: Killing a baby is easy! 

Szayel: Observing a tiny human’s motor and intellectual skills up close - priceless!

Szayel: …

Szayel: Mostly there seems to be a lot of giggling.

11. Aaroniero: Does not discourage the child from eating anything

Like, the child can happily eat dirt or twigs or pieces of the carpet for all Aaroniero is concerned.

Aaroniero: I mean…I dunno what kind of powers you’ll get from that leaf.

Aaroniero: But good instinct!

12. Yammy: Is more popular with the kid than he’d like

Yammy orders the kid to go play, and then spends the rest of the afternoon being the child’s favorite toy.

Yammy: I don’t WANT to see the block tower you made. Go away.

Child: [continues to tug on Yammy’s arm]

Yammy: FINE! But maybe I’ll KNOCK IT DOWN!


Child: [giggling and clapping]


Yammy: Why do baby creatures like me so much? 

When people ask about influences one’s never sure what to say. There are the artists that you listen to and enjoy, the artists that you think are interesting and the artists that are so transcendental they feel like they’ve been with you forever, laced into your subconscious, echoing out of every creative decision you ever make. David Bowie is one of those: A reason to write a song, a reason to take a risk, a reason to put on make-up, a reason to dress up in your mum’s clothes, a reason to change, a reason to change again, a reason to never look back, or forward.

I never understood his birth so am not going to attempt to understand his death, but I find some comfort in the knowledge that long after we’re all gone, his music and legacy will still be here to entertain, challenge, inspire and save.

A man lost in time.

FM x

Something I've always felt

Okay so this is just my own personal opinion, analyzing and observation and its honestly a little ridiculous and its also SPECULATION so please don’t take any of this as the truth.. . And also don’t shoot me, please.

But for some reason I’ve always felt like ksoo has always struggled with his self esteem or image? It seems as though every time his appearance comes up he says that he doesn’t think he is handsome or cool and has never felt this way since he was born, and just feels like he is average in looks even after people constantly reassure him that he looks nice. And then I finally found the 10asia interview where he mentioned experiencing painful heartbreak and blamed himself for being too clingy.. And the whole “fear of being alone forever and trying to ignore it” thing…

So then with this in my (possibly delu) mind I looked at how he is when Jongin is around, how he is happy and smile-y and looks at him with eyes of wonder and amazement and how he constantly is praising him for being handsome and cool and amazing as if he is everything ksoo ever dreamed of being himself…

And then I continue on with my (even deeper delu) mind and look at how Jongin is also always praising ksoo no matter what and reassures him that he is handsome and he loves his voice and he’s not scary or hard to talk to and he’s a great actor and how his dancing improved so much and how his cooking is the best ever… And I’m just like what if Jongin is the first person in ksoo’s life to truly encourage him and believe in him and support him and make him feel cool and then my shipper feelings just turn into 😄😄😄😇😇😍😍🙂🙂☺☺😊😊🙃🙃🙃👬👬👨‍❤️‍👨💖💖💘💘💞💞💞

So then finally I continue on with my possible “delurium” (delusions and delirium lol 😂) and I’m like… What if ksoo has truly fallen in love with Jongin and wants to spend the rest of his life with him and then the dating news coming out made it it a painful reality that it’ll never happen and that’s why they’ve both been looking so miserable lately…

… And then my heart just goes 💔💔💔🙁🙁😕😕😔😔😟😟😢😢😳😳

This applies to the Markiplier community.

I try my best to stay out of drama, I always have, but ever since I joined this community and involved myself with some people nothing but drama has come out of it. So this is a fucking wake up call.

I am sick and tired of seeing so much anon hate, I am sick and tired of seeing the hate blogs, I am sick and tired of seeing this community collapse on itself because a few people disagreed with each other. The whole reason Mark does youtube and continues to do youtube is to entertain us and keep us happy, but how can he do that when every fucking day we are practically tearing each other apart over something idiotic. I’m not trying to point fingers or call people out because we have all fucked up, but dammit it’s time we start acting like a family again. I don’t know about all of you but I’m fed up with this shit. If you disagree with someone’s opinion you are not entitled to attack and degrade them just deal with the fact that they think differently than you and move on. If you disagree with someone’s ship you do not have the authority to hate on them because they ship something. If you think that they are only there for Mark’s looks you do not have the right to call them out on it.


Hello all! I have reached a pretty neat milestone, that of which I never thought I’d come across; 1k followers! Although, the term friendly/awesome people suits this case better. But I can’t believe how many people follow me ;~; I’ve been here (as an anime blog) for a little over a year and did not expect myself to create content, but here I am! So thank you to all of you, whatever your reason may be for following me, and I hope we can become better acquainted because I truly appreciate each and everyone of you <3!

And of course, I have to give a shoutout to some wonderful people/blogs that I’ve become good friends with and that have provided entertaining content on my dash for without them, I wouldn’t be the tumblr blog that I am right now. I do not follow many blogs, and I’m not sure why haha. I’m a really picky person when it comes to following, but hopefully as time goes on I’ll be able to find more amazing people! Thank you guys so much, and continue on being great and admirable people I love and appreciate!   ❤  

~special people~

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Game balance my ass. If they were worried about game balance, they’d listen to everyone’s complaints about silver coins and maxed out commons. They’re annoyed that nobody’s paying cash for gold coins, so they’re taking away the gold coins.

Look, I’ve gotten hours of entertainment out of this free game. I’d be happy to pay a reasonable fee for playing, or for some in-game items or bonuses. But am I going to pay $50 for enough gold coins to get an SR2? No way.

procrastinating-porcupine  asked:

today I went to see star wars and the cashier looked so much like you that for a second I wondered whether you were off to a new european adventure, this time selling movie tickets in Portugal for some reason. Then I realised she was way too short and her jaw was way too narrow. Her lipstick was on point though. If you ever get outrageously famous she could take up impersonation for a living, marrying drunk people or entertaining small children in birthday parties or something like that.

this is my favorite thing anyone has ever told me, both because i like to imagine tiny doppelgängers of myself running around the globe terrorizing people and because i love that they all bring their lipstick a-game

Something I don’t get

I hope Peyton’s absence in the episodes, it is because he is either studying or something else important. I mean, it’s not that hard to have a subplot for him with Zay or with Farkle, while Maya and Riley go live their lives. 

In Boy meets world, the writers managed to find subplots for other main characters and even the supportive characters, whenever Shawn, Cory and Topanga (sometimes with Angela) had their own plot together. The episodes still managed to be interesting and entertaining. 

Why can’t this be done in GMW? Subplots with other characters, besides Riley’s family, would be great. The reason BMW worked out great was because people managed to relate themselves with no only Cory but all the characters surrounding him. I bet a lot of people will relate to other characters’ stories in GMW, as long as they get some development. 

What I am trying to say is…stop keeping Peyton away from my screen, alright?