“I am Emperor Velo the 27th, ruler of this galaxy! My subjects hunger for entertainment! And word of your racing prowess has reached my glorious empire! And I hope you put on a good show, especially since winning the circuit will win your freedom! And if for some reason you refuse to race, your Earth will be destroyed, but I don’t think it will come to that! Do you accept my challenge?”

thehunterpersian’s 31 days of other underrated games (day 27 of 31) - crash nitro kart (vivendi universal)

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I would really love to read some Tim/Kon written by you. I'm really bad at coming up with prompts right now. But, uhh... I really love how Tim's style has evolved in the comics and he's become very stylish. So, maybe something with Tim's clothing. Or, pet names. I always felt Kon would have a ton of embarrassing pet names for Tim. Maybe I'll come up with something better...

It has been forever since I wrote Tim/Kon. I am so glad to be stretching these rusty writing muscles!

For some reason when Tim signed up to be a superhero (or, you know, a sidekick) he never factored in things like time travel. It wasn’t as if he was unaware of it as a concept. In fact, given Tim’s preferred entertainment (and absolute geekiness, if his partner on this time travel trip was allowed to add input) he was well aware of time travel when he became Robin.

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not upset, just curious about your child-like mentality and views about some things. Get help, you clearly need it. Your posts use to actually be entertaining for reasons besides your petty complaints.

It isnt childlike. At all. I am allowed to be upset when i see contenr spexifically crafted to upset people like me.

like if youre following me then you know ive stated recently im looking at getting help. Like I really am. I have made the appointments. I am looking at medication options. I have said this before. And ive said multiple times that im having issues not lashing out I have asked people multiple times to be patient with me like

if either of us is aware of my disgusting mental state it’s me. Because it’s my brain. But im still allowed to be upset about these things. Im allowed to be upset about stuff that makes me feel bad

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I hope Yasuko Kobayashi is Head-writer of Kamen Rider Ghost! I am fan of her work like Kamen Rider Den-O and Shinkenger, Even I thought ToQger was better than Kyoryuger! I hope she add actually good comedy humor to Ghost than Drive because first half have Chief doing a weird face for no reason. I hope she can make Ghost more entertaining horror comedy show than Kiva.

ToQger had some really great episodes. I probably enjoyed it more than Kyoryuger as well. It seems that a lot of people think that the premise sounds like Kobayashi’s writing. I’d love for her to write at least one more Kamen Rider series.

I’ve been meditating on something my cuddle/play partner said a couple weeks ago: “You’re not a circus animal.”

That seems like such an obvious statement, but it really has stuck with me. Often when we hang out, we just sort of do our own thing and enjoy being in each other’s presence. I really love this sort of low-key time together, but sometimes it also makes me feel extremely anxious and guilty. Even though he assures me that he’s content, I worry that I’m failing to be entertaining.

That phrase made me realize how silly this worry is. I’m not a circus animal. It’s not my job to keep anyone else entertained. It’s not my job to predict and cater to some ridiculous list of unspoken desires.

This doesn’t make the anxiety and guilt fully disappear, but it does help to know that reasonable partners communicate their expectations.

So now I have a new mantra: “I am not a circus animal.”

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We talk about BC on here because he is British & some on here actually like him. Me I am not into Alien Boy & just skip over most of his posts. However, this past year he has provided me much entertainment with his basic life. I don't see the appeal but others do. He always reminds me of those British Dandies kind of guys I really dislike. For some reason I see him in the Ministry of Silly Walks sketch with fellow Monty Pythons. LOL.

You’re not alone thinking that. Some other anon a while ago said they got turned off of him because he came off as obsessed with his image and appearances. 


Answers for that thang I reblogged

1&4 for ijustwantedyoutoneedme & 1, 4, 13 for allamericanfangirl

1) Of the fics you’ve written, which are you most proud of?
That is a hard one. It really is a toss up between ‘Inferno’ and ‘Suffocate’ for very different reasons. I’ve gotten so much amazing feedback about 'Inferno’ that it almost makes me think I could actually write something original and entertaining, that maybe I am, in fact, a writer. Because, believe it or not, I still have a hard time wrapping my head around that and even calling myself a writer some days. That people actually like something my crazy self came up with is still baffling to me.

The mystery/arsonist subplot is the aspect that I’m most proud of in the fic specifically because mystery/suspense is a genera I hadn’t considered doing. I just fell into it, and I think it’s going pretty well. Plus, it’s so much fun!

And 'Suffocate’ because it’s my first love in regards to writing fiction and it will always hold a special place in my heart because of that. It’s taught me so much about writing from taking criticism to taking chances to perseverance, and I shall be forever in its debt.

4) What are some themes you love writing about?
Gay men in love/falling in love/being in love. That seems to be my biggest theme. Maybe my only theme? Also family, family ties, exploring relationships and family dynamics, evolving characters, evolving relationships.

13) Who are your favorite writers?
Can I plead the fifth? I don’t have favorites really. I’m bad about picking that sort of thing. Plus, I know I’ll leave someone out and feel bad because I’m a huge softy like that. But I will say that anyone who has the balls to write something and put themselves out there like that to be both judged and enjoyed is amazing!

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What do you think of the theory that the reason Kairi didnt speak during the Secret Ending is that she's some sort of nobody in disguise and the real Kairi's already been kidnapped by Xehanort along with the other princesses?

I…if this is serious I will honestly say that I am not going to entertain that theory. Nobodies haven’t even shown that kind of capability only heartless have. The one time Nobodies showed something like this is when they were in the data Twilight Town which was because the data of that place could be manipulated. Which really is only the beginning of the myriad of problems with this theory…


This isn’t the first time I’ve seen this theory, and, honestly, in a different series, you might have something there. No speech, awkward staring, this general sort of soulless vibe… Sure, in some works, that could be a tip-off that the character in question is some kind of creepy pod person or something like that.

Rest assured, though: This is Kingdom Hearts. Here, it just shows how little they actually care about giving their female characters…character. Why bother giving her lines when, instead…we could not do that?

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Gee man I kinda wish your stuff had more popularity!

[Thank you! 

If I may be honest, I went into this blog knowing that my art and writing would appeal only to a niche audience. For reasons that I completely understand, Voldo isn’t exactly Mr. Popular, and my art style certainly won’t appeal to everybody. My art is a lot of things- cartoony, angular, colorful- but I’d never call it “pretty.”

I am perfectly content, however, with the number of followers that I have now, especially since they all happen to be excellent, thoughtful, particularly tasteful people. After all, it’s not every day that RP blogs get comments as nice as yours. 

I am a lucky, lucky man. 

Thanks again! I hope to be able to provide you with some twisted sense of entertainment for many months to come!] 

FYI: this blog is going to be pretty openly anti-radfem for the foreseeable future. If you have a problem with that, I won’t judge you for unfollowing. (In fact, I’d pre-emptively thank you for it, for peace of mind reasons.)

I haven’t encountered a single instance where a non-trans-woman who identifies as a radical feminist or aligns with radical feminists hasn’t also been transmisogynistic in some form or another, and it’s very frequently in a very blatant form. (That includes cis and trans men as well as DFAB nb people as well.)

I was at some point willing to entertain the thought that it might just be sampling bias, but encountering literal hundreds of individual TWERFs has pretty much made up my mind on this.

[Addendum: if you cite this post as evidence that I am a libfem, I will laugh at your unwillingness to consider that it’s possible to be a feminist who recognizes that both “schools”, and the two-school classification itself, are flawed.]

Scarecrows, generally, get paid very well for their work.

However, there is a limit on how much of their paycheck they can spend on everyday purchases such as food, rent, and entertainment. The rest is held in the bank and is only able to be withdrawn for medical emergencies.

Injuries that don’t prove to be outright fatal are rare, though, and for some reason, badly wounded Scarecrows seem to have an abnormally high mortality rate, often dying before they can receive adequate medical attention–or any at all. The explanation that the injuries are just consistently worse than they look is easy to swallow; it’s preposterous to think that there’s any foul play going on, right?

If a dead ‘Crow has any dependents, they get a portion of the money to help pay for final expenses, but for the most part they don’t, in which case all of the money in their bank account gets kicked right back to BLI itself.

The corporation can expect about an 85-90% return of a deceased Scarecrow’s pay.

Started out as one thing and led to another

Today I had a conversation about how I came to the realization that as I get older, I’m becoming more and more like Monica from FRIENDS. I told my bestie this and I gave one reason, being that I’m becoming more anal and he responded with “Becoming?”

But in all reality I truly believe this. There are some qualities of Monica’s that I will never posses, because let’s be honest, I am my own individual and she is a fictional character for a television show, so she eventually became a caricature of an individual for entertainment purposes.
For instances, I will never be as spotless as her. I don’t care about “crumbies” or vacuuming my vacuum. (I do own a regular vacuum and a hand vac even though I live in a small apartment. I should use it more.) I will never number my mugs. I am not nearly as competitive. I enjoy winning, but I am definitely an individual who believes the process is more important.

But, things that very few people actually know about me, I only have mints in even numbers so that the minty flavor can be evenly distributed within my mouth. Each one of my mugs has a particular spot in the cabinet and will always be returned to that spot once cleaned, same goes for my bowls and Tupperware. My pantry has a system. And people will come over and dig through it and look for food and it won’t bother me, but after they leave my home, I put everything back in its spot, same goes for my fridge. Don’t even get my started on how anal retentive I am about how I fold my towels in my linen closet. I, honest to god, googled different ways to fold towels to see which way I preferred. It was an hour process to decide how to fold a towel.
I prefer to be the host. I’d rather have people over at my apartment than go over to there’s and not because I’m lazy but because I want to be able to get them snacks and drinks. I can’t do that right now because I’m so poor and that brings me actual anxiety.
As much of a fuss I put up about it, I love being seen as the “mom” of a friends group. It means that someone will come to me with their problems and ask for advice. It makes me feel validated, needed and wanted.
I don’t know how I feel about becoming more anal retentive. When it came to school projects when I was younger I was always the type to color code and make tabs and makes things easily accessible. And now it seems like I’m doing that with every aspect of my life. But in the long run, I think it will be better for my life. I’ve been such a mess with a lot of things, maybe I need to have my entire life be completely organized.
Now I just need to work on being on time and less flaky. Very un-Monica traits and more Pheobe, but if I tried hard enough I could say I was becoming like any one of the six. Except Joey. I don’t relate to him in the slightest.

I’ve also said all my life that Chandler Bing is my perfect man, so, if I’m becoming Monica, where’s my Chandler?

So for some reason I decided to watch Totally Spies since it’s on Netflix and I haven’t seen it since I was about 10. I have made it approximately 1 minute and 46 seconds into the first episode (this time includes the 30 second theme song) and I am already dying of laughter

Blake & Miranda Divorce!!

I have never been the person to keep up with what goes on in celebrities lives, but for some reason this whole divorce over Miranda Lambert and Blake Shelton has caught my attention as they as some of my favorite country singers.

And to behonest I feel ridiculous for even caring. But for some reason I am mad at Blake when I have no clue what even went on in the relationship. I even bought a magazine which I NEVER do.

so why do I even care?

I realize not many people stay married anymore especially when in the entertainment business, But I always remember Miranda saying DIVORCE is NOT an option & I loved that she would say this. And in the back of my head I would always say that’s what I want to be like in my relationship, I never wanna give up not matter what. But the cold hard truth is even if you dont wanna give up, it really isnt up to you completely. Your other half can say I want a divorce and then file. Your love one can just say “no this is to hard i give up.”

Its scary. People now days dont put in the effort anymore to be together. And I know miranda & blake were together for around 10 years and married only  4 , but when you marry someone you gave your life to them. both sides should compromise to make things work. Like they did in the “good ol days”.

Well I guess thats life now days, I hope everyone else had a long and healthy relationship.

Mama Dorado

“ The Lord Bless you & keep you”

“What have you been up to?”

‘I have devoted a portion of my time researching your entertainment. I am currently perusing the website Youtube.’

“Hah. See anything you like?”

‘Some. It is slow work. I am viewing all available material.’

“Ah– … W-wait, all? There’s millions–BILLIONS of hours of videos! You can’t devote so much time to that!”

‘It takes little time, comparatively. It is not difficult to divide my consciousness between them. Currently, I am viewing 408,277 videos at roughly simultaneous rates. Some I enjoy. Others I question the reasoning behind their creation.’

“When do you think you’ll be done?”

‘Given the rate at which new material is uploaded, I doubt this task will ever truly conclude. However, the amount of processing power I devote to viewing it all will significantly decrease, and I will be able to focus on other tasks while watching.’

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#17: “We’re both at the Empress’s court and holy crap am I bored.”

Court was a necessity. A dull, pedantic necessity with too many stuck-up nobles desperately trying to kiss ass. Which, Cruz supposed, was the reason they were here as well, though their brand of brown-nosing involved more creative endeavors that thusly kept them out of the company of the less entertaining sorts. A play this time, to entertain the Empress, or some nonsense(it was an ego boost to be in charge of a group effort).

But they couldn’t avoid tea forever; “locked in the throes of creative passion” only worked as an excuse so many times. But God, they thought they might disintegrate if they had to listen to one more piece of decades-old, irrelevant gossip, they might rip their remaining ear off and throw it in the Stolen River.

Having just escaped one such encounter, Cruz did their best to drift in a casual way towards one of the emptier sets of armchairs, skirts partially gathered in one hand to avoid walking over them with their habitually long strides. They cut a conflicting figure – frills and black lace dominated their outfit, but on such a tall, broad-set person, the corset read more like body armor, the crimson skirts like a battle flag.

Cruz brushed past a gentleman in a ratskin suit – wait a minute, ratskin? Here? In Court? Was this man serious? Cruz looked into the man’s face with a look that was equal parts derisive and impressed, leaning towards the former as they noted the certain lack the soulless tended to have in their eyes.

They’d been meaning to apologize from the get-go, but they paused for just a half-beat longer than they should have before stepping back. “My apologies.”

I Do Too Much & Finish Too Little

So I’m currently working on redesigning my website. Yes, yet again another probably failed attempt at making my website more easy to navigate. Okay that’s a lie.

Really everytime I try redesigning my website it’s so that say you (the reader of this blog-entry) can go to after reading some of my blog entries, and for whatever reason, you want to know more about me you can go to my official website and see who I am fully -in all areas of online entertainment presence. Or a person who has liked watching some of my cover-songs on YouTube, on my cover-song-specific channel… That viewer can also come to BVDC and see that I don’t just cover songs, I create my own, or that I blog, or that I deliver gay news, or periodically dress in drag and make jokes… So really, the purpose of having a website is that it is the necessary link needed to show followers all sides of myself. 

Anyway, it’s not easy redesigning my website, because I have been entertaining the web for the past 10 to 11 years… So each time I make 1 small change, that eeny weeny change leads to days, if not weeks, of work. Say I’m on one of my 55 album pages, and I see something that could be improved upon, say, if that lyric section came just after the music video section, and not after the album-art section…. Well that 1 small placement now has to be changed on not just that album page, but all 55 pages. See? And it’s not just music that I do. I also entertain via videos. So anyway, right now that’s what I’m working on. Working on a way to bring all of my video series through the years altogether on my website. Meanwhile I have left the albums portion of my website unfinished! Yes folks THIS is a headache!

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Ah! See! I told ya, fanfic worthy! I am okay with stories, just like I said, but some are so "..." I wanna leave the fandom and never look back. Anyway back to Louis being awesome.

some people truly have great imaginations. it’s really entertaining though, especially when anti’s scramble to come up with reasons why the stories are fake (as if we didn’t already know)

for some reason the daily writing thing on here is giving me some stress. i don’t know why, but it’s just that i have a feeling that i will get too carried away with some mindless entertainment that i will forget to write for the day. even though i know no one actually reads these, i will still feel burdened if i forget or i skip one day.

with that being said, i will not call these daily journal entries anymore. it puts a whole lot of unneeded stress on me. even though i am not calling them daily, i still probably will write daily. i don’t really want a label for this. they’re just journal entries. things that are on my mind.

i did not read any more of my summer novel yet. hopefully i will end up doing so before the day ends, so here’s that little productivity progress thing that i always add to these entries.

i have the weird motivation to make something with my hands, but i don’t have the energy of doing so. i want to make photo edits. i want to make graphics. i want to preoccupy my time but then again i have so much work i have to do.

my life seems boring.