Hannah Writes a Hartbig Fanfic

So after reading Yotoob’s idea of what Mamrie’s Hartbig fic would be like, I got very tempted to write one from Hannah’s point of view. With her permission, I wrote a goofy, borderline stupid thing. I’m keeping this whole ‘bet’ idea. 

My (less silly) fics

Authors Note: It’s a good thing I lost because obviously, I am the only one who legitimately understands things from a lady homo perspective. Plus, I’ve definitely read the most of these things. Also, I HAVE A REAL BOOK AND IT’S ON AMAZON. And everywhere else. I’m an author, okay?

Three YouTubers are in the Los Angeles home of Grace Helbig, because, apparently, they’re never anywhere else. Mamrie, a punny booze-hound of an entertainer, has utterly disappeared for some wildly convenient reason. She has probably gotten lost in her old age. Or perhaps, time is an illusion. 

Hannah, the most beautiful, normal-sized YouTuber you will ever meet, has had a sensible glass and a half of wine. She is intelligent and completely in control, as per usual.

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My Personal Opinion on my Videos.

Hey guys so I just wanted to write a post about my stance on my videos. After so long of making videos for youtube, a lot of youtubers come across the existential question of “WHY DO I CONTINUE DOING THIS?” Some do it because it’s routine, or because they don’t know what ELSE to do, but I have personally found that I enjoy making videos for no other reason than I am passionate about them. I don’t care about views, or how many subscribers I have, I am simply doing this because I love it and want to make a living out of doing it.

I love connecting with the people that like my videos and find them entertaining, and it inspires me to continue down this road and see where it leads. 

My game reviews that I post to my gaming channel, Despwns, get about 10 - 30 thousand views each, which is pretty low to most standards. So why continue doing them? Because I LOVE doing it. I love putting forth THAT much effort in editing, writing, gathering clips, green screen work, JUST because I personally love them. 

THAT is the message I want to spread, is just that if you’re passionate about something - if you love what you do, Sometimes you’ll never see rewards for those things, but WHO CARES? If you’re NOT proud and passionate about what you do, WHAT IS THE POINT IN DOING IT? 

So who cares about hate or trolls, because I AM PERSONALLY FUCKING PROUD of everything I make, and nothing they could ever say will ever convince me I am something I’m not. 

Anyways, enough pointless ranting. I just wanted to put this into words. I love you all <3

So yesterday I said Han Geng could probably BUY Kris Wu....

and for some reason, he just always love proving me right.

As of today, at 8 am eastern standard time, in New York City, USA.

Han Geng is officially a stock holder of Jun-Mei Beauty Products.

& no, not Chinese Stocks. WALL STREET STOCKS.

And the FIRST EVER Chinese Celebirty to hold a large stock in a corporation that’s in the U.S.’ stock market.

From the moment he left SJ, I’ve always wanted there to be a day where he wouldn’t need us to support him anymore. He would be so rich he wouldn’t even have to be in the entertainment industry.

And now he’s gone and done just that. In merely four years.

And all I can say this ;~; this is my baby here, and I can never stop talking about how PROUD I am. He’s basically a multi-millionaire now wow.

I don’t think any artists in Kpop could ever claim this feat to be honest..

The espada as babysitters

As requested by oneofvizards :)

The espada have each been asked to babysit a small child! For, um, some reason. How will each of them do?

1. Starrk: Goes to sleep and lets the child do whatever

Lilinette *is* awake, but she mostly teaches the child fun ways to torment Starrk.

Starrk: Uh…..why am I covered in glue and sparkles?

Child: [clapping and giggling]

Starrk: Well, uh, at least you had fun.


Starrk: Dang now they’ll probably ask me to babysit again.

2. Barragan: Demands that the child entertain him

Since Barragan is in a perpetual state of boredom ‘n’ all.

Barragan: Do something.

Child: ?

Barragan: Do a trick!

Child: ?

Barragan: I AM SO BORED

Ggio: …maybe we should get His Majesty Lord Barragan a puppy?

3. Halibel: Insists that childhood should be a learning experience

She is of the “Well they will only try to touch the hot stove once” variety.

Halibel: …

Halibel: [grabs child before child can touch stove]

Sung-Sun: You are more of a softie than you let on.

Halibel: ….maybe.

4. Nelliel: Plays with the child

Nelliel understands kids really well! For, um, some reason. So from minute one they are running around the house screaming as the best of friends.


Child: [screaming happily]

Nelliel: Man. Being a kid is the best.

5. Ulquiorra: Locks the child in a room

It’s a big room. There are toys. But mostly Ulquiorra just wants to keep the tiny human contained.

Ulquiorra: What is this drawing?

Child: Cat!

Ulquiorra: That does not look like a cat.

Child: Cat!

Ulquiorra: But cats only have four legs.

Child: Cat!

Ulquorra: While at least you’re not drawing a bat.

6. Nnoitra: Lets the child escape outdoors

Well….he doesn’t so much let the kid escape as he holds open the door and yells “OUTSIDE IS CANDY” and then slams it shut.

Tesla: Um….Nnoitra-sama?

Tesla: Maybe we shouldn’t just let the kid wander away.

Nnoitra: It’ll make him strong.

Tesla: He’s just sitting in the backyard playing in the sandbox.

Nnoitra: Sandboxes are basically tiny deserts.

Tesla: He looks like he’s having fun!

Nnoitra: Whatever.

7. Grimmjow: Plays with blocks

He and the kid like to build block towers really high…and then knock them down.


Child: [clapping]

Grimmjow: I am so good with kids.

8. Luppi: Takes on more than he can handle

He really shouldn’t have insisted that he could totally babysit nine kids at once.

Gin: Okay, Luppi. I’m here. What’s wrong?

Gin: …

Gin: Wow what happened to this house? Was there a fight?



9. Zommari: Just wants the kid to be quiet

He tries to teach the child about meditation. But it doesn’t really work.

Zommari: I can HEAR you blowing bubbles out of your nose, small child.

Zommari: Also, gross.

10. Szayel: Builds the most amazing playhouses

They have moving walls and secret rooms…and actually no deadly traps.

Szayel: Of course there are no traps.

Szayel: Killing a baby is easy! 

Szayel: Observing a tiny human’s motor and intellectual skills up close - priceless!

Szayel: …

Szayel: Mostly there seems to be a lot of giggling.

11. Aaroniero: Does not discourage the child from eating anything

Like, the child can happily eat dirt or twigs or pieces of the carpet for all Aaroniero is concerned.

Aaroniero: I mean…I dunno what kind of powers you’ll get from that leaf.

Aaroniero: But good instinct!

12. Yammy: Is more popular with the kid than he’d like

Yammy orders the kid to go play, and then spends the rest of the afternoon being the child’s favorite toy.

Yammy: I don’t WANT to see the block tower you made. Go away.

Child: [continues to tug on Yammy’s arm]

Yammy: FINE! But maybe I’ll KNOCK IT DOWN!


Child: [giggling and clapping]


Yammy: Why do baby creatures like me so much? 

Please fire me. I work at a box office selling tickets for a high end venue. For some reason people think I am also a lost and found, security desk, expert on every event downtown, and the person they complain to when the vending machine doesn’t give them a drink. 

What I Learned Abt 1D Today 11.8.14

^^ basically how i feel every day.  Anywho, everyone down for long haired zayn squad? I AM. The boys were in Austria today [ if you missed the wetten daas performance we’ve gotcha covered ], Liam blew up twitter, and harry and louis are shits once again.  Enjoy!

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Something I've always felt

Okay so this is just my own personal opinion, analyzing and observation and its honestly a little ridiculous and its also SPECULATION so please don’t take any of this as the truth.. . And also don’t shoot me, please.

But for some reason I’ve always felt like ksoo has always struggled with his self esteem or image? It seems as though every time his appearance comes up he says that he doesn’t think he is handsome or cool and has never felt this way since he was born, and just feels like he is average in looks even after people constantly reassure him that he looks nice. And then I finally found the 10asia interview where he mentioned experiencing painful heartbreak and blamed himself for being too clingy.. And the whole “fear of being alone forever and trying to ignore it” thing…

So then with this in my (possibly delu) mind I looked at how he is when Jongin is around, how he is happy and smile-y and looks at him with eyes of wonder and amazement and how he constantly is praising him for being handsome and cool and amazing as if he is everything ksoo ever dreamed of being himself…

And then I continue on with my (even deeper delu) mind and look at how Jongin is also always praising ksoo no matter what and reassures him that he is handsome and he loves his voice and he’s not scary or hard to talk to and he’s a great actor and how his dancing improved so much and how his cooking is the best ever… And I’m just like what if Jongin is the first person in ksoo’s life to truly encourage him and believe in him and support him and make him feel cool and then my shipper feelings just turn into 😄😄😄😇😇😍😍🙂🙂☺☺😊😊🙃🙃🙃👬👬👨‍❤️‍👨💖💖💘💘💞💞💞

So then finally I continue on with my possible “delurium” (delusions and delirium lol 😂) and I’m like… What if ksoo has truly fallen in love with Jongin and wants to spend the rest of his life with him and then the dating news coming out made it it a painful reality that it’ll never happen and that’s why they’ve both been looking so miserable lately…

… And then my heart just goes 💔💔💔🙁🙁😕😕😔😔😟😟😢😢😳😳

When people ask about influences one’s never sure what to say. There are the artists that you listen to and enjoy, the artists that you think are interesting and the artists that are so transcendental they feel like they’ve been with you forever, laced into your subconscious, echoing out of every creative decision you ever make. David Bowie is one of those: A reason to write a song, a reason to take a risk, a reason to put on make-up, a reason to dress up in your mum’s clothes, a reason to change, a reason to change again, a reason to never look back, or forward.

I never understood his birth so am not going to attempt to understand his death, but I find some comfort in the knowledge that long after we’re all gone, his music and legacy will still be here to entertain, challenge, inspire and save.

A man lost in time.

FM x

Shonda Rhimes' Hollywood Reporter's Women in Entertainment Speech

“When my publicist called to tell me that I was receiving this honor, I screwed up my face and I said, ‘Are you sure? Me?’ And he said, 'Yes.’ And I said, 'Why?’ And then I said, 'No really, why?!’ And I made him call and ask for some written reason why I was getting this award. Because I really and truly was worried that there might have been some kind of mistake. 

"I want to pause for a beat here to say that I don’t say these things to be self-deprecating and humble. I am not a self-deprecating, humble person. I think I’m pretty fantastic. But I also think that the Hollywood Reporter Sherry Lansing Award is extraordinary — as is Sherry Lansing herself. 

"So, no really, why?! They sent a written reason why I was getting this award. It said many nice things but the main thing that it was said was that I was getting the award in recognition of my breaking through the industry’s glass ceiling as a woman and an African-American. 

"Well. I call my publicist back. Because I just don’t know about this. I mean, I’m concerned now. I know this isn’t an award because I’m a woman or because I’m African-American. I come from a very large, very competitive family. Extremely competitive. And by competitive, I mean, my mother says we’re not allowed to play Scrabble anymore when we get together because of the injuries and the tears. One of the rules in my family is you don’t ever get a trophy for participation, you don’t get a trophy for just being you. So getting an award today because I’m a woman and an African-American feels … 

"I was born with an awesome vagina and really gorgeous brown skin. I didn’t do anything to make either of those things happen. To get all Beyonce about it, people: "I woke up like this.” Seriously. I know this isn’t an award because I’m a woman or because I’m African-American. I know that it’s really about breaking the glass ceiling that exists in the face of being a woman and being black in this very male, very white town. 

“But I haven’t broken through any glass ceilings. Do they know I haven’t broken through any glass ceilings? I ask my publicist. He assures me that I have. I assure him that I have not. I have not broken through any glass ceilings. If I had broken through any glass ceilings, I would know. If I had broken through a glass ceiling, I would have felt some cuts, I would have some bruises. There’d be shards of glass in my hair. I’d be bleeding, I’d have wounds. 

"I was born with an awesome vagina and really gorgeous brown skin. I didn’t do anything to make either of those things happen. If I’d broken the glass ceiling, that would mean I would have made it through to the other side. Where the air is rare. I would feel the wind on my face. The view from here — way up here where the glass ceiling is broken — would be incredible. Right? So how come I don’t remember the moment? When me with my woman-ness and my brown skin went running full speed, gravity be damned, into that thick layer of glass and smashed right through it? How come I don’t remember that happening? 

"Here’s why: It’s 2014. This moment right here, me standing up here all brown with my boobs and my Thursday night of network television full of women of color, competitive women, strong women, women who own their bodies and whose lives revolve around their work instead of their men, women who are big dogs, that could only be happening right now. 

"Think about it. Look around this room. It’s filled with women of all colors in Hollywood who are executives and heads of studios and VPs and show creators and directors. There are a lot of women in Hollywood in this room who have the game-changing ability to say 'yes’ or 'no’ to something. Fifteen years ago, that would not have been as true. There’d have been maybe a few women in Hollywood who could say 'yes’ or 'no.’ And a lot of ’D’ girls and assistants who were gritting their teeth and working really hard. And for someone like me, if I was very, very, very lucky, there’d have been maybe one small show. One small shot. And that shot would not have involved a leading actress of color, any three-dimensional LGBT characters, any women characters with high-powered jobs and families, and no more than two characters of color in any scene at one time — because that only happened in sitcoms. 

"Thirty years ago, I’d think maybe there’d be a thousand secretaries fending off their handsy bosses back at the office and about two women in Hollywood in this room. And if I were here, I would serving those two women breakfast. Fifty years ago, if women wanted to gather in a room, well it had better be about babies or charity work. And the brown women were in one room over there and the white women were in a room over here. From then to now, we’ve all made such an incredible leap. Think of all of them. 

"If I had broken through a glass ceiling, I would have felt some cuts, I would have some bruises. I’d have wounds. Fifty years ago, trying to get out of separate rooms, 30 years ago trying to not serve breakfast or be groped by their bosses, 15 years ago trying to make clear that they could run a department as well as that guy over there. All the women, white or black or brown who woke up like this, who came before me in this town. Think of them. Heads up, eyes on the target. Running. Full speed. Gravity be damned. Toward that thick layer of glass that is the ceiling. Running, full speed and crashing. Crashing into that ceiling and falling back. Crashing into it and falling back. Into it and falling back. Woman after woman. Each one running and each one crashing. And everyone falling. 

"How many women had to hit that glass before the first crack appeared? How many cuts did they get, how many bruises? How hard did they have to hit the ceiling? How many women had to hit that glass to ripple it, to send out a thousand hairline fractures? How many women had to hit that glass before the pressure of their effort caused it to evolve from a thick pane of glass into just a thin sheet of splintered ice? I picked my spot in the glass and called it my target. 

"And I ran. So that when it was my turn to run, it didn’t even look like a ceiling anymore. I mean, the wind was already whistling through. I could always feel it on my face. And there were all these holes giving me a perfect view to other side. I didn’t even notice the gravity, I think it had worn itself away. So I didn’t have to fight as hard, I had time to study the cracks. I had time to decide where the air felt the rarest, where the wind was the coolest, where the view was the most soaring. I picked my spot in the glass and called it my target. 

"And I ran. And when I hit finally that ceiling, it just exploded into dust. Like that. My sisters who went before me had already handled it. No cuts. No bruises. No bleeding. Making it through the glass ceiling to the other side was simply a matter of running on a path created by every other woman’s footprints. I just hit at exactly the right time in exactly the right spot. 

"So I’m breaking my family’s rule today. This is a trophy for participation. And I am beyond honored and proud to receive it. Because this? Was a group effort. Thank you to all the women in this room. Thank you to all the women who never made it to this room. And thank you to all the women who will hopefully fill a room 100 times this size when we are all gone. You are all an inspiration.”


DMC fan comic “Dare” pages 44-47. Whaat? I finished four pages in a couple of hours when the four before last took me like, 50000 years????

(Goes to show what a lazy arse I am).

Anyway, this is why you should never give a gun to a child. Well. Err. One of many reasons.

Here we get some insight into Dante and Vergil’s childhood. They moved around a LOT. Eva was always stressed trying to protect them. To entertain themselves, Dante and Vergil often played very violent games.

You can start to see why these two grew up to be more than slightly unhinged.

Hello all! I have reached a pretty neat milestone, that of which I never thought I’d come across; 1k followers! Although, the term friendly/awesome people suits this case better. But I can’t believe how many people follow me ;~; I’ve been here (as an anime blog) for a little over a year and did not expect myself to create content, but here I am! So thank you to all of you, whatever your reason may be for following me, and I hope we can become better acquainted because I truly appreciate each and everyone of you <3!

And of course, I have to give a shoutout to some wonderful people/blogs that I’ve become good friends with and that have provided entertaining content on my dash for without them, I wouldn’t be the tumblr blog that I am right now. I do not follow many blogs, and I’m not sure why haha. I’m a really picky person when it comes to following, but hopefully as time goes on I’ll be able to find more amazing people! Thank you guys so much, and continue on being great and admirable people I love and appreciate!   ❤  

~special people~

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I’ve just been playing the latest trial version of Zoids world, Here be some screenies. And as you can see, the two latest additions are Shadow fox And Mirage fox. They are the greatest, I think actually my favourite now, I wish I could run them everywhere together but nope lol , one by one.  Saying that also because there is a wild computer enemy Madthunder and Berserk fury walking around. And If I don’t move the two foxes one of them gets killed :(. The other zoids also get killed whilst just sitting there but they love to target the foxes for some reasons. Fresh meat perhaps. 

  I can kill the berserk fury no problems but that Madthunder , It just will not die. I choose to run from that one. 

  Some of the latest additions to the world I noticed are Some kind of park, being within it are Tennis courts, a playground, baseball field and is that a skate ramp?? I am not even sure. Entertaining nonetheless. 

   This trial version can be played for 1000 yen If I’m reading correctly., via here:

  Also be warned from what other people have told me, You really need a good computer to run this thing. 

Cozy’s take on “Hozier & fans (objectification, etc)”

One recently published article surrounding Hozier sent waves throughout the fandom. I am here to state my opinion of the article, as well as present some facts that affected the formulation of this article. Wednseday morning, the Washington Post’s entertainment blog released an article titled “Hozier feels objectified by fans”. For obvious reasons this piece sparked intrigue, horror, concern, and an amalgam of other emotions across the Hozier Fandom.  I have copied and pasted the full article below, but it can also be found here:

The ‘Take Me To Church’ hitmaker tends to feel “uncomfortable” when his fans ask for photos with him, and even said he finds the experience to be “objectifying” because people place their hands on his backside as they pose for pictures with him.
He said: “When it’s ten people wanting selfies it can be uncomfortable. You want to disappear.
"When there’s a hand on your a**e as they take your picture it’s certainly objectifying.”
However, the 25-year-old performer - whose full name is Andrew Hozier-Byrne - conceded the positives of his breakout success far outweigh the negatives, even though it means he can no longer have a quiet drink with his pals without being hounded by admirers.

He continued: “But that is a small price to pay. I may not be able to go into a pub in Dublin with friends any more, but that’s the worst of it.
"To be able to do this for a living? It’s a dream come true.”
And although 'Take Me To Church’, taken from his eponymous debut LP, has gained him worldwide acclaim and won him two Billboard Music Awards, he still finds the track’s success surprising because it is so “wordy”.

He told The Times newspaper: “My background is in folk and blues and I never thought I’d end up on radio, especially as 'Take Me To Church’ is a wordy song with changing time signatures and no bass guitar. It shouldn’t have taken off, but it did.”

Yes, after reading this article, I panicked. “Objectified?! Groped?! What are they doing to poor Andrew?!” but abrupt and impulsive explosions of outrage and blame fizzled into (yes, I am narcissistic) self questioning. “I’ve met him… We took a selfie? Was I harassing him and imposing? Did I make him feel like he wanted to disappear…?” As these questions flooded my mind, I reread the article and the first sentence of very last paragraph called out to me. “He told the The Times Newspaper”. A quick google search led me to the Times Newspaper’s article about Hozier; published that same morning (however significantly earlier) and titled “Hozier: The pop star who took on the Pope”. This article speaks of the usual (forgive me for saying this, but if you are at all familiar with Hozier interviews and articles, religion is always at the forefront) and goes over Hozier religious/spiritual beliefs, Take Me to Church’s real meaning (not explicitly against the Catholic religion but rather its hierarchy, hypocrisy, and undermining of humanity), etc.
BUT, at the very end the article takes a spin and the concluding paragraphs are as follows (full article can be found here):

There’s another, rather less metaphysical problem that Hozier is grappling with: fame. He has the air of someone who would be happier working in the props department of Game of Thrones than he would stomping across the world’s stages, so it’s not surprising that the sudden loss of anonymity has taken getting used to. “You’re looked at differently,” he says. “I’ve never been good at having my photo taken, so when it’s ten people on the street wanting selfies with you it can be uncomfortable. It’s alienating. You want to disappear.”
Does he feel objectified?
“When there’s a hand on your arse as they take your picture it’s certainly objectifying, ” says Hozier, who is single but, judging by the number of adoring women in the audience, is not short of offers. “But that is a small price to pay. I may not be able to go into a pub in Dublin with friends any more, but that’s the worst of it.”
Then, shortly before going on stage to be confronted with 2,000 teenage girls chanting a line from Take Me to Church — “I’ll tell you my sins if you sharpen your knife”— he concludes: “To be able to do this for a living? It’s a dream come true.”

Although the information is the same as in the first (although actually second) Washington Post article, it holds an entirely different meaning. The first article makes it seem as if Andrew is being attacked by masses of horrible fans and as if he is cowering at the sight of them. But, upon further investigation, the Times Newspaper article shows us the bigger picture. Andrew is still uncomfortable with his new fame (we know he even refuses to use the word “famous”), he is hesitant, cautious, and quite frankly a little scared. This is all uncharted waters and he is just trying to navigate and stay a float. He speaks of how overwhelming it can be for people around him to ask for a picture and autograph and how he feels isolated or alienated when it happens. He is just not used to being picked out in a crowd or the center of frenzy attention. I think we can all agree (or at least, us fellow introverts can) that the chaos, aggression, and sheer number of a crowd can be intimidating and make you want to disappear; now imagine the mob being focussed solely on YOU! It is understandably a jarring and scary experience.

Now, lets talk about objectification. First off, I think it’s important to note Andrew didn’t bring this word up, THE REPORTER DID. I have extremely limited (aka none except I love Law and Order) knowledge of law, but I am fairly certain that if an attorney asked a witness “Do you feel objectified?” it would be considered a leading question. In this interview, Andrew simply responds to the question he is asked. He shares how, when posing for a camera and fans grope or grab him, he cannot help but feel objectified. I am not saying this is okay, or that ANYONE should grab another human being without their consent and permission, but I am saying that I don’t think this is necessarily a common occurrence. Furthermore, the whole idea of fans objectifying Hozier sparked some more thinking….Not that I equate posing for a selfie with grabbing someone’s butt… but aren’t fan photos and autographs objectification by nature? I have come to the conclusion it all depends on why you are taking the photo or getting an autograph in the first place… Are you getting a picture to capture and commemorate the experience OR are you taking it to show someone else and SAY an experience happened. If you are using the photo and Andrew, merely to show someone and say the concert/meeting him happened, then he is just a prop and that is objectification. However, if you take a picture with him for yourself, because it marked an important moment when you met an artist you admire, that is not objectification.

(I know that last bit got a little hazy and perhaps too drenched in my person opinion, but what the heck I haven’t posted in a while)

Lastly and probably most importantly: What can we do/what should we do?
I think most paramount, is just that we should all remember Andrew is human. He is not a thing. Although I too, enjoy posting funny comments about his hair or what new shirt he is wearing, none of that matters. He is here to make art. And although he is sweet and genuine and does make extensive efforts to meet fans, we are not entitled to that and he is absolutely in no way obligated to do so. Even though he has said he enjoys chatting with and greeting fans, waiting after shows is still an imposition. SO, to those of us that are lucky enough to meet, chat, or snap a pic with him PLEASE keep this all in mind. I know it can be hard, but refrain from screaming and compose yourself, always ASK before you proceed to do (whether it be getting an autograph, posing for a picture, etc), treat him like a human (!), and always say thanks! Be aware of yourself and your actions and words, and just be courteous! It is more than evident Andrew loves and appreciates his fans, but it is also evident he is still uncomfortable with the very idea of having fans, so let’s not give him any reason to be any more uncomfortable!

More Reasons Why Starlights Are Upset With Jellyfish Entertainment

Please remember this is just fan speculation. I didn’t think it was necessary to stress this before but I’m only translating what is written, not inserting my own views. Right now I am translating an article from Nate Pann here and I have taken screenshots of it in case it is deleted like many posts are.

More Reasons Why STARLIGHTS Are Upset With Jellyfish Entertainment

Update summary: Some fans believe Jellyfish Entertainment is now using VIXX members to shield the agency against accusations of bad attitude and behavior by having them defend the company in interviews. Specifically N, the leader of VIXX, is being used in this manner (see below at the article titled “VIXX ‘The Reason To See Questions Beforehand? So We Can Answer Them Better’”).

Some fans are also using a recent article that points out VIXX is not allowed to have a TV, cell phones, or computers in their living spaces to speculate that JF suffocates their idol group members. N told fans at the end of that interview: “Please don’t feel bad for us” and that seemed to have raised some curious conjectures. 

A while ago for their March issue 10Asia were doing activities (with VIXX) and after it was over he posted on SNS:

“Yesterday at the scene of the March issue activity I couldn’t hold my anger back. The people who shouldn’t have been sorry were apologizing to solve matters. If VIXX is to do well they have to be taken away from their fan manager. The manger needs to learn everything from communicating with the reporters to how to have manners. I was patient because of VIXX’s members

Then, an article came out  titled: “VIXX, Photoshoot Activity Behind The Scenes, "What are you doing right now?” which basically reiterates what happened with VIXX and their managers during 10asia’s photoshoot.

The article outlines VIXX’s visit to 10asia for a photoshoot, speaking about each individual member’s pictorial, the impression they left on the reporters, and the concept of the pictorials. The article then mentions an interview 10asia wanted to do with VIXX but that the management asked to review the questions before the interview began. 10asia found this odd since most companies don’t submit questions to idol management before an interview begins, but they submitted a sub-copy that suggested what the reporters would ask.

When VIXX’s managers took the sub-copy they began crossing out questions they didn’t like, even harmless ones like “What do you want to do when Spring comes?” 10asia’s reporters were surprised because even if idol companies knew what media outlets would ask beforehand, they never pick and chose which questions should be asked. 

After finishing their review, VIXX’s management told 10asia that next time they should send the questions they want to ask beforehand (even though this isn’t common practice). Even still, after the interview with VIXX was conducted the managers asked the reporters to remove any questionable information from the final edited clip.

When VIXX and 10asia finished up, a fan came up to Leo asking him to sign her phone case. Leo obliged but afterwards the managers hounded the 10asia reporters with questions like “Were we supposed to have an autograph session?” The company explained that fans could sell merchandise with VIXX’s autograph on it and that could raise issues, so eventually the fan was asked to throw away her phone case.

Some STARLIGHTs began contacting Jellyfish Entertainment through SNS demanding feedback and an apology for their behavior but the company wouldn’t respond. Eventually a fan called JF themselves and had a conversation with an employee. The conversation was frustrating.

JF Employee: Yes, this is Jellyfish

Me: Yes, is this a VIXX manager?

JF: Yes, what is the reason you’re calling?

Me: Ah…have you seen the 10asia article from yesterday?

JF: Yes~

Me: I..this..

JF: Yes~

Me: When will there be any feedback to this? 

JF: Right now I am in the middle of talking to 10asia and will find out soon. There isn’t anything we can follow up with to fans right now.

Me: Then I have to keep being patient about this–?

JF (he cut me off like he was amazed): What would you like?

Me: Huh?

JF: Right now what you like from us? (JF spoke sharply)

Me: Truthfully I want feedback and because Jellyfish made mistakes I would like an apology. Because of this VIXX’s image is being compromised , what can be done?

JF: Would you like to leave your name and number with us?

Me: Why?

JF: So I know who this is so I can give feedback to you

Me: I don’t want the feedback myself, STARLIGHTs want the feedback. If I give my information what membership do I have to unsubscribe from?

JF (cut me off and spoke sharply): I am not asking you for your personal information and that was not my intention 

Me: Okay

JF: Right now I can’t offer you any explanation or an answer

Me: Okay

JF: But if you want feedback leave your name and number

Me: My contact is…

JF (cut me off): Because I cannot offer you an explanation right now but if you want me to contact you leave your information or else I will have to end this call

Me: No, it’s just that if I give my information then…

JF (cut me off): If you leave your phone number then I can give you feedback when we have it but right now I have no explanation

Me: Ah, is that so?

JF: Yes

Me: Then may I call back later?

JF: Oh…yes, I understand

Me: Okay

Then an article came out today: VIXX “The Reason To See Questions Beforehand? So We Can Answer Them Better”

The article talks about N clearing up the topic of why Jellyfish sees interview questions beforehand. It goes to explain how a fan manager wanted to see the questions a media outlet (10asia) wanted to ask VIXX and began crossing out questions he/she didn’t like. It also mentions the incident with the fan’s phone case being thrown out after Leo signed it.

A current interviewer asked, “During an interview have you ever slipped your tongue (said something mistakingly?)” to which N replied, “I never have. From the time we debuted our managers received the questions (we would be asked) beforehand”

N continued, “I asked for that favor. Because there are some questions that I have to think about when answering, [knowing the questions before hand] helps me answer them better" 

Some fans believe that it’s no coincidence that after news is spreading of JF’s misbehavior that N tires to subtly clear up the company’s name regarding the topic of seeing interview questions.

These are the complaints fans have to Jellyfish:

1.) Treating fans badly

2.) Treating fans like criminals during fan signs

3.) Not handling the ticketing situation properly at the showcase

4.) Not apologizing when an event was cancelled

5.) Causing a 1 hour delay at the official fanclub opening without any explanation

6.) Not handling fan’s personal information properly

7.) Holding a fan sign in a very crammed space and being slow to take responsibility over it

8.) Being disrespectful towards fans

9.) Problematic employees

How long can you hide behind the singers, Jellyfish?

And now the most recent article about VIXX’s restrictive lifestyle and how N is 'covering up’ for Jellyfish, especially when he remarks "Please don’t feel bad for us”:

VIXX, An Analog Lifestyle Without TV, Cell Phone, Computer: “Please Don’t Feel Bad For Us”

This article basically brings to light that VIXX isn’t allowed to have a TV in their living spaces, personal cell phones, or computers. 

When the interviewers asked the managers, “Why do you restrict VIXX from those things?” N immediately replied, “I’m happy [because of it]”

N also said, “When we don’t have activities we go see movies or enjoy analog games” and that “There’s great joy in not having a TV”

He talked more about the activities the group does to fill up their free time, like playing board games or watching TV when they go their respective homes. At the end N concluded with a laugh, “Please don’t feel bad for us”


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Game balance my ass. If they were worried about game balance, they’d listen to everyone’s complaints about silver coins and maxed out commons. They’re annoyed that nobody’s paying cash for gold coins, so they’re taking away the gold coins.

Look, I’ve gotten hours of entertainment out of this free game. I’d be happy to pay a reasonable fee for playing, or for some in-game items or bonuses. But am I going to pay $50 for enough gold coins to get an SR2? No way.


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This questions has been sitting in my inbox for a while, and for some reason this is the first thing that came to my mind today when I saw it again.

My Diana has interacted with very few females, but the ones she gets along with most are Syndra, Katarina, and (thanks to ask-quinn-valor ) Quinn. I imagine she would also get along with Morgana, but have not had the opportunity to interact with one.

As for the mean girl’s reference here… Don’t ask. There’s no reason for it besides entertainment value. Plus, it does kinda make sense with “good-girl” Quinn hanging out with the bad girls.

And I haven’t gained my sanity back.

Lol, Katarina’s sitting there like “I dare you to sit next to me, Demacian.”

And Gangster Diana makes yet another appearance…


Your Clothes Are On, Right? (Liam)


#6: “Is there a reason you’re naked in my bed?”

Finally, work was over. It had been a long day and I was ready for a nap. Unfortunately, life had other plans. On the way home, I ended up in traffic. For two whole hours I sat there. I almost fell asleep multiple times before I turned up the radio to keep me awake. Luckily, the radio was playing good tunes so I at least had some good entertainment. When a One Direction song came on, it reminded me that I needed to call Liam. I got my phone from my bag and dialed him. He didn’t answer. I called him two more times and still nothing. I decided to call Louis.

“Y/N! How lovely to hear from you. When are you visiting?” I smiled and shook my head.

“Well, I was trying to call Liam to plan that but he isn’t answering. Is he at the hotel with you?” The boys were still on tour and they’d been bugging me about a visit for months.

“I haven’t seen him this morning. Maybe he’s still asleep. I’d go check but I’m out with Niall and Harry.” I sighed and told him I’d call him back. “Okay! Can’t wait to see you.” We said goodbye and luckily, traffic started moving. Thirty minutes later, I was home. I went in and immediately headed for my room. When I opened the door, I couldn’t help but scream but it quickly turned into a laugh when Liam’s naked body jumped from my bed.

“Is there a reason you’re screaming?”

“Is there a reason you’re naked in my bed?” He looked down and surprise took over his features for just a moment before he shrugged.

“It’s not like you haven’t seen it before.” I rolled my eyes but pressed the issue.

“Can you just help me understand why you’re naked in my bed?”

“Right. Well I’m here to surprise you.”

“You succeeded.” He rolled his eyes and I gestured for him to continue.

“I was staying in a hotel down the road and had planned to be here when you got off this morning cause I know you’re night shift this week. I ended up drinking a bit and you know I don’t like wearing my clothes when I’m drinking. Anyway, I called a cab and they brought me here and I drank some more. That’s when I got naked and then I’m assuming I passed out in your bed.” I shook my head but I had to laugh.

“I’ve missed you, Liam Payne.” He smiled and looked down; remembering he was naked.

“I should probably get dressed.” He covered himself with his hands and scurried past me. I quickly changed into some sweats and a t shirt. When he came back in my room, he opened his arms to me and I practically ran into them. He sighed and held me tightly. “I’ve missed you so much.”

“I’ve missed you, too.” He pulled back and kissed my forehead.

“So what do you want to do?”

“Honestly, my plan was to nap. You’re more than welcome to join me.” He agreed so we climbed in the bed. “Your clothes are on, right?” I heard him huff and I laughed.

“Shut up and go to sleep, Y/N.” I cuddled up to his side and kissed his cheek.

“Good to have you here.”

“Happy to be here.”

A/N: I have so many prepared! I’m so excited! I hope you guys enjoyed this! Love you, all! (: xx