So I saw this picture floating around courtesy of @moonplatinum:

and i’m sad to say that this actually has Ana a bit closer to Gabriel than the original picture, making their arm movement impossible. Well, at least….

For this particular arm angle. Take a look at this:

Their arms can’t hang at their sides. It would show. Jack’s stomach shows, so this isn’t just a flook. Also, why does Phara’s hair floof up like that instead of lying straight where it would block the spot of blank space there? Why are Jack and Gabriel (seemingly) the only currently playable characters in shot without some contact/interaction with anyone else? It’s just odd.

Now take a look at this:

Their arms can’t be behind their backs, it’s too stiff and weird for a group shot like this. Maybe if a bit of Gabriel’s arm peeked into that space between him and Ana but, otherwise? Not likely.

Who even does something like this in a picture? It looks weird for one and two, at least one of their hands would have to show. Well, they might have their arms on each others’ backs then!

Gabriel looks fine but Jack’s arm isn’t pointing that way, it’s pointing down.

That leaves one plausible option:

Their shoulders match up, as do those seemingly random spaces on the sides of Ana’s body. To be entirely honest, those spaces are completely unnecessary for the most part, unless the team really did want to hint at this.

I normally don’t buy into my ships actually  plausibly being canon but this is kind of hard to ignore. I’ve tried looking at it from unbiased perspectives but, honestly, this is all I could come up with.

If you have any alternate poses, please share them on this post in an attempt to disprove it, I’m open to anyone trying to refute this.

stargoddesses-deactivated201506  asked:

Do you have any suggestions for Celtic/Irish music? (Like the ones that are all happy and jiggy with violins and bagpipes that you might be able to dance to if you're not too slow?) Thank.

Dear badbloodmadlove,

Why yes.

1. Lunasa - “The Butlers of Glen Avenue/ Sliabh Russell/ Cathal McConnell’s

2. Flook - “E flat reels

3. Eileen Ivers & Immigrant Soul - “Craic with Jack

4. Buille - “The Wrong House

5. The Bothy Band - “Music in the Glen/ The Humours of Scariff/ The Otter’s Holt

6. Beoga - “Dolan’s 6am

7. Altan - “Fermanagh Highlands/ Donegal Highlands

8. Natalie MacMaster - “David’s Jig

9. Kila - “Electric Landlady

10. Victoria Police Pipe Band - “Hellbound Train

Let these ten guide you to ten more and ten more after that and then another ten until eventually math becomes meaningless and x = fiddle.

Also, as you wander through the world of Celtic music, hold this life lesson close: if you can sing “hockety pockety” to it, it’s a jig, and if it’s “watermelon watermelon,” it’s a reel. If you, badbloodmadlove, are able to sing your user name along to it, however, it’s probably a polka and you should find something else to do with your time.



Need a Little Change Chords!

Here are more chords!! I know strumming patterns are still up on the request schedule, but I thought I’d give these a go for y’all since Ben just posted the demo (which is super cute) and I’m still getting my drawing software sorted for diagrams and such. For the bridge, I’d suggest trying to strum in the syncopated thing Jeff does…maybe I’ll demonstrate a pattern for this sometime. Good luck!!!!

C                                              Am
You, look at everything you are 

                                           Em                        F
Look at everything you do, it’s incredible, as incredible as you

       C                                           Am
And me I guess I’m content to be

                                      Em                                F
On the arm of someone who is as incredible as you

               Dm                  G
And it’s a full-time job admiring

           C             Em        Am
All the ways that you’re inspiring  (dayum right it is Crewniverse)

If I had my way, I’d do it all day 

That’s why it’s really really hard to say

                                C  Em Am
I think I need a little cha-a-ange  (x2)

                                   C Em Am Em F  G   C
I think I need a little cha - a - a - a - a - a - ange

E7                                                              Am
Oh I always did believe that love is all you need to be a happy man

E7                                                                       Am
Oh that may have been naive I guess I need to eat

That wasn’t in the plan

Dm7                              G                   C              Em          Am
And it’s a full-time job admiring all the ways that you’re inspiring

Dm                                                            G
If I had my way, I’d do it all day, the only problem is it doesn’t pay

                                C  Em Am
I think I need a little cha-a-ange  (x2)

                                   C Em Am Em F  G   C
I think I need a little cha - a - a - a - a - a - ange

Love like you - Rebecca Sugar, chords

capo on third fret

C            Dm
If I could begin to be
Em                      Fm
Half of what you think of me
            C                   A7
I could do about anything
                     Dm              G
I could even learn how to love
C                      Dm
When I see the way you act
Em                             Fm
Wondering when I’m coming back
            C                   A7
I could do about anything
                     Dm              G
I could even learn how to love
Like you

               F                          Fm
I always thought i might be bad
             C                Am
Now i’m sure that’s true
              F                   G    
‘Cause i think your so good
            Em              Am
And im nothing like you

C                  F
Look at you go
I just adore you
   C              Am
I wish that I knew
          F                                   G
What makes you think I’m so special

C            Dm
If I could begin to do
Em                             Fm
Something that does right by you
            C                    A7
I would do about anything
                     Dm                G
I would even learn how to love

C                      Dm    
When I see the way you look
Em                    Fm
Shaken by how long it took
            C                  A7
I could do about anything
                     Dm              G            C
I could even learn how to love like you
Love like you
                     Dm    G C
Love me like you

(edit: i made it for guitar, but it should work for piano and ukulele and so on too. And the spacing between the chords changes depending on what theme people have their blogs, which can result in a very off beat version if you don’t read it as a liked post)

Today I wrote the ending of all poems.
It came like a strict rain
in an impersonal tone, and with the awkward
marks and small corrections of stars at night.
I unlinked the pendant from its chain
like an intimate word once fastened to a phrase.
There were inexcusable vowels, a slurring
beautiful lie.
Now rhymes fall to their knees
upon sharp glass, and a name rides bareback
out a sight.
I might tell a word too long to tell,
inform without information,
but I won’t let a dream repeat itself
in a story.
I autographed my wish and gave it
to another, but it was whiter than paper.
I can no longer spell
the truth, or read myself to sleep
beneath dim lamps.
All unfinished days,
the formless, incompleted loves
have fallen to one corner of the page,
a loveliness or error
where the ink has deepened.
The unedited rains, the misprinted stars.

Maria Flook, “Discreet,” Sea Room (University Press of New England, 1990)