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Im shaking and crying i cant believe that fuckinf video is making me feel this many emotions iamdbsbdbbskbbdvdvdbdbksbdvdjs i love you keith i hope you know thatbdns z bdjdj

me @ keith:

the thing that kills me is, i see it. i see why you like her. anyone! could see why you like her. i hear it ringing in my head, the time when you finally, finally admitted to me quietly, “yeah, i like her.” you breathed out slowly after you said it, like it took you so much courage to say those words. like you don’t think you’re good enough for her. you know, that kills me too. because how you could not be good enough for anyone, i don’t know.
—  50 pieces in 50 days #5 - afternights

I haven’t seen anyone mention it yet but we need to talk about how you can hear the kettle in Lofty’s room start boiling and whistling while the Dofty kiss is happening - like it’s symbolising both the passion of the kiss as it progresses, but also that the kiss itself is like the boiling over of the emotions and feelings that Dom and Lofty clearly have for each other. Like something like this had to happen eventually because they couldn’t literally hold the love and devotion and feelings inside anymore, before they exploded - and it all boiled over.

You could see the shift in the weather. Clouds rolling into once rich blue skies. The pressure dropping causing a touch of arthritis to remind him of that fateful fall years ago as a child. Thunder rumbling softly in some distant place, finding his always alert ears. A tease of a sprinkle, so slight the drops would have gone unnoticed, save a gentle, sporadic pitter patter. Despite the signs nothing was to come. No storm tonight, no matter how he longed for one. The type of cleansing rain he’d silently prayed for, at least to ease the dusty streets if nothing else.

The universe had spoken again. Mirroring the heaviness he’d been feeling. Swirling thoughts and emotions but, like the sky tonight, no release was to come tonight.


it is important to feel scared and sad and angry sometimes. when bad things happen, let yourself feel. 
it’s not good to only feel negative emotions, but it is also not good to never feel them. 
and when the negative emotions come, it doesn’t mean you will never be happy again, all it means is you’re upset now - and that is okay ((not the bad thing itself, but the emotions))
much love~~

i’ve honestly never met someone whose BPD controls their life as much as mine does.
i can make decisions with 100% certainty and maybe a day, a week or a month down the track, I’ll feel the entire opposite way. 

Kind of makes me feel like nothing I say or do has any validity. I don’t really get why people put up with me when that’s the case. I’m too transient lmao. 
I’m so sick of changing my mind about everything. 
I’m sick of constantly deleting and remaking stuff bc I’m stupidly impulsive and my emotions feel like thoughts but they’re not. 

i bet that it’s super annoying to watch me exist, but it’s even more annoying to actually Be me and be aware of the stupid shit I do and be unable to stop it. 

tl;dr thanks for being patient with me everyone ;w; it means a lot 

People seem to forget that big brother is a social experiment. Sure, throughout the years it has turned into gameplay and manipulation but there is no rule book on jury voting. You play the game as good as you can and at the end of the day people vote how they feel right because their emotions are important as it is not a manipulation game but a game about emotions and seeing how 16 people react in a house together for 3 months. It’s luck and being smart honestly. Paul didn’t learn from his mistakes but big brother will never be solely about good gameplay so his fans are wrong.

And here is my robot pone. I’m really proud of his design! 

Unity Sparks
Age: ???
Gender: Male
Specie: Robot
Cutie Mark: None
Likes: His creator Virus, His “sister” Beta Sparks, Helping his creator, Helping others, Being useful
Dislikes: Being useless, If someone hurts his creator, If someone hurts Beta, When someone messes with his tail
Story: Unity was created by Virus, a scientific pony owned by @staticthepegasus, as a helpful companion for her and her other robot pony, Beta Sparks (Also owned by Static).
He has the ability to feel emotions, and uses that to help himself understand his creator’s feelings and be as helpful as he can. He has many gadgets inside his body, all used by Virus to help with her scientific researches. He can also turn into a “Battle mode” but it’s not as powerful as Beta’s “Battle mode.” Afterall, he was built with the main purpose of helping, not hurting. For that reason, he has more helping and healing tools than weapons on him. He can help any pony that needs help, but his faithfulness will always be towards Virus and Beta.

He’s also askable, so feel free to ask him anything!

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what is an empath? how do u know if you are one?

An empath is someone who feels another’s emotions. Empaths often feel others’ emotions as if they were their own, either from a single person or a group. I’m not an empath so I don’t feel comfortable describing it, but there’s a post about empath signs and symptoms here.

fill in the below categories with  3 - 5  things that your character can be identified by. repost  &  tag away.


  • troubled.
  • mercurial.
  • outspoken.
  • loyal.


  • charcoal grey.
  • black.
  • navy blue.


  • cigarettes.
  • cologne.
  • soap.
  • blood.


  • corporate suits.
  • button up shirts.
  • casual attire.
  • blazers.
  • vintage italian sunglasses.


  • red jaguar xk 150, his father’s.
  • coupling link made out of old, rusted godfrey steel.
  • silver ring, right hand.
  • tin mint container.
  • box cutter blade.


  • excessive smoking.
  • drugs and alcohol.
  • insensitive.
  • jealousy.
  • impatient.


  • crossed arms.
  • intense, piercing gaze.
  • busy hands and frequent gestures.
  • wiping nose with the back of his hand.
  • overly expressive face.


  • cigarettes and liquor.
  • bloodstained hands.
  • suits and dollar bills.
  • shattered mirrors.
  • serpent eating its own tail.


  • lonely town by brandon flowers.
  • common people by pulp.
  • control by halsey.
  • arsonist’s lullabye by hozier.
  • sweet dreams by emily browning.

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