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Obi-Wan x reader where Anakin keeps trying to set them up until one day it finally works. I love everything about this Tumblr and the fact that you post so much never fails to make me smile. Thank you for being amazing!

A/N: Aw sure thing, this is a cute request! And, sorry everyone for the severe lack of updating. I completely underestimated how busy I would be this semester, and I am never going to let myself get this far behind again. 

Warnings: None

Prompt: Anakin finally sets up Obi-Wan with the reader. 

“Did you see the way he looked at you,” Anakin was teasing, “I swear he would break the Code for you.” 

You deeply blushed. “Anakin, stop.” You were a bit uncomfortable at the thought of Jedi Master Kenobi having forbidden feelings for you. Yes, there was no doubt that you found Obi-Wan to be incredibly handsome and very kind, but you knew the attachment was forbidden. 

“You two should grab something to eat after the Council meeting,” Anakin smirked at you. “I’m sure Obi-Wan would be up for that.” 

You rolled your eyes. “You might be up for that, but I can promise you Master Kenobi and I are not.” 

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Okay so lemme tell y’all about my fucking day. So first of all, this morning at like 2 am this random person added me on snapchat. Obviously, I thought nothing of it so I added them back. And what is the first snap I receive from this asshole? A dick pic… Nothing else needs to be said for that. I think we all understand what it feels like to get a unsolicited dick pic even if you never gotten one before. 

Then I see in my core class I’m basically failing… I put so much effort into my work and I still got a D…. I Had more to say about that, but then my professor changed my grade and I have a B now. 

Then in my fucking history class I got my fucking essay back. The essay is great and I got a damn 85 on it. That’s not the issue. The real issue is that this damn piece of shit white boy I know with a disgusting east Asian fetish fucked up my essay. So when I was rushing to finish it and submit it I was around my friends. I was having a hard time doing it, because the reading for the essay was lengthy and boring. And on top of that I was rushing… So yeah I took a break because it was too much for me, but I was done I just needed to submit it at this point. Anyways, this fucking cracker does and types “who likes tight pussy” in my fucking essay. Obviously, I didn’t notice that, because like I said I was done. I already proofread it and everything so its not like I was gonna reread the essay again… So yeah I submitted the essay not knowing that was in there. And guess the fuck what???? My professor took off 30 fucking points just for that and I ended up with a 55 instead of my original 85. Because of this cheesy ass cracker that’s in my fucking friend group I got a fucking 55. 

And then I had my Japanese test…. I’m not even gonna bother with that shit. It wasn’t that bad, but I definitely have some shit to say, but I’m tired.  

hogwarts houses

when I was 11, I was sorted into Slytherin by nearly every quiz I took.

in 2011, when Pottermore first came out, it sorted me into Hufflepuff.

Now, in 2016, they redid the quiz (and I retook it) and it sorted me into Ravenclaw.

To me, this makes sense. At 11, I was an overly ambitious child who wanted to run the world–a natural Slytherin. At 22, I was unemployed and deeply depressed: Hufflepuff was a natural fit for me then because kindness and loyalty meant so much more to me than my failed ambition. And now, at 27, I’m a different person again–I’m employed full time at a job I love, where my job is education. Of course I value knowledge–that’s what I do.

So tell me: what’s my Hogwarts house?

Am I a Slytherin because 11 year old me would have been sorted into Slytherin? Am I a Hufflepuff at heart who has only pretended to be a Slytherin and a Ravenclaw because they’re cooler? Or, now that I’m finally at peace with myself, am I really (and was always meant to be) a Ravenclaw?

Will I be a Gryffindor when I get older?

tl;dr: whenever you get mad at people for mis-sorting fictional characters, remember that real people are multidimensional and change all the time.

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Life can feel seriously challenging sometimes, what do you think about when you're at your darkest to pull yourself back and continue to enjoy this amazing world?

The odds of me being born exactly how I am so so rare that I refuse to believe I wasn’t born into this life for a reason. It would be so unfair of me, being born with all the privilege that I have and the opportunities that i’ve been given, to throw my life away. I focus on thinking that my sadness will pass. I have lived through so much already, whats another few dark days. 

Failing that, I think of all the animals who’s lives I’m going to better when I adopted them from shelters :) 


🌙 The moon is bright, giving us light,
I really wanna kiss you and I think I might 💋


@royal-madness Pfffffft. Hope you like it <3 Tim if you weren’t such a sweetheart you’d be a big boy and ask him out already!


Request meme

failed an exam or scored low in a test?

hi, you might be having a bad day. you must have worked your ass off for a test/exam but your efforts didn’t make a difference because your results were really bad.

i want you to take a deep breath. This is not the worst thing that could have happened to you! In a few years these scores won’t even matter because in life no one asks you how much you’ve scored or what your average grade was. 

It’s about how you carry yourself. How you are as a person. That is what truly matters not a piece of paper that have numbers and letters from A-F. 

Please don’t beat yourself up over it. There is always another chance, i promise you that!

have a good day xx


Courier Six in the Mojave. I brought almost all the pieces of my Courier cosplay to Vegas, but forgot the duster of all things (WTF)! Still went ahead with an impromptu photo shoot at Red Rock Canyon.

Pictures with my Courier duster:

The amazing man from Game Grumps, Danny “Sexbang” Avidan). They reached 3mil subs!! I am so happy for them! I was going to doodle Arin. But, time ran short and I need sleep haha  Congratulations on the 3 million subscribers Game Grumps! You deserve all of them (&I’m positive 3 of those subs are me haha)

Naruto character’s New Years Resolutions

Requested by anon!

What were various Naruto character’s NY resolutions? And did they stick to them after a month?

1. Kakashi

Resolution:To be on time to meetings more often”

Status: FAILED

Kakashi: “I just….really….can’t be bothered being on time.”

2. Sasori

Resolution: “To stop yelling at Deidara so much”

Status: FAILED

Sasori: “It lasted like 5 minutes I mean it’s DEIDARA, what do you expect?!”

3. Tsunade

Resolution: “To stop drinking so heavily”


Tsunade: “This is even more difficult than that time I had to fight Madara.”

4. Kakuzu

Resolution: “To be more charitable”


Kakuzu: “I JUST CAN’T.”

5. Sakura

Resolution: “To be less violent when it comes to Naruto”

Status: PASSED

Sakura: “It’s a lot easier to NOT hit someone when they’re you know….the Hokage”

6. Rock Lee

Resolution: “To be even more youthful than last year”

Status: PASSED


7. Shikamaru

Resolution: “Be more active and less lazy”

Status: FAILED

Shikamaru: “Ehh….work is just such a drag you know.”

8. Hidan

Resolution: “To offer more sacrifices than last year”

Status: PASSED

Hidan: “Did you really expect any different?”

9. Kurama 

Resolution: “To take more naps”

Status: PASSED

Kurama: “I think I deserve it tbh.”

10. Pein

Resolution: “To smile more”


Pein: “Konan sometimes sticks her fingers in my mouth and forces me to smile so I’m counting that as a pass.”

Hey! Larries! What has been up with that bear you love and trust so much? Too focused on the bear’s ambiguous tweets that you can twist and manipulate into whatever you want? How about we discuss some facts!? That bear that you love and trust so much posted pictures of himself at Heathrow while his owners, Harry and Louis, were in Los Angeles. That bear that you love and trust so much somehow went to a concert in Manchester when his two owners, Harry and Louis, were in Los Angeles. Didn’t that bear you love and trust so much fail to warn you about Danielle? What about Kendall? Where was he? And what was he doing instead of warning you about Briana giving birth? Consider that bear that you love and trust isn’t owned by Harry and Louis. Consider that bear that you love and trust so much isn’t sending you clues. Consider that bear that you love and trust so much is doing whatever he wants to do while Louis is laying his head next to his little lad tonight. Consider trusting what Louis and his loved ones have been telling you, and maybe it will all make sense.