The Zodiac Signs’ Favorite Physical Features

Aries: Eyebrows, eyes 

Taurus: Eyebrows, figure

Gemini: Dimples, hair

Cancer: Eyelashes, hair

Leo: Eyebrows, figure

Virgo: Figure, hair

Libra: Dimples, eyebrows

Scorpio: Dimples, hair

Sagittarius: Eyebrows, figure

Capricorn: Eyebrows, hair

Aquarius: Dimples, eyebrows

Pisces: Hair, figure

ok ok let me tell you a thing… 

I redid this piece 4 times and this was the version I was satisfied with. 

I tried to color it but tbh I’m still really rusty so I trashed the colored version.

Anyways here’s my twitter header, sorry it took me so long to finish it (kinda)