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62/365 Days of Outlaw Queen

Star and the Art of “NO.”

I’m seen a few posts floating around talking about Blood Moon Ball, specifically chastising Star for making Tom mad by refusing to do certain things, and I want to try and nip that as quickly as I possibly can without calling anyone out because NO. No No No No No No NO.

Tom is trying to get better. That’s true and it’s absolutely fantastic, and he deserves all the support he can get for that. He asked Star for a chance to prove that he was different now, and Star chose to give it to him only for him to lose control and try and murder her best friend. Was Marco completely guiltless? No, of course not, and Star chewed him out for it to make sure that Marco understood that he had overstepped his boundaries and that she was not okay with that. But the fact remains that Tom lost his temper after swearing to Star up and down that his anger- the thing that broke them apart in the first place- was under control, and seeing that happen the way it did probably made Star feel like she couldn’t trust Tom the way she wanted to.

And then there were the little things. The things that Star supposedly messed up which made Tom start to lose his temper.

Let’s start with the hair spider shall we? Tom wanted to give it to Star so she’s fit in with the rest of the guests, who were all demons. Star thanked him for the gift, but told him that she was happy with her appearance and Tom started to get mad. I’ll admit that it’s disappointing when your presents are rejected, but Star clearly looked uneasy with the idea of sticking a spider on her head and, as she said, she liked her look as it was.

Next was the unicorn blood, where Star stated quite clearly that she didn’t want to go through with it because she was friends with Ponyhead. Here is also where she discovered that Tom didn’t have his anger as locked down as he claimed to and confronted him about it, only to have him lie to her face. Instead of heading back to earth post haste, Star gave him a little space to cool off and continued to enjoy the party.

In both these instances, Star was visibly uncomfortable and clearly and firmly said no, as any girl should be allowed to do. And it’s super important to me that she did. Because as a culture we are taught that girls can’t say no, even if we’re uncomfortable or afraid, because it might hurt a boy’s feelings and a guy’s feelings are more important than our personal comfort.

Star did NOT ream into Tom for using unicorn blood at his party, nor did she say there was anything wrong with it. She just didn’t want any of it on herself, for her own PERSONAL reasons which deserve to be respected. She was completely fine with Tom and the rest of the guests showering in it, so long as they respected that she wasn’t going to. Star thanked Tom for thinking of her and getting a gift, even if the gift itself was something she didn’t want, but refused to let him change how she looked. Again, this was her right as it was HER BODY and she shouldn’t have to wear anything she doesn’t want to. It doesn’t matter that Tom was being nice, or that he was trying really hard for Star because no girl should have to sacrifice their comfort or morals to make a guy happy and anyone who believes otherwise and continues to complain that Star was disrespecting Tom’s culture/traditions is more than welcome to fight me on this.

Awhile back we were talking about what toons would help support Randy the most. Star was one, because of how she likes the Ninja, and Phyllis because of needing all the worlds in the Multiverse (I think?). So whipped this up right quick.

It would be great if y’all tuned in on Randy’s season finale today! At 8/9, right after Star’s new episode, so maybe y’all can stick around. Too bad no new Penn Zero to go with them tho.


I have a plan for where this story goes, trying to decide if I should actually bother drawing it all.

I had the idea of Fiddleford encountering Stanley while his mind was still intact enough to figure out who he was. (Stanford surely mentioned he had a twin, after all.) Fiddleford wondered why Stanley was living under his brother’s name and in the course of trying to suss each other out, each of them learned the others’ story.

When Stanley realized that this guy helped Stanford build the portal, he got very excited and tried to mine him for information on how to operate it. …Information that had probably already been memory-wiped away.

Not that it mattered, as Fiddleford had no intention of helping someone reactivate that terrible machine. …Quite the opposite, in fact.

Pro tip, Fidds. If you find yourself walking slow circles around someone and saying things like “I’m sorry it had to come to this” you might be on a bad path. You know what another bad sign is? Matching robes and chanting. Just saying.


So I’ve noticed that the finale is exploding on my dash with other posts, but I can’t help but make one myself

So it’s July 27th. We have a fandom.

Randy Cunningham: 9th Grade Ninja.

It’s pretty silly.

It’s about– a 9th Grade Ninja.

But not just that.

It’s also about his best friend, Howard Weinerman.

Let me give you a quick sum up of the silly show.

Norrisville has been guarded and protected by an ancient and sacred ninja for 800 years, but no one else is educated that the ninja frequently changes every 4 years. So now, we got this stupid haired kid Randy Cunningham (Played by Ben Schwartz) and his best biffer for eternity, Howard Weinerman (Played by Andrew Caldwell), getting into all kind of shenanigans, while destined to save the people of Norrisville. Randy has to fight up against his main bad guy, The Sorcerer (Played by Tim Curry) and his ally, Hannibal McFist (Played by John DiMaggio) the Kajillionaire basically, and Willem Viceroy the III (Played by Kevin Michael Richardson).

Don’t think of it as just an action genre judging by the summary, no no, it’s not just an action. We got comedy ! Lot’s of it.

If you’re into bruce slang, the cheesiest lines (Slang not intended), a smidge of love, AND two bros, come and check us out.

Or you know, leave your TV on for the finale and go do something domesticated like laundry or feeding your honkin’ pet guinea pig.

Gravity Fall, Star Vs. The Forces of Evil, Steven Universe fans, we need your attention.


We’ve been kind enough to tune into yours, help a sister channel out.

If there’s one thing that our small fandom needs, it’s support and attention. This is probably the only thing the RC9GN fandom asks for our sister fandoms; Watch RC9GN.

It’s all we need, nothing else.

We promise.

We love you

Our fandom is so amazing. Small, but amazing. 

C’mon guys.

Support us tonight ! On DisneyXD, 9PM, EST.

Thank you beautiful person, for reading my stupid support post. It means a world (and a few planets) to me.