“Hey Mom?”
“What is it, Cressie?”
“You know that thing… what is it called? Mewberty, isn’t it?”
“Yes, what about it?”
“Well… since I’m half human, will it ever happen to me?”
“I don’t think it’ll happen to you, Cressie. Mewberty is… a weird process. I don’t want you to go through that.”

“Star? Why are there blue triangles all over the floor?”
“Oh–oh… oh no.”

Ryan getting really defensive and pissy whenever someone (Geoff) says that Jeremy is more evil/crazy is so great

Like Jeremy being cocky about it and saying all the fucked up things he’s doing in game and Ryan saying “well I did that __ parts ago” is by far the funniest development in Sky Factory

Thanks, Geoff

gravityfying  asked:

Hey Seddm, just a quick little question (for a sorta upcoming comic). In 'Mewberty,' did we know exactly how and why Star turned back to her normal self after her Mewberty escapade?

Nope, probably just time. Star’s description of Mewberty in the Guide to Dimensions make it sounds like everything that happened is completely normal, and common on Mewni,

but Star is not exactly the most reliable or informed person in the world. Do all Mewman girls actually go through this process, as her phrasing seems to imply? Even those who can’t use magic? This could explain the book seen in Quest Buy, something generic, made for all girls, not just the wand bearer.

Glossaryck mentioned the possibility of Star not being back to normal, but knowing him, was that actually true? Or just something he told Marco because he loves being enigmatic and mysterious, and he actually meant something like “puberty can change people”? After all as we have seen in Star On Wheels he’d do everything to get his student to improve at magic, but still needs them alive, so I think he would have tried to do something if there ever actually was the chance of Star flying away through Earth, forever a hormone driven butterfly monster.
My personal take is that the episode wanted the viewers to be as confused as Marco was, for an event that, to a Mewman, would have been an average Tuesday.
(good luck with the comic!)


The Face behind The Witch

Lucille La Verne: Evil Queen Stepmother- Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

Eleanor Audley: Maleficent - Sleeping Beauty

Martha Wentworth: Madam Mim - Sword in the Stone

Pat Carroll: Ursula - The Little Mermiad

Donna Murphy: Motther Gothel - Tangled