got hyped by the star trek reboot and churned out another nordics au because im really bad and need to go to jail. there were more doodles with this but i got lazy plus i didnt like them.

all you missed was: dennor w/ dane laughing because vulcan finger kisses tickle and all these guys fawning over ice’s tribble except for sve and nor who were really confused in the distance

@hopebrooks:  When artists come together for a cause.
Between the beautiful arrangement by @crodees1 the soulful singing of both Javier Munoz and @syndeewinters
@karlapunogarcia choreography
We did that y'all.
I’m blessed to be in this company.
I’m blessed to be in this community.
#gyspyoftheyear #winners #bcefa #hamilton

Thanks bookishmadness for tagging me for the what’s in my bag tag!!

I tag everyone else, show me what’s in your bag, show me what is worth stealing *evil laughter* no wait… I won’t steal. I promise.


Hello guys! Recently, I hit a bit milestone of 1k and I’m very happy and am very appreciative! Thank you all for following me, it means so much. As a huge thank you this is the most I can do - share with you the blogs I reblog from the most and also my friends. Everyone on this list and everyone else I follow are all lovely as are all of my followers. Again, thank you so so much! ♡

bold: mutuals ; italics: good friends ; ♕: this has a meaning but there’s no hover or anything lol


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I probably left so many things out but just know that no matter what I appreciate every single person I follow and every single person that follows me. You guys mean a lot to me and make my days so so much brighter no matter what. Thank you a bunch, one day I’ll be able to do better things for you all. ♡


God bless Kim Seokjin for blessing us with his talented and beautiful self. I love you Jin TT_TT None of us deserve you tbh T_T you precious, precious soul. p.s: remeber, you’re not old, everyone else is just a fetus <3 ily shoulder-hyung <3

OK SO its been a long time since i’ve done one of these and i’ve been tagged by so many people i just… might as well do it amirite IM SORRY TO EVERYONE THAT THIS TOOK SO LONG BUT IM REALLY BORING OK

tagged by @lordofthedumpster and everyone else previously!! c: thank you!

Rules: tag 20 followers you’d like to know better excuse my lazy ass haHA

nickname: pat lmfao my economics teacher, friends and family call me that 

gender: female

zodiac sign: taurus

height: v smol about 152~154cm or something honestly i feel like im shrinking

hogwart’s house: ravenclaw apparently

favorite color: blues, purples, reds (except the saturated stuff)

time right now: 8:35am 

average hours of sleep: ranges from 4 hrs to 12 hrs

lucky number: 8

last thing i googled: dropsy (dont ask because i dont remember why)

blankets i sleep with: one thick duvet

favorite bands: bts, mamamoo, knk, mx, snuper, got7, da-ice, p!atd….. i dont think i have anymore

dream trip: if i can go on a trip where i literally inhale all (well most of) of the local food i dont care where

wearing right now: thick jumper, pyjama trousers, slipper socks + a blanket that im using as a shawl

age of blog: i didnt use this blog until february this year so 9 months i guess (ive had it since december)

following: 343

posts: 2183

what i post about: anything i care about, the occasional drawing, shitposts

when did my blog reach its peak: sometime.. this year??? i really dont pay attention to these things