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How to study

A spiritual continuation to this post

Okay, so Studying is supposed to be easy and everyone’s been doing it forever but like honestly it’s hard to do so correctly. So, maybe I’m not an expert, but I just survived 4 years of college and I wanna share whatever shit I’ve learnt so far: 

  • IF YOU’RE VISUAL: Bulletpoints!!
    • You’re gonna love bulletpoints. They are life savers for big complicated themes. 
    • So next time you get a BIG test, you sit down and break it down in the big main topics. Then subtopics. Then only one or two code words.
      • MAIN TOPIC 1.
        • subtopic a: code word. 
        • subtopic b: codeword. maybe a sentence?
      • MAIN TOPIC 2… ETC
    • color code each level (MAINS BLUE/SUB PINK/ETC)
    • highlight DATES in one color and NAMES in another, since those are the kinda stuff you need to learn by heart as opposed to understanding. 
    • All this should give you visual cues to remember most of the info in each big topic. Write it by hand in a separate piece of paper that you can later bring with you to study. 
    • Hand writing them will help you learn them, and then one quick look right before the exam will freshen it all up. 
    • Honestly I’ve resumed whole semesters word of classes in two pages of bulletpoints. 
    • Study groups are your new best friend. 
    • “But I don’t understand the topics that well yet!”
    • It really doesn’t matter. 
    • Take turns to explain the stuff to each other. 
    • You’ll be surprised. In my experience, some times you don’t need to remember stuff by heart, you need to understand it. And there’s no better way to find the logic behind weird shit than when you explain it to someone else. 
    • You’ll find connections that you hadn’t seen before, and when you see the question in the exam you’ll remember how you’ll explained it!
    • History or shit? Story time! Narrate it to your study mates! Find the interesting stuff in it! Find the ridiculous stuff! It’s just a story! We all remember the stories we love!
    • Some people totally get distracted, and I get it, but if you can focus through it, this is a great tip
    • Small playlist on repeat. 
    • It gets repetitive. 
    • Yes!! That’s the point!!
    • You know how some earworms you just can’t get out of your head. That’s what you’re getting. 
    • And you’re gonna remember what you were studying while you listened. 
    • Listen to the playlist on your way to the exam. 
    • Hum while you answer. 
    • Got stuck? What song where you listening to while you studied this topic? La, la, oh my fuck that’s the answer! 
    • It works. Promise. 
  • Other things to do: 
    • Eat. Carbs and protein, get your energy up. 
    • Coffee!!!! Sorry if it’s not considered “healthy” but like, that’s how I survived. 
    • Take breaks. Ten minutes breaks. No more. 
    • Rewards! Little rewards in between finished topics. One chocolate. One short episode of a light hearted series. Texting a friend. 
    • Drink water!! 
    • Give your notes one quick check right before the exam. It’s a life saver.
  • Things not to do:
    • All nighters. I talked about it in this other college survival post. Just. Don’t. 
    • Overstudying: in my experience your brain over heats, you end up freaking out and go blank as soon as you see the exam.
    • Junk food. Sorry, gonna be the healthy voice of reason here. Sugar up. Sugar down. All your motivation dies. 
    • Cry. Don’t cry. Please don’t cry :( It’s gonna be fine. 
  • Finally, most important tip I can give you: enter the exam and tell yourself “This shit is to test how much I learnt and how well my teachers did at actually teaching me.” So like, you do your best, show what you know and that’s what the result will show. The number only defines how much you learnt. Not you.

anonymous asked:

Holy shit, that situation sounds terrifying. Are you safe where you are?

yes, i’m from a different area. it’s still ongoing tho. i hope everyone is doing all right and staying safe

thebrightgreenscream  asked:

Hi! I'm writing a book where a virus kills the majority of humans. (I'm thinking 60-70%) It takes around 15 years to reach that point. I want to make it more believable, not just have it be "whoops everyone is dead". Do you have any tips for a realistic disease, or how people might respond to it?

Hey :)  

Cool, well do you remember when everyone had bird flu?  Or swine flu?  or SARS?  or Elboa? ( if you don’t remember- look them up) It’d start just like those. History is bound to repeat itself, only worse off in your novel. You could start with reports from other countries. Then quarantines get set up. Travel is restricted.Your characters hears a few jokes about it all. Then the death tolls rise, someone your character knows is quarantined and it stops being funny. Then there are reports of test subjects, possible cures, rumors about how the disease could be prevented like coconut oil, or living in the sewers. Some one your character knows dies. People would panic, they’d be skeptical and paranoid and desperate, also sad and damaged. The media would constantly scream about it and then play reruns of friends.  

And then it would get normal. The reports would lessen but the death toll would continue to rise. People would disappear and nobody would ask. Everyone would just know. It would become common. Children would grow up not knowing life without the disease being a constant.  15 years is a really long time.

Awesome concept!! Keep writing :)  You got this.

demonlucy-chan  asked:

Sniper is known for having a plan to kill everyone he meets, do you have any headcanons on what his plans for the other mercs were when they first met?

Scout: First day on base Sniper noticed that Scout was fast, the Boston had stamina too. If Sniper had to kill Scout the Marksman would simply poison Scout’s drinks and foods. Scout can outrun bullets and knifes but there is no out running your body as it shuts down.

Pyro: There is no killing Pyro they are immortal. Pyro keeps many stuffed toys around. Sniper learned this the hard way when he walked into the mess hall tripping and falling face first into Pyro’s tea party. Sniper would plant small bombs into each toy. The bombs being on a timer.

Solider: At the end of the first battle together as a team Sniper watched as Solly walked himself back to base. Feet dragging across the floor. Sniper knows that he doesn’t have to beat Solider in a fight. Just has to outlast him. The problem with Solly is that he always gives 110% leaving him tired and exhausted by the end of the day. In a fight Solider will get sloppy if his fighting to long, that’s when Mundy can make the killing blow. 

Demoman: When Sniper meet Demo for the first time the Scots-man was drunk out of his mind. Still Sniper couldn’t help but notice how in control Demo was. It was easy for Sniper to figure out how to kill Demo. Simple give him a bottle of the old family Moonshine. Sooner or later Demo’s organs will start to shut down.

Heavy: The first night sleeping at the base Sniper was ready to kill Heavy. The Russian snored his head off, like a bulldozer. Instead of killing his new team mate he left for his van (never to return). Sniper would kill Heavy in his sleep, a quick cut to the throat and it be over. Plus it’s an added bonus not having to fight Heavy who could smash Sniper’s skull in.

Engineer: It was about a week when Sniper learnt how the sentry gun identifies foes and friends. With this knowledge all it would take for Sniper to put down Engi was rearrange a few wires and stay clear.

Medic: Sniper knows that the Medic always has his medi gun near him. To kill the Doctor it would either be a head shot or a knife to the throat. Gotta kill the Doc quick to stop him from healing himself.

Spy: Drown him in a pool of piss. Sniper for the longest amount of time had no idea how to take Spy out if he needed to. Spy can hide, he can fight with knifes, he knows hand to hand combat. In every way possible Spy is Sniper equal. Except in one area. “Boom Head Shot.”

anonymous asked:

I feel so upset right now. I was just at a family wedding and I'd forgotten to bring a necklace. My mom let me borrow a set of pearls she had that have been in our family for decades. I knew they weren't vegan, but for a couple hours (and not my money) I accepted the favour. My sister, who is NOT vegan, decided to call me out and basically call me a hypocrite. Like, I haven't bought an animal product in 5 years - why do carnitas always try to go for a "gotcha" when they don't actually care?

People like this tend to know that what they’re doing is wrong, at least on some level, so it makes them feel better if everyone else is doing something wrong too. It has a lot of psychological appeal, this idea that it isn’t really possible to be vegan. If it isn’t possible, then eating animals isn’t a choice, and they can’t be judged for it. These little “gotcha” moments appeal to that cynical and vindictive side we all have, that wants to drag other people down with us. You know that reasonable compromises can be made, and I suspect they do too, they just want a little moment of pleasure at your expense. 

while we’re all analyzing psychoanalyzing ourselves tonight i’m a deeply flawed person and i feel like people’s expectations of me are always too high and i inevitably fail and it’s all the more disappointing for everyone when i do and i’m hypercritical and blame myself for everything that goes wrong as a result that’s why i carry the weight of the world on my shoulders because the truth is i can’t do anything right and people always expect me to have all the answers when i just don’t

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Okay, I'm very new to the fandom, why that story made everyone go 👀👀👀 and do we know it's true? I don't understand?

The OP, her name is Maya. She works in the industry, it’s been verified by multiple people who have heard of her in their own work circles (we have pr people, journos and people who work closely in the industry on here) When Maya shares a story (which is rare btw) it’s true (in the sense that either she’s heard it herself or she heard rumors that are /actually/ going around) 

What other thing that made people go *eye emoji* is the fact that her co-worker said “looks like it’s true after all” …why did they say it like that? what info did that coworker come across that made them realize babygate is a farce.

So that’s why everyone is like………please end it.


I’ll post the whole thing toMOrrow night since I need to put it all together and get back from some players. but aaahhhhh the whole thing was a veRY interesting project, and I want to thank those players onCE AGAIN for participating!  It’s been a wild ride! XD

If you guys could maybe keep my mom in your prayers…I know there’s been a lot going on in the world and I hope everyone is doing their very best in such a sad sad time. This morning I heard my mom say she thinks she might have cancer again…even just a small little prayer would be amazing. Thank you so much, love you all and I hope everyone has a good day. ❤️


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