I know I’m super late to the party but that scene in Sense8 when Lito and Sun are extra connected and Lito starts feeling all of these strong emotions and pain and hopelessness, it’s so great to me because we know most of that is coming directly from sun, the pain of cramping added to the emotional distress of the situation she finds herself in, and yet Sun is completely stoic through most of it. It’s just such a neat way to show how tight a rein she holds on her emotions, but to still let the audience know that she feels these things just as deeply as anyone else would. I just… love Sun

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Callout for all the THB and honestly everyone else here... please give madam director a break. idk what's going on w her but like...... is she ok? she seems super stressed out & tbh if we keep winding her up she's gonna snap like the strings on Johann's last lute. Also isn't she like a super powerful magic user do you guys want her to snap on you ??


What to do when you’ve accidentally misgendered someone
  • realize you’ve made a potentially harmful mistake and that it is 100% your fault
  • correct yourself and apologize
  • understand that you may have caused serious distress and dysphoria. understand that misgendering has the potential to lead to self harm urges and suicidal thoughts.
  • do not do it again.

The thing Howard Zimmerman told Gloria, about how we are all just particles floating in space until we collide and when we collide we feel alive we feel real if only for a moment until we float off again, hell if that doesn’t resonate with Wrench. Without an anchor he was a floating particle until he ran into another one set adrift BANG right into Nikki. He had a reason again something to work for and someone to connect with, another floating lost particle. Then they floated apart and the realness was gone. Wrench is wandering again, a wandering man all alone, and oh he doesn’t want to be alone. It’s breaking my heart.

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Who's the easiest character to draw? Who's the hardest?

Easiest: Rose (would say Lara but her hair trips me up)

Hardest: PATRIK!!! IT’S SO HARD TO GET HIS FACE RIGHT!!!! SUCH A DUMB FACE!!! YOU’D THINK AFTER 3 ½ YEARS IT’D GET EASIER!!! NO!! Okay maybe a little, I know how to make him more consistent BUT I STILL MESS HIM UP A LOT!

i'm scared of summer

i’m the kind of person who needs to be doing something.. ALWAYS bc as soon as i have too much time i start thinking too much and fall into a deep hole of depressing thoughts, laying in one place the whole day and staring at the ceiling or watching a thousand different tv shows to occupy myself and i end up feeling strengthless and even just having a shower feels like the hardest thing ever. during the summer i’ll be doing nothing for like a month so yay…

I’m not a very empathetic person. I’m not a very outgoing person. I’m not a very friendly person. But people do come into my life, and I do care about them sometimes. It takes a lot for me to care. I don’t know how it works exactly, sometimes it just clicks and I can care, other times it doesn’t. Matters of the heart oftentimes dictate themselves. I care rarely, but when I do, I care deeply and forever. I’m not desperate. If I reach out and you don’t reply, I’m not gonna hound you. But just so you know, I love and support the fuck out of those I care about. I’ll be there for you. For anything. I’m introverted and I hate events, but if you ask me to one, I’ll go. You can call me at three am, and at I might answer “hello” in a tired annoyed voice, but if you tell me you need me, I’ll talk to you until the sun comes up. Anytime, anywhere, if I care about you, I am there. All you have to do is let me know. All you have to do is ask. And when I say I care forever, I mean it. Save some unforeseen neurodegenerative disease, I will always remember those I care about. It doesn’t matter how many days, months, years, decades it’s been, all you have to do is drop me a line and I am there for you. Even if I’m angry with you, if you need me, I’m there. And if this is unrequited and you don’t want my love, that’s okay. Part of me caring for you comes with respecting any decision you make. I won’t chase after you. I respect both myself and you enough not to do that. If you don’t want me, your loss. I won’t cry myself to sleep about it. If you leave me, you’ll have lost someone who cares about you, but I’ll have lost someone who doesn’t care about me. That’s alright. I can make my peace with that. But I am forever and always here, on the off chance you might want to come back. Once you win a spot in my heart, you are there forever.