I know I’m super late to the party but that scene in Sense8 when Lito and Sun are extra connected and Lito starts feeling all of these strong emotions and pain and hopelessness, it’s so great to me because we know most of that is coming directly from sun, the pain of cramping added to the emotional distress of the situation she finds herself in, and yet Sun is completely stoic through most of it. It’s just such a neat way to show how tight a rein she holds on her emotions, but to still let the audience know that she feels these things just as deeply as anyone else would. I just… love Sun

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Game 27 is hilarious but man I have never seen a better representation of the sheer ridiculousness of capitalism. and ohmygosh NINE I love how they like. think humans are ridiculous but they're like entertained by it, it's great

im still reading thru game 27 but its so wild im loving it so much

also oh big mood i love nine so much

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Callout for all the THB and honestly everyone else here... please give madam director a break. idk what's going on w her but like...... is she ok? she seems super stressed out & tbh if we keep winding her up she's gonna snap like the strings on Johann's last lute. Also isn't she like a super powerful magic user do you guys want her to snap on you ??


A little something I never posted...

Wow. It’s been months and months since I’ve posted anything. Life, I’ve been told, has that effect on people XD I’ve missed having an outlet to go to when I was stressed, and the people that comforted me when life became too much. I’m hoping to finish what I started (fanfics in particular). I’ve missed so much in these months, I feel a bit overwhelmed at how much new content they’ve put out >~< I’ll try my best to keep up!

Looking back at drafts I never posted, I found this little nugget. I thought it was about time I shared it :)

>< I’m sorry for not being around as much as I should be, and for not being able to talk to people that I really care about, because I’ve made so many lovely friends on Tumblr and you guys always manage to make me smile~

@thedreamingotaku you were one of the first friends I ever made on Tumblr, and I thank you so much for being there for being able to brighten the days that may have been less than stellar. Your sense of humor has gotten me through a lot, and Ate loves you very much 😘

@spring-light I love being able to talk with you about the lords and fangirling with you, and just being able to talk about life in general. Thank you for always reblogging my stuff XD You’ve been such a lovely friend to me since the start, and I look forward to one day being able to meet you!

@akanojikan we first met when you said such nice things about my fic, and your kindness has always been something that has stuck with me. Thank you for lifting my spirits (and getting Tora-chan to talk to me XD). Your art style is so so beautiful, keep on drawing!!!

@manju-girl ATEEE I loved being able to get to know you!! Your advice and support when it came to my fanfics helped me so so much, and I cannot thank you enough!! I’m sorry for disappearing >< but know that even when I can’t talk, I still love you very very much ❤❤❤

@earprinting GUUUURRRRL You are literally the other half of me that I’ve been missing XD Even though we just got to know each other, I wish we had met so much sooner!! Your ideas and fanfics are PHENOMENAL and I thank you for being so patient with me and always messaging me back even when I’m playing that dang game XD

@moonchaserr Dear, you are the older sister I never had XD I cannot thank you enough for always checking up on me and making sure that I’m doing okay, I really appreciate your concern!!! You are so kind and bubbly and sweet, and I just know you’ll be a wonderful mother one day 😘

@miirandaaaaa MY DESTINY NINJA PARTNER IN CRIIIIME I MISS YOU CHICA HOLLA AT ME GIRL Ahahahaha thanks for helping me with my fanfics and for the good times we’ve had just fangirling about the lords and those fiiiine ninja boys 😍 I hope to talk to you again very soon!!

@guacameowle you are one of the people I look up to most when writing, and I hope to be as amazing as you one day. Thanks for giving me advice about my fics and dang girl, yours are straight 🔥🔥🔥 please teach me senpai!! I love your never-failing, unabashed cheekiness 😁 GO CUBS WE WON AHAHAHHA

@suzunesays and speaking of people I look up to, you would also be one of them. I loooooved your fic about Yukimura x Saizo x MC and I want to be able to write with that same plot creativity one day!! Thank you so much for encouraging me in writing, you are such an inspiration 😊

@mistakenmessenger ATE YOUR FICS ARE STRAIGHT FIRE thank you for helping me create some my own!! You are amazing at writing angst, but your fluff is also super de duper cuuute ^^ thanks for fangirling with meeee and always being there when I need you!

@amigoingbananas I love you so much Ate TT thank you for encouraging me with your bubbly disposition, and I enjoy talking to you and being able to chat with someone when classes become too much to bear XD

@cottonballwithmustache M’DEAR YOU ARE QUITE A CHARACTER XDD I have loved getting to know you for the short while we’ve known each other and I thank you so much for making my day that much brighter!!

@kureacollins Hon, I have had the privilege to have gotten to know you. Your kindness towards others and the openness you have allow for fast friendships!! Never lose that! I’m so glad we were able to meet, and admire your strength even during difficult times. You’re amazing.

@kitty-kat-ty DEAR YOU ARE WONDERFUL!! I remember when I first met and we were learning more English and Spanish from each other, and how much grief you were getting because anons decided to lash out unfairly. You’ve come back from that so much stronger and showed them in the end that there is more than meets the eye with you.

@little-lady-mimi MY BIG SIS thank you so much for being so warm and friendly to me when I first started going on Tumblr XD you’ve inspired me to do the same for others when they first start; I want to leave the same impression as you did on me <3 And thank you so much for the cgs, they’re lovely 😍😍😍

@dreamsinparadise HELLO you little cutie patootie. Thank you so much for supporting me in all of my fanfics! Your little comments make me laugh so much and you are quite the writer yourself 😊 

@shirokagami1910 Even though our timezones are so far away, you still have managed to support me and be there for me. I love talking with you hon, whether that be about fangirling or just about life. I wish you the best, darling, and hope we can talk very soon ^^

To all those I forgot, I apologize TT I’m thankful for everyone that stumbled across this little page and enjoyed even one post! It really, really means a lot!