If Day actually succeeds in turning Paul Squared against N*corey it’ll be the best thing that has happened yet and they should just hand her the $500K check right now like everybody else just go home your times up queen Day finessed y'all once again

What is hell:

>Having to go to sleep every night knowing that Vriska, who single handedly fixed an entire timeline with her existence, who took responsibility in making plans for the final “boss battles” and opened the door for her friends to live in the new universe, who made clear and valid points to her opposing character arc to not sit around and let her and everybody else die for the sake of trying to salvage happiness over responsibility, is not credited as a good character. None of her accomplishments are acknowledged because of the lack of change in her confrontational personality, therefore drawing more negative attention to herself.

>Nobody acknowledging the (albeit subtle) amount of influence kanaya had on Vriska’s character arc pre retcon, and Kanaya being the only character within Homestuck to be able to make accurate statements about Vriska’s character to help the reader better understand her arc, also showing that Kanaya is the only character to have a full understanding of Vriska aside from Terezi.

Like. It’s okay to have unpopular opinions. Everyone has a few at least. Most people are fairly reasonable and aren’t going to hate or shun you because they don’t agree with you.

On the flip side, you aren’t entitled to an audience. If people don’t like what you blog about, and they blacklist, mute, or unfollow you to make their dash a better experience for them, you have to learn to accept that. It doesn’t mean you should keep quiet about your opinions. It just means that not everybody is suited to be in close contact with everybody else. And that’s okay.

Totti about Higuain (and Pjanic): 

Maybe that’s the difference between me and everybody else. Not many athletes follow their heart. They choose to go elsewhere to win and earn more, they’re  a bit like mercenaries. If I had only thought about money I would have left Roma 10 years ago. I’d have gained more than I do now. For me it’s more about passion, not money.

Sometimes I have thought about going to America. I thought about it, but it has always been a choice of heart to remain with Roma. 

Sport has changed a lot, now the focus is on the money. The players change teams more often, perhaps to make more money. It ’s more a business than passion. People go to the stadium to have fun and see a player who is always on the same team. They don’t expect to feel betrayed. Look what has happened now with Higuain from Napoli to Juventus. A disaster. But it is quite normal now that when a stranger arrives in Italy he changes team to make more money  It’s a problem of mentality, not all foreigners are like Maradona.

And this, ladies and gentlemen, is why I’ll always have all the respect in the world for Totti. He has heart 

Text → Joey
  • Marina:I'm not about to fight with my sister through Twitter
  • Marina:But literally how the fuck could you say any of that
  • Marina:Are we not allowed to be concerned for you????? YOU LITERALLY MIXED PAIN KILLERS WITH ALCOHOL
  • Marina:Like I get you like to flirt with death or whatever but you LITERALLY COULD HAVE DIED JOEY
  • Marina:How is us being so concerned about whether or not you could have DIED such a terrible thing?
  • Marina:And like I get that your power sucks, but don't act like you're the only one in the family with struggles
  • Marina:A) We were all orphans, you and I were just lucky to get adopted early enough that we didn't need to know the struggle of being orphans B) Everybody else had to deal with shit before Autumn and Rhys adopting them, and they got adopted pretty young
  • Marina:also not to mention Bea nearly fucking DIED a few years ago?????
  • Marina:Sure, we don't constantly feel death like you do, but you've been dealing with it for years now and handling it just fine
  • Marina:So you don't get to just do what you did and have us being a-fucking-okay with it
  • Marina:We've all been through shit but now we're together as a family and you don't get to decide that you're not a part of it anymore just cause we care about you

daveisapillowprincess  asked:

i go by he/him pronouns, but bc im in highschool and live under my parents roof, who i came out to but they basically ignored that interaction and act like it never happened, the only people who know are my friends and they try their best, but it sucks having to be known as a girl to everybody else, but at least most people call me by my last name 'cause there are so many emilys in our grade

i got u tbh i came out to my aunt and while she doesnt call me things like “woman” and “young lady” she still insists on using “she”. ive asked her not to a bunch of times but idk i just dont have the balls to do it again :-( i want to come out at work mm,, i love mos tof my coworkers a lot,, but im just ! not ! that brave

I feel like tumblr is like at summer camp when you don’t know anybody but then you slowly start to meet people and for a day or two you have your one best friend but then it shifts to someone else a couple days later and eventually you get to that point where it seems like everybody knows everyone else but you can’t actually remember how you met anyone.

anonymous asked:

How can I do pro-life work? I really want to, but I'm afraid because I'm generally left-leaning and most of my friends are very liberal. Some of them would probably get really angry with me if they knew I was involved in the pro-life movement, especially since I'm male. I feel like a poser and a coward. Everybody else in the movement seems so much braver and less faint-hearted than me.

Anon, I understand entirely how difficult it can be to be pro-life when many of your friends are not.

You are not a coward and you’re not a poser, and it’s honestly very difficult for a man to be involved in the pro-life movement. I promise you that no one is braver than you are. I’ve never met another young person who does pro-life activism and doesn’t have feelings of anxiety and terror before going out and doing it, especially when it involves interaction.

The fact that you want to do something actually means a lot, and it means that you are definitely very brave and definitely not faint-hearted. Even if you choose not to do a ton of activist stuff, you are not a poser and you are not a coward. Please never tell yourself that, your support alone is a lot more than you know.

One option is online activism which I like because it’s less of a hassle, it doesn’t take much to have a pro-life blog and have some pro-life representation in the tags on Tumblr.

As for real life activism, it can be a bit tough.

If you’re religious (and it’s fine if you aren’t!) chances are your church has some sort of pro-life activist part who will be organizing things like diaper drives or prayers outside of clinics. I believe Episcopalians are the one denomination that is actually pro-choice but I may be wrong.

If you’re not religious you’d likely be welcome there anyway, but if it isn’t something that’s comfortable to you you can always look up pro-life women’s shelters in your area and try to volunteer there. We have one that’s pretty local, and they always need help with things like painting, yardwork, babysitting, etc.

If you are in a high school, it’s a bit tougher. When I and my friend were in high school we tried the pro-life day of silence and it could be kind of hellish. Some didn’t choose to do the tape over the mouths and instead wore the red tape on their wrists. It definitely stirs the pot a bit, but it can be fun when you bring tape and a sharpie and share with others.

If you’re in college there’s probably a pro-life club that you can join and do activism in. Or if not and you have the time and energy, you can start a pro-life club of your own! I think our pro-life club works with outside people as well, who bring in resources from local pro-life groups like Catholic Charities and the local pregnancy center to spread the word. Most of it has so far been handing out flyers.

I hope this helps! If anyone has any other ideas please feel free to reblog this!

WhenILoveYa-FF: Chapter 42


We were getting ready to head to the Clipper’s game, and it was so hard for me to not be all over India right now. The crew was all here, and India was the only female so far.

“Are Sevyn and her girls still coming?” Robb asks looking out the window

I laugh. “She still got you sprung?”

“Umm…” He chuckles, handing me my phone. “Just call her and find out where they at…”

India comes behind me, poking me in my back. “Hey cutie…” She whispers in my ear. “What cha doing?” She smiles

“I got to call to see if everybody else coming to the game still.” I say dialing her number

She raises a brow. “You calling Rita? Oh…” She says and her whole attitude changes. She folds her arms in front of her. “Call her…”

I laugh. “Girl, don’t even act like that!”

She rolls her eyes. “I can’t help it…”

“Aye, what y’all doing?” Mijo says walking into the room with Cassie. “You slow niggas ready?”

I dap him up. “Naw, got to see where Rita and her slow moving ass friends at, and now India pouting about food.” I chuckle coming up with a quick lie

“Oh, I’m starving too…” Cassie says coming over, giving me a hug. “Can we go out to eat after?”

I nod. “You hens…” I say lowly and she hits me

Phone ringing

Rita: Stop calling my phone, I’m on the way…

Rita laughs…

Chris: Hurry up, we ready to go

Rita: Well we can just meet you there…

Chris: Aite, we about to hop in the car now

Rita: Chris if you make it there before me, get me a pretzel and beer

Chris: What I look like?

I chuckle

Rita:  Like my favorite ex boo

Chris: Nah, I’m just your favorite

I chuckle and she does too

Rita: Yeah yeah yeah, get your ass in the car!

She blows a kiss before hanging up the phone…

I can feel India staring at me, but I’m not about to make us look obvious in front of all these people. I turn to Red. “Yall ready, they meeting us at the Staples center.” I say grabbing my wallet.

“Sevyn with them?” Robb asks and we all turn to him

Hood laughs. “Nigga let it go!”

Mijo laughs as well. “I’m driving my car to the Staples center since we got plans later at Cassie’s mom house.” He says pulling out his phone

“Okay cool, I’ll just ride with Chris and Keeis.” India says grabbing her purse, walking over to me. She need to chill a bit. I don’t need Mijo asking no questions.

“Aite cool…” Red replies. “Me, Hood, and Robb got to hit up my homebody’s set later, so we gone ride together.”

Mijo nods. “Aite cool, let’s roll out.”

17 minutes later

We pull up at the Staples center and it is packed! We all find spots together, and as expected Rita and her hoochies are late. As crazy as it sounds, I still feel those butterflies in my stomach. Whenever she comes around, I just feel like a kid again. She’s not even my girlfriend anymore, but I still get this reaction to her presence.

“Waiting on your boo?” India says frowning up next to me

I roll my eyes. “Why are you tripping? All I’m doing is leaning against the car? I haven’t done anything!” I say looking down at her. “You’re my boo, but you gone have to chill with this insecure shit.” I say looking around.

She lets out a sigh. “I know, I just know how you feel about her.” She says touching her hair

“We’re not even together right now…” I say lowly touching her face

She looks up at me. “I want to kiss you so bad…” She says hugging me and I hug her back

“After the game, I promise.” I smile, letting her go

2 minutes later

Rita and her girls finally come whipping around the corner. The feeling is back, even when I’m with India. I don’t think I’ll ever be over this woman.

“Got damn!” I say out loud watching Rita step out of Sevyn’s Jeep.

“Owwweee shit y’all came to break necks huh?” Robb says helping Honey and then Lauren out of the car. He hugs Sevyn, spinning her around. “Damn I missed you, girl”


I smile hugging Robb. “You know she missed you too.”

I make eye contact with Chris, and playfully roll my eyes. He makes a face. “You know you want to speak to me, with yo fine ass.” He says biting his lip, walking my way. I have to remember that Micahel is my new man, and Chris cannot get in the way of that. He hugs me, picking me up. “Fuck I miss holding you like this.” He whispers in my ear

“No you don’t.” I say, playfully tapping him on the stomach. “Can we go in though? It’s hot out here.” I look over to India, and she’s to herself. She hasn’t really said anything to me in weeks, but I haven’t done anything to her. I’ll let her come to me, I don’t beg people to be my friend.

“You look so pretty!” Cassie runs over to me, with open arms

I look her up and down. “You’re one to talk! You look stunning!”

Chris walks over, throwing his arm over my shoulder. “Why didn’t you call me back last night?” He asks pushing the door open for us. I saw his call, but I was definitely with Michael all night. I smile just thinking about him. “Do you hear me, pretty girl?” He asks shaking me a little

“Yeah…” I smile. “Sorry, I was just in my own little world. How have you been though, Mr. Brown?”

He gives a shrug. “I’m making it…” He speaks lowly as we get into the ticket line

“I head your club opening is this weekend. Am I invited?” I give him an excited smile, and I can finally see his face light up.

His cheeks are turning red. “I’m so fucking ready!” I can’t help but be happy for him. This club is finally opening, and it is his. Well, August is co-owner with Michael, but still his dreams are coming true right before our eyes.

“I’m so proud of you baby boy.” I say kissing his cheek. I look from my peripheral view, and can see India still eye balling me. I step back from Chris, and turn to her. She makes a face, and then turns back around with folded arms. I look back to Chris, grabbing his arm. “Is everything okay with India? Did she say I did anything to her?” I ask in a whisper

He looks back at her, and then to me. “She might just have an attitude today. She is here with her ex and his new girl.” He says nonchalantly

I furrow my brows. “Maybe I should talk to her?”

“No…” He answers with no emotion. “Not our business shawty…”

“Hey Breezy!” Lauren says snatching me away. “Don’t think this still belongs to you.”  

He grabs my hand. “This will forever be mine, young nigga.” He says blowing her a kiss and she pretends to be disgusted.

We finally make our way into the game, and the girls and I are barely paying attention. Hood is on the end, and then there is Red, Cassie, Mijo, Chris, India, Keeis, Honey, myself, Lauren, Sevyn, and then Robb.

“Well Chris is looking quite fine today…” Lauren says locking arms with me. “If you cheat on Michael today, I promise not to say anything.” She whispers and we both laugh

I shake my head. “I couldn’t. He’s so sweet to me, Lo.” I look down to Chris, and he’s talking to Indian and Keeis. “He is looking good though, isn’t he?” I giggle and she does the same

“What the hell is up with India, since we’re looking down there.” Lauren asks

I shake my head. “Not even sure. She’s good when she’s talking to the guys, but if I look at her for too long she’s turning her nose up at me.

“Fuck her then.” Lauren says sipping her beer, but then her eyes get big. “I knew I forgot to mention something! Did you peep the ring on Cassie’s ring finger?” She whispers so only I can hear

I shake my head, and quickly look down there. From my seat I could see a fat ass rock on her hand, how didn’t I notice at first. “What the hell is that about?” I whisper. “What if that’s why India’s mad. We speak to Cassie now, and maybe that bothers her.”

“That would make sense.” Lauren says with a slight shrug. “But doesn’t she have a man out of town?”

I kiss my teeth. “Girl that means nothing…”

Text notification

I look down at my phone and Michael has texted me…

MBJ: Just missing you beautiful. I know I have been occupying a lot of your time, but I was wondering if you wanted to get some of your friends together and go play some laser tag? My homeboys from my frat are in town and I would love for them to meet you.

I smile showing Lauren the text and she smiles. “Uh duh! Let’s do this!”

Rita: Of course baby, I’d love to meet your friends.

Maybe things between us are getting serious. Not sure if that’s a good or bad thing. Just don’t know how I’m going to break it to Chris.


I enjoyed hanging out with Mijo and his friends, but I was starving at this point. We all decided on eating out at this new sushi restaurant that just opened downtown. Mijo was being the perfect gentleman today, and I’m so happy that I will be his wife pretty soon.

“Thank you for inviting me to come out with you today.” I say squeezing his hand tighter.

He looks over to me, and back to the road. “You’re my fiancé, why wouldn’t I?” He smiles

I can’t stop smiling. “I can’t believe this really happened. My mom is so happy to see us and the baby later for dinner.”

“I can’t wait to see her too. Do you think she’s going to be happy we’re engaged?” He says locking fingers with me

I shrug. “It doesn’t matter honestly. I love you, and I can’t wait to become your wife, Barry.”

He kisses my hand before parking the car. “Well that’s all I needed to hear.” He smiles, getting out of the car. He walks over to my side of the car and opens the door. He grabs my face, kissing my lips. “Now let me feed my baby mama.

“Which one?” I ask, playfully rolling my eyes getting out of the car. “The one with the attitude today?”

He chuckles, throwing his arm around my shoulder. “The baby mama I’m about to marry, smart ass.”

I blush. “Better be!” I smile.

Lauren comes over holding my hand. “Mijo I’m going to be Cassie’s new mistress, is that okay?” She says kissing my cheek and I giggle

“Sister wives?” He asks making a face and we both laugh

Rita comes over, grabbing Mijo’s arm. “Any room for me?” She gives a fake seductive look

“Rita, you have a man already so hush.” Honey says running past us with Hood’s chain. He attempts to chase her, but we all know that doesn’t work out well.

Redd laughs. “Look at that nigga run.” He says holding his chest in a laughing fit. We all crack up, walking into the restaurant.

“Rita who is your new man?” Mijo says out loud and we all laugh

She makes a nervous. “Oh my God, shutup!”

I smile actually excited about having some new girlfriends. Teyana is cool, but as of late, it’s all about her and Drake or her talking about what Chris is doing for the baby. I have actual conversations with Rita and Lauren, Sevyn and I met up for drinks last week, and Honey is even being cool. While everyone is all smiles, I turn to see India kiss Chris. No one noticed me turn around, but she definitely kissed him, and Keeis was right there and said nothing. I quickly turn back around.

“You good boo?” Mijo asks opening the door for all of us.

I’m still confused. “Umm… uh yeah…” I say making my way into the restaurant.

They finally sit us in an extended booth, and I can’t stop staring at the both of them. She is flirting with him in our face, and no one notices.

“I want to sit next to Rita.” Chris says, and I notice India making a face. She turns making eye contact with me, and quickly fixes her face.

I look over to Rita who is now all smiles, and it makes me upset. India is supposed to be Rita’s friend and Mijo’s longtime ex-girlfriend. I just need to get some proof. How could either one of them do this to the people they claim they love. I feel my blood boiling. “So Rita, are you ready to start dating?” I ask with a smile

“No she’s not!” Chris answers quickly and I make a face

I raise a brow. “She’s grown! So….. Rita?”

“Um…” She smiles taking back a California roll.

Lauren laughs. “Let’s play “Never Have I Ever” y’all.” Everyone agrees, and I smile. Let’s just call out these liars.

“I’ll start!” Honey’s voice rings. “Never have I ever… Licked a vagina…”

Lauren makes a face. “That’s quite debatable Honey.” We all laugh, and all the guys take a shot, along with Sevyn.

“Oh…” I say with wide eyes

“We didn’t say this was a Q and A. I’m next!” Rita smiles. “Never have I ever had sex with a teacher…”

Chris, Sevyn, and I all take shots back and I giggle. “Might as well be honest.”

“Chris what teacher did you have sex with?” India asks

He smiles. “Rita…” And we all laugh

“No Q&A’s remember.” Mijo says. “Never have I ever… Been in a secret relationship.” He says and Rita spits out her water making all the girls laugh, but I look over to India.

Chris looks over to Rita. “Well?”

“Well, I was in a secret relationship with you.” She says taking a shot back

He grabs her hand. “And who after me?”

I roll my eyes. “What about you India? You’ve been so quiet today.” I say and she looks at me confused

She clears her throat. “Um no, I’m just tired.”

“Oh…” I say sarcastically taking a shot. “Well I’m not in a secret relationship, but I do have a secret fiancé”. I say kissing Mijo’s cheek.

“Fiancé?!” Sevyn squeals…


“Fiancé? I say snapping my neck towards Mijo

Cassie smiles. “Yupp?” She brags showing off Mijo’s grandmother ring. The ring he once promised to me.

“Well it was supposed to be a surprise, but I guess the sake getting to Cas.” Mijo says with a chuckle. “But yeah, we’re engaged.”

Rita smiles touching Cassie’s hand. “Congrats girl!”

“I knew it!” Lauren says with all smiles. “I peeped the ring earlier!”

“What do you mean married. You two….” I start, but can’t even finish. “I just don’t see how you can jump from relationship to relationship and say you’re ready.”

Cassie scoffs. “Don’t you have a man?”

“No!” I quickly say referring to Chris, but forgetting Jermain. “I mean yes, but we’re taking things slow.”

She cocks her head to the side. “How slow do you want us to take it, I mean we do have a child and live together. Just like you and your man. Or are you two into the open relationship thing? Like can you two date other people or have sex with other people?” She says with a devious smile

“I think we just need to eat, me and my girl got shit to do later.” Keeis says looking my way

I shake my head. “Mijo I just think you’re rushing it.”

“Nah, I know what I’m doing.” He says stuffing his face

I feel myself about to have a panic attack. “Would you all just excuse me.” I say not making eye contact with anyone. How could he do this to me? He was with me for how long? And now he ends up proposing to the bitch he cheated on me with, not once, but twice. Ugh how stupid was I to have ever wasted so much of my time with him. I can feel myself about to cry,

Door opens

I turn to see Chris.

“You okay? He asks lowly, closing the door behind him

I brush it off. “I’m fine.” I say wiping my tears away. “I just needed some space.”

“Look, it’s okay if you’re upset.” He says walking closer to me. “I get it.”

I shake my head. “No, you don’t get it. I wasted my time on a man that I didn’t even want in the beginning. I should have never listened to Michael, and just had my son with you. I wasted so much on my life worried about him, and he continues to shit on whatever little hope we had… at being friends.” I speak and the tears begin to fall

“Don’t say that India…” Chris says trying to hug me

“No!” I snap trying to push him away. “I wanted you from the beginning, and you fucking wanted me too. Let’s just stop hiding, and tell the truth about how we feel about each other.”

He lets out a sigh. “You know we can’t do that, India. That would kill Mijo and Rita”

“Who cares! What? You still want Rita or something? And why can’t we tell Mijo, he’s about to get fucking married!” I yell breaking out of his grip. “He doesn’t care!”

Chris lets out a deep sigh. “Seems like you do though.” He says looking at me and then walking out of the bathroom. I didn’t mean to make Chris mad, he just has to understand. I pull out my phone.

Breezy: Baby, I’m so sorry! I didn’t mean to have my reaction come out that way , but you have to understand why it took me by surprise. I’m not jealous and I don’t want him back. I want you, and only you! Can we just go back to your place? Please?

I can’t worry about Mijo when he’s not worried by me. I moved on anyway, I just need to focus on what Chris and I are trying to have.

Door open

“Chris?” I say turning around to see Cassie. “Oh, sorry…”

She smiles. “Looking for Chris? Is he your new boyfriend or something?”

I make a face, shaking my head. “Chris? Um, no. Why would you even—” I start, but she interrupts me

“Cut the shit India, I saw you kiss him.” She says turning to me. “I’m happy with Mijo right now, and I’d prefer to keep the drama away. Just know you and Chris both need to get your shit together. This is quite fucked up.” She says before leaving the bathroom

Wait, she saw us? When were we that carless? Shit, does that mean she’s going to tell?

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Favorite quote?

“To be nobody but yourself in a world which is doing its best, night and day, to make you everybody else means to fight the hardest battle which any human being can fight; and never stop fighting.”



So we’re having some subtitle and encoding issues with the “50 people knockout challenge”. We’re trying to fix it but to cheer you up we have a new episode subbed and ready to be proofread and encoded! Received this hilarious episode back from our translator “Jose” yesterday. Awesome job! I’m going to try and see if I can get the knockout challenge episode up before this one though.

Stay tuned!

What the episode is about:

This one is a bit more casual and it’s nice to see the cast’s personal sides while out in public. So the point of this segment is that they first split up and then have to find each other again using only 1 common keyword (A place in Tokyo). Whatever it is they’re thinking of they have to go there by car hoping that one of the others thought of the same thing. When the timer is out, they phone each other and ask where everybody else went and get super annoyed by each other that they didn’t pick the same location. Most keywords are things like “Big parking lot” or “Big billboard” something very generic which makes the challenge even harder. In this teaser they call each other after all of them failed to meet up following the first keyword. I have done some editing to the original episode because I wanted to show you a very funny moment when Tanaka tells the others where he went and they can’t believe his stupid choice. Haha.


Note: As always, since proofreading and typesetting check is not done, bare in mind that what you see might not be finished material.