Do we know whether this symbol has any significance? The last clue does mention “THE FINAL PIECE IS IN YOUR HAND” and that symbol is indeed a hand… the trail from the X starts near it too-

I also saw this symbol twice in the journal but I still don’t understand its significance.


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"I have met so many people today. I'm afraid I forgot your name..." With that glint in his eyes, he's obviously joking.

At the Royal Ball

“You’re such a clown,” she told him, looking up at him as they stood against the wall. She had been watching Miles dance with Ryuko. It had been an adorable scene, honestly.

“This ball is dragging onto long…” she told him, knowing that complaining would never work (she hated that she couldn’t dance).

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What do you think about the whole cris pushing that fan incident today? I love him but stuff like that makes me :/ but then I remember all the other many times he's been with fans

sorry for only answering now, I’ll try to keep this as short as possible. I saw the video before it went viral and I didn’t even really notice it as something negative before everyone blew it completely out of proportion. Cristiano was out shopping with like idk 50 people waiting outside with their phones, Goncalo made it rather clear to stay away and to not make photos. if some guy still decides to run towards him to take a selfie, not even saying a single word (okay??) it’s just disrespectful and annoying. and in all honesty I would probably have done the same, you can hardly even call it a push lmao. like there have been celebs doing the same or worse things and people always freak out about it but I completely understand them. they are not there for your amusement, they are humans too. if it’s clear they don’t want to take pics fucking respect that, or at least have the decency to ask. these people don’t owe you anything. remember that Benzema fan who ran towards him from behind and got tackled, just another example. if you invade someone’s personal space like that, that’s what you get. ofc I prefer it when he takes selfies as he usually always does but if one freaking day he doesn’t feel like it and people still can’t respect that, well fuck off, you surely aren’t a fan.

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(floatl-fr here) okay so seriously how the hell do you make such beautiful sigils? me and my sigil-based magic-users need to know

uh…. well

step 1) make a circle on one layer

step 2) make some garbage symmetrical design inside the circle

step 3) gold

step 4) ???

step 5) sigil