how do you politely keep turning down a guy who keeps pressuring you to go out with him and then proceeds to make you feel bad when you say no 

Julian hums softly to himself as he tries to decide between two kinds of yoghurt, his mood quite pleasant despite the circumstances. Night Vale has changed quite a bit since he left ten years ago - he can’t find his favorite cookies anywhere because apparently there’s some kind of ban on wheat and wheat by-products for a reason he has yet to discover. 

He settles on strawberry yoghurt in the end and walks on, continuing his nonsensical humming. He’s making a list in his head of what he still needs to get, and as such, almost doesn’t notice the man in front of him until he almost bumps into him. 

“Excuse me- oh. Hey Steve.”


anonymous asked:

tumblr cast spring awakening!

Okay, okay, I thought about this for a bit and this is what I came up with…

Melchior: -
Wendla: elderprinceton
Moritz: oscardelancey
Ernst: Me
Hanschen: ernstrilow
Otto: eldermccutie
Thea: montynavarro
Anna: ssaelphabathropp
Martha: sahkoo

I wasn’t to sure who should be thea, anna, and martha but I think it works and I know this isn’t all of the characters but I tried. Now lets go start our own production of SA guys! ♥️

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I really really like your blog but this amount of crowfeather hate on a daily basis is very unsettling. I'm not saying I like him, but I don't hate him either, and I get he's a bad dad, but can we please just ignore him and move to more gay warrior related things? Cause I was hoping this wasn't a hate blog and more of a queer friendly blog.



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Odd pairing, but it's stuck in my head and just won't quit: Would you kindly draw Markiplier as Booker DeWitt in Bioshock Infinite? :)

Its Mark as everyone’s favorite terrible time-traveling dad! It was his birthday (booker, not mark) yesterday btw. Happy 141st birthday man.

ahhh Bioshock Infinite…aka the game that lowkey tricked me into shipping incest. I used references, but i kind of gave up on the skyhook…

I dont think its that odd of a pairing. Also did I mention how much I love dressing people up as other characters?

jessiermuellers asked:

Tumllr Cast: Heathers or Wicked?

I can try both… but I wont get far with Wicked.


Heather C: ssaelphabathropp

Heather D: elderprinceton

Heather M: queenkatiehall

Veronica: montynavarro

JD: elderprices


Elphaba: ssaelphabathropp (you’re just perfect for any leading lady ♥️)

Glinda: morrisdelancy

Fiyero: ? ?

Boq: hansirilow

Thank you ♥️