Lol why’s anyone upset about what people are saying on twitter?? Cause by their rule if we’re all cringe then they’re all making up they’re in a relationship with Simon

Small life update

I’m so sorry for being inactive ;; (tbhhhh I don’t know if anyone noticed LOL) I’m moving out within the next two weeks and I had finals so I haven’t been online or doing anything but preparing for those. I promise to be back once my life calms down in the next few weeks.

Since Shiro and Matt were taken by the Galra and subsequently escaped, they have, as the fandom put it, become really fuckin’ hot.

So here I am, already wondering when Sam Holt is gonna show up and Iroh his way out of a galra prison camp.

Killing Stalking

Person: “I hate KS”
Me: fair enough, it’s a story about very mature subjects and is certainly not for everyone.
Person: “I hate Sangwoo”
Me: fair enough, he’s a very complicated character and a murderer after all.
Person: “I hate Yoonbum”
Me: fair enough, he’s also a very complicated character, stalker, and now a murderer.
Person: “I hate Koogi”


guess my favourite character dynamic