Princess - Part 1 (NSFW)

Summary: When Sam walks in on you in a very compromising position, he finds out one of your biggest secret, which happens to be his too.
Pairing: Future Daddy!Sam Winchester x Little Girl!Reader
Word Counting: 430 words
Chapter: 1/?
Warnings: Daddy Kink; D/s, brief mention of masturbation

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“Y/N?”  Sam knocked on your door. “Y/N, are you in there?”

He frowned, wondering if he should enter. The food was ready and you had asked him to call you in your room when it was dinnertime. 

Sam had never entered your room. No one had. On your first day living in the bunker you had put on limits to the brothers; the only rule they couldn’t ever break was the room rule. No one entered your room without your express consent, and you never gave anyone consent. 

Sam wasn’t sure if your request earlier included an exception to your rule. He didn’t want to break it and didn’t want you to be mad at him but you weren’t answering, and he was there for a little while now. 

“Y/N, I’m entering, okay?” He announced, loud and clear.

No answer.

Hesitant, he opened your door. 

You see, when you had started decorating your room, they hadn’t had access to it at all. At first glance, Sam didn’t think there was anything too different in it from any other room. Of course, you had a couple of stuffed toys and DVD’s with bright coloured covers but who didn’t enjoy some guilty pleasure in any form every once in a while. Just then his eyes landed on you.

You were on the ground, lied down with headphones and fucking yourself with a vibrator.

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