Your baking is as good as your dancing

Mr. Amber: lying, arguing, hiding, and criticizing Chloe at the dinner table

Rachel Amber:

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StreetGang AU - Keith, 1st Officer of the Blade Of Marmora

I have somewhat of a plot forming and I know some people expected Keith to be the leader but this almost plot is forming into something to where this will work out better…maybe. Who knows, it could change.

Lance  Allura  Pidge  Hunk  Keith

sha/ad/ns don’t interact (rb, like, or reply)

Aight I’m just gon go ahead and say it for those in the back

👏Pennywise 👏is 👏the 👏love 👏of 👏my 👏life 👏 and 👏did 👏nothing 👏wrong 👏 he👏 just👏 wants 👏to 👏eat👏