Get ready for… DAMON’S AGENDA (You’ll feel useless after reading this)

  • Finish Gorillaz tour (December) 
  • Mali: to learn about Sundiata Keita and record with Africa Express
  • London: to finish a new Gorillaz album
  • Gorillaz south american tour (March)
  • London: to finish the TGTBTQ album
  • Gorillaz Festivals tour (June-July) 
  • Back to Mali (September) 

Damon, singing along to “Don’t Stop Me Now” by Queen: Don’t stop me now! I’m havin’ such a good time. I’m having a ball! Don’t stop me now! If you wanna have a good time… Just-


*music stops*

Damon: I literally did not ask for your input.

whenever I watch thor ragnarok I like to imagine that loki was secretly a huge fan of matt damon so he went to earth and tracked down the actual matt damon and promised him anything he wanted if he’d come to asgard with him and play loki in the dramatization of his life and matt damon said yes


being best friends with setfan salvatore mood board

i know i haven’t posted in a while, but do you guys have any mood board requests? 


Part 1 Beginning of a long long journey

Word count: 2508
You are on a road trip with Kai, Damon and Klaus and have to stop for gas, but as often happens when you are in their company, things don’t go as planned.

“I can’t believe I said yes.” You tell Damon shaking your head. Damon turns around on his heels with an conceited grin on his face that is just nearly killing you. “It’s no secret you can’t resist all this.” He says gesturing to his own body. You let out an annoyed sigh and open the car door. “Is he annoying you, love?” Klaus walks up to you and shoots Damon an threatening glance. “I suppose we better get going and get this over with before anyone gets killed.” You suggest.
“Were you going to start this party without me?” A third voice asks. You look over your shoulder and see Kai walking up to the car. Confused you turn to Klaus and Damon. “What is he doing here?” You only knew that you were going to be stuck in the car with Klaus and Damon, which could end in a fight, now that Kai is added to the mix it could end in a bloody massacre. “So lovely to see you again, Y/N.” Kai whispers in your ear. You feel his breath on you bare neck. The feeling of the brush of warm air on your skin and the idea of Kai being so close to you makes your hair stand up straight.  
“Get off of her.” Klaus growls and pushes Kai away from you. “She’s off limits.” True that.
“I think that she can decide that for herself.” Damon interferes.
“What about you all getting your stubborn asses in the car.” You say before things could get really out of hand. Threatening glances are exchanged before everyone gets into the car. You have to sit in back with Kai because having Damon or Klaus sit next to him is like setting the timer on a bomb you actually don’t want to go off. It’s a just a matter of time.
Everyone is tense. “Tell me, Cher.” Kai says imitating a southern accent. “How did the hybrid get you to comply to this road trip of hell?” He asks and then quickly adds “Well hell, except for your company of course.” He winks at you.  
“Klaus,” you say noticeably correcting him. “didn’t get me to comply to anything. Actually it was Damon who persuaded me into this.. Whole thing.” You say for the lack of ways to describe this road trip. Damon who’s sitting shotgun turns around smiling broadly. “What can I say, I can be very persuasive.” He looks at you as if you’re sharing a secret. How in the world are you going to keep them from fighting when you are the reason they are challenging each other? “Shut it. Both of you.” You tell them. “If you’re just going to act like kids, then I don’t know what I’m doing here.” Damon turns around in his seat and stares at the road ahead of you. “Thank you.” You say relieved. It didn’t take long before the silence was broken again. “The gas is low.” Klaus’s voice is the first to break the quiet. “Already?” You ask disbelieving.
“Couldn’t you fill up before we left?” Kai asks Klaus irritated by the fact that we already needed the make a stop. “It’s Rebekah’s car, mate.” Klaus’s voice sounds hostile.
“This is unbelievable. Not even an hour on the road and we have to stop. All because the hybrid didn’t fill the tank.” Kai rambles angrily.
“It’s not my bloody car!” Klaus cries angry, slamming his hands on the steering wheel almost making the car fly off the road. Scared you look out the window and see the depths of the ravine next to the road. “Guys, remember that there is also a mortal in the car, who really doesn’t want to be smashed to death by gravity.” Your voice is a bit shaky due to your fear of heights. Klaus grumbles an apology. A thought just popped up into your head and you turn to Kai. Curious he looks at you. “What would happen if a vampire is smashed to death?” You can’t help but wonder. Kai laughs out loud. “Now that is an interesting question, Y/N!” Kai replies overly amused. “I wonder about death a lot too.”
“And I’m going to wonder a lot about your death if you don’t stop being so infuriating.” Klaus growls at Kai.
“Come on, Kai.” You give him your judgy eyes. Kai just shrugs. “I think it would be marvellous to find out.” You raise your eyebrow. He really is a nutjob. A total basketcase. But there is something else about him, something you do like. That’s the case with each guy in this car. They’re repellent, but there is something about them you admire. You’ve never admitted that their cockiness intrigued you, but it does. They are cocky without being vain. “You’re an idiot Kai.” You say giving him a playful push. Kai smiles at you. “You have a point there.” He says pretending to really think it over. “But at least I’m fun.” He adds with a wink. Laughing you shake your head.
“Having fun back there, I hear.” Damon says turning around. If there is one person who has a jealousy thing, It’s Damon. “If you three weren’t so stuck-up we could all be having fun.” You point out. “I don’t share well with others, love.” Klaus says while Damon speak at the same time. “Foursomes aren’t really my style.”  
You scoff loudly. The car stops and you can’t wait to get out. Needing a minute of silence you walk away from the car heading to the back of the gas station. You hear Klaus calling your name, but you pretend to not have heard him. Just as you’ve sat down on the grass with your back against a tree, your phone rings. “How is everything going?” Stefan asks. You sigh. “This is torture, Stefan!” You exclaim. “I don’t care how busy you are, but you and Elena owe me big time.” Stefan is silent for a moment and you picture his serious face, contemplating what to say to you. “We do, Y/N. I personally know Damon is a real pain in the ass and I don’t like either Kai and Klaus, but it’s for the greater good. You’re the only one who can keep every one of them from grabbing each other’s throats.” Even though Stefan is right, it doesn’t make it any less difficult. “I’ll check in with you later. I got to go.” Stefan says and then hangs up. You close your eyes and rest your head against the tree. Silence. When you hear a loud sound you don’t open your eyes. Of course! How could you even think that the silence would last longer than just a few seconds. Reluctant you open your eyes when you start to hear people yelling at each other. “Well, that’s not what I expected.” You mumble looking at the hooded men fleeing from the backdoor of the gas station. Guns in their hands and a bag filled with cash. It takes a moment before you realize the danger. The men notice you and one of them starts shooting at you. Fast you jump behind the tree feeling a sharp pain in your arm. You look down seeing the blood staining your white blouse. Great… Your ability to stay calm is also thanked to the fact that it’s just a graze. You’re traveling with supernatural creatures and you get shot by humans, what’s  luck? The shooting stops, but the yelling only seems to get worse. You take a chance and peek around the tree. You see Klaus and Kai fighting the men. Not that there really is anything the men can do against their strength. You feel someone behind you and turn around ready to throw a punch. “Are you alright?” Damon asks concerned, while deflecting your fist like it’s nothing. Then he sees the blood on your blouse and you can the change in his face. He’s furious. Not only in the way normal humans are. The veins around his eyes turn blue and purple and his eyes seem from another world. You lay your hand on his cheek. “Calm down, avenger.” You say flashing him a comforting smile. “It’s not the time for you to lose your cool.” Damon places his hand over yours and you can see his eyes change back. When you can feel his breathing slow down you let your arm fall next to your body. Damon looks at the blood and bites his wrist. You hold up your hand. “No thanks.” You politely decline. “It’ll heal you, Y/N.” Gently you put his arm down and start to head towards the shop. “I know duvis.” You tell Damon. The bodies of the four men lie motionless on the dark stained ground. “Y/N!” Kai hurries over to you. He looks at your arm and then back up into your face, looking scrambled. “It’s just a graze.” You say before he can overreact.  “Why wouldn’t you let Damon heal you?” Klaus asks. “Because I can’t expect there to always be a vampire to heal me whenever I get a scratch.”
“That is hardly a scratch.” Klaus replies.
“It’s the principle.” You say in a way they know it’s the end of the discussion. “What are we going to do about the bodies?” You ask looking at the dead men. “We’ll have to bury them in the woods. First let me bandage you up.” Klaus says. You shake your head. “Not enough time to do both.”
“How about Klaus patches you up and in the meantime Kai and I will get rid of the bodies.”  Damon suggest. You know that he actually doesn’t want you to have alone time with Klaus, because he is too afraid that you might fall in love with him or even Kai for that matter. But he can also be practical and that is what he is doing right now. You agree and separate. You and Klaus enter through the back door which the robbers used to flee. The inside is trashed. You’re afraid of what you might find. Walking in front you turn around the corner, into the store, walking right into the barrel of a gun. Shook, you stand still making Klaus bump into you. It’s the owner of the gas station, and after he realizes you are not a threat he lowers his gun.
“My girlfriend here needs some help.” Klaus says stepping to your side. Even though you didn’t like his use of girlfriend you show the man your blood soaked arm.
“Should I call an ambulance?” The man asks slightly panicking.
“No!” You yell way to fast, making the man suspicious. “We’re in a hurry. We need to help our friends but it’s a long drive and otherwise we won’t be on time. And besides, it’s just a graze.”
After you finished talking you look up at Klaus and see him looking at you with his eyebrow slightly lifted. He once told you he loved it when you rambled nervously. Something you did a lot when you just met him, now you rather give him a snide remark or a good punch in the shoulder. “A med kit is good.” Klaus tells the man. “You’ll have to take those off.” Klaus tells you with a flirtatious smirk when the man left to get the med kit. “You’ll have to help me.” You say innocently knowing that you are still wearing a top underneath. At that moment the man comes back and he gives you a place in the back so you can both sit. Klaus slowly starts to unbutton your blouse locking his eyes with yours. “Are you okay?” Klaus asks you with a gentle voice you don’t recognize.
“I’m fine, it’s just a..” Klaus interrupts you before you can say it’s just a graze. “I mean, you almost got killed, Y/N. As a vampire I’ve dealt with death a lot, but I know that for a human it can be emotional. So how are you dealing?”
You smile at his attempt of trying to understand human reaction, it’s alluring. “Klaus, I’ve seen a lot of things I whish I hadn’t seen because of hanging with you guys. I mean it’s hard, but I’m getting used to it. I’m not that fragile girl I was anymore.”
Klaus smiles. “You’re a hard ass now Y/N, but you never were fragile. If you were, you wouldn’t be standing here now with three obnoxious vampires in an attempt to save the world.” You’re too busy watching his face too see what he is even doing. You liked the way Klaus could almost seem normal. There were moments he could be rational and that were the moments you wondered how is mind worked. Because there could also be a rage in him that scared you to death. But right now you saw something you didn’t recognize as either sides of him. He himself almost seemed fragile. Vulnerable. “This is going to hurt.” He says and before you can even snap back to reality you feel a sharp pain in your arm. Your body tenses and gritting your teeth you look down seeing the alcohol he poured on your arm to disinfect it runs down your skin.
“Told you.” Klaus says grinning at your reaction. “So tell me, why is It that you’re really doing this?” He asks. “Because I don’t think you’re enjoying this nor are you Katherina. Playing three guys at a time would even be top game for her.”
Your eyes widen. “You think that I..”
“No,” he interrupts you. “It’s what I don’t think. You’re to… you.”
Whatever that means. “Since Stefan knows that I am friends with every one of you guys he thought I was the only way that the car was going to arrive safely with all of you unharmed.” You explain.
Klaus is done and puts the stuff back in the case. “I think that he is right.” Klaus admits. “I see the way Damon looks at you and the way Kai talks to you, they would die for you, Y/N, you know that?”
Not wanting him to stop talking you slowly shake your head.
“Even though they have people they love they are willing to leave them to die for you.” Klaus stands up and you do too.  “I would die for you.” He adds after a pause.
“Those are heavy words, Klaus.” You say not knowing what else to tell him. “I don’t want you to die for me. I don’t want anyone to die for me.” Uncomfortable you look up into his tender eyes looking back at you.  “Y/N, there is a goodness in you that breaks my heart.” He brushes your hair out of your face and puts it behind your ear. At this moment the two of you just stare at each other. “We have to go.” He then says snapping the both of you back to reality. Realizing that you have a long road ahead of you.

My question for you as reader is what did you think of it. What is is what you want to happen next?

The question of part one is: What/where is their next stop and why (if there is a special reseaon why they’re stopping).

And for every next part you can always submit lines you want to be said and I’ll find a way to craft it into the story.