I can’t wait to wake up to you and have those lazy mornings. Where I wake up and you are beside me, sleeping peacefully. The mornings where we don’t have to rush anywhere, letting the bed pull us back in as we pull each other closer. The mornings where no matter what the weather we’re smiling together. The mornings of pancakes and bacon, dancing around the kitchen with music playing in the background. I look forward to the sweet and simple moments spent with you by my side
—  A Secret Heart
  • expectations:their son's 2nd birthday. they throw a huge birthday party with a giant cake, colourful balloons and party games. they have evening cuddles with a bedtime story then tuck him in together; forehead kisses and sweet dreams. it's a three person family - small, but select.
  • reality:their son's 2nd birthday. phil celebrates the two year anniversary of him on the toilet. dan refuses to buy a cake.

Not Morning Boyfriends

(i guess these are their bed hairs but it literally looks the same???)

Got7 Cuddling


He’d always like to keep you really close to him. So he knows you’re there and you aren’t going anywhere.


I feel as though Jr would prefer to just having you there lying beside him holding hands. Just looking at one another smiling not saying a word.


Mark I reckon would love having you on his chest, just being able to hold you in place and feel you next to him, was enough to send him to sleep.


He would love having both of your bodies completely tangled together, it would give him reassurance that you are there for him.  


Cuddling with Youngjae could go either way, sometimes he likes being the bigger spoon, others he just likes being held by you.


I feel like Bambam would be the type to not let you leave the bed, even if you need to eat, pee, or even if you’re late for school or work. He just wouldn’t let you leave.


Even though he is over 180cm tall, I feel as though Yugyeom would love being held by you. it would make him feel safe and secure like nothing bad could happen, he would especially love this if he had a tough day at practice.

“Can’t help falling in love”, by Elvis Presley - Happy imagine

Request: Song imagine: can’t help falling in love by Elvis with anyone you choose.

I was feeling this one should be a Happy imagine, so…Enjoy!

Listen the song HERE

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Happy’s POV

“I love you Happy”

Those words had been haunting him for days, repeating on his mind since Y/N had said them.

They were in her bed, laying together after make love. Happy had his arm around her and Y/N’s cheek was resting on his chest. She cuddled against him, sighing satisfied and then she said, “I love you Happy”. He didn’t say it back, he pretended to be sleeping. It took a minute, but she turned her back on him and curled up on her side of the bed. He didn’t sleep and minutes before the alarm sound he got up and left her house. Happy Lowman, the Tacoma Killer had been a coward. The most wonderful woman he had ever met said she loved him and he had run away. He hadn’t say it back not because he didn’t love her. Happy loved Y/N and he was scared.


I was exhausted, not only for the long day at work, but also for the last few days.

I had moved to Charming not so long ago and my stupid old car had made me cross paths with Happy Lowman. He was the one who showed up to help me on the side of the road and the one who called me, days later, asking for a date. I had fallen in love with him, fast and hard. I couldn’t help myself. I shouldn’t have said I love him and his attitude told me he didn’t love me back. Happy had disappointment me, like everybody else in my life, but I, a completely fool, still loved him. 

Wise men say only fools rush in
But I can’t help falling in love with you

I hadn’t seen Happy in days and now his bike was on my driveway. I resisted the impulse of run over it and walked inside my house. He was at the dining room, seated there like nothing had happened.

“Hi little girl”, I wanted to hate him and feel sick, but when he called me ‘little girl’ I felt my legs weak.

“What are you doing here?”, I crossed my arms over my chest and glared at him. He held my look and my body knew he was there, desperate to get closer, like magnets attracting each other.

“I came to see you”, he got up and took a step towards me. I forced myself not to move, “I want to talk”

“Talk about what?”, I shrugged, “You don’t owe me any explanations Happy. I get it, you don’t love me back”

“No. You are wrong little girl”, Happy took another step closer to me, “I love you Y/N. I love you so much that it scares the shit out of me”

I was speechless; I just watched as he came closer and pulled me to him. I tilted my head back, looking up at him. Happy cupped my face and traced my lips with his thumb.

“Nobody ever said that to me before”, he whispered, locking his eyes with mine, “I freaked out, I didn’t know what to do. Should I forget you? Leave you alone, let you live your life in peace without get into the shit that is my life, my club? You are too good for this world little girl, but no, I can’t do that. You are mine. I love you”

Shall I stay
Would it be a sin
If I can’t help falling in love with you

Happy’s POV

She had taken him back and all Happy could do was thank God while he looked at Y/N. He was laying over his side, his fingers tracing her spine as she laid on her stomach. It was late at night and they just had made love again.

“I love you”, he said and saw her smile. Y/N opened her eyes and turned to lay on her back.

“You don’t have to say it all the time”, she giggled, pulling the sheets up to her chest.

“I want to”, he took her hand in his and kissed it, “How a girl like you loves a guy like me, is something I will never understand”

“I guess we are meant to be”, she whispered, intertwining their fingers together.

“I like that”, Happy whispered, lowering his lips to hers.

He turned off the lights and wrapped his arm around Y/N. She rested her cheek on his chest, cuddling against him.

“I love you Happy”, she whispered.

“I love you too”, he said back. 

Like a river flows surely to the sea
Darling so it goes
Some things are meant to be
Take my hand, take my whole life too
For I can’t help falling in love with you

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After reading your mini Drunk! Spidey story I got curious. What would Drunk!Spidey be like and how would the Avengers handle it?

Can you believe I already have a batch of drunk!Peter headcanons? @myself why

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CONGRATS ON 3K !!!! I absolutly loooove your blog and I would like more spoiled Levi :3

Levi sitting in meetings, important meetings, with higher ups around and just randomly comments, “I`m kinda hungry.” Immediately the doors burst open with Eren carrying a tray of snacks, setting it down in front of him, then leaving without a word.

Levi keeping Eren all to himself even when he has experiments to run with Hanji or training to do, because Eren said he was his so that meant he had to listen to him and if he demanded cuddles he would have his fucking cuddles.

Erwin: Levi, you need to get this work done tonight.

Levi: Why should I? This is all your stuff.

Erwin: Because I`m the Commander. So I`m in charge.

Levi: Oh yeah?

Erwin: Indeed.

Levi: Oh Ere-

Erwin: Nope, nope, nope. Forget it, I`ll do it myself.

Levi: Thought so.

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Because I love this running gag- Grumpy pre morning coffee Norway and Finland glaring at their husbands. They both punch their husbands in the stomach when Denmark and Sweden go to hug them. All of a sudden, they're interrupted with the sound of a kitten yawn and greeted with the sight of cuddly morning Iceland with tousled bed head and squinty eyes. While their husbands continue to groan in pain, Finland and Norway shower Iceland with kisses and cuddles and hide away with him in a blanket fort.

Fair enough XD

Doting Demons

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Pairing: CainxReaderxCrowley
Word count: 694
Request: Anonymous. Yay! Thank you! I’d really love some Crowley x fem!reader x Cain polyamorous fluff! I love those two demons. Maybe they are taking care of the pregnant reader (Or she could be on her period, you decide)? Or something like that?

Cain came in, bag in hand. You were currently 15 weeks pregnant, and sent him on an ice cream run. Thankfully, Cain didn’t sleep, so going out at two in the morning, and driving the hour to the nearest twenty-four hour supermarket didn’t bother him. He could have snapped there, but you’d started to sniff about him taking the easy way out. Seeing you upset killed him, so he sighed, grabbed the keys to his truck, and left the cabin.

You’d been cuddled against Crowley, and you’d set him a few days before to get apples. And then he got the wrong kind- red delicious, when you’d wanted Gala. That time you let him snap to get the right ones. He chuckled when he saw your face light up when you bit into the first apple.

He found you napping against Crowley, who was currently reading. “I’ll put this in the freezer.” Cain smiled over at you, your hand resting on your belly that looked more like a few extra pounds at this point.

Crowley nodded. “Probably the best idea. She’s been asleep since not long after you left. So, she might wake up at any moment.” He looked down at you as you shifted, trying to get closer to him. None of you knew who the baby’s father was, but none of you cared. You were all in this together. Of course, that also made it more difficult to agree on things.

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Dating the fey boys would include?

Puck: Random water gun/balloon fights, or silly-string if it’s too cold outside to use water guns/balloons; cuddling in front of the TV or fireplace, just because; lots of debate between favorite seasons and why (and if you say any season except summer there will be a very long, very lengthy debate about why you’re wrong); PUNS, ALL DAY, EVERY DAY; surprise visits while you’re in the shower or the bath because he got lonely and missed you (at least that’s his excuse); icecream eating challenges to see who gets brain freeze first; mandatory leaf-pile making and jumping in the fall–no excuses. 

Ash: Long talks about the past and the future–good and bad; constantly having to draw him out of his shell because he still doesn’t get the concept of ‘talking things out’; lots of hugs and cuddling to makeup for him not talking about it; watching him make snowflakes out of thin air in the living room; instant cooling relief when your burn your tongue on anything hot (though that leads to its own kind of ‘hot’); WWIII-scale snowball fights that you never win but don’t mind losing because it’s one of the times you get to see him really laugh; having to crank up the heater and pile on the blankets just to be able to snuggle in bed without getting frostbite.

Rowan: Numerous petty arguments because he doesn’t know how to approach feelings without getting super defensive; lots of flowers and apology notes for being an ass; his messy attempts at cooking dinner that wind up with having to order take-out because nothing is edible; his adorable yet slightly exasperating desire to own at least thirty bearded dragons because they remind him of mini-wyverns; listening to the rain while he plays with your hair and answers questions about his world while asking some about yours; waking up late at night to him crying because he’s been holding it in all day; quiet whispers against your hair about how incredible you are.  

Sage: Never needing an encyclopedia again because he can tell you everything about anything; having to buy a bigger bed because ‘the wolf is not sleeping outside’; people asking if your ‘dog’ is legal when you go for a walk; waking up when Sage comes home late from business in Tir Na Nog and gets into bed fully clothed from exhaustion; having more hair product on his side of the bathroom counter than yours; soft morning kisses; forcing him to wear socks to bed because you get tired of waking up with his cold feet pressed against your legs; little surprises like a rose on your pillow in the morning or a note left for you in the kitchen with breakfast already made.  

Glitch: Video-game wars like you wouldn’t believe that sometimes last for days (he lets you win occasionally); having to keep him out of range of any and all balloons at any given time; being jealous of all the new technology in Mag Tuiredh that you don’t have (he brings you souvenirs); staying up late waiting for him to come home from his shift and listening to him gripe about how the gremlins chewed through the main power line (AGAIN); having your own personal cell phone repair man without ever having to leave the house; surprise kisses at all hours of the day because ‘you’re so damn cute’. 

Tertius: Having your house security wired like the goddamn Pentagon; his quietly amused smiles when he watches you get excited over something; waking up to find him asleep on the couch instead of in bed because his PTSD acted up; random hugs from behind or kisses on the top of your head without any explanation other than a smile; late nights binge watching Netflix and snuggling when neither of you are quite ready to go to bed; him self-consciously rubbing the scar under his eye until you pull his hand away and link fingers to stop him; catching him watching you and blushing; him catching you watching him and blushing.

I hope this answers your question. =) 

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What would Kirishima, Kaminari and Bakugo react if they saw their fem! s/o wearing their shirt? Honestly, I love your blog, you seem like a very cool person! Thanks for dedicating time to this blog!

Thank you very much for your kind words! =) And I love doing this, so it’s really fun for me to write for you guys. I hope I could answer your request well enough! =)


- He finds it very adorable and he hugs his girlfriend, feeling the fabric bunch around his hands, their smells mingling.

- If his girlfriend wears nothing but his shirt, he’ll blush and try to keep looking at her face, letting her come to him and initiate physical contact so he knows she’s still fine with him touching her like usually.

- He loves to cuddle on the couch with her while she wears his shirt and he’ll keep smiling the rest of the day.

- Kirishima from there on, leaves a few of his shirts lying around, letting it look like it’s by accident, when in truth he hopes his girlfriend will wear one of those again.


- He’ll feel very flattered and he’ll kiss his girlfriend, telling her she looks nice, though he can’t quite hide the light blush on his cheeks.

- Should his girlfriend wear nothing but his shirt, he’ll break out in a blush and act flustered, while he tries to act casual. His girlfriend would have to touch him to realize its fine to look at her and to be close to her.

- He’ll be a bit closer to his girlfriend thorough the rest of the day, their sides brushing while they get food and he’ll tug her close when they sit down to watch a movie.

- Kaminari offers her some of his shirts afterwards and tells her she can borrow something if she wants to.


- For a moment, he stops and stares, before he states the obvious by saying she wears his shirt. He’s fine with it though, if anything, he likes the way his shirt falls past her hips and his sleeves are longer on her than on him.

- If his girlfriend wears nothing but his shirt, he’ll stop dead in his tracks for a second, before he slowly approaches her, asking her if she has any plans for tonight, while he moves to hug her.

- When she wears his shirt, he gets more possessive of her, wrapping an arm around her waist, brushing up against her side and wanting her attention to himself.

- He’s pretty casual about telling her she can borrow some of his shirts again in the future – though he’s a bit more reluctant with his favorite clothes, however, aside from that, his jackets and shirts are fair game.


calum is the type of person who would come home late every friday and knock on your door and when you open it he’d just stand there, grinning while his eyes focusing on yours. you’d grunt in annoyed tone while him giggling because even when he’s drunk he knows how much you hated deal with him when he’s drunk but you’ll do it anyway because you don’t want anybody else get to deal with drunk calum because calum could be doing stupid (but also cute) things to a complete strangers instead with you, his 8 year bestfriend. after a while of closing his eyes he’d sit and you’d raise your eyebrow waiting for his words and all he could say was “you look cute let’s cuddle” and you end up spooning with him the whole night wow im ded

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What would you do if you woke up in the middle of the night and you see link has gotten into all your peanut butter, and he's sitting on the counter like a messy kitten with big eyes. Quick! He looks frightened!

back away slowly, let him have his moment with his peanut butter :D
but again, what would such an attractive man be doing in my house?

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The climax of the movie is approaching and you keep casting sideglances at Loki, making sure he’s responding properly. To your dismay, his head is propped on his fist and he’s clearly bored gazing at the screen.
Finally you decide to ignore his boredom and enjoy the movie for yourself, he can’t be blamed for not liking every movie you do.
Just as you decide that, you hear movement beside you and choose to ignore it; he’s probably just getting comfortable.
Suddenly you feel Loki looming over you as he pulls you into his arms so you can cuddle against him while watching the movie. You smile, allowing yourself to lay on his lap, his arms wrapped around you.
Another important part of the movie begins and your attention is strictly focused on it until… “Loki! We’re watching a movie!” You growl annoyed.
Your words are cut off with a sharp gasp as Loki kisses your throat, moving his way down to a particularly sensitive spot on your collarbone and nipping it gently. “Were we? I seem to recall you watching it, and me bored. By all means, continue watching, I have found entertainment elsewhere.”
Loki kisses you again, the hands that had been wrapped protectively around your waist slowly trailing along your stomach and dipping beneath the bands of your lounge bottoms. You moan weakly as Loki teases you idly, though you can sense he’s attempting to keep staring at the screen even if his attention is elsewhere.
You finally reach for the remote, pausing the film and allow Loki to have his way with you. You having your way with Loki just as much.
Once he’s satisfied, eyes closed and hands wrapped gently around your now naked self you return to watching the movie. Loki stays naked beneath you and you’re glad for the blanket you keep thrown over the back of the couch. Covering the both of you up, you return your attention to the movie, though continue to cast amused smiles at your now sleeping lover.

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can i have some mccree cuddling headcanons i love that cowboy

A/N: I’m also hopelessly in love with the cowboy as well nonners, so I totally understand. – Mod D.Va

  • He’d cling to you and cuddle you literally all day if he could.
    • “Jesse I need to work.” “Just a little longer darlin’.” “You said that two hours ago.”
  • Jesse will literally try and cuddle you no matter how you’re feeling. Are you sad? Cuddles. Are you happy? Cuddles. Are you excited? Cuddles. Are you annoyed? Jesse will cuddle the shit out of you until you calm down.
  • Will come up behind you and try to initiate some cuddling no matter what you’re doing. Brushing your teeth? Cooking? Trying to make a phone call? CUDDLE TIME.
  • The cuddles are night are by far the best ones though. You and him are lying in bed, with nothing to distract you from each other, just loving cuddles and sweet kisses.