some just Ethan Nestor™ things that we all love

  • what is up my crankY crew
  • isetanfrmcrnkgmplz
  • he actually interacts with his fans on social media instead of just pretending like we’re just numbers
  • he’s authentic and worked really hard to get where he is (we saw this when he talked about his dad and hugged him at the orlando show)
  • he is the literal human embodiment of ‘if you want something and it will make you happy, pour your soul into it and it will happen’ (hell, he went up and did a backflip for one of his idols and now their best friends and touring together)
  • he can do a backflip??
  • PEEN
  • he loves the s q u e e z e
  • he is 1/3 of a group with (probably) the best comedic dynamic on youtube (i could make a whole other post on all the perfect ways that mark and tyler and ethan compliment each other in the very best comedic fashion)
  • his tumblr bio is literally “I’m a loud blue boy” and a) his hair isn’t even blue anymore and b) he literally takes what fans say about him and is like “i like that. that’s mine now”
  • still makes (AMAZING) content despite constantly being berated for copying mark, felix, and jack (tbh, those three are all copying each other quite honestly, except mark and jack are still getting monetized)
  • has the cutest sneeze face
  • has the cutest face in general
  • has a good sense of humor about himself (a quality that i personally really value and think really helps a good comedian, think chris d’elia’s opened to “man on fire”)
  • coffee bean™
  • did i mention he squeeze?
  • “thAts nOT evEN My iNtRo!”
  • E: “i have to go to the bathroom and it’s an emergency” M: “did you just shit your pants?” E: “no, but i will”

so yeah, there’s some “just @crankgameplays things”

I’m so bummed i didn’t get to see him on tour last sunday. It was like 3hours away and my mom didn’t want to drive me, plus i got sick the day of. honestly i would’ve sold my soul to go. i’m trying to start taking improv classes and going to shows in my city but they’re all 21+. rip me. 😕😕. videos it is.

Y’all listen. Listen to me. I reject that “nextgen” art. It’s ugly. It’s not canon.

Jude Heartfilia did not take Layla’s last name for Lucy to have a daughter with that fucking pink hair.

Layla did not die still young and beautiful so Lucy could have a daughter with that fucking pink hair.


It is CANON that Heartfilia girls look a certain way and this is utter nonsense and I do not accept it. I reject it.

This is why I don’t want to see any “nextgen” art of Jerza. Please for the love of every god in existence, Mashima, leave Jerza alone. Don’t doodle some ugly shit like that. Don’t let these crazy fans pressure you into drawing some thoughtless doodle of a Jerza daughter with blue or purple hair or whatever the fuck. ABSOLUTELY NOT KEEP IT OFF MY LAWN FOREVER.

If Erza has a daughter, she will have red hair. Just like her mother. Just like Eileen.

Listen, Eileen did not put Erza into a magical suspended uterus for 400 years and give birth alone in a fucking FOREST so Erza could have a daughter with blue fucking hair and a tattoo on her face.

Eileen did not murder her useless and nameless piece of shit husband so Erza could have a daughter with purple hair.

Absolutely fucking not.

And in case some of y’all missed the point: this isn’t me saying I don’t think Jerza should have kids. Jellal’s sperm has been waiting for their moment. No doubt. But I don’t want to see the children if they’re not going to look right. 

As someone in my forties, fellow old people who think they own youth-oriented fandoms are the most embarrassing people in the world.

Star Wars isn’t really for us. Star Wars is for ten year olds. Any giant corporate media franchise that sells kid-sized pajamas, you probably need to back off on. I’m not saying you can’t enjoy it, but at least try to model some fucking maturity?

I don’t really understand why people over sixteen watch cartoons (Japanese or otherwise) so I’m obviously way out of touch with the greater culture on this point, but still.


► Buy From Amazon: (The Art of Rick and Morty)

These reference are from this amazing book. Now you can draw Rick and Morty just like they do in the show by following these style guides. There are many more reference images provided by the book but you’ll have to buy it to see the rest. 

Note: The diagram of the Smith’s residence is missing a bathroom because the bathroom was an afterthought. 

congrats ethan!!

so, it seems as though our favorite blue boy, @crankgameplays , has just hit half a million subscribers, and i am beyond proud of him.

(of course i was too excited and clumsy to catch the counter going from 499,999 to 500,000, but i got this instead!)

despite what everyone says, ethan puts out original, funny content, and is not only a hilarious personality, but a truly good person as well. i am looking forward to the new content following the break, and i can’t wait to continue watching ethan develop as a creator and as a person. so congrats @crankgameplays !! here’s to 500,000 subscribers, and many many more.

to celebrate, i compiled some of my favorite gifs of the loudest of blue boys.

@crankgameplays just recently hit half a million subscribers so I wanted to draw this in celebration! Im a relatively new subscriber and I enjoy his content a lot, he definitely does deserve so much more because you can tell that he puts a lot of effort into his videos. He’s actually now one of my inspirations to keep going with youtube because he started off young and has been working ever since and I admire that, and to see how much he has grown makes me believe I can do the same as well. So thank you Ethan for being awesome :D