Even if you don’t watch drag race, you should watch that damn lip sync and see the type of queer talent that that show can give a platform tbh. I’m actually curious, anyone not watching the show watch that vid and had their life snatched from their very hands or nah

Need a gift idea for your niece’s fifth birthday (that you RSVPed for last year)? Or maybe looking at picture books helps you relax? Either way, here are three children’s titles, all out in June, that caught my eye in the mail pile: 

Life by Cynthia Rylant, illustrated by Brendan Wenzel

Life offers advice to children from animals – the wild geese, the rabbit in the field  –  who have weathered good times and bad.

Blue Sky White Stars by Sarvinder Naberhaus, illustrated by Kadir Nelson

Just in time for the Fourth of July, Blue Sky White Stars explores symbols of America, from a sunny baseball game to a spaceship blasting off at Cape Canaveral.

Renato and The Lion by Barbara DiLorenzo

Set in World War II Florence, Italy, Renato and The Lion tells the story of a boy, his favorite piazza and the stone lion statue there that makes him feel safe. His family is forced to flee to America because of the war, but decades later, when he finally makes it back, the statue is still standing.

- Intern Sydnee

Life images courtesy of Beach Lane Books/Simon & Schuster Children’s Publishing Images; Blue Sky, White Stars images courtesy of Penguin Random House; Renato and The Lion images courtesy of Viking Books for Young Readers.


Magic: the Gathering - The Break-Up

Redditor Drakko24 had just posted this indicating a friend in Washington DC had passed this along.  Story is unknown, but the images have the hallmark of a pretty bad break-up.

I would imagine that given our cultural conditioning, that many would assume that this would likely be the belongings of a now ex-boyfriend, and some may even think to themselves that the actions of the angry partner may even be justified.  It is not.  It does not matter who had transgressed, cheated, or was a terri-bad flat-mate, this sort of behaviour should never be tolerated or allowed.


my hair looks blue in this but I’m not blue about my place in the lgbt+ community

(all pronouns)