Imagine two total newbies with a fairly skilled DM. Cocky human bard plus half-elf monk means some crazy way to get them to even meet. They’re in a crowded shop area.

DM (to bard): You feel your money stolen off of you by something. Once you run to catch it in an alley, you see it’s an almost birdlike creature. There are two more. Kenku.

Bard (OOC): What, so they’re going all West Side Story with the snaps and everything?

DM: …

DM: As you listen, they seem to be mimicking some sort of noise…snapping, if you will.

Monk (OOC): Great. Fantastic. Amazing.

anonymous asked:

How about they meet while teaching in the same school au? I know there are already ones like this but idk

i like this one. 

thank you, honey x

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