Y’ALL. So…I’ve been reading a ton of Gravity Falls fanfiction lately (btw, if you have any good recommendations for some angstyStan fics [no Stancest, please], send them my waaaay!) and last night I had this dream that Stan was taking care of an infant Mabel and Dipper. Mabel started crying at some point and Stan was comforting her and when he turned the blanket around….she was literally a slice of bread. I laughed so hard out of shock that I woke myself up LMAO. I am still laughing.

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wtf these boys are so happy im!!! so excited for each update but also dying thinking abt how giddy they will be if they ever actually date i'm x________x!!!!!!!!!i know you just answered that ask about what lan likes best abt juls / ifhe thinks hes perfect but what abt the other way around?

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ANONNNNN… LMAO BLUSHES!!! I actually don’t remember if I’ve gotten an ask about Julian’s feelings before!? Suddenly feels shy…… 😳 you asked at the right time though because I was using chapter 23 to tie together reasons Julian likes Landon LOL so maybe it can help!

Julian definitely doesn’t think Landon is “perfect” LOLOL but I do think Julian likes Landon for who he is, deep down. I like to write Julian as the type who thinks everyone is good until proven otherwise, so he accepts flaws pretty easily if he feels like they ultimately have good intentions. The problem, though, is with himself. He has self-esteem issues: he doesn’t feel confident, is embarrassed about himself, is worried he’s a loser, gets scared easy, etc, which is why he has trouble taking the initiative to make new friends and get close to people, and why he struggles with being honest about his feelings. So, the #1 thing for Julian is if he feels safe/comfortable with someone that, despite all of his flaws, they still prove to like him. And so…

Not judging Julian despite his “screw ups,” showing concern for his feelings/well-being, and consistently not making him feel like he’s a burden are sure ways to make him feel in-love comfy with you 👌 I guess it helps if ur hot, too JK HAHAHAHAHAHA I think if you go back and see the times Julian was *doki*, the reason usually falls into one of those categories LOL

Anyway I hope that makes sense!!! (((OVO)))