Roleplayers Don’t Owe You Replies!

Okay so I’m going to start off here and say that roleplayers don’t owe you anything but they    especially do not    owe you   replies. 

 I’ve seen people on here who have been ghosted just because they work a full time job, maybe two full time jobs. Or people who are in school to try and better themselves WHILE working a full time job. And then when they get on here they a) see their roleplay partners ghost them or b) have passive aggressive people who complain about the fact that they don’t cater 100% of their time and attention to their threads. Or even c) people will get mad at you for replying to certain people, but not x person, like it’s some kind of personal attack.

GUESS WHAT? It’s not. Don’t be self centered enough to think that people are purposefully ignoring you because they hate you, or have a sense of elitism. It’s not a personal attack for someone that you have a thread with to write with their close friends on the odd day off that they might have once a week. It’s exhausting to keep up with drafts and this is an outlet of fun, not somewhere where people are here to worry if they have made everyone happy. Most people that i speak to who have busy personal lives can only keep up with 2 or 3 people. And that’s okay. There is nothing wrong with that. This is a source of fun, not commitment, and certainly not a place to be forced to see people complain about not getting their replies that they want.

 People have lives outside of roleplaying.   Tumblr is hugely intolerant of people who do have lives of their own and they can’t devote 110% of their time to sitting in front of a computer pretending to be Ned Bigby from Ned’s Classified School Survival Guide.

 It’s really unfair to passive aggressive posts about your partners, whoever they might be, and say that you feel ‘ghosted’ because they aren’t writing with you. It’s exhausting to do that many drafts, not to mention a lot of people on here have high anxiety BECAUSE of how busy they are outside of the tumblr rp world, and seeing posts complaining about how people won’t cater to you for replies traps people in a sense of obligation to you. Don’t do it. It’s not cool.