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When I was veeery little I met this kid in a park I often went to and we played with our nintendo ds, he was adorable and I remember it being the first time i played with multiple ds. He was the brightest person I met and ALWAYS smiled and when he lost at the game he giggled and was like "thats fine i had so much fun!" while other kids my age would've cried instead, I still think about him now and I wonder where he went and if he's living a happy life and if he's still the same

thats such a specific childhood memory but something about it also seems super familiar omg..idk this feeling of meeting someone as a child u cant forget even after so much time has passed and kinda wanting to meet them again just to see what theyre up to but also not /really/ wanting to meet them bc that would kinda destroy the memory

I just want all my autistic peeps to know I think their special interests are cool.

It’s obscure/“cringey”? It’s wonderful that someone appreciates the hard work of content creator!!!

It’s “gross” or not appropriate for casual conversation? It’s cool you can find beauty in something that other people would dismiss!!!

Your special interest is fandom related? It’s beautiful that a work of fiction can be that powerful and you’re an example of why that work of fiction matters

Your special interest is really really specific? It’s fantastic someone cares so much about the little things people usually don’t really notice!

Your special interest is really broad and vague? It’s fantastic there’s so much it’s cool someone enjoys something and all the many things that make it up

Your special interest is cool. It doesn’t matter if you’re really good at it or not, it doesn’t matter if it’s not really a hobby you can peruse, it doesn’t matter if you’re been fixated on one thing for years, it doesn’t matter if you find a new special interest each week

I PROMISE your special interest is cool. I know I’m just some person who made a post on the internet but if you ever feel alone or bad or weird because of you’re special interest, I want you to know there’s one other person who thinks what you love is cool!!!

(If you don’t have a special interest and feel invalid, you’re not you’re cool)