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one song: starboy // the weeknd ft. daft punk

two movies: captain america: the winter soldier and big hero six

three tv shows: teen wolf, shadowhunters and the get down (does this count?)

four people: drake, zendaya, ryan potter and shay mitchell

five foods: pizza, fruit salad, burgers, popcorn and rice

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There’s a very old graveyard next to my uncle’s house that happens to have (apparently rare?) Pokémon. As caretaker of the lot, which has a LOT of cool texas history associated with it, he doesn’t see a ton of people come visit because it’s out in the middle of nowhere.

But recently, there’s been truckloads of college kids, teens, families, and grandparents all coming by to catch Pokémon. Some just pass through, but many accept his offer of a Coke and a lawn chair to sit and talk for a while. Once pokémon have been successfully acquired, he starts to tell them the cool history of the area, and the visitors are fascinated.

People have sent him emails and called him later, asking for more details and doing their own research on the battles fought there and the people who died. There’s now a Facebook page about it? It’s a thing-catch pokémon but more importantly ask the caretaker about Texas blood feuds.

And like, you see so much negativity about how games distract and people are mindless drones because of them. But a video game brought dozens and dozens of people to my uncle’s plot and gave him an audience of interested listeners who are taking that knowledge back to their own communities and spreading the word to come visit.

Like, y'all. This is honestly the coolest thing.

it is the year 2016 can we PLEASE stop acting like cigarettes are sexy and fun they’re so gross and they kill people and how is that not like romanticizing an addiction??

David Latimer first planted his self-sufficient bottled garden in 1960, using a spiderwort plant, mulch, and water. He has opened it just once to water it in 1972, but since then, it hasn’t been touched. All he does is rotate it regularly so that each side gets equal amounts of sunlight. 


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friendly reminder: when natsu gets serious lucy becomes a flirt

I’d just like to formally say that I LOVE lesbians who for a long time found home in the bi identity before finding that the lesbian label fit better. You guys are rad and important and I rlly appreciate your contributions to both the bi community when it felt like home for you and the Sapphic community in general xxx

In some kind of AU… 🍃