When you don’t have a squad but everyone else you see on Tumblr does

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but then you’re like

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okay I’m sorry but why are some people trying to fight me when I say CC is getting sued or telling me they don’t think the two series are that similar??? I’m sorry but I’m just spreading information, arguing a case to me about it does literally nothing. it’s fine if you want to state your opinion but like please don’t fight me on facts I’m telling you when you ask for the facts???

why do some people make it like it’s such a big deal to call someone by their preferred name and pronouns?? “ive always known you by your birth name and pronouns” ISNT a valid excuse, especially since it’s one ive only heard from cishet people. my queer friends bent over backwards for me when i mentioned my new name, and i haven’t heard a mention of my birth name since. if it’s really so hard for you that you need to make it into a big deal, then you just aren’t trying. people call others by nicknames all the time, so it shouldn’t be hard to get my name and pronouns right just because im not cis.


This was definitely a night I don’t want to ever forget! I fucking saw exo! And the whole time, it still hadn’t hit me that they were going to perform, like the whole time I was just amazed that they were even in the same building as me so when the actually started I was freaking out bc omg I’m actually going to hear them live!

-English obviously was so cute!
-Tried to speak English: Suho, Chanyeol, sometimes Chen and Chanyeol
-So surprised with chanyeol’s English like good stuff!
-Aw but when they actually spoke Korean it sounded so different than what I’m used to, like I could actually hear Sehun’s lisp. So cute so cute!
-Even though everyone was salty about the small stage I loved how intimate it was
-XIUMIIIIIN, ma baby, I appreciate him so much more now. He was so extra, even more than baekhyun surprisingly ugh so cute
-And PARK CHANYEOL OHMAGAWD did he look fire! Like all I wanted was his bodyyyyyyyyy like the Chan-guns in person ah blush and he’s so tall omg! He literally towers over the other members
Aw but surprise attack from Kyungsoo and Suho like they looked niiiiice
-Aw and Kyungsoo looked like he was having so much fun and being his squishy self
-Unfortunately I didn’t get a good view of the sebooty 😕
-Aw and Chen lol, poor thing messed up when singing Sing for You and Chanyeol was like dying bc of it aw
-Aw but I was really looking forward to Chen screaming “Make some noise!” During LMR but he didn’t. He just told us all to “Scream!” Still cute but wasn’t what I was expecting
-CMB seemed shorter than usual probs bc Kai’s intro was rushed since he wasn’t there, ugh he wasn’t there
-Aw but I was glad to see a lot of Lay footage during the Promise Vcr right before their encore stage
-But omg I heard Baek and Kungsoo hit them high notes live like omg so goooooood, so good so good!
-Aw and chanyeol’s hair!
-Smh and Sehun talking about how much he likes and wants to be like Chris Brown as his goodbye ment
- omg and they like drug two people out and I saw Suho looking super confused and conceded when they literally pulled this one girl out of the pit smh

@maricoals brought up an idea to me that ive been sitting on for a little while. she said that each person seems to have one part of their identity that rises above all else and affects their experience in ways that triumph slightly over other parts of their identity. almost like a permanent lens that other lenses sit on top of, tinting the view. for some people it can be their ethnicity, or their religion, their sexuality, their gender identity, or something else. for me is navigating the world as a plus sized person, that affects every single aspect of my being, from what i feel like i can wear, how i present myself to the world, how my family, friends, and partners interact with me, how i exist as a paki*stani am*rican, how i feel about myself, etc. ever since she’s said that ive been looking at people and trying to figure out what there one lens is.

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          what is this cool & collected nonsense. im actually actively screaming as i write all of my roleplays. u can ask anybody who has me on skype and they will confirm that im the least cool and most potato. im just a huge meme w/ lots of feelings for viking nerds

After requiring 13 liters of blood during a surgery at the age of thirteen, James Harrison pledged to donate blood for the rest of his life once he became of age. It turned out that his blood contained a rare antigen which cures Rhesus disease. He has donated blood a record 1,000 times, and has saved over two million lives.