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who are your ten favourite mutuals?

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Whedon said he removed his account so he could focus on his personal life and creativity after making the Marvel sequel. “I just thought: ‘Wait a minute, if I’m going to start writing again, I have to go to the quiet place,” he said. “And this is the least quiet place I’ve ever been in my life.”

I don’t wanna sound like an asshole sayin this but can we stop arguing and assuming what Dave’s sexuality is until he addresses it himself?

Cuz yeah, at this point it seems like he’s bi, but, we…don’t know this for sure.

He could have also been dating ladies out of the closet. We know that he didn’t get too upset when he had to break it off with Terezi in the old timeline, and we also know that Davesprite had broken it off with Jade for reasons we don’t know…?? Which could be because if he was gay obv he wouldn’t date a girl.

He also could be bi! We just don’t know until he actually says it himself.

Because hell I know I was ““““straight”””” before I realized I was a fucking gay as hell mofo??? (And yeah technically I could be called bi but not really at the same time)

Either way. I’m fine with it. I’m cool with whatever he is. But let’s not fight each other until HE says. Okay?? Because both are equally possible. Believe whatever one you want for now and we can discuss it more when he actually talks about it.


Hiya guys! 

I’m still running the IndieGogo for the storytelling project I’m organizing: Out Of The Woods. Bringing the bid-budget formula of Into The Woods back to an intimate setting, this unique story brings together various fairy tale characters and questions a pillar of those tales: the damsel in distress. 

Sounds cool? Come over to IndieGogo and claim a perk (maybe even reserve tickets for the night itself, if you’re in London on June 6th)! Rehearsals are starting next week, so some financial security would be really nice, seeing as that is the biggest chunk of the budget. Anything you can contribute would be much appreciated!


“if you like somebody, or even something about them, tell them!”


so here i am acting on one of my firmest beliefs. This is just a silly little effort to make yall smile bc i like ur blog/you ♡ ♡

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Does Mul have physical feelings? Like can Mul feel if someone touches them? (I always assumed Mul was fully made of water that just keeps shape really well via like.. Magic...? Or is it just their hair that's water?)

I like to think that his hair’s just water!! Althought I’ve thought about him being completely water, although he would be more transparent wouldn’t he, ehheh.

Also there’s a hella cool gif of him over here that shows that ‘he’s made out of water’ thing, though!

Talked To this beautiful, intelligent PhD student tonight. She had come into the bar a few times before and we had some brief conversations. But tonight she came in I took a shot with her (sshhhh i was on the clock lol) and she stood outside with me and we just talked about life our goals, books, writing. I couldn’t contain my smile, I have been longing for conversation like that.

Well I got her number and I hope to hang out with her again soon. Hopefully I don’t blow it. Cause I really like this girl.

drawing cool people #1 

Christian Novelli can take a fleeting thought and turn it into a super cool, creative video. 

Maddy Vian is a great illustrator with a style that she’s totally nailed.

Ed Stockham is an animator who takes on loads of different genres, he’s fantastic.

this is a little series where I draw people who I recommend you check out because I admire their work. click the names to check out these cool people!