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Hey there, could we dub your artworks? ☺

Why yes, you may! I am quite familiar with your dubs and would be honoured. ^-^ And I am sure you already know the drill about crediting. All I ask is that you send me a link. 

@kendollcastillo - a collection of all the things she loves aka fake leather jackets, plants, concerts because she goes to too many, her paintings, and sometimes herself if its a good day

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Name: Savannah
Birthday: 3rd July
Zodiac sign: Cancer
Relationship status: Single ofc
Siblings: Older sister
Favourite colour: idk blue or red
Wake up and sleep time: wake up between 9-11 am, sleep around 12 - 1 am. 
Type of phone: iPhone 5
Love or lust: Love
Coke or Pepsi: Pepsi
Cats or dogs: Both but I like cats a little more
Day or night: Night
Text or call: Text, hate calling people :(
Make up or natural: I don’t wear make up myself, I don’t mind either on other people.
Smile or eyes: Smile
Shorter or taller: I’m really tall so I guess shorter.
Intelligence or attractiveness: both
City or country: Country
Song I last listened to: this (the 1975 - sex (big sleep version)

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I was just calmly going through someones blog, trollin’ my way through trying to innocently read a rucas one shot when suddenly I hear the opening melody to ‘Hear You Me’ by Jimmy Eat World start to play. That song is so beautiful, it makes me feel so much for personal reasons. @un-leeshed  I was not prepared, I feel victimized, I feel attacked. How dare you make me feel all these feels? 

(btw your one shot was fantastic ty for it)


I uploaded another old Tatsu clip from the archives to YT, since some people seem interested. This time it’s an interview from 2008 in regards to the release of the Tatsu photobook, EQUAL.

Shoutout Post for the "Overlooked" Fannibal Creators

Gif-Makers: Your work is so spectacular and important, you let us re-live little snippets of our favorite moments by bringing images to life.

Edit-Makers: Your command of image editing software lets us see some of our favorite shots in a different light and your artistry is absolutely stunning.

Playlist-Makers and Musicians: You add another dimension to our experience via the gift of music, telling a story through lyrics and sound that we might not otherwise be able to dream up.

Meta/Researchers: Your devotion to facts, the subtle references you are able to decipher, help us go deeper into the show so we might fully enjoy and understand our experience.

RP’s/Cosplayers: You breathe life into our favorite characters, so we might interact with them and see new stories come alive.

Crafters: The things you make, from earrings to dolls to every bit and bauble in between, are not only beautiful, but well-thought-out and wonderfully made as well!

Chefs:  Your recreations of iconic Hannibal dishes are so cool to look at and definitely appetite-inspiring.

Video-Makers:  Whether you’re making fanvids or music videos, your editing skills are always on-point.

Photographers:  Setting up a photoshoot is never easy, whether it be with figurines or people or even a still life, but you always manage to get the perfect shot.

tbh i was outside for over four hours today. drove around to different areas and met some new friends and saw people i haven’t seen in years. everywhere i went were people playing pokemon and honestly it was such a magical experience seeing everyone gathered in one spot and talking about fictional monsters. 

i seriously just want to go outside everyday and go as far as i can to see what else i can find and what new friends i can make. pokemon go has actually made me want to be more active and social and i never thought i’d see the day.