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can you recommend some hannigram/hannibal blogs to follow please i just finished watching all 3 seasons again and i just want more of it on my dash all the edits and theories and fics there's so much more that needs to be explored! :D

The fannibal starter pack? Ok, ok there are so many talented people, i don’t know if i can put them all together without forgetting someone, they either make gifs/meta/fanart/fics/headcanons/reblog cool stuff/are super nice and i like them

granpappy-winchester dr-hanniballectermd amarriageoftrueminds loshka sungl0ry warpedchyld the-winnowing-wind existingcharactersdiehorribly

bonearenaofmyskull  memorypalaceofwillgraham mean-cannibals whatkindofcrazy nowwheresmynut bansheegrahamtao ter0rr mads-turbation

howishughdancyevenpossible xzombiexkittenx suntosirius drinkbloodlikewine chesacakeripper betterwhenitsraining wiith-my-hands oh-dr-lecter dweeby bayobayo mresundance ohshutupitsquick

and that’s all i can think about now x_x with all that people you will fill your dash really fast

💓 💗 💖Shout outs! Follow these incredible people!💓 💗 💖

So I just hit 1000 followers and as I said I wanted to give shout outs to everyone who helped me get here! It may not be a lot of followers to some people, but to me, it is incredible. The first four people are my “biggest fans” according to Tumblr, and the rest are people’s blogs who I really enjoy and who have been extremely nice to me since I started Tumblr. Thank you so much I feel like I am a part of something here on Tumblr. Please follow all these amazing blogs if you get the chance.  💓 💗 💖

1. oceans-have-your-eyes

2. quicksilverslove

3. taylor-in-the-tardis13

4. refect4better

And in no particular order, all the people who have been super nice: 

5. catchyouontheswiftside

6. leadmeouttothefloor

7. jks4real

8. mysticalmiraclekitten

9. deborahbaisch

10. tswizlelover13

11. new-and-exci-ting

12. blue-eyed-swift

13. novemberlove08



I just got Richard’s autograph at VanCon and I waited so that I could go last and thank him for being an amazing person and allowing me to make so many friends through the fact that we’re all his fans, and I got to thank him for the fact that there have been nights when watching his things and talking to those people has saved my life. I totally cried, and he was a giant sweetheart and said some really nice things to me before giving me a hug over the autograph table <3
And the fucking dork misspelled rock the first time Richard you’re impossible I love you so much

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You know I would love you and we would BFF's if you didn't hate Laurel. Cuz, we have everything else in common XD. We both love exactly the same fandoms.

Aww, thanks! So sweet of you to say! But I don’t hate Laurel. I really don’t. ‘Hate’ is too stong of a word to apply to a fictional TV character. I hate discrimination, I hate human trafficking, I hate pickles on anything, but I don’t hate Laurel. 

Not even gonna come at you like it’s all rose petals tho. I got mad, serious issues with her character and her fans who feel like I’m personally violating some code of ethics and feministic, federal law when I speak my mind about it. Actually, in terms of that last part, I hate that. 

Patronizing gripes about how I’m scum for noting the inconsistencies and insta-nature to her rise as BC get slammed over the concrete tho and will continue to be handled in that manner. If that’s the issue for you, if that’s what’s holding you back, that’s too bad. 

We can still be cool, but don’t let what you perceive of my feelings towards Laurel Lance knock you from gaining a friend. I don’t even care that you love her. I really don’t. I care about the common love we have for other things. That’s all that matters to me. 

Holla at me when you ready to sip some tea. 



I’m kinda curious as to how Bloody Mary even became a thing cause everyone I’ve asked about Bloody Mary and her origins has said a different thing and none of them actually stem
from the real person who existed, they’re all just centred around a spooky ghost who will kill you when you say their name a certain amount of times in the mirror like

when did Mary the Queen known for burning people alive become Blood Mary the scary ghost you can summon to kill you? what did this