After requiring 13 liters of blood during a surgery at the age of thirteen, James Harrison pledged to donate blood for the rest of his life once he became of age. It turned out that his blood contained a rare antigen which cures Rhesus disease. He has donated blood a record 1,000 times, and has saved over two million lives.


“My teen daughter recently came out as lesbian to myself and her mom, and we have left our non-gay friendly church for a church that is accepting of all sexual orientations. Our former pastor wants to know why we left—we have been part of this church community for almost 10 years. My daughter is not out to anyone else. How do I handle this? Thank you!”

Question Submitted Anonymously
Answered by Alyse Knorr

Alyse Says:

First off, thank you for being so incredibly supportive of your daughter. I admire you for all the love and care you’re showing her with this action—and believe me, she feels it, too. You are the best.

It’s never easy to leave a religious community that you have been a part of for a long time, and I can imagine that it would be even harder to feel like you can’t tell the pastor why it’s time for you to move on. But above all else, remember that your daughter’s privacy comes first in this situation. You seem to already know this, which is great. Respect that your daughter needs to come out to people on her own timeline—and that includes coming out to your pastor and any other members of the church. So make sure that you don’t out her to anyone without her permission—not even the pastor, and not even if it’s only the pastor you’re telling.

If your daughter isn’t ready to come out to anyone at your old church, including the pastor, that doesn’t mean you have to hide from the pastor (I’m going to call him Pete—he seems to need a name here) and avoid his calls forever. Simply tell Pete that while you enjoyed your time with this church and will miss [X] (the weekly potlucks, the lively worship services, whatever), your family decided to seek something different and it was time to move on in your spiritual journey. Tell Pete that you wish him all the best of luck and be done with it. You’re under absolutely no obligation to go into more detail than that, no matter how guilty you might feel. You’re not lying or being unfair to anyone with this kind of answer—you’re being tactful and considerate in a situation where your first priority is to protect your daughter’s privacy. If Pete pushes you for more information, you don’t need to deliver a cryptic answer or drop hints. Just say, “I’m sorry; I don’t want to go into any more detail, but I thank you for your concern and wish you all the best.” Now, if you see Pete at the grocery store after all this, just act normal—smile and ask him how he is, and if he starts to lay down the “you should come back to church” guilt (pastors are so good at this!) just firmly and immediately re-direct the subject to something not-church-related using some good old-fashioned conversational ju jitsu:

Pete: You know, we really miss you over at Not-So-Cool-About-Gay-People Church.

You: That’s kind of you to say. Can you believe how much it snowed last weekend? I could barely find my car!

Pete: Do you think you’ll ever come back to Not-So-Cool-About-Gay-People Church?

You: We’re excited about taking a new direction, but appreciate the time we had at Not-So-Cool-About-Gay-People-Church [don’t say “your church”—it’ll make Pete take it more personally]. Anyway, I’m so excited the Broncos made it to the Superbowl. About time those Patriots lost, the dirty cheaters!

Etc. After awhile, Pete will take the hint and drop the matter.

This might be all you want to do, and you can leave it at that, and that’s great. But further on down the road, if you talk with your daughter and determine that she’s ready to be out to the pastor and to people at church, you can discuss with her why it might be worthwhile to share the whole story with Pete. Do you want to share it because it would make Pete and her flock more aware about LGBTQIA people, and allies like you, in your faith tradition? Do you want to share it so that Pete can become more attentive and respectful in the future about how the church handles LGBTQIA issues? Do you want to share it simply so that Pete knows at least one gay person?

If so, and if it’s cool with your daughter, then great! You can tell Pete that, although you always liked [X] about the church, and although you respect her right to her own Biblical interpretations, you and your family ultimately needed to find a space that was welcoming of your daughter and that would love her the way God loves everyone—and the way the Bible teaches us to love everyone. Keep it short and simple. Don’t get into a theology war here, and resist the urge to write back if Pete writes to you again trying to start one—simply end the conversation politely and take the high road. You’re not telling Pete this information to start a debate, you’re simply answering her question completely—after all, he did ask!

In the end, just by hearing why you left his church and seeing that Christians can be gay and gay people can be Christians, your pastor’s heart may just grow ten sizes right then and there—or you will at least plant a seed for him to think about in the future. People don’t change overnight, but when they do change, it’s usually because of a deep, personal intervention of some kind. Though you shouldn’t expect immediate, miraculous results, you and your family, by standing up for your daughter, could be the one to change Pete. And if not, at least you did what’s right for your daughter, which is the most beautiful gift you could give her. Bravo!

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hey thought i’d put all my haikyuu!! messages together! that pikachu pillow in the one w/ kenma is most definitely based on the giant pika pillow my sister has (2 of, actually)

to the second anon - no i don’t have an online store but i was thinking abt opening one in the near future when i’m not so busy with school so maybe stay tuned ♪

wow I have this blog for four years now

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My best friend’s birthday was last Monday and I was delayed a little bit because of exams and a cold but here’s my birthday present.

Happy birthday @theairnearmyfingers, you are the best :)

Dr. Bernard Hazelhof said if I was on a desert island, then I would have to get used to my own company - just me and the coconuts. He said I would have to accept myself, my warts and all, and that we don’t get to choose our warts. They are part of us and we have to live with them. We can, however, choose our friends, and I am glad I have chosen you. 

Mary and Max (2009)

Actually, screw you

The screenshot below is from my original post. Whoever reposted this, can you read the watermark?? The tags??? Reposters just make me want to NOT post any more art online…

On top of just uploading my art without asking me you don’t even give any credits whatsoever. And this isn’t the first time shit like this happened, And this group is full of stolen fanart, it’s quite disgusting. So yeah, screw this vk group. Don’t support art thefts.

Yo I was tagged by the cooliest nerd in the wild west: @surrealsquid

1) What’s your favorite stuffed animal?
My entire family contributed to this shared delusion that this capuchin monkey stuffed animal named Michael was my slightly younger brother. His favorite food is applesauce. We love him very much and he’s probably the only child in my fam that isn’t a disappointment.

2) What’s the last thing you watched?
My dad left the TV on Fox News when he went to bed so I sorta just chilled w my dog and laughed at republican stupidity for a bit.

3) What’s your weirdest/most interesting dream?
Sex dream about a close friend. We were french soldiers in WWII. We were in the showers and it was actually a very hot fantasy? Despite a really strange five minutes or so that was focused on me soaping up his arms???

4) Favorite animal?

5) Where would you go for a vacation?
str8 to hell (jk im already there. Tbh probably a really long, in-depth vacation to the UK and France)

6) What’s your favorite nickname someone has given you?
Sinjamin Dickert has a special place in my heart but also my dead grandma called me Ben-Bug when I was little and now i like cry upon hearing that phrase…..

7) Favorite season?
Arguably Fall. But the kind of fall that has beautiful, warm, golden sunny days AND occasionally frosty, lightly snowing, coffee filled days.

8) Do you talk more or listen more?
I try to listen more but i fail in that regard lol

9) What store would you rob?
Hobby Lobby. I refuse to support their organization bUT I NEED ART AND CRAFT SUPPLIES GOD DAMMIT

10) Favorite holiday?

11) Favorite breakfast food?
Thick, juicy, spicy sausage ;’) (Im not sorry for this answer)

My Questionzzzz:

1) The basics: Star sign, HP house, MBTI Type?
2) What is your favorite color and why? Please be weirdly specific.
3) What item would you least want to have to discreetly hide in your ass for a week?
4) Top 3 favorite pokemon?
5) What is the most creative way you have ever insulted someone?
6) What is/would be your gemsona?
7) Do you prefer to stay in and relax or go out and have adventures?
8) What will you be like when you’re an old person?
9) What is your favorite dungeon in all of the Legend of Zelda games? Alternatively, if you haven’t played, what is your favorite game and why is it not a Legend of Zelda game?
10) If you were a pokemone gym leader, what would your type be and what would your team and gym be like?
11) What highschool stereotype(s) do you fit into and how so?

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With the end of Tuesday so close, we couldn’t be sure that she’d make it out, but she’s managed it. Five fevers in the span of 48 hours. Truly, magnificent.