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Do you think that Zackley will eventually face judgement of some sort for his actions, or do you think he, kiyomi, and his shit machine will ride off into the sunset scot-free?

I bloody well hope they face justice! I’m inclined to think that Zackley and Kiyomi deserve each other, they both appear to lacking any sort of moral compass.  I’m not sure Kiyomi has quite descended to Zackley’s level of derangement yet, but I’m sure there’s still time.  Whatever happens, I hope they both get their just deserts.

Normally I’d add a manga cap here, but I don’t want either of these horrors on my blog so here’s a nice picture of a kitten instead. 

I was very VERY doubtful of making this. Because this kind of pictures need a full awareness of body proportions (thing I struggle with) and are hard to do. But with that mentality none learns to draw so I challenged myself to do it. Besides I wanted to do something special.

If you find this too unproper please don´t kick me out of the fandom.

If you want to use it for personal stuff is ok.

©Yana Toboso