I was very VERY doubtful of making this. Because this kind of pictures need a full awareness of body proportions (thing I struggle with) and are hard to do. But with that mentality none learns to draw so I challenged myself to do it. Besides I wanted to do something special.

If you find this too unproper please don´t kick me out of the fandom.

If you want to use it for personal stuff is ok.

©Yana Toboso

Get To Know Me

I was tagged by @ererifanatic who is the sweetest person ever like how the fuck do you balance all of that sweetness and kinky shit? (answer: she’s a goddess and can do whatever)

Name: Hannah

Nicknames: I didn’t really have any since when I was a kid but?? last semester I made a friend that started calling me “baby gay” and now everyone calls me baby gay and I love it

zodiac sign: virgo

orientation: panromantic homosexual 

ethnicity: yoo I’m fourth generation Cherokee Indian and you can pry my adoration for my big-eared great grandparents from my cold-dead-white-and most-definitely-not-just-Native American-I’m-definitely-just-four-generatins-of-American hands

favorite fruit: I have yet to eat a fruit that I’m not prepared to die for

favorite season: fall!!

favorite book: Peter Pan by J.M. Barrie

favorite scent: you know that breeze that comes off the ocean? that

favorite color: greeeeeeen

favorite animal: c r o w s 

coffee, tea, or hot chocolate: tea! My mother is living my dream of being a barista (like I’m an english major it is practically REQUIRED for me to be a barista) and I stop by to get tea from her on my way to class

favorite fictional character: Murtagh from the Inheritance Cycle

number of blankets I sleep with: one

ideal trip: one I can actually afford?? That would be nice

when was your blog created: a year and a half ago, I belive

I’d like to tag @kagekii, @justapansexualfanficwriter, @sluttttysurveycorps, and @simplistically-arid