I was very VERY doubtful of making this. Because this kind of pictures need a full awareness of body proportions (thing I struggle with) and are hard to do. But with that mentality none learns to draw so I challenged myself to do it. Besides I wanted to do something special.

If you find this too unproper please don´t kick me out of the fandom.

If you want to use it for personal stuff is ok.

©Yana Toboso

Mister Fluffy

Summary: Alphonse was determined to break out of the hospital and achieve the one thing he had dreamed of doing ever since being trapped in the armor. And Lieutenant Hawkeye was going to help him do it. Parental!RizaAl fluff involving a daring escape plan and a very wonderful, magical, fluffy cat.

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A/N: So this 3,000+ word long fanfic began as an idea I had yesterday that was only meant to be about 300 words long. But then, instead of just crying about Al, I began crying about the beautiful parental relationship he had with Riza. Honestly, Parental!RizaAl (idk if that’s the name or not) is super underrated, and that disappoints me. But I’m determined to have content, even if I have to make it myself, dammit.

This takes place about a week and a half after the Promised Day, before everyone has gotten out of the hospital, and before Al has gotten his hair cut.

I hope everyone enjoys reading this as much as I enjoyed writing it! Tell me what you think!

“Lieutenant Hawkeye, I need your help,” Alphonse Elric rolled his wheelchair closer to the Lieutenant’s bed, where she sat with a light pink shawl across her shoulders, reading a novel. The wheels of his chair squeaked as he rolled them across the tile floor, and the noise prompted Hawkeye to look up.

“Help with what, Al?” She smiled as she looked at him, and placed the book down by her side to get a better look at Al’s face. She had a habit of doing that, ever since the first time she’d laid her eyes on the boy’s new body. And though Hawkeye was fantastic at hiding her emotions, Al could see her face light up at the sight of his.

“Something more important than anything I’ve ever done before,” Al continued, his face deadly serious as he looked up at the Lieutenant.

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Okay okay so hear me out

Juzo’s therapist recommends he gets a therapy animal/comfort animal for his PTSD from being in a killing game and shit.

So everyone is like ‘I bet Juzo is gonna get a dog that’ll be big and scary like him’ and it’s not too far fetched to assume because Juzo thought the exact same thing as he walked into the Animal Shelter looking for something. He wanted to adopt cause he figured it would give him something to feel good about.

As he is walking around and looking at all the animals, looking out for some cool looking pit bull or something…he spots HIM.

He spots this tiny little white cat at the back of it’s cage. Now normally he wouldn’t have thought much on it, he was a dog man after all. But for some reason this cat had caught his attention. Then, he notices something important. The cat is missing (honestly I’m really caught between it missing one of its legs or an eye so whichever one tickles your fancy works).

“I’ll take that one.”

“Are you sure, sir…there are other cats who are a bit more…adoptable…”

“Are you saying there is something wrong with this one?”

The glare coming from the boxer makes it clear what answer he actually wants.

“N-No sir! I’ll go get you the adoption forms!”

Juzo just sits there staring at the cat through the bars before whispering. “It’s okay…there’s nothing wrong with you.” It’s unclear if he is talking to the cat or himself.

So big buff Juzo leaves there with smol cat and takes him home before realizing he doesn’t have any cat supplies. He makes little cat a bed out of blankets and pillows and leaves a tiny bowl of water there for him before running to the pet supply store.

He has no clue what cats need but there will only be the best for his cat. He proceeds to buy the most expensive food and litter, a way too fancy Litterbox, lots of toys, a scratching post, and more. The cashier looks at him with wide eyes as they ring up the total.

Mr big tough boxer goes home and brings in the mountains of cat supplies, sets every thing up, and then goes to check on small cat. He looks at the makeshift bed and he is nowhere to be found. So he searches the rest of his home only to come up empty. Now he is panicking. This panic only gets worse when he notices an open window.

Juzo feels weak and is hating himself for failing again and again. He can’t even protect a simple cat, how could he ever think he could protect Kyosuke or anyone else? As his thoughts spiraled and his body began to shake slightly, he sits down on his couch, his heads in his hands (well one of his hands, the other is a robot hand thing). His heart is racing and his breathing is beginning to quicken as it feels like his lungs refuse to let him have enough air and everything is starting to feel like too much when suddenly, he feels a weight in his lap. Juzo looks down and there is the little shit himself laying contently on his lap as if he hadn’t just almost sent Juzo into a full fledged panic attack, swaying his tail calmly and starting to purr. Juzo feels himself start to calm down and instead be filled by relief. He mutters grumpily to the cat about him being “a little shit” and to not worry him like that again.

The cats name ends up being Kyo. Juzo tells everyone that’s the name he had when he got him and that he didn’t want to change the cat’s name and confuse the cat. Really, Juzo named him Kyo cause he reminded him of Kyosuke with his white fur and calm demeanor.

Juzo had bought a cat bed but, Kyo sleeps on him or next to him so it’s pretty much useless. Juzo pretends to be grumpy about it but, he doesn’t mind. Petting Kyo relaxes him.

“I’m not a bed you damn cat. Why don’t you go use the one I bought you? It cost a shit ton so it should be comfy enough”


“Whatever *pets*”

Everyone thinks it’s really cute how he is with his cat but, if they bring it up they risk being punched.

Juzo has such a fucking soft spot for Kyo. Like this cat has clawed him, scratched up his curtains, knocked shit off his tables, meowed loud enough to keep him up at 3 am and all he can manage is an annoyed sigh and some heavy cussing for a minute before he has totally forgiven him.

Sometimes, when Juzo is petting Kyo, he’ll look at him and say “it’s okay that we are a bit broken, doesn’t mean there is anything wrong with us. We’re still good, alright?”

He likes to think that he says it for the cat but, it’s something he himself just needs to hear out loud sometimes. He also can’t be mean to himself about his missing body part cause that would mean being mean to Kyo in extension so Kyo has cut down on his self hatred a bit.

All in all, Juzo loves his cat and his cat loves him and he has something that makes him happy and feel needed and loved and important.

The Only Truth I’ve Ever Known

by A Fairly Fluffy Quill


00Q – James needs to stop comparing his quartermaster to small, cuddly animals.






James yawned, fumbling slightly with the bags of cat food.  Impatient and hungry as always, Lucas and Lottie slithered around his ankles, pawing at his legs and making a general nuisance of themselves as he dished out their breakfast.

“Oh be patient,” the man grumbled, tucking the bags back into the pantry.

Jumping onto the agent’s shoulder, Lucas attempted to grab his bowl, but James dodged with practiced ease and placed the dish on the floor.  The gray tabby hopped down, flicking his tail in triumph.

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