Sugar, I’m Goin’ Down// Bad Boy Shawn // Chapter Five

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Chapter Four Recap:

“They don’t seem like very good friends if they make you feel like shit and threaten anyone you like. How the hell are you supposed to ever have a girlfriend?”

Shawn laughs and runs his hand through his hair. “Exactly. I don’t know what to do, I mean, they’re my friends. I’ve known Andrew since I was sixteen.”

“And yet you let him bully you like this,” you turn and walk away. If Shawn wanted pity for having garbage friends, he wasn’t going to get it from you and you had to walk away because you felt yourself starting to pity him. His friends would have to get over themselves because if they wanted to come after you because Shawn had some feelings, well then they had a big storm coming. You get to your table and pack away your laptop and books. You grab your pink taser from the bottom of your bag and head for the doors.

The lock handle on the front door of your house rattles violently, causing you to snap your head up from the book you were reading. It stops and you dismiss it as wind from the storm brewing outside. Ashley, your housemate and good friend, was out for the night with some guy. You hadn’t expected her home so you took up residence on the sofa to read your new book your mom had sent you in a cute little care package last week.

The handle rattles again and now you know it’s not just the wind blowing. The old house creaked and groaned during every storm, it was something you had gotten used to, but this was definitely someone trying to get in. You get up and turn on the main room light, hoping the light flooding through the living room’s windows would give the person a clue that someone was in fact home and they should not break in. There is more rattling and you put your book down to grab the metal bat that you and Ashley kept beside the stairs in front of the door.
With the bat in one hand, handle braced against your forearm incase you needed to swing one handed, you flip the lock and the deadbolt on the front door. You open the door just a little, allowing the additional chain lock to pull taut while you see who was there.  

“Hey, sweetheart,” Andrew says cooly, a smirk on his face. What the fuck was he doing at your house? How did he even know where you lived? “Gonna let me in?”

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You stared at yourself in the mirror, your gaze momentarily flickering to the door you’d locked before turning back to yourself. The shower had long since been forgotten as you gazed at your bare figure in the mirror of the skeleton brother’s bathroom. Back at your old apartment, you’d given away all but one of your mirrors, and seeing yourself on display was making you feel sick.

You could barely handle looking down at yourself when you were changing, let alone being forced to see your entire body in the hyper-lighting of the skele bros bathroom.

You wanted to look away, but you were having trouble doing so. Your eyes hadn’t seen your full body in so long, not even last night, when you’d been bare in Sans’ bedroom. Now, however, it was nearly impossible not to stare.

You pinched at you bare hips, glaring at the sum of flesh gathered there with a surge of discontent. Your eyes trailed over your form reluctantly, taking in every little imperfection without a trace of forgiveness.

Your gaze lingered on your thighs, and the faint stretch marks there which you’d gotten during puberty. Your mom had pointed them out at the lunch table recently, when you’d worn your favorite pair of shorts. They’d mostly faded from the ugly red they’d been when you were younger, but standing in the bathroom in nothing but your undergarments, they stood out like snow in july.

You glanced away, feeling your eyes begin to sting.

Next in your analysis of yourself where your hips and stomach, both of which you nearly always hid behind an oversized sweater or hoodie. There was too much flesh, there, despite your best efforts to cut down.

You bit your lip.

You remembered the time your sister had put away half the food on your plate when you were twelve. When you had asked why, she’d shrugged with a less than discreet glance at your figure. Or when your mom had informed you that you couldn’t wear your favorite shirt because it showed off too much skin, and who wanted to see that?

You’d stopped eating for a week, after that.

Your arms were not as toned as you would like. Your baby fat had never quite left your face, and your smile showed off the gap in your teeth your braces had never quite been able to fix.

Your entire life people had stared at you without ever seeing. All they saw was how you looked, and how much skin you were showing, how much makeup you were wearing, how tall you were, how much you weighed, and how you dressed. Some of it was good, and some of it was bad, but you never failed to overlook the bad. How could you, when someone was constantly at your ear telling you how little you measured up?

You’ll never look as pretty as they are.

Your own mother thinks you’re ugly, and she’s your mom.


Who would want that?

You hugged your arms over your chest as your eyes finally settled on your face, only to realize with a start that you were crying.

“whatcha doin’, sweetheart?”

You cursed violently at the sound of Sans’ voice right at your ear, and you stumbled backwards away from him as you clutched at your chest. He wasn’t supposed to be home yet.

“shit, kid, sorry. i, uh, didn’t mean to scare ya,” Sans quickly backpedaled, holding up his hands in front of him like a shield. You didn’t even care, however, wiping at your eyes furiously as you tried to hide the fact you’d been crying. Your face burned with shame as you shrunk in on yourself, trying to hide as much flesh as your would with your arms. It wasn’t as if Sans hadn’t seen you undressed before or anything, but you just weren’t in the mood to expose yourself at the moment. He’d just stare, and you were so sick of people looking at you and only seeing your body.

“Maybe knock next time, Sans?” you managed after a moment, meaning your words to be light and humorous. However, your voice cracked besides yourself, which was something that did not go by Sans unnoticed. He froze, finally taking in the tears on your face and the way you were curled in on yourself.

“hey, you okay, sweetheart?”
“Yeah, I’m alright.”

You were lying, and Sans was not an idiot. His shit-eating grin slid off his face.

“shit, kid, i’m sorry, it was just a joke.i didn’t mean ta upset you,” He stammered. You’d never responded to his scares like that. “i, uh, saw your clothes outside, and, um, thought you might be showering and would maybe want a little compa….”

You stared sharply at your toes, refusing to let the tears fall from your tratious eyes. You didn’t trust your voice anymore.

There was a pause.


You glanced up at him with a convincing smile. “Hey, it’s okay! I’m fine, I told you.” Your eyes glimmered, and your dimples gnawed at your cheek as you laughed it off.

Except that’s not what you did.

What you did was start sobbing.

Sans was on you in an instant, his sockets wide and his hands flying over you as he checked for any harm that had come to you to procure such an abrupt spurt of tears.

“shit, kid, what is it? are you- did something happen? are you hurt? did anyone- what happened? are you okay?”

You shook your head, hugging your knees to your chest. Sans cursed under his breath.

“did someone hurt you?”

You shook your head yet again, shuddering as your fingers clutched at your eyes. You didn’t want him to see you crying. You didn’t want him to see you at all.

“did i hurt you?”

“No,” you managed, burying your face in your arms.

“what happened, then? c’mon, sweetheart, talk to me.”

“It’s stupid,” you replied shortly, pulling your hand away from his grip. He was firm, however, and kept you still.

“you’re fucking crying, that’s not stupid. you’re crying and i don’t know why, and that’s not stupid.”

“I’m crying because- because I’m sick of being me, okay?” You suddenly burst through your tears, your voice coming out a little garbled from the emotion clogging your lungs. Sans seemed momentarily taken aback, and you couldn’t seem to stop yourself now that you’d started. “I’m so sick of looking at myself in the mirror and seeing someone I hate looking back. I hate people looking at me and only seeing how I look. I hate my thighs, and my skin, and my neck, and my cheeks, and the stupid bags under my eyes. I hate my smile, and my boobs, and my stomach. I fucking hate it, Sans, i-”

You cut yourself off with a broken sob, hiding your face in your arms as you curled in on yourself a little tighter. Wet, hot tears streaked down your face and burned at your eyes.

It was just too much.

The next thing you knew Sans was wrapping his arms around you, hugging you so tight all the breath was knocked out of your lungs. You tensed for a moment, before throwing your arms around Sans yourself and burying your face into the crook of his vertebrae.

He rocked you back and forth in his arms, holding you tighter and tighter as he whispered assurances and genuine murmurs of comfort into your ears. He told you how much he loved you, and how perfect you were. He told you how much he cared about you, and how lucky he thought he was you’d ever even looked at him. He ran his fingers through your hair and told you that you meant the world to him. He looked you in the eyes and kissed away your tears with so much reverence and sheer love you felt as though you might cry again, and you were anything but a whimp. On the contrary, you were one of (if not the) strongest people Sans had ever met, which he informed you firmly. He’d never once thought you were anything less than perfect, and anyone who dared to think otherwise was either blind or an idiot. You were incredible. He loved every single inch of you, and wouldn’t trade you for all the naps in the world.

He didn’t bring it up again, after that. He just gave you one of his shirts and pulled you into bed, where he turned on your favorite TV show and ran his fingers through your hair. He’d always been a decently affectionate person, but ever since then he’d begun to express it more and more often.

You certainly didn’t feel perfect right away, but that was alright. You figured even if you didn’t love yourself, Sans had more than enough love for you to cover for it.

Here’s the combination of several asks, all of which I have been wanting to answer for a while. 

You guys are beautiful, okay? Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. I used to have a lot of body image issues (mostly because of things family members had said to me) and it had gotten to the point where I had stopped eating because of it. Don’t do that, guys. Don’t let people make you feel like you’re anything less then incredible. What do they matter, anyways? You shouldn’t be judged because of how you look, whether it be good or bad. So what if your nose isn’t straight? It’s still the most damn adorable thing in the world. So what if your face is round? You’re still fabulous. So what if you’re short? You can give better hugs! 

You’re beautiful.

And pretty fucking amazing, if you ask me.

One thing I ask of BW is to really practice self preservation. Right now I only care about BW and girls because we have no line defense as a whole. This is the time to become selfish and take care of yourself. Relentless putting your life and well being on the line for people who don’t give a damn about you needs to end. No excuses, no exceptions anymore. Everyday people are trying to silence and erase you, and you still want to protect these people. This is needs to stop and stop now. You need to protect YOU, stand up for YOU, care about YOURSELF because as you can see time and time again, nobody else is doing and if there are, they are not doing it for your sake. Everyone isn’t ally for saying something that you’ve been saying for and years and years. Yeah it’s good that they say it. But you need to tell your own story and get credit for it.

psa: can’t remember the last time i mentioned this, but i really appreciate you all. i hope you all have a beautiful day and that you are greeted with many happy moments.

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Dark, we care about you and want to make sure your aren't in pain or hurt. Please just talk to the doc if it bothers you anymore. Please?

Dark takes a step back. “When I need the sympathy of a bunch of emotional children, I’ll be sure to let you know.” He straightens his tie and gives his usual knowing smirk as if that will convince you that nothing is wrong. Dark can be hard-headed that way.

Dating Richie Tozier Headcanons (Beverly’s Twin)

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@impulsivesuperrobin requested: Could I maybe get some RichiexBeverly’s twin sister!Reader headcannons?

Your Relationship:

  • There’s no doubt that the two of you would be extremely close, being friends even before dating. You’d been friends with the loser’s (Bill, Eddie, Stan and Richie) a bit before Beverly joined mainly because you two were polar opposites, despite being twins. You and Richie got along because of your similar taste in humour. You were a whole lot tamer than the glasses wearing boy but you weren’t afraid to pull a joke that’d surprise people.
  • Richie would be the first person you’d tell about your dad. You’d leave out anything that had to do with Beverly, not because you didn’t care but because of respect for her. Though it wasn’t like he found out easily, Richie easily noticed the bruises that would mark your skin ever so often and the fact that he was never allowed to visit. It would be one of those rare times that Richie’s actually serious and he’d just hold you and support you; and then, when you could, you spend a whole lot time with Richie then at home.
  • Then of course, you’d find out about his parents and their neglect. You’d had to coax it out of him but once he finally told you and admitted how scared he was that you’d leave him, you’d immediately start going out of your way to reassure him that wouldn’t happen. This also meant, that you, of course, would be the one to ask him out.
  • You two would often spend days off or evenings together, rather than at home. Each because of your own shitty home life. Beverly would sometimes join and sometimes she wouldn’t.

You and Beverly:

  • Beverly and you were close and you cared about each other; but nowhere in her bright mind could she understand why you went for a guy like Richie. But you’d push it aside and say that he made you happy and of course, that’d be enough for her.
  • Beverly would often tease you and Richie but all it took was one mention of Bill and she’d zip her lips.


  • Richie would no doubt be a very protective boyfriend. Of course he was only thirteen and it wasn’t like you weren’t allowed to talk to your other friends or hang out with other boys, but the minute someone looked at you wrong; he’d go all ninja. Henry being one of those people, but in reality the both of you would smack talk the mullet loser any time he teased either of you.
  • You’d be able to talk for hours, nonstop. Whether it was joking around or seriousness, you found you could lose yourself when with Richie.
  • And of course, being the boy’s girlfriend, meant you had to go to the arcade. You’d complain but in reality you really didn’t mind; especially when you managed to beat him.

First Kiss:

  • You’d be the one to kiss Richie first, as he was again to scared of losing you or upsetting you. It would be sudden, in the middle of a sentence and you’d just lean over and smack your lips against his. Though the minute he felt your soft and warm lips against his own, he pull you closer and kiss you with just as much force. Richie would suddenly gain the confidence he’d never had before and sweep you off your feet. After than first kiss, he’d initiate them from then on.
Auston Matthews #2.2

Requested by Anon: can you write a part 2 to the last auston imagine? the one where they hate each other?

Word count: 1909

warnings: angsty, lost love

Authors note: this really ran away from me. I don’t think it’s necessary to read part one to be able to read part two but it’s def would be in your interest. Also the end product is 4905 words. so yes there will be a few parts.

Auston Matthews #2 | #2.2 | #2.3 | #2.4 

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You sat on Auston’s couch mindlessly watching a show you didn’t care about. You were sitting next to Auston but you felt miles apart from him. The two of you had been dating for almost a year now after confessing your love to each other at your party. You were felt alone in this relationship. The spark you once felt with Auston was dwindling and you knew it wasn’t coming from your end. It was coming from Auston. You reached for the tv remote turning the television off. The room was darker now than when you two first began watching tv but Auston didn’t seem to notice. He was highly invested into his phone with a small grin on his face. The type of grin he used to have when he was talking to another woman before you two were dating. You stood up, not really sure what you were going to do. You grabbed your phone and keys that you placed onto the side table. The jingle of the keys made Auston look up at you. He gave you a bit of a confused look, one that made him look like a puppy. Your inside’s turned to mud when you looked at him but your head was telling you to stop. “Um, I think I’m going to head home. I have a long day tomorrow and I just think sleeping in my own bed would be better,” you justified. There was a moment of a confused anger on Auston’s face. The most emotion you had seen in a while. You were curious to see what his reaction was to you going home. Your schedule to sleep at home was probably 3 nights out of the week and each of those nights were never alone unless Auston was playing. This was the first time you planned on not staying with Auston willingly. His face smoothed over into calmness. “Okay, be safe,” he said as he returned to his phone. Your heart pounded in misery. You left without another word.

You arrived to your apartment to see all your roommates sitting and playing drunk scramble. Your heart dropped again for the second time tonight. They were yelling at each other at the moment, not even noticing you coming through the door. Jeff was the first one to notice you. He yelled your name excitingly, “You’re just in time! Come play drunk scrabble with us!” he slurred out, while spilling some of his drink. You gave them a smile trying to mask your sadness. Sam, the one seemingly the least drunk noticed first. “Are you okay?” he asked. You nodded your head yes not wanting to be ‘that girl” but you couldn’t help the tears fall down from your eyes. You quickly ran to your room. You curled up on your bed. On Auston’s side of your bed was an old sweatshirt of his. You grabbed it angrily and threw it on the ground. How could this be happening to you. You grabbed the closest pillow and screamed into letting all your frustration and sadness out. The door opened and in walked Liz and Sam. One look at you and they knew you were hurting, “Oh baby girl,” Liz said to you sympathetically. She walked over to you to cradle you in her arms. Sam looked angry, “What happened, did the break up with you?” he asked seriously. “I will fight him. I don’t care if he probably could kill me with one hit. I will fight him for hurting you,” he said angrily. You let a small laugh out of the idea of Sam trying to fight Auston. “No, I just can tell we are close to the end of our relationship,” you broke at your own words and crumbled into Liz. It was your first time admitting it out loud but it was something that has been on your mind for a while. Sam’s anger quickly disappeared and was replaced with sympathy making it even harder for you. “Also I think he is talking to another woman,” you commented. “Have you talked to him about this yet?” Liz asked in a soothing tone. She ran her hands through your hair trying to calm you down. You felt Sam sit down on the floor in front of you both and he placed a comforting hand on your leg. “I haven’t. I know if I do then he’ll break up with me, but I still love him,” you spoke truthfully. It felt good to let it all out. The three of you talked for hours about what you should do. They also comforted you with all of them. It was calming to you because these were your best friends and they were there for you no matter what.

For the rest of the week you didn’t feel like doing much. You avoided Auston’s phone calls and text messages. You wanted him to suffer a little before you tried talking to him. You knew it was wrong to leave him hanging without telling him what was going on but you weren’t ready to have the talk yet. You also were seeing how it would feel for you to be apart from him. Your heart was aching and all you wanted to do was sleep through the pain. Liz wasn’t going to let you though. “wake up,” she said as she opened the blinds letting the daylight brighten the room. You covered your eyes instantly wishing she’d just let you be. “you’ve got class in an hour, and yes you’ve got to go to class. I know you’re heart broken, but we can get through this,” she stated positively. You playfully glared at her. You finally agreed and got out of bed to get ready.

Sam drove you to class because your roommates couldn’t trust you to stay at class, but your day was actually pretty nice. Your classes kept you busy and it was able to remind you that heartbreak was just a minor bump in your life and it would be something that didn’t define you. You were walking towards Sam’s car to go back home when you saw Auston trying leaning against his nice black Audi. People where gawking at him, not believing their own eyes. You felt your heart race. You had forgotten the affect he had on you in person but you also didn’t forget the heart break he was causing you. You looked at him wishing he wasn’t here. You didn’t want to restrain your emotions because of the public but more importantly you didn’t want to do anything that would cause Auston to be looked at in a bad light. You sighed trying to avoid eye contact. Maybe if you didn’t say anything and walked straight to Sam’s car nothing would happen. That off course didn’t happen. the closer you got the more you couldn’t help but peak at the tan American. He wore his jeans rolled up at the cuff and had a white tee shirt on. He caught your eye. He called out your name. You ignored him and tried to keep walking. “Wait,” he called out you. He took a few long stride and blocked your path. “Auston,” you warned. You took a second to analyze him. He looked normal but more stressed. He seemed annoyed with your response which just made you angrier. “Can we talk. I think I have the right to know what is going on,” he commented. You rolled your eyes at him wishing he wasn’t right. You looked around to find that more and more people were gathering around to see if the real Auston Matthews was on campus. You knew you were trapped. “Fine,” you grumbled. He walked you to the passenger door to his car and opened it for you. You got in trying to calm your emotions. As some courageous fans stopped Auston to take pictures, you quickly sent a text to Liz, Sam, and Jeff about what was going on. Auston eventually got into the car without another word. You anxiously bounced your leg up and down. “why are you nervous?” Auston judgmentally asked. You glared at him because his tone of voice was rude. It reminded you of when the two of you hated each other. You didn’t respond until you were safely in the gated parking lot of his apartment complex. “I have a lot to explain,” you said simply. Auston looked at you with an anger flashing in his eyes. At least he was showing some emotion. “The hell you do. You haven’t responded to any of my messages in a whole week. I don’t even know what the hell I did wrong?” he raged. The vein in his head bulging put a little. You let out a sarcastic laugh, “Finally some emotion. This whole past month has been terrible for me,” you said angrily, “Do you know what it’s like to be so madly in love with someone and see their love fading for you. It makes you question everything. It makes you question yourself worth. Your judgement,” you breathed out. You didn’t even notice the tears falling down your face until you had a second to breath. Auston opened his mouth to respond then closed it. The opened it again. He avoided your eyes the entire time causing your heart to break even more. “Auston, I know your feelings for me have faded. I don’t want you to find an excuse for it I want you to be honest,” you said deeply and truthfully. He finally looked at you with a plead full stare, “it doesn’t matter. This happens in relationships all the time. The fire will rekindle,” he said to you. You knew he was doing this because he felt bad for you. Your heart raced quickly in sadness. “Auston, I know you’re talking to other girls. I’m not going to force this relationship. I respect both of us too much,” you told him. He looked stunned at you calling him out, “How? what?” he stumbles over his word. You gave a weak smile thinking it was funny how you knew, “I know because you have this look on your face when you’re flirting.” He looked upset that you knew that, “I didn’t mean to hurt you,” he admitted. The tears came out harder and more. He reached up to brush the tears away but you quickly moved your head in the opposite direction. You saw the hurt in his eyes. and as much as you cared you didn’t. You got out of the car and walked to the front gate not even sure how you were going to get home. You texted your roommates to pick you up, when none of them could come you called Mitch.

Mitch came in minutes. He didn’t ask for details but he knew from the sound of your voice. You didn’t feel like going back to your apartment but you went to Mitch’s. You laid there on top of the kitchen counter with pint of your favorite ice cream. “I’m so fucking stupid,” you said sadly, “I should have known, this was going to happen.” Mitch looked at you shaking his head, “You aren’t stupid. You can’t get angry about your feelings. You can’t be angry about that. You will have more heart breaks. You will fall in love again,” he said to you. It was something that stuck with you.

In Malay we don’t say “I care about you”, instead we say “Saya ambil berat tentang awak”, which literally translates to “I took heavy about you”, and it sounds weird in English but I think it’s nice because if you care about someone you would want to take the things that are “heavy” for them away or at least lessen it.

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Do yiu think Trump is gonna lead to WW3? Do you think we'll end up being like Germany during and after WW2?

I don’t want to speculate.  All I can say is expect the best but prepare for the worst.  Take care of yourself and the people you care about.  Keep hope.  Connect with people.  Build communities.  Fight when you have to, but meet people where they are when you can.  It’s our only way out of this.

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If you really cared about the animals you’d be vegan.. being vegetarian is kinda pointless and the dairy industry is somewhat worse than the meat😓

I know, but I’m vegetarian just because I eat a pizza margherita once a month. I’m doing my best, but I’m too Italian to leave pizza

don’t get me wrong, i don’t care about the military but you can’t just call the widow of a soldier and say “well he knew what he was getting into lmao”

Maybe you don’t have a lot of followers.

Maybe you don’t get a lot of likes and reblogs on your posts.

Maybe you feel like nobody on this goddamn website cares about you.

That doesn’t mean anything.

You’re still worth something.

You’re just looking for love in the wrong place.

Maybe people on this website don’t care about you. Tumblr isn’t the only place to makes friends and find people who care. Please don’t think that just because you don’t have mutuals or followers or popular posts that it means you’re unimportant. You are very important. People do care about you. Just go and find them.

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Hi, my birthday was recently and none of my friends remembered it. Could we get some headcanons on how the paladins would cheer them up and how they’d celebrate with them? Thank you!!

a/n: heeey! ;; i’m so sorry that that happened. i really don’t know what i would have done if i was in your situation, but happy belated birthday to you!! the petty side of me says not to wish them a happy birthday either… but you can be the judge of that!


  • when this happens shiro would take you out so you two can celebrate together
    • he won’t badmouth your friends because he’s above that, but he’ll make sure that you don’t care about them when you’re together
  • he won’t apologize for what happened either, he just doesn’t want to draw attention to what they did
    • he feels bad for not apologizing though because he really is sorry that they were shitty like that, but he doesn’t want to think that he pities you too much
  • at first he totally thought about taking you on a traditional date, but instead he just tries cooking for you
    • he tries making japanese food, key word, tries.
    • it’s not terrible, you have to give him that, but it could be better
  • from there the rst of the night is left up to what you want to do
    • this isn’t because he’s lazy, because of course on any other night he’d have his own ideas, but since it’s your birthday he wants you to choose what you want to do


  • expectedly keith is a little, or more than a little mad about it, but he won’t make your birthday about your friends but instead about you
    • he’s not great at these things and he knows that but he’ll try to make it up to you the best he can during this
  • he’ll apologize for your friends when he finds out but then shit talk them right after he does that. the apology was more from him anyways
    • he really doesn’t like that they’re treating you like that
  • he already knows your favorite flavor of cake and such, so he’ll try to bake one with hunk ahead of time, 
    • and if you like ice cream with your cake, totally expect that too!!
  • after he surprises you with the cake he’ll just ask if you want to have a movie marathon, all of your favorites, ones you’ve wanted to watch as well as ones you both like to watch together
    • expect a lot of cuddles and kisses during this


  • definitely hunk would do everything in his power, and everything that comes to his mind to make things better
    • and i mean everything, if he even remotely thinks it’ll make the day better you can bet it’s on his list of things
  • this will include him making all of your favorite foods, the best he can in space at least
    • as well as cake, he’ll definitely bake you a cake
    • he’ll even make sure to hide it extra well so the others don’t try to get at it
  • you could call his little food presentation a small party of sorts, but with just you two
    • the others get the left overs because he’s not one to waste
    • but he just enjoys your company over food, especially for your birthday
  • at the end of the night he’ll finally apologize for what happened to you and he’ll explain that he hopes he made everything up to you
    • he’ll probably get really sappy as well by telling you how much he looooves you, and how much you mean to him and how he just hopes you were happy on your birthday


  • once lance finds out he’s automatically planning you a surprise birthday party with the other paladins
    • if they don’t think it’s a good idea, he won’t give up until they finally help him
  • he plans everything out with detail, but he only has a certain amount of time so a whole couple of his hours are dedicated to making this surprise party work
    • he even assigns different roles to the others, he fully takes charge and everyone else is a little shook at how dominant he’s actually being
  • he gets your favorite food, cupcakes, drinks, a few last minute decorations and he has everything together
    • surprisingly when it’s executed it’s not a disaster at all and everything went according to his plan
  • of course at the end of the day he’ll want some alone time with you because you are his s/o. he really just uses this time to be gushy and cute with you, making sure that you really know how much he loves you


  • pidge will have a little party for just you two, if you mention wanting the others there, she’ll invite them for later on, but she wants it to just be you two for the time being when the little ‘party’ first starts
  • while it’s just you two, however, she’ll make sure that you know that she’s sorry that that happened to you and that he’d never do anything like that…
    • she says everything that comes to her mind about this, she just wants you to feel better
    • she even low key shit talks your friends, not gonna lie
  • she has a few presents for you as well
    • they’re nothing big but they’re thoughtful things she thinks you could use
  • basically she tries to spend the whole day with you, not because she’s sorry about your friends but just because she loves you and it’s your birthday, which is a special day

I just want everyone to know that no matter what you’re going through i’m always here, i’ll do anything i can to put a smile on your face.. if you need someone to stay up all night with you i will you’re not alone i’m always going to be here without fail because i care about you all so much and you are all worth everything you all deserve happiness.

As most of you probably know (I assume??? I don’t know if it’s common knowledge of if I just know weird shit that nobody’s ever heard of??? anyway) you cannot simply translate a word into runes. Tables such as the one below only allow you to transform runes into letters of the latin alphabet, not the other way around. But I chose to get a tattoo of the runes equivalent of the letters of the word ‘heathen’, using the runic alphabet Elder Futhark.

Vikings used the Young Futhark but for aesthetic reasons I chose the Elder.

This is ‘heathen’ in Younger Futhark :

Maybe none of you care about my new tattoo or the explanation of the thought process behind it but I’m so happy with it that I had to share <3 I had a pretty shit day up until the moment I walked past (or almost walked past) a small, practically unnoticeable tattoo shop and decided to go for it. I’d been scribbling these runes everywhere for a while. I am now officially a member of the Heathen Army, no one can take that from me.

Also before that, and to make me feel better, I bought another bunch of honey mead bottles. Sue me.

jfox191  asked:

This looms like so much fun! I'm am 4'7" black Filipino mix with brown eyes and long hair. I'm a little competitive and care more than I should about people and love adventure. I have a lot of hobbies including crafting and video games. Think I match up with anyone?

I ship you with….

Strife. He’s got a competitive streak as well and ‘adventure’ is his middle name! You care about him a lot, which he’s not sure he deserves, but he’s humbled by it. 

Best friends with Karn. He love love loves to go exploring with you, finally an adventure buddy. You and he spends hours making things, he teaches you how to smith a hunk of metal into a helmet and you teach him how to do what you can. 

She turned to head back inside.  A horrible thought struck me at that moment.

“Do… do you like him?” I asked her.

Oh boy.

Let’s hope not.

She turned her head to give me an angry look, one I couldn’t read in the slightest.

That… could go either way. She could be angry because Taylor is right, or she could be angry because Taylor is wrong.

That said… why include this if she’s wrong?

“Because if you do,” I hurried to add, as I started to walk after her, “Hey, you were here first.  I’ll back off and keep my mouth shut if you want to make a move.”

Seems fair enough.

There were about five seconds where she was very quiet.  My pulse pounded in my throat.  Why did I care so much about this?

“You should offer to sleep with him.”