*laughter on the verge of hysteria* 

this episode use to be a gift, now it’s slap in the face. 

you two are anything but resolved. you haven’t even begun. 

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inquisitorsfancyhats replied to your post: Really want to say something, but I do…

Unfortunately since the only way to get the rebuild Kirkwall mission is to kill Anders (“but only monsters kill Anders!!!”) it becomes the “correct” outcome for Seb :/

That’s… part two of my huge problem with this.

Assuming Sebastian only ever wants to annex Kirkwall… assuming this bad “dark” fanfic outcome is the only one…

It’s as if to say, “Oh you’d have to be stupid to pick Sebastian over Anders! Anders is clearly the superior character! Why would anyone else do differently?”  


and so…he became a flower to you, didn’t he? on that one spring day…

for sehkais (to let you know I appreciate you very much :D)

So based on a thing, I wrote a thing

Based on this post

I wrote this story

The sun rises on a gorgeous Wednesday morning, bathing the city of Los Angeles in a mixture of golds, reds, and oranges. As the rays continue their ascension over the city, they start to seep into the apartment of one Mark Fischbach, spilling into both his and his 5 year old little boy’s rooms. The intense glow of the golden beams was enough to cause Mark to crack open his eyes. He awakens with a yawn, stretching and running his hands through his hair.

He reached over to the night stand, and grabbed his phone off the charger. Upon turning it on and unlocking it, he came to discover that today was May 20th, his little boy Cayden’s 5th birthday. A small jolt of shock ran through his mind, and he realized he’d forgotten to get him something. ‘Oh shit’ he thought. It was only 8 AM, Cayden never woke up before noon. 'It’s okay, I have some time. I’ll just slip out and get him something before he wakes up.’ he thought.

Mark quietly began to dress himself, throwing on a black tee with his favorite red flannel over it, and a pair of dark blue jeans with a pair of grey converse. He snuck out of his room, and quietly slipped out of his apartment, locking the door behind him. He ran down to his car, in the parking lot, and headed off to the nearest Walmart. He scanned the shelves searching for the perfect gift for his son, thinking about what he knew Cayden liked, what he’d been talking to his son about, and what was safe for him.

He considered multiple items. Magic cards, pokemon, Yugioh, but decided against them, thinking Cayden would want to learn to play and Mark didn’t know how to play himself, so how could he teach him? He considered getting him a BB gun, but decided against it quickly. 'That kid would shoot his eye out.’ he thought. He looked at trucks, planes, helicopters, all of which he already had. Then a thought occurred to him. 'Does he have any stuffed toys? I don’t think he has a single stuffed animal.’ He scoured the shelves for the perfect bear for his boy. There were black bears, lions, tigers, elephants, horses, and then he found it. The perfect toy.

It was a bear with chocolate brown fur and shiny blue eyes. It had a cute little black bow tie with a small top hat. It looked oddly familiar, but he simply couldn’t place his finger on why. He thought Cayden would love it, it was adorable! He bought it, and drove home as quickly as possible.

Mark parked the car, pulled the gift out of the back, and ran back to his apartment. He fumbled with his keys until finding the correct one to unlock the door to the small apartment. As he placed the precisely cut piece of silver in the door and turned it, he heard movement from inside. A sort of shuffling. He turned the doorknob as slowly as possible, and opened the door. He scanned the immediate area, and the living room appeared to be clear. He came the rest of the way in, and turned to shut the door. He noticed a figure out of the corner of his eye just standing there. He half didn’t want to know what it was. “Boo!!”

“Holy mother of-!” Mark stopped himself when he saw his little weasel standing there in his Superman onesie. “Hi daddy!” the child cooed. “Hey son, what are you doing up so early?” Mark laid down the bags and picked up Cayden. “You were gone, so I got up and tried finding you but you wasn’t in the house.” Mark felt a little guilty for leaving him alone, but he wasn’t gone that long. A quick glance at the clock showed it was only 15 til 9. “Aww, I’m sorry buddy. Daddy just had to run out for a few minutes.” He set the child down on the couch, and grabbed the green bag off the floor. There were blue spirals with dots of glitter on it, and out of the top was a tuft of yellow tissue paper. “Guess what daddy was doing?” Mark teased.

Cayden’s eyes lit up like a Christmas tree, and his focus was totally on the bag. “Is that my birthday present?” The child asked. “It is, but you gotta close your eyes if you want it.” Cayden shut his dark green eyes and held out his tiny hands. Mark walked towards him, ruffled his dark brown hair, and set the bag in his hands. “You can open your eyes now, son.” Cayden opened them to find the present in his hand, and tore out the tissue paper. “It’s a bear!! It’s a bear!” The toddler cheered. “Yep! I saw him this morning and thought you’d love him! So, what are you gonna call him son?” Cayden thought for a moment, examining every inch of the bear before deciding on a suitable name. “Freddy! I wanna call him Freddy!”

That name seemed to hit a bad chord with Mark. He had a faraway look in his eyes, as if he wasn’t fully there. It’s like he was reliving some sort of horrid war, or tragic scene that had taken place in his life. Like someone had ripped out his soul, skinned it, and put it back in. Suddenly he remembered why that bear had seemed so damn familiar. Freddy. He thought that damn game had died years ago. He thought he was free from the clutches of all things Fazbear. How wrong he was. He wished he’d never picked that one, that he’d recognized it earlier, that he’d picked anything but that bear. But, he didn’t want to give his son the idea that it was a bad name. He smiled, albeit forced, and pat Cayden on the head. “….That’s a great name, son. I’m glad you like your toy.”


Things that I will never be okay with:

  • Ethan’s gut reaction is to check if Vanessa is all right

I find it VERY ANNOYING when I’m with my brother and someone will come up to us and say something along the lines of “Wow you two look so much alike! Are you related?”, when we say yes the first thing that almost everyone says something like “But he’s black and you’re white so you two can’t be related”.

It makes no sense that you would even ask us if we are related and then say that we can’t be related because of the color of our skin. My brother and I aren’t just black and white we’re actually mixed with a number of races, however people only focus on black and white. If either of us our by ourselves then no one could guess our race because from past experience everyone assumes that we’re mixed, yet whenever we’re together it’s always “YOU’RE BLACK AND SHE’S WHITE SO YOU’RE NOT RELATED”. I NEVER have this problem when I’m with my other sibling (keep in mind my other siblings and I have different dads but the same mom and we don’t actually look alike at all.) when I’m with my other siblings people will say “oh is this your sister? You look so alike!” of course my other siblings and I have lighter skin which is probably the only reason why anyone would believe us when we say we’re related.

So please for the sake of my sanity