and here i thought Louis was free to enjoy his family time home on his own


Happiness needs Sadness, and Sadness needs Happiness.

Haaah, it’s alright. You’re worth it. When you take a breath, eat, sleep, it’s totally worth it. 

Life isn’t pink, but it’s not black either. Life is a big palette with a lot of colors in it - sometimes life does a very good mixing and sometimes life doesn’t. 

SOOOOO. If you see too much black and need help, never hesitate to talk about it to someone, I’m sure they’ll be willing to help. I am too, if you ever feel too down or something. I’m full of bright colors ! uwu)9

Just think again before throwing that palette away ; are you sure there’s not a little pigment somewhere, waiting to be used ? 

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The joker is abusive and trash Harley is being manipulated joker x Harley shouldn't be ur otp

(From abusive joker anon) also the joker is a villain and abusive and you can still like him just Harley x joker is abusive and yeah


I know this may be annoying old news to you, and it may seem pointless to bring up now, but it still holds a lot of space in my heart.

On November 14th of this year leelah alcorn would have been 19 years old.

Many people have forgotten, moved on. A lot of people see no point in holding her so close but I refuse to let go of her name. I refuse to forget until this battle has settled. Until i as a trans man don’t feel i have to tread so lightly just to avoid getting hurt for being myself.

She wouldn’t have wanted her death to be left behind, as she said herself; she wanted it to mean something.

To me it does. To me it will as long as I’m alive. And i hope it does to others out there too.

Maybe ill draw her, maybe something else but i will be dedicating November 15th to leelah because she has been always in my heart and in my mind for the past two years and i want to embrace that.