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List 5 facts about your most favorite sim of yours, and send this to 10 simblrs whose sims you adore.♥

Thank you for thinking of me & my Sims!

Justin is probably my favorite Sim ever, and I know more facts about him than I can count. So here we go.

1. Justin’s mother suffers from an undiagnosed, untreated mental disorder that causes wild fluctuations in mood with extreme outbursts of rage which she unfortunately directed at her children, who learned to hide whenever they saw signs that one of her rages was coming on.

2. He never knew his father. Not even the man’s name. Justin’s mother married several times, but none of the men in her life or the fathers of her children stuck around for long, and all abandoned their children without looking back.

3. The second of 4 children, Justin was the only boy in the house.

4. He was very close to his older sister Jeanette (she’s about a year and half older than him) growing up. His two younger sisters came much later, and were still very young when he ran away from home at 16, so he barely knows them and would not likely recognize them if he ran into them now.

5. Justin has taken a new name in every new city he’s lived in. All of his names are names his sister used for her OCs in her various works of fanfiction. Jeanette would read her stories to her brother, and he retained all of it. He has still not revealed his birth name to Eleanor.

is it instinctive to swiftly place your arm over the passenger seat when coming to an abrupt stop, or is it simply learned? for as long as I can remember, my mother would use her arm to shield me when she had to quickly stop. I never truly understood it; it’s as if she believes her frail arm could protect me more than the seatbelt…except now I find myself doing the same thing, as a reflex even when no one is sitting in the passenger seat. 

You should try saying “sorry” to the stranger you bumped into while walking too fast, headed nowhere. Maybe you can give them a smile as you apologize because this world needs more twinkling eyes instead of frowns.

Call your parents and ask them how their day was - they always asked about yours. Call your mother and ask what she would like for dinner, call your brother and ask if he’d like to watch a movie when you get home because you haven’t spent as much time as you’d like together.

People are so bitter over their past, even when they are in a happier place now. Make amends to things that no longer are. Make peace with the past demons. Make peace with yourself. Be alright alone, by yourself, and surround yourself with the kind of happiness more permanent than the one you searched for.

Tell a stranger you like the color of their eyes or the way their dress fits them perfectly. Compliment them. Human beings deserve compliments. When the rest of the world is dragging one another down, tell a stranger they are going to be someone and watch the stars form in their eyes. Every single one of us has a universe inside.

Let people make you feel. Let life inspire you. If you are full of warmth, don’t look forward to Winter. Seasons come and season go. Allow yourself to be happy.


Ming D. Liu, August 17th, 2016

14. JokerXReader!

Anon: Can you do one where the joker saves the reader from her abusive fiance her mother forcing her to marry for his money but shes with the joker.

So here it is, it is by far the longest fic I’ve written, since I started this blog, but just because of I couldn’t stop writing, ‘cause I enjoyed this one so much. :) I’m sorry if it’s a bit too long, but I hope you will like it. :) <3

„Mum, I won’t marry this asshole!“, you screamed at your mother for the third time now.

„Honey, listen. We haven’t much money and when this good looking, rich young man wants to marry you, than you will do it, for us“, your mother said more rigid than ever.

„If money is so important for you, then go and marry him by yourself, but I will not do it. I have a job and I can live from the money I get from it. If you need more money so bad, search for a job or anything, but don’t bother me with your bullshit, anymore, I’m fucking sick of it!“, you yelled and stormed out of your mom’s one room flat.

This woman was unbelievable, not even that she forced you to marry a guy you already wanted to break up with, because he was abusive to you several times now, no, she was trying to ruin your life again.

Your mother had never done something usefull for you, or her.

She didn’t gave a fuck about you, since you could think and now, where you could stand on your own legs she came along with some new bullshit.

She wanted you to help her out of her poverty, only because she never got her life into the right order.

„Hey (Y/N). Are you alright?“, Rick asked, as you came up into the club you were working at.

Rick was the manager of this location, when the real boss was out to run some of his other business things.

„No, can I have a drink?“, you asked with a whacked voice.

„Sure, may I ask what happened? You’re rarely that sad. Was it Tom again?“, he asked.

„No, not this time. Thank you“, you said as he gave you the drink.

„My mother, wants me to marry this idiot, because she’s incapable to live a more prudent life. It’s always up to me, to make things right and I’m sick of it. All my life I got used by her, just to save her stupid ass. I can’t take it anymore. And if Tom is calling me tonight, I will send him right back to the hell he came from“, you said.

Rick was always like a surrogate father for you, since you began to work her, even if he looked like the type of dangerous gangster, with all the gold rings on his fingers, the sunglasses he wores even when it was dark outside and the big cuban cigar between his lips.

But he was a good man, he welcomed you warm hearted and teached you not to be scared of the big boss, who was really running this club.

With his help you turned out as one of the best employees, this club had ever seen.

You were the singer, for the long nights and everyone here loved you, not only because of your beautiful voice, also because you were the happy factor in here.

You joked around with everyone, when the big boss wasn’t in the near and you got payed incredibly well for everything.

„Sounds mean, honey. If you need help, you know you can call us here, everytime“, Rick said and layed his hand onto your shoulder, trying to cheer you up a bit.

You smiled at him.

Thank you, really. I don’t know what I would do, without you or the rest of our crew.“

„Rick. Is- (Y/N), thanks god, she’s here“, Mark said.

He was Rick’s right hand.

„What’s wrong?“, you asked worried.

„We’ve got a lot to do, within the next hour. Mr J is coming over, he will look if everything is alright. Man I hate it, when he does this surprising visits“, he said and you could see the fear in his eyes.

If something wasn’t like Mr J wanted it to be, Mark would be the first one to get involved in the big trouble, ‘cause as Rick’s right hand he had to take care of the most things that must be done right here.

And after Mark there was only you.

But you always got your things right, like finding and playing the songs that would fit in this club and you also trained your girls, the background dancers to asbolute perfection, before showing any kind of new material you were working on.

Mr J was always delighted to see new performances from you, what made you a little nervous, 'cause you never knew what would happen if something went wrong, even if it wasn’t your fault.

For example what if, one of the dancers didn’t get her moves right.

Would he blame it on you, 'cause you set the standards too high?

Okay, you were going through a lot of shit these days, but don’t let this ruin your performance, you said to yourself.


„What?“, you asked.

Shit, Mark was talking while you thought about what could happen if something went wrong, tonight.

„You got any ideas for a song? You know, how he likes new shows from you.“

„Oh, yes, I got something in my mind, give me a few minutes to write the lyrics down“, you said reliable as always.

„Perfect. I know you would save my life“, he said and smiled at you.

About half an hour later you assembled all your girls around you on the little stage with the red theater curtains.

„Okay girls, you heared that Mr J is coming tonight, but that’s nothing you should be worried about, I got the lyrics for you here. And I left the dance as simple as I could for you, because we only got thirty minutes left, to bring up a really good show.“

„Forget it (Y/N). He’s already here“, Rick said.

What? No! I planned everything!

„And what now?“, one of the girls asked terrified.

You were searching for any idea you could get now, but there was only one thing that came up to your mind and it shuddered you to think about doing it.

„Stay out of this, do your work when the night begins. I will do something by myself“, you said.

„Are you sure?“, Carry asked with a gulp.

You nodded your head.

„We got no time left to do this one, so I will set up a song I’ve got on my list for a while now. I think that’s the only one I could go with.“

„Good luck“, Sarah said stricken for what you do to keep your girls save.

She hugged you, like all the others.

„You will rock it.“

„We believe in you.“

Your hands trembled as you heared the snarling voice of Joker not far from you, asking Rick and Mark what they got for him tonight.

So there were two songs you could play for this man, to keep him delighted, but which one should you play?

„Alright ladys! What does my sweet little (Y/N) got for me tonight?“, Joker shouted in the room, swinging his purple walking cane in his right hand, as he saw you standing on the stage.

Okay, he was playful, that was a good sign.

You turned around smiling at the big boss.

„It’s a surprise, Mr J. Would you like to take your usual seat, I’ll be ready in a minute“, you said.

„A surprise! I love when you’re surprising me!“, he said almost dramatic and grinned at you, before taking your face into his white gloved hands.

„You better do not disappoint me, doll“, he whispered.

„Have I ever disappointed you?“, you asked with a flirty smile.

Joker smiled again.

„That’s the reason your my favorite employee, little (Y/N). You always got the right answers“, he laughed, before turning sirious again.

„Go and show daddy what you got for him“, he said petting your cheek, before letting go off you.

„Curtains down!“, Sarah said, as you gave her the sign.

The curtains on stage were falling down in front of you, as Rick handles the microphone to you and told him which song will be played on your demo.

„You will make it, I know that“, he said smiling at you.

„Thanks, I hope so“, you whispered, before the music turned on and the curtains opened again.

A mysterious music came up from the background that everyone loved from the beginning, you could see it in their faces, they trusted you hundret procent with what you were doing.

Only Joker never showed his real emotions, you always had to wait until the end, for his final words, never knowing what goes on behind this dangerous but also sexy look.

Boy, you really got me goin’ you got me so I don’t know what I’m doing. Yeah, you really got me now, you got me so I can’t sleep at night, yeah you got me now, you got me so I don’t know what I’m doing now. Oh yeah, you really got me now, you got me so I can’t sleep at night, you really got me, you really got me, you really got me. See, don’t ever set me free, I always wanna be by your side, boy you really got me now, you got me so I can’t sleep at night. You, you really got me now …“

Rick and Mark whistled at you grinning and the girls applauded, as the music switched to another sound and the second part of your performance.

I’m looking in the fire, breathening go higher, lost in my desire … see the ways you hurt me, maybe you could feel me, hope you find someone who makes your heart shiver … cause I’m so wicked, wicked, baby I commit it, to make your life a living hell … I wish you all the drama, to make your life a living hell you need someone just like yourself, wicked, wicked I’m nasty when I’m tripping … baby I remember you and me forever, things that I did better will come around and hit you in your marvellous face … Hope you find someone who makes your heart shiver … 'Cause I’m so wicked, wicked hungry like an animal … Sad little boy! Now you’ve broken your favorite toy, bye, baby bye! No, I won’t let you burn me twice, you’re so wicked! You’re so wicked!“

The song ended and you thought you fucked up, 'cause you sang way too hard about your very soon ex- fiancé, and hopefully Joker did not took that too sirious about him, 'cause he was wicked as well …

Everyone was quiet, you could see in every facial expression that hey were keen about your two songs, but if Joker hated your performance, no support from all the others would help you out here.

You looked at the clown in his tux, still sitting there, hands on top of his walking cane, starring holes into your (e/c) eyes, with his cold blue one’s.

Shit, he hated it, you thought before he stood up from his place, not breaking eye contact, he walked towards you and with every step he took, he clapped into his hands.

So, he liked it?

„(Y/N), (Y/N), (Y/N). You’re killing me“, he said as he stood in front of you, so close that you were afraid he could probably hear your heart beating right now.

You never realised how beautiful his eyes were.

„Should I laugh, cry or better be scared about this statement? Or maybe everything mixed up together?“, you asked smiling.

For a second it seemed like everyone in the room was holding their breath about your assertion, but Joker just looked at you and bursts into his typical maniac laugher.

„Rick, be so kind and offer us a drink, this girl is my guest tonight“, Joker said taking your face between his gloved hands again.

„You know why I came here tonight?“, he whispered, his lips nearly touching yours, while speaking.

A shiver ran down your spine.

He was so hypnotic, so fascinating.

„I came for you, 'cause you’re the one that never disappoints me in this little circle full of idiots. You’re the light that shines here, just for me and I’m more than just delighted, to have you working for me, doll.“

„Smile for me“, he said with a husky voice and pulled your cheeks up a little with his thumbs.

You smiled at him and so does he, what made you see his glistening silver teeth.

It was strange, a few weeks ago you would’ve been scared as hell, if Joker touched you like that back then, but now you were just hypnotized by this man, and you couldn’t help but wanted more of how he touched and talked to you.

The rest of the night Joker didn’t wanted you to be on stage with your girls, he wanted you by his side, drinking some good stuff and listening to the music.

„You ever tasted one of those?“, he asked near by your ear.

It was late now, on a normal working day, you were already home, laying in bed, ready for the next day but this time, everything was different, it seems that Joker didn’t wanted to let you go anymore.

You sat in his lap, after he pulled you on top of him and holding one of Rick’s cuban cigars in front of your nose.

„No“, you said.

„Take a deep breath, baby“, he murmered as he offered you the first drag.

You took it, feeling slightly aroused by the way Joker talked to you.

You coughed a little, after tasting it, you never smoked, it was strange. feeling the smoke in your lungs.

„No, no, no … you have to feel it, see“, Joker said with a sexy low, but still calm voice.

He took the next drag, blowing smoke in the air and smiling at you, as he puts the cigar between your lips again, holding your waist, while you sat in his lap.

„Inhale, slowly …“, he whispered at your ear.

You closed your eyes and you weren’t sure, if it was the cigar smoke or Joker talking to you, what made you feel like you could fly.

„Yes, yes good …“, he said putting the cigar out of your mouth after you breathed out the smoke.

„So beautiful“, he smiled, laying his hand at your cheek, you looked at him in those crazy blue eyes and suddenly you felt warm lips pressing against yours, don’t even waiting for you to let his tongue pass your mouth.

He was rough kissing you, but you loved it, for the very first time in your life, you really felt free.

Free from all your problems, with your mother, free from everything what your fiancé did to you and the still outstanding break up.

There were just you and Mr J, for now.

But the night ended faster than you wanted and at your way back home, thousands of thoughts were hunting your mind.

What was this all about?

You knew Joker loved playing mind games and making people week, or just enjoying the fun with a girl, but as you were about to drive home, he seemed like he wouldn’t let you leave.

You saw his facial expression before your inner eye again, as you said you had to go now.

That wasn’t the playful sinister clown everyone was afraid of.

But what now?

You had a lot of problems, which had to be resolved first, before you could deal with the things Joker does to you.


You turned on the lights in your apartment in shock, as you heared the voice of Tom growling at you.

„What are you doing here? Get out off my apartment, now!“, you said and let the door open, for you to just ran away, if he gets abusive in front of you again.

„What I am doing here? Your mother told me, you won’t marry me“, he said stepping towards you.

„That’s right. I break up with you. And now leave, and never ever come back to me again“, you said with a raised voice.


Tom slapped you in the face, so hard that your cheek felt like it would burn away.

„GET OUT NOW!“, you screamed with teary eyes.

„You won’t leave me, not me, (Y/N)“, he hissed and slapped you once again.

You fell to the ground and tried to kick this asshole in his crotch to escape, but he grabbed your leg and plonked the door in front of your nose, before dragging you in your bed room, right at your ankle.

„Let me go! GET THE FUCK OFF ME!“, you yelled.

„If you wish so, darling“, he said and slammed you onto the bed.

„I hate you! FUCK OFF!“

„You’re so mean, princess. Maybe I should show you some love“, Tom said and ripped your black dress away from your body.

„NO! LET ME GO!“, you screamed again, trying to push him away, so you could flee, but no chance, he was too strong, and way taller than you.

„Shhh. I know you want it. I know you still want me …“, he said touching you all over again, before he came on top of you, while opening his pants.

„Get off me … please, get off …“, you whispered, as he tugged your panties down and starts to penetrate your inner walls.


You woke up in blood and tears the next evening.

Tom was gone, probably on the run now, so the police couldn’t blame a rich and succesful young business man, who always does the right things, for just raping his ex fiancée.

As you looked into the mirror your arms and neck were filled with bruises and your eyes were red from all the crying.

Your voice was weak and scratchy after screaming nearly the rest of the last night.

„(Y/N), hey, what about your-“

„Holy shit, what happened to you, girl?“, Mark asked in shock, as he saw you this evening, coming to work.

„Nothing just … forget it“, you whispered, your voice still scratchy.

You wouldn’t even be able to sing.

„(Y/N), was that Tom?“, Mark asked more than just worried.

„Don’t ever mention his name again“, you hissed at him.

„Listen, if you’re not able to sing today, it’s okay, we will find a way to tell Joker, it’s not a big problem …“

Mr J, shit, if he will see you like this …

„Who did this?“

Everyone in the room became quiet, after those words and you closed your eyes, wishing for you to be somewhere else right now.

Joker pushed Mark out of his way with his walking cane and looked in rage at all the bruises on your body, as he stood in front of you.

„Who did this to you?“, he growled.

„Tell me, now.“

„His name is Tom O'Connell, he’s my ex“, you whispered.

„Find that fucker, and don’t come back, until you got him“, Joker said pointing at three of his biggest henchman.

The men nodded their heads and walked out of the door.

Joker took your face into his hands, like yesterday, it felt good and comforting at the moment.

Wasn’t it strange how a psychopath like him could be more caring than the man you were with since two years, after the last night.

„He won’t be able to hurt you again, after I’m done with him“, he said kissing you softly.

„Don’t cry now, doll. He will pay for everything he did to you.“

An hour later Jokers men actually got Tom.

He looked a little damaged, it seemed like Tom fought back, before they catched him.

„(Y/N)? You wanna make love with me again?“, he asked smirking, after he recognised you.

He must think that you dedicated Jokers men to fight him.

You wanted to scream fuck you, but before you could do it, Tom’s smirk got frozen onto his face, as he saw Joker coming up to him.

„What sick game, are you playing here, (Y/N)?“, he asked.

And now you could hear the fear in his voice.

„You“, Joker pointed his cane at his nose.

His voice was more dangerous and sinister than ever.

„You are the little bastard who did this, to my girl“, he said.

Before Tom could answer, Joker slammed his walking cane into Tom’s face and his stomache.

„Do you find that funny?“, Joker growled and pointed at your injuries.

„N-no, I- AHHH!“, Tom screamed as Joker pulled his gun out of his jacket and shot him into his crotch.

„You wanna know what really is funny?“, he asked and puts his tattoed grinning hand onto Tom’s mouth.

„Seeing you die, after torturing you“, J answered.

„Oh, I can’t wait to show you my toys. Bring him into my back office.“

A big goon throws Tom above his shoulders walking with him into J’s office.

„Don’t worry, doll. You’re with me now, no one will ever lay a hand on you again“, J said holding you into his arms.


(Those are the songs (Y/N) is singing in this fic: I love them so much and I thought they would fit really good into this. :)

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if ur doing prompts omg ppl have already written ab this but i need more i jst want allison n neil being rly cute honestly i jst want her to paint his nails n take him shopping n teaching him to actually take care of himself like pls this boys needs it

me too, anon, me too. ask and you shall receive (three days later but you shall receive *:・゚✧*:・゚✧*:・゚✧

(it’s like 3k too so i hope it was worth the wait)

           Neil didn’t understand why the team thought he needed more clothes. He’d just gotten some a few months ago. It would’ve made sense if he was running again—changing clothes to avoid detection was something he and his mother had done on more than one occasion—but Neil wasn’t. The Foxes saw to that. So why did he need new clothes?

“Because we’re all getting tired of looking at your raggedy ass in the same outfits again,” Allison answered, flipping through a wrack of flannels. “You may not have to look at yourself, but the rest of us do.”

Neil rolled his eyes and sighed. He wished he was anywhere but underneath the loudspeaker blasting obscure pop music. It sounded like it belonged on one of Nicky’s teenage musical shows. Neil’s mind itched. What was the show called? Glee. That was it.

Neil leaned against the cold metal of the wrack and flicked one of the tags. The prices surprised him—and not because they were high. Neil assumed shopping with Allison meant the top end of the highest line because it usually did, but not this time. He wondered if she was looking for reasonable prices for his sake. The thought made the corner of his lip twitch. Neil rested his head in the crook of his elbow to hide his smile.

“Hey, lazy,” Allison said. She pulled a random flannel off its hanger and tossed it over his head. “I’m here to help, not do it for you. Start looking.”

Neil sighed again, loudly and clearly, and drug the shirt off. He ran a hand through his hair to smooth the mess and started flipping through hangers. He made his disinterest obvious.

Neil’s hands stopped on a plaid flannel. He pulled on one of the sleeves, looking at the muted oranges, dull reds, faded greys, and warm yellows of the pattern. It reminded him of the Foxhole Court, cigarettes, and Andrew’s hair when the sun was setting on the top of Fox Tower.

He took it off the wrack and held it up to Allison. “I like this.”

Allison glanced up from where she stood looking through henleys two wracks away. She tilted her head and narrowed her eyes. Then, she nodded. “Good. That’ll bring some color to your wardrobe. Andrew needs to stop dressing you in solid black.”

“I can dress myself, Allison,” Neil said. She raised a skeptical eyebrow and he shrugged. He set to looking for the proper flannel size, wondering why it was Allison he was with and not Andrew. It’s not that he minded; he was just more comfortable with him around.

“Too bad its only winter clothes out right now.” Allison stood by him and frowned as she surveyed the rest of the men’s section.

Her gaze was clinical and searching—something Neil recognized from the court. She had a mark she was looking for. Neil just couldn’t guess what it was.

She waved it away as a lost cause and turned towards checkout. “We’ll just have to find it online, then. No store is going to have it now.”

“Have what?”

“Oh, you’ll see.”

Neil hid his grimace as they got in line. He trusted his teammates. When it came to his wardrobe, he trusted them less so when they said things like that. Last time they’d said “you’ll see,” Neil ended up wearing a Halloween costume he’d wanted to set fire to—in or out of it, it wouldn’t have mattered.

Neil didn’t think Allison would do something like that, but he wasn’t going to ignore his apprehension.

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My mother has taught me to hate
my body and all the things within it.

Reflections do not show the kindness
of your heart, if people can’t tell if
you even have one in the ribcage that
does not show through the layers of
thick skin you’ve grown over the years.

How can you be beautiful when worry
and insecurity is freckled across your face?

No one can tell how gentle your soul is
judging by the roughness of your hands.
And what sweet words could be spoken
through chapped lips; surely not
any words of wisdom.

Mirrors cannot reveal the complexity
of thought a persons’ mind is capable of.

But beauty is not how good of a person
you are, or any of your opinions.
My mother taught me beauty is not
the purity of your feelings, or the
validity of your identity.
Beauty is outside. It is external.

Beauty is anything, but you.
It is media, it is tradition.
Beauty is how well you fit in
molds, boxes, and categories.

But not everything that is
taught must be learned.
And I learned that the hard way.

—  “You are beautiful” remnant-thoughts
SEVENTEEN REACTION: When your mother wouldn’t shut up about how much you like them while both of you are present (Jeonghan, Woozi, Vernon, Seungkwan, Coups and Hoshi)

Scenario:  You where old friends and one day they had time and went back to their hometown to visit their family and friends and your mother would not shut up about how much you like them and how big of a fan you are and they even insist that you might have a huge crush on them while both of you are present and somehow you meet after all that

Scoups: While your mother was spreaking more than she should about your crush on him, Scoups would seem to  not be really interested.

But when you two are alone he’d change.

“so… do you have something to do tonight? cause you know… we can have dinner together”

Jeonghan: He’d talk about it with your mother and would play with her, making you even more shy.

But as soon as he had an opportunity, he would try to talk with you, revealing his feelings.

Hoshi: “aigo omeoni, of course she likes me… I’m the best guy”

“so… what your mother was saying, is that true?”

Woozi: I think he wouldn’t know what to do to about your mother and would be a lttle bit shocked too.

“really? she likes me that all? Should we date then?”

Seungkwan: He’d have a great conversation with your mother about you, which would make you so shy that you couldn’t even look at him.

“I hear that you like me baby… what about a date?”

Vernon: This guy would be shy with you and wouldn’t know what to say to your mother.

“ahh so she likes me… ahh yeah omeoni”

“don’t take seriously what my mother said before” You’d say when you two are finally alone.

“really? I was thinking that we could be a cute couple”

This was hard to do since the request was pretty specifies, but I hope you all like it.

 ~ADM Cherry~

GIF credits to their original owners!

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Last chapter was brilliant can we have a preview of the next?

Okay here’s a lil scene for ya:

Cage looked absolutely smug. “See, Clarke, I can help you out. A letter of recommendation from my grandfather could get you anywhere you wanted. And a job as a secretary in his office? Pays three times more than your shitty gig at the Dropshit- Oh, I mean, Dropship.”

Clarke reddened slightly, clenching her fists. He was right. The offer was a good one. “And what’s in it for you?”

Cage smirked. “I get to conquer what my good buddy Finn never did.”

Clarke was appalled, to say the least. “No fucking way.” She growled. “I wouldn’t ever hook up with you, even-”

Cage cut her off with a shrug. “You know, college isn’t cheap, Clarke. Your poor mother, what does she do again? Athletic training? Well, that can’t be much. Just think about it.”

Clarke grit her teeth in anger, relaxing only when she felt two toned arms slip around her waist from behind, encircling her protectively.


Clarke’s insides melted at her feel alone.

“Cage Wallace?” Lexa smirked arrogantly, resting her chin on Clarke’s shoulder defensively. “What brings your filth to such a high end occasion?”

Clarke’s brows shot up. No one talked to a member of the Wallace family that way. Except Lexa, apparently.

“Woods. Seeing you on a date is a bit…odd.” Cage scoffed lightly. “Don’t you have some girls to be hooking up with?”

Clarke felt her stomach drop a little, but Lexa squeezed her hip lightly, as if to warn her not to pay any mind to his slander. She came back with her own trademark Lexa reply:

“Your nose looks like shit.”

Building Bridges// Josh Dun

              “Hey daddy?” The small girl looked up to her father as he typed away on his phone, sending a text to his best friend and bandmate. “Can you tell me a story?” She continued softly. Feeling her eyes grow heavy as she got tired.

              “Sure thing sweetie, but how about we get ready for bed first. Put on your PJ’s and brush your teeth.” Josh said with a small smile, lifting the small girl into his arms. There was nothing he loved more in this world than his daughter. She was a spitting image of her mother, the only differences being his daughter had gotten his deep brown eyes and the same curls he had in his hair. Bringing Ava to the bathroom, he hoisted her up onto her stool, allowing her to stand and begin brushing her teeth. “Are you excited to see Y/N tomorrow?” Josh asked the girl, receiving a small pout in response, she had picked up on the fact that her Y/N and Josh were dating, and she didn’t like it. Nobody could replace her mommy, nobody.

              “No. She should just go away.” The girl snapped, for being only 3 years of age, she was a firecracker. Not afraid to hold back any opinions she may have. “I want mommy back, not her.” Josh sighed, no matter what the two of you tried, his daughter would not budge.

              “Hey, Ava. That’s no way to think. She isn’t replacing mommy, nobody can.” Josh kneeled, so he was face to face with his daughter. “I like Y/N a lot, and I hope you do too one day.” His statement was just met by a teary eyed pout, and Ava turning away to spit the toothpaste into the sink and rinse her mouth.

              “You said mommy went away, and won’t be coming back. So you bringing another lady in means you’re replacing her!” Ava whimpered, only getting a slightly frustrated, slightly concerned sigh from her father. “Daddy, why can’t we just get mommy back and be a happy family that way? Y/N doesn’t even love me.” Ava cried, tears now streaking down her face.

              “Ava, I know you miss mommy. I do too, it hurts a lot knowing I won’t see her again. But you can’t get mad at me for loving Y/N, or be mean to her.” Josh explained, trying to find a way to explain it in a way the 3 year old in front of him would understand. “You need sleep now, but one day when you’re older you’ll understand okay?” He whispered, pulling his daughter into a tight hug. Feeling her small figure get racked with sobs as he carried her to her room. Placing her on the bed to get her changed out of her small Twenty One Pilots shirt and shorts into a soft blue nightgown. “Go to sleep now, or the tickle monster will attack.” Josh joked, lightly tickling at his daughter’s sides, causing a small laugh to escape her tired lips. “I love you Ava.” Josh whispered into the room as he stood by the doorframe.

              “I love you too daddy.” He heard her whisper, sounding like she was 90% asleep. He walked back out to the livingroom, flopping on the couch and putting his head in his hands. Any time Y/N was brought up, Ava would have a fit. No matter how many times Josh, or even her “Uncle TyTy” as she would call him explained it. He needed to do something to show Ava that Y/N wasn’t some terrible monster that was going to wipe out the memories of mommy altogether. Pulling out his phone, he once again started typing. This time to Tyler, Jenna and Y/N; he had a plan to show Ava how good of a person you actually were.

              The next day, you fumbled with the hem of your shirt. Though you loved Josh to the moon and back, you always felt a slight feeling of dread wash over you on the way to his house. His daughter Ava seemed to have it out for you, between rude remarks and temper tantrums it got exhausting. Though you understood Josh dating someone else besides her mother was a big step for her to get used to, you couldn’t help but feel as if you were doing something wrong. Hopefully the plan that Josh thought up would help move things in a brighter direction.

              “Good morning, are you nervous?” Tyler nudged you, as you, he and Jenna made your way to Josh’s door. You merely nodded, a bundle of nerves crowding your throat.

              “It’ll be okay, she was the same way with me the first few times I went over.” Jenna whispered to you, giving you a little confidence. “After today she’ll begin to open up.” You nodded, taking the last step and knocking on the door a few times. Hearing a small voice scream “I’ll get it! I’ll get it!” From the other side. Within seconds the door flew open in front of you, revealing an excited Ava. Did she change her view on you overnight?

              “Uncle TyTy! Aunty J!” She squealed, holding her arms out to Tyler as he picked her up. “I didn’t know you guys were coming with daddy and I!” She squealed, appearing to be ignoring you completely. Well, it was better than her being angry.

              “We’re all joining you today. Your daddy invited Aunty J, Y/N and I along for breakfast.” Tyler explained, his excitement matching that of the 3 year old. You didn’t even need to look to know that her face had fallen at the mention of you tagging along. The reaction made your mood falter a bit; only for the familiar feeling of Josh’s arms finding their way around your waist to bring it back up.

              “Hey, Y/N. You ready for today?” Josh asked, resting his chin on your shoulder, watching as Tyler put a frustrated looking Ava down. Only for her to run over and hug Josh’s leg.

              “Daddy, can’t we just leave her behind to take care of the cat? I don’t want her coming!” Ava whimpered, causing you to hold back a dejected sigh. The plan was so far off to a rough start.    

              “Sweetie, it was her idea; and I know you’ll like what she has planned. Why don’t you ask her?” Josh smiled down to his daughter, who gave you a blank look.

              “So? What do you have planned?” The girl snapped, getting scolded by her father. “Was it to get me in trouble with daddy? Or replace my mom? ‘Cause either way you’re doing good.” She whimpered, tears coming to her eyes as she ran back into the house, causing your heart to break. Ava wasn’t a brat, yeah she wasn’t the kindest toward you. But you knew she was a good kid, and felt that you needed to be the one to talk to her.

              “Let me.” You whispered to Josh, who was about to go comfort his daughter. You walked in, slipping off your shoes as you tried to remember where the girl’s bedroom was situated. Finding it was no hard task, considering you followed the sobs all the way there. “Ava?” You whispered, opening the door to find the girl curled up with a stuffed alien in her lap. No doubt she was Josh’s daughter.

              “What?” She sobbed. Not bothering to look up at you. “You’re replacing my mommy and stealing my daddy from me. Isn’t this what you want?” She cried, not noticing you were coming to sit beside her on the bed.

              “No, I don’t want to steal your dad, and would never think of even trying to replace your mom. Is that what you think I’ve been doing?” You asked, feeling like you were about to start crying yourself as the girl merely nodded. “Hey, no. I love your dad, a lot….love is weird, it’s a feeling that causes you to want to be around a person, or thing all the time.” You tried explaining, hearing a little giggle from the girl.

              “So I love pancakes?” She asked, looking up from her little alien.

              “From what your daddy has told me I think you do. Which is why I was about to take you out to IHop for a big stack of them.” You whispered, “I love your daddy lots, even though he has gross boy cooties.” You joked, getting another giggle from the girl. “And I pinky promise that I will never be replacing your mommy. You won’t understand it now, but in a couple years I’ll explain this weird situation to you. Okay?” You asked, holding out your pinky to the girl. Ava looked at it suspiciously, only to slowly wrap her pinky around yours.

              “Daddy talks about you a lot. Like all the time.” Ava giggled, “So maybe you’re not as bad as I thought. Can we go to IHop then dress the kitty in silly outfits?” She asked, hopping off her bed, as you giggled at the thought of their cat being dressed as Santa once again.

              “If that’s what you want, I’m in. Did you miss Kitty Claus?” You asked, watching as Ava’s eyes crinkled like her fathers as she laughed. She grabbed your hand with her small one and led you down stairs.

              “The queen and the Martian have arrived.” You didn’t even bothering asking who was who, as she led you down the stairs, to a very happy looking Josh.

              “You figured it out?” He asked, sliding his fingers into your free hand as you walked to his vehicle.

              “Yeah, we did. After this Kitty Claus will be making an appearance though.” You laughed, smiling at the thought of developing a closer relationship with Ava in the future.


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*Based on a How I Met Your Mother episode, Luke attends a wedding alone, and his best friend Micheal wants him to hook up with a bridesmaid. 

Sitting next Micheal, Luke wanted noting more than to go home. Being invited to a wedding was like a slap in the face for Luke. Many times he had tried to get in a relationship, only to fuck up in the beginning. And it didn’t help that his sex crazed friend was telling him how he needed to sleep with one of the bridesmaids. 

“Okay, so when I go over there, you just follow me okay?” Micheal told him, not caring if Luke was listening because Micheal knew that Luke was gonna follow. 

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The curse of kings and queens- Teen wolf AU

Originally posted by killtheinsidegifs

A/N: it’s been a while… but I started to write this and figured I may as well share it. There’s a long introduction and backstory so bear with me XD
Words: 1294

When you were only a baby, your mother, Melissa and father, peter were kings and queens of a small country. Even though they didn’t possess a lot of land, the people stay fed, there was a rich supply of trading goods and a battle was never lost. You attributed this to the skill of the warriors in your mother’s famous army. One she had put her heart and soul into. They protected the lands and the people. Their job was more than just being a weapon, they were guardians. Other wealthy families tended to look down on your family, because of your untraditional way of ruling. Women normally held only a small amount of power, yet your mother was one of the most powerful members of royalty across the whole continent. This sadly made her a target for jealous leaders.

You had heard stories growing up about what had happened to your family, each one giving more of an insight to the truth, as you pieced together parts of information from different sources who had worked closely alongside your family. Allies you could trust.

Your mother wasn’t just one of the most feared leaders, she was also a healer, being skilled in crafting potions to heal the sick. Your father was a formidable king, he had a secret selection of spies, dispersed in every country. He handpicked these people himself and he was said to have given them the skills required to hide in forests and track, by being given just an item of their clothing, royals.

The secret to your parents luck and fortune lay in an old mountain to the west of your home. It was a place where nobody went, as rumours of the danger there spread fear throughout the country. Occasionally a foolish man would stumble to the mountain, only to return disappointed. To show courage to others they would make up stories of monstrous trolls who hid in the sides of the mountain, or dragons made of stone with diamond hearts and most of the time their tales involved an echoing howl that haunted their dreams.

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Intelligence Gets Second

This was requested by @fandoms–imaginess.  “Also I liked to request an imagine: A Muggle born Ravenclaw, she gets teased a lot and one day Draco catches someone and sticks up for then asks her out.”

I hope I do a good job and meet your wishes.

Originally posted by foolforfelton


You walked out of Charms with a faint smile on your lips. Another perfect test score, of course, you were a Ravenclaw. Just like your mother, and her mother, and her mother’s mother. (You get the point.)

However, you couldn’t help but feel like you were missing out on something. Yes, you loved being a Ravenclaw and cherished your intelligence above everything, but you wanted people to look at you for more than that. ‘Maybe one day, just one day, something great will happen.’ Little did you know that that day, was today.

As you turned the corner, you accidentally bumped into someone. You fell down and all your books fell over, you heard a shrill laugh as you looked back up to see none other than Pansy Parkinson and her giggling band of baboons. 

“For a Ravenclaw I though you’d be smarter and not run into somebody like that! How unfortunate.” You could feel the burning stares all around you, but everything else was drowned out by the snorts and giggles of the girls in front of you. Your vision started to get blurry and your cheeks started burning. 

Quickly you stood up, leaving all your books behind and pushing past the group of girls. Eventually you made your way to Moaning Myrtle’s bathroom and sat in on the stalls. You pulled out your wand and pointed it in the air, whispering, “Avis.” A green hummingbird flew out from your wand tip and zoomed around the ceiling. 

You smiled softly and got up, deciding to head back to your dormitory, the on place you knew Pansy wouldn’t be. 

When you entered your dormitory, exhausted and tired, you couldn’t help but grow suspicious of the package on your neatly covered bed. As you walked closer you noticed a small note on top of the package. 

You carefully picked it up and looked at the fancy writing on the top, “Y/n.” You shrugged and turned it over, the envelope was sealed by a green snake, wax stamp.

You raised an eyebrow and opened it carefully, inside was a small card which you took out and read. ‘Sorry about Pansy, also sorry that I wasn’t there to help.’ A blush crept up your cheeks and you smiled softly, unwrapping the package. There were all of your books, together. 

Finally, something happened. You held the note to your heart for a second, then carefully tucked it under your pillow. Maybe, just maybe, this year would be different.

The next morning, you walked down the halls, circles were barely noticeable under your eyes. You had stayed up all night re-reading the letter with books. ‘Who could have done that?’ was the question that replayed on your mind.

Again, you weren’t paying attention and tripped over someone’s outstretched leg. Your books went flying and you slammed on the ground, definitely going to leave a bruise. Then it came, the shrill laughs and vacant stares.

“Haven’t you learned your Ravenflaw? I mean really you are the stupidest person I’ve ever-” 

“Pansy!” a voice shouted across the halls. You could feel the atmosphere become uncomfortably still and started sitting up when you saw him. The Draco Malfoy had just saved you from Pansy’s wrath.

“D-Draky!” What’re you doing here?” Pansy asked nervously, stealing a glare at you. Draco scoffed and started picking up your books, your cheeks flushed brightly as you watched him from the floor. He treated each and every single book with a delicate touch. 

Suddenly you realized how attractive Draco was, the way his platinum hair was slightly messed up from picking up all your books, the clothes he wore wrinkle free, his tie perfectly straight, and his storming gray eyes set with a fierce glare on Pansy.

Draco walked over to you and extended a hand, and rather cute smirk, to you. Lightly you took his hand and he pulled you up as if you weighed as much as a feather. “Leave her alone, Pansy.”

Both you and Pansy gaped at Draco. “Draco,” Pansy began, “wh-what’re you on about?” Draco intertwined your fingers and squeezed your hand softly. “I said, leave her alone.” Without warning, Draco pulled you down an empty hall and set your books down gently.

“Are you alright?” His storming gray eyes turned to a calming lighter gray which made you blush. “Y-yeah. I’m fine, just my knee is busted up a little.” You kicked your leg out a few times and Draco chuckled. 

“So, did you get your books last night?” You had totally forgotten until Draco said this. You opened your mouth and looked up at his sly smirk. “That was you!” Draco shrugged and put his hands in his pockets. “Thank you so much!” You attacked him with a hug, which made him stumble slightly, but he quickly wrapped his arms around you.

When you pulled back, Draco still had his arms around you and he was beaming down at you. “You’re very welcome, and I have a question for you, y/n.” You smiled at Draco and nodded, “what is it?”

“Would you like to be my girlfriend?” Draco tilted his head slightly, and you were quite sure that you looked like a tomato. “Y-yes.” was all you managed to get out. Draco chuckled and lightly kissed your forehead. You got up on your tippy toes and wrapped your arms around his neck, pulling him into a tight embrace. The smell of expensive cologne and mint mingled in your sense as you looked at the stack of books behind Draco.

‘Sorry,’ you thought, ‘but you’re second place now.”


Alrighty! I really enjoyed writing this one! Requests and ships are open! This was so much fun to write, too.

I hope you enjoyed it!

~Malfoy’s Journalist
Change a Life: Khouloud &Khawla
The single most important GISHWHES item

I need a moment of your time to talk about something important. Most of us on this website are more in tune with what’s happening in this world than other sites. We know the Syrian refugee crisis is enormous. There are people and families being torn apart int heir own country. There are refugees who have fled to “safety” only to have nothing once they get there. GISHWHES can’t help every single one of them, but we can help two families.

The first is a family where a mother of 4 was paralyzed from the neck down by a sniper’s bullet while tending her vegetable garden. For two years, she has been unable to leave the tented shack she shares with her family in a refugee camp in Lebanon with very little medical care.

The second is a 12 year old girl, who attempted suicide so that her mother would have one less mouth to feed, and her family. Her father is missing and presumed dead in Syria, and she currently lives in the same refugee camp in Lebanon with her mother, her sister, and her 5 brothers. Two of her brothers have severe disabilities.

We are collecting donations to help these families. Even if you only have $1 to donate, it will help. Please click the link above to our fundraising page for more details about the families, the cause, and how to help. Please reblog this link to spread the word.

Yes, this is a gishwhes item. We need to raise at least $10 (the minimum balance required to submit the donation on the site). But it’s more than that, and deserves more donations than that. It’s the world coming together to make a difference for somebody. Crowdsourcing to help a few members of humanity. We can’t save the world for every person, but we can help make a few people’s world a little less horrible. You guys have been so wonderful and helpful to me, and to each other, in times of crisis. These people are in crisis. Please donate what you can, and reblog to signal boost!

Thank you, from the bottom of my heart,

Newt Imagine #149: A Mermaid story

*Does not take place in the Glade*

Pairing(s): Newt x Reader

Warning(s): None

Requested: Yes


You swam up to your favorite rock and sat there humming your favorite song, a song your mother always sang to you as a child. As you sat there humming, you looked through your bag of stolen goods. You searched for the dark, velvety, red amulet, the one that could do wonders.

When you found it, you stopped humming and took it out of your bag and looked at it admiringly, eyes widened as it glowed. You squeezed it tight and held it close to your heart. This amulet was a special amulet. Sure mermaids held the special ability to make wishes come true, but this amulet was more special than that. It could turn a mermaid human, something a mermaid or any merfolk could wish for that they couldn’t do themselves. You closed your eyes and wished. “Just for a day I’d like to be a human. See what it’s like, s-see what wonders this special world holds.” You whisper.

Suddenly the amulet glows brighter, and a red dark smoke begins to emit from it, wrapping around your tail and all the way to your fins. You look in awe as your tail and fins became human legs. The smoke then fades away and you look at them, wiggling your toes in the process. You had read books on the human life, and have always wanted to see what it felt like, so you stole the only amulet that would let you do just that. The only problem was…you stole it from a sea witch, and she was not too happy.

You smiled then realized you were naked from the waist down, so you covered yourself with your bag, placing the amulet back in it. You looked around the pier and saw a towel laying on the ground and quickly ran to it, stumbling as you walked to it. You picked up the towel and wrapped it around you and looked at the people passing by. You smile again, ‘today is going to be a good day.’


He watched the fish swim by as he leaned against the railing of the pier, enjoying the beautiful sunrise, when he heard someone humming. He turned around to see a girl with Y/H/L, Y/H/C hair. She was pretty, very pretty. He noticed that she only wore a towel, a nice blue bag over her shoulder, and no shoes. She seemed to almost trip with every step she took. He lightly chuckled at that. She noticed him staring and decided to walk closer to him, smiling like an idiot. She reached him, “hello.”

“Hi.” Newt smiled back.

“My name’s Y/N. What’s yours?”

“Uhm…Newt?” He nervously chuckled.

“That’s lovely. So unique.” She complimented Newt.

“Thanks, it’s short for Newton. My full name is Isaac Newton. But I’m only named after a scientist, your name is much lovelier.” He sweetened back.

“Why thank you.” Her smile widened. “So what are you doing on this lovely day?”

“Oh nothing, just enjoying the sunrise. What about you? I see you’ve just went for a morning swim.”

She looked confused at first, then caught on, “oh, right…because I have this towel on. Yeah, literally just came out of the water. Also I really like your accent. You’re not from around here are you?”

Newt chuckled again, “not exactly. My family moved here, but that was a long time ago, so technically I’ve been here for quite a while. Are you from around here?” He questioned back.

“Oh I’m from Atlanti-” she cut short. “No not really. I’m only visiting for the day.” She smiled awkwardly.


That was close. You could not tell anyone you were a mermaid, they’d probably capture you and kill you. Sure the human world sounded fun, but it had its cons. Many cons. But you brushed it off anyway and continued your conversation with this Newt boy.

“I hate to be a bother, I really do, but do you think you could show me around the town? I’d love to see as much as I can before midnight.”

“Why midnight? Is your carriage is going to turn into a pumpkin?” He chuckled.

“Excuse me?” You ask confused.

“Y-you know, like in Cinderella?”

“What’s that?”

His eyebrows rose.


Later that day you and Newt walked almost all around town. He was so surprised by how intrigued you were by the smallest of things. He probably wondered what part of the world you came from. So, as your day went along, you and Newt had gotten really close. You two shared secrets, told embarrassing stories from your childhood, and even shared some things you both weren’t proud of.

You and Newt sat at a bench eating what the humans call a hotdog. Which you learned were not actually made of the small land creatures everyone seemed to love so much. You smiled after every bite, tasting the flavor of bread and meat and other things combined. This day couldn’t get any better. You made a friend, you ate some human food, and you saw almost a whole city of people. This was truly a good day. Then you saw the sun set and began to worry.

You and Newt walked by the ocean, him holding your hand in his. “Today was possibly the best day ever Newt. Thank you so much!” You smiled at him as you two walked alongside the water. You felt it splash against your feet, making you smile, already going to miss the day. Newt noticed this and looked at you, “so uh, where exactly are you staying, love?” He swung your hand.

“Oh, um…”

Suddenly the ocean began to bubble and you and Newt looked toward it. “Oh no!” You gasp.

“What? Why the bloody hell is it doing that?”

“She’s here for me.” You looked at Newt, scared.

“What? Who? What are you talking about?”

“The evil sea witch! I-I stole this amulet,” you say taking it out of your bag, “it can grant a mermaids wish to become human.”

“You’re a mermaid?!” Newt’s voice grew as the ground began to shake. “Why didn’t you tell me?!” He looked rather angry.

“Because I don’t want to die!”

“Die?!” He shouted back as the wind began to pick up, and the sand begin to hit his face.

“Yes! Die! If I had told you I was one, you probably would have taken me to a lab and experiment on me!”

“I thought we were friends, Y/N!” He yelled back.

“We are!”

“Are we?!” He shouted back disappointed, letting go of your hand, making you feel sad from the loss of his touch.

Suddenly the wind picked up much tougher than before and swooped you off the sand and pulled you near the sea. You called for Newt, “Newt! Help! Please!”

He only watched in anger. Then the water swallowed you whole, turning you back into a mermaid.



The blond Brit stood at the pier a couple days later, thinking about Y/N. He couldn’t believe what he saw. To be fair, he had just met her that day, he couldn’t expect her to tell a stranger everything about herself. So Newt face palmed himself for being a complete jerk and not saving her. She was really interesting to be around, and the first girl he’s ever really liked. She was so different, more appreciative of the little things in life. He looked at the sunrise, wishing he could hear her beautiful voice again. He heard someone humming and he quickly turned around to see a pretty lady, but she wasn’t as pretty as Y/N. Newt needed to find a way to save her. He had too. He’d only met her one day and she was already that import to him. How weird was that.

Newt thought and fought with himself to see if this was even real. Then he spotted something red glowing in the water. The amulet Y/N had shown him. Okay, this was definitely real. Newt climbed over the railing and jumped into the water, swimming towards the glowering amulet. When he reached it, he grabbed it and swam back up for air. He looked at it, ‘maybe it could work on a human too.’ He thought. So he tried.

Newt wished. Then smoke emitted from the amulet and turned him into a merman. He was a little shocked at first, but got used to it after a couple of minutes, then swam back down and searched for Y/N.


You sat in her cave chained up to a wall. While you sat in complete sadness, you hummed the same song you did while on the land before and after the amulet. Suddenly your heard someone whisper your name, “Y/N, love. Is that you?”


You looked up at the small opening and swam up to it and saw Newt on the other side. “N-Newt!” You gasp, “y-you’re a merman…but how?”

“The amulet. I saw it in the water and I jumped into the ocean and grabbed it. I wished to become a merman. Look, Y/N, I’m really sorry about that night. I was so angry with you for not telling me the complete truth. But in all fairness, we did meet that day and I don’t blame you.”

“It’s okay, Newt.”

“Am I forgiven?”

“Only if you get me out of here.”

“Done.” He looked at the situation, “um, how exactly do I get you out of here, love?”

“You need to unlock the cage.” You say moving out of the way to show Newt the inside of the cave.

He nods, “okay. I’ll be right back.” He cups your face and swiftly kisses your lips. “Wait for me?” He smirks.

“Will do.” You say breathlessly, then he swims away.


Newt swims around the rocks and sees the opening of the cave. He enters and looks for the cell with Y/N in it. He holds the amulet close while he searches for a key to unlock the cell. When he spots the key, he takes it quickly and swims further into the cave and searches for Y/N. Suddenly he hears that same tune from before, and swam closed to the sound, finally reaching Y/N.

He unlocks the cell and her head snaps up, “Newt!” She smiles.

“Y/N!” He swims up to her, and gives her a hug. He cups her face and is about to kiss her again but notices the chain around the base of the tail, where the fins begin. He looks back at her, and swims down to unlock it. When he does, she takes his hand and leads him out of the cave before the witch can even notice.

They swim all the way up to the shore. The sun is setting and Newt is already turning into a human. As soon as his legs return, they both sit on the sand next to one another holding hands.

“Y/N, when will I be able to see you again?” He looks to you.

“I don’t know. I really wish there was a way so that I could become a human again.”

“Me too. I really really like you Y/N, and I’d like to take you on a date and get to know more about you. B-but how can we possibly do that?” Newt sighed.


When you read about the amulet somewhere in one of the books you read said that if you crushed the amulet while the wish is still activated, the wish becomes permanent. But you had already wasted your wish, and so did Newt.

“Hey,” he nudged you, “maybe we can make the same wish, maybe it could count as one?” He said.

“Newt, that sounds ridiculous.” You scoff.

“It doesn’t hurt to try, love.” He grabbed your chin.

You look into his chocolate eyes, “o-okay.”

So you both tried it. You both held onto the amulet and simultaneously wished for the same thing. He wished for you to become a human and so did you. Then the same smoke from before came out of the amulet and wrapped around your tail and turned it into your legs. As soon as you could wiggle your toes, Newt grabbed the amulet and crushed it with his bare hand, the same smoke emitting from it, going away. The wish was permanent. You would stay a human.

Newt looked at you and your half naked form and grabbed his wet jacket and gave it to you. He smiled at you as he grabbed your hand, “how about that date?”

You giggle like a schoolgirl and peck his lips, “I’d love that.”

He snuck a kiss back, “let’s go.”

Then you both got up and walked away.


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You're an angel for doing these prompts! Thank you! So WinterWitch with 5 Puppy/Kitten Therapy? They need it. They need all the kittens! I'll probably be back with more propmts, because your writing is fabulous and so are you.

“Can I ask where all the kittens came from?” Bucky asked, plucking one from the neck of his t-shirt where it had been trying to burrow in.  There were at LEAST four.  He thought.  Maybe more.  There could be more and it was just that he never saw more than four at a time.  

“Sam found them out on the road the tool shed.  Their mother got hit by a car…” Wanda brought two up to nuzzle close to her face.  “Can we keep them?”  

“How many are there?” he asked, sighing as he reached around to pluck the same adventurous kitten from the back of his shirt.  

“Four?  I think..maybe five?” Wanda frowned as she tried to locate them all.  “No four.” 

“Fine…” he had to smile at the rambunctious little tabby in his hand. It just didn’t know when to give up.  “I’m naming this one Cap, though…”  

Summary: [Canon Divergence] After Regina is reunited with her darker half things in Storybrooke begin to settle down. Unfortunately, that’s not always a good thing. When she makes an abrupt revelation old vulnerabilities begin to resurface. However, she’s not the only one plagued with troubling thoughts. Together Emma and Regina help each other realize that you do not have to mutilate yourself to be accepted by others and prove your worth in the world; all you should worry about it what makes you happy.

Excerpt: So little in her life made sense since she passed the ‘Welcome to Storybrooke’ sign six years ago. Her world tilted on its axis and the expectations people had for her weighed on her more than being a little orphan girl ever had. Mother, Sheriff, Savior, Princess—these titles and the expectations bound to them were crippling. “I hate this,” she confessed. “I hate this happily ever after fairytale crap.” 

You can read the full chapter here.

Knowing (Part Four)

A/N: Sorry this took so long. Worked very hard. Again, thank you for all the support.

Warnings: Captain America: Civil War spoilers, language, fluff, blood, car accident, hurt child

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Masterlist (Part One) (Part Two) (Part Three)

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Hearing laughing you open your eyes. You see your parents. Your father is driving and your mother is smiling back at you. Sitting in a car seat, you were no more than five years old. You and your mother were singing to each other while your father smiled, driving down the desolate back road. Then, just like that, your happy moment was over. You heard a really loud bang that scared you. Then a motorcycle came speeding by. Screaming from fear, your father loses control of the car and crashed into something hard. You bounce in your car seat, putting your small arms up to shield your face. You hit your head and arms against the passenger’s side seat. You start crying in pain. Blood runs down your small face from a small gash above your brow and your left arm starts to hurt really badly. It is slightly bent at an angle it shouldn’t go. Then the motorcycle comes back. A masked man climbs off of it. You thought he was a monster. He rips the driver side door off and pulls your pleading father out. Your mother yells his name. Muffled noises come from him outside the vehicle, then he was quiet. The man looks to your mother and walks around the car. He places his hand around her neck and squeezes the life out of her. You yell, “Mommy! Daddy!” Tear streak your face. Then your mother was silent. The only sounds came from your sobs and distant sirens. The monster now looks to you. You wiggle in your car seat to try and escape but to no avail. He comes to your door and rips it off making it fly across the snow covered road. He bends over to your level, his face very close to you. You whimper and squirm as his large hands come for you. In a fighting attempt, you lash your unharmed arm at his face. The mask falls off his face. You look deep into his blue eyes and they went soft. Then he was gone.

You jolt awake from the frightening dream. Was it real? You knew you were in the car with your parents when the crash happened but you don’t remember anything else. You blocked out most of what happened. Looking around, you see that you are in a familiar place. It was your room at the New Avengers Facility. Sitting up you felt sore and weak. You must’ve been out for quite a while. Getting up, you stumble a bit but regain your balance. Lifting your shirt you see only a barely noticeable scar on your stomach. “Tony must’ve used the cradle on you. That was a relief.” You thought as a smile pursed on your lips. Opening your bedroom door, you walk out into the hallway. It was quiet. Wandering the halls, you come to main living space. Wanda and Natasha sre sitting on the couch together talking. Clearing your throat, they look up to you. Wide grins appear on their faces. You smile to them. “Hey guys.” You wave awkwardly at them and smile.

“(Y/N)!” Wanda shrieks. “You’re awake.” She comes running to you pulling you into a rather large and tight embrace.

Nat comes up beside the two of you and joins the hug. “I’m so glad that you are ok. After the blast went off…” She wipes a tear that runs down her cheek. “I thought you were gone.”

They quickly pull you towards the couch and seat you between the two of them. “I’m alive thanks to Bucky.” You say, a smile comes to your face.

“Bucky?” Nat asks. “Why was he there?” She furrows her brows in question.
“Why would he save you?” Wanda asks with her thick accent.

“I don’t know honestly.” You bite your lip. “He really is a good guy. He took care of me.” A small smile purses to your lips.

Nat shakes her head. “Why wouldn’t he take you to the hospital? That is the smart thing to do.”

“He was afraid someone would recognize him. He didn’t want to take any chances.” You said confidently.

“But that doesn’t make sense.” Nat looks to you with confusion on her face. “Why would he risk being seen by saving you?”

“I don’t know. Honestly I’m just happy he saved me. He took care of me and comforted me and…” You trail off. Looking up to the two women, they looked surprised, mouths agape.

“Did you sleep with him, (Y/N)?” Wanda asked quickly before Nat could even muster the words.

A deep red started to appear in your cheeks. It’s written all over your face. “So what if I did? I like him. He’s a good guy. You don’t know him like I do.”

“Yeah we definitely don’t know him as well as you.” Nat smirked, definitely taking what you just said the wrong way.

“Natasha!” You squealed, smacking her arm. “You know what I mean.”
“I think she does.” Wanda pipes up. She smiles to you. “But I don’t think you should say anything that you told us to Tony. He’d freak.”

“What would I freak out about?” Tony comes walking in then sees you awake and sitting on the couch.

“Oh it’s nothing Tony. Just joking around with (Y/N).” Nat lied. Being a spy, she excels at lying along with some other things.

“(Y/N)!” Tony yells very loudly and runs to you. He pulls you into his arms and gives you a kiss on the top of your head. “I’m so glad you’re awake. What happened to you.”

Before you answer your brother Wanda and Nat get up and make their way to the exit. “We’re just gonna let you guys have some privacy.” Nat says, winking at you.

“What? No guys you don’t need to leave.” You beg them to stay.

“No, no you two need to talk.” Wanda reassured you. “We’ll just be in my room if you need anything.”

Then the two of you were alone. “Sorry Tony, what was your question?”

“I just wanted to know what happened to you? You had me worried sick!”

“Oh well, the bomb went off and I was thrown through the window and fell to the ground. But someone managed to catch me.” You were nervous to tell Tony who had saved you. Bucky isn’t exactly in Tony’s top ten.

Tony furrowed his brows. “Who caught you? How did they even manage to get to you in time?”

“So Steve didn’t fill you in on anything?”

“Well I was trying to manage to get your asses out of trouble and not in jail. You guys pretty much broke the whole thing.”

“Well we never broke any since I never signed them. They’re by far the stupidest thing I’ve ever read.” You were getting irritated with your brother. He pushed and pushed you to sign the accords but just because you’re his sister doesn’t mean you do everything Tony says.

“(Y/N)! I don’t want to see you be put in a super max for not signing and doing as you please. I just won’t let it happen!” Tony exclaimed. He had jumped up from the couch and started to pace back and forth. “And you still haven’t answered my question? Who have you been with this past week? Did it not occur to you to maybe call your own brother?”

By now you were getting pissed at Tony. He was always treating you like a child. You were so done with him. Before you could think you answered him, you voice at a high pitch. “Bucky! Dammitt Tony I was with Bucky! He saved me!”
“What? Why would he….” He trailed off. “Why would he risk it?”
“I don’t know. Honest. He helped me and I like him Tony. He’s a good guy.” You calmed down now. Admitting your feelings to him wasn’t something you’d always do.

Tony put his palms to his face and rubbed his tired eyes. “(Y/N), he’s a criminal. I don’t think it’s a good thing for you to start anything here. It will just end in sorrow.”

Not wanting to argue with him anymore you decided to just make him happy. “Ok Tony, I will stay away.”

“Thank you sweetheart.” He bent over and placed a kiss to your cheek. “I love you kiddo.”

“Love you too.” You smile to him. He went to leave when you remembered your dream. “Tony wait.”

“Yeah? What is it?”

Getting up you walk to the other side of the couch and lean on the back of it. “Do you remember the accident?”

Tony furrowed his brows. “Yes of course. I remember as if it were yesterday. Why do you ask?”

“I just had a dream about it and remembered some stuff that happened while I was in the car. Just kind of freaked me out.” You looked to the ground at your bare feet.

Tony moved to you and pulled you into his embrace. “You blocked out a lot of what happened to you back then. Maybe it was something your mind made up?” He pulled away and rubbed a tear that escaped from your cheek.

“Yeah maybe you’re right. Just seemed so real.”

“Your mind can make up a lot of strange thing while you’re asleep. Just got to sh….” He stopped in mid sentence from is phone ringing. He slid his finger across the screen answering it. “Yeah? What? You have got to be kidding me! I will be there in 8 hours.” He then hung up and looked at you. He looked pissed.

“What is it Tony?” You asked nervously knowing something big happened to make him this angry.

“Barnes escaped and Steve and Sam are M.I.A.” He started to walk away and rush down the hallway. “F.R.I.D.A.Y. have Natasha meet me at the Quinjet immediately. Tell her we are going to Germany right away.”

“Yes Mr. Stark” F.R.I.D.A.Y. said back to him in her almost lifelike voice.
You weren’t too far behind. “I’m coming with you!” You yelled to him while trying to keep up.

“Like hell you are. You need to stay here and rest. You’ve been through a lot this past week and I don’t want anything more to happen to you.” Tony explained.

“You have got to be kidding me Tony! I’m fine!” You ran ahead of him and stopped him in his tracks. He rolled his eyes but you ignored it. “I’m getting around just fine if you couldn’t tell.”

“I said no and that’s final.” He walked past you and left you in the hall. You stood there for many minutes. You were angry. After all these years, he still treats you like a child. Before long you heard the Quinjet leave and just like that they were gone.

You stomped through the hall and was headed to your bedroom when you smelled something emitting from the kitchen. You assumed everyone left with Tony. Going to investigate you came upon Wanda and Vision. They seem to have been cooking but not anymore. Wanda was clearly upset with Vision. You walked up to them and smiled but it soon fell when you didn’t receive one back.

“Hey guys is everything ok? I thought you two would’ve went with Tony and Nat?

"Well (Y/N), it seems that Tony has put me on house arrest. Would you like to tell her why Vis?” Wanda said with sarcasm in her voice. She was clearly angry and her gaze never left Vision’s.

“Well Miss Stark, as I was telling Wanda.” He looked to you feeling slightly uncomfortable under Wanda’s gaze. “It’s merely a question of safety.”

“She can protect herself just fine.” You look to him bewildered.

“Mr. Stark would like to avoid the possibility of another public incident. Until the Accords are a…more secured foundation.”

“That’s a load of bull and you know it Vision!” You protested.

“I am sorry but I am only doing this for her own safety as well as others.” Vision told you with concern in his voice. “He also would like me to keep an eye on you and make sure you do not leave the premises.”

“Oh you have got to be kidding me. Now this is clearly some bullshit!” You yelled to Vision and before he could respond you had stomped out of the room.


It had been one day since Tony made you stay behind. You were in the main living area with Wanda and Vision again. You were frustrated with Tony and angry that he had left you behind. You were in this fight together. You almost didn’t hear the noise that came from outside the barracks. “What is it?”

“Stay here, please.” Vision gestured to the both of you. He then floated away and went through the wall to investigate.

“I’m never gonna get used to him doing that.” You smirked at what he had just done as if it was the coolest thing ever. You turned around to Wanda and saw a figure move quickly behind her. Before you could react, she turned around ready to unleash her power.

“Guess I should have knocked.” Clint froze. He smiled to the both of you.

“Oh my god.” Wanda whispered. “What are you doing here?”

You both went to him and gave him a quick hug. “Disappointing my kids. I’m suppose to go water skiing.” He chuckled while placing his arm on Wanda’s back and gesturing for you to follow. “Cap needs our help, come on.”

“Clint!” You heard Vision say loudly. “You should not be here.”

“Really?” Clint questioned. “I retire for, what, 5 minutes? And it all goes to shit.”

“Please consider the consequences of your actions.”

“Okay, they’re considered.” Just then Clint releases an arrow creating an electric force that shoots through Vision that keeps him at bay for the moment. “Okay, we got to go.”

Both you and Clint proceed to make your escape but Wanda stops. “I’ve caused enough problems.” She said clearly certain that she would hurt more people if she left.

“You got to help me, Wanda.” Clint reassured her. “You want to make amends. You get off your ass.” Just then he looked past Wanda and saw that Vision had made his escape. “Shit.” Clint tried to release another arrow but Vision threw him across the room. “I knew I should have stretched.”

“Clint, You can’t overpower me.” Vision said while taking a hold of Clint.
You then came up to Vision landing a punch to his face but it did nothing. He did not release Clint and he then grabbed you by your arm making sure you were in his sight.

“I know I can’t.” Clint told Vision. “But she can.”

“Vision.” Wanda said. He power moving between her hands. “That’s enough, let them go. I’m leaving.”

Vision released the two of you and turned to Wanda. “I can’t let you.”
“I’m sorry.” Wanda said with hurt in her eyes. She then released her power onto him.

He knelt to the ground and was pushed backward by her strong power. “If you do this,” He struggled to say, “they will never stop being afraid of you.”

“I can’t control their fear, only my own.” Wanda said and then pushed him down through the floor and earth with her incredibly strong power.

“Ok guys, let’s get out of here.” Clint said. The three of us all ran out the building and into the van parked out front.

You got inside to find a man lying in the back seat sleeping. “Who’s he?” You ask.

“That’s Scott Lang. Sam wanted me to pick him up before we headed to Germany.”

You then took your seat and the four of you began your journey to Germany.
8 hours later the four of you were in another van. Scott was laying across the seat again sleeping. You were waiting in the airport parking garage in Berlin for Steve to show up. Just then you saw a Volkswagen Beatle making its way toward you. From the look of the vehicle, it looked to be struggling from the amount of men in it. They pulled up beside our vehicle and you see Steve and Sam make their way out. Then you see someone else get out. It was Bucky. Your heart jumped at the site of him. Clint and Wanda had already gotten out of the van and you quickly made your way out the passenger side door. Your eyes meet Bucky’s. You smile and run to him on the other side of the small vehicle. You jump into his embrace and squeeze him tightly. You were so happy to see his face again. You then pull away just enough to smash your lips into his. You kiss him deeply and he kisses back. Before long you could hear Steve clearing his throat. Pulling away from Bucky you smile to Steve. “Sorry. I just really missed him.”

“It’s ok (Y/N). Buck filled me in on all what happened.” He said smiling. “He may have went a little too far in detail but he told me.”

You snorted and smacked his shoulder. “Way to go, soldier.”

“Sorry doll, I wanted to tell Steve everything I knew.” He smiled to you and pulled you into a side hug and kissed you to your temple. “I wanted to tell him how happy you have made me this past week.”

You look up to him and smile placing a quick peck to his lips. “Ok moving on.” Sam said so we could go on with the plan.

“Wait one minute.” Clint interrupted. “When did this happen.” Clint motioned to you and Bucky.

“Umm well since the explosion in Vienna.” You explained. “He helped me out and we kind of clicked, ya know?”

“Oh, ok well good for you two.” Clint said smiling still looking slightly confused. “And what does Tony think of all of this?”

You looked to Bucky and interlaced your fingers with his. “I tried to explain it to Tony but he wouldn’t listen so, no, he doesn’t know.”

“Well that’s gonna be fun to watch when he finds out.” Sam said with a wide grin on his face.

“Moving on.” Steve said. “Clint, you know I wouldn’t have called you if I had any other choice. So thanks for having my back.”

“Hey, you’re doing me a favor.” Clint chuckled. “I’m always on your team and besides, it was time to get off my ass.”

“About our other recruit.”

“He’s ready to go cap. Had to put a little coffee in him, but…” Clint yanked the side door open to reveal a sleeping Scott Lang. “We should be good.”

Scott jumped up from his slumber. He rubbed his eyes and yawned. “Ugh…What time zone is this?”

“Come on.” Clint gestured for him to get out of the van.
Stretching, Scott looked ahead of him in astonishment. “Captain America.” He shook his hand.

“Mr. Lang.” Steve shook his hand.

“Wow. This is awesome.” He was star struck. “I know you too, you’re great.” He gestured to Wanda. “Jeez.” Scott looked down to his hand that was still shaking Steve’s hand. “Sorry. That went on too long.” He pulled away from Steve’s firm grip. “Look,  I wanted to say. I know you know a lot of super people, so…thanks for thinking of me.”

“It’s no problem Scott.” Steve said reassuringly.

“Hey man.” Scott said to Sam. He smirked at him.

Sam had his arms crossed and a stern expression. “What’s up tic-tac. Good to see you.”

“Look. What happened last time was a….”

“It was a great audition, but it’ll never happen again.”

Did he tell you what we’re up against?“ Steve asked.

"Something about some…psycho assassins.”

“We’re outside the law on this one. So, if you come with us, you’re a wanted man.” Steve told Scott to see if he’d back out or not.

“Yeah, well, what else is new?” Scott gave Steve a toothy grin.

“We should get moving. I got a chopper lined up.”

You all heard a loud speaker overhead. “They’re evacuating the airport.” You said. “It has to be Tony.”

“Suit up.” Steve told us all and everyone went into action.

You got your bag out of the back of the van and dropped it next to Bucky’s. You looked up to him feeling a little nervous of what is going to happen next. You sighed.

Bucky looked at your bag then up to you. “Doll, you are in no shape to fight. You should sit this one out.”

“Like hell I am Barnes.” You told him. You knew he was worried about you. He believed you were still hurt from the explosion just a little over a week before. You lifted your shirt exposing your stomach. “See. I’m fine. Tony and Banner have worked on some great technology that helped heal me.”

Bucky pulled his glove off his flesh hand and lightly ran his fingers over your stomach. “That’s amazing, (Y/N). I’m glad you’re better.” He kissed your cheek. “I know I can’t keep you away from this fight but promise me you’ll be careful.”

“I promise Buck.” You linked his pinky with his and winked at him. “I pinky promise.”

Bucky laughed at you while pulling you into one last hug. He pulled away and looked into your (Y/E/C) eyes. “God you’re beautiful, doll. How’d I get to be so lucky to have a girl like you?”

“I got low standards.” You laughed and then quickly pulled him into one last kiss. You both then got ready, putting your gear on and making sure everything you had was in its place.

The whole team stood together with all their gear on. Everyone knew where they were going. “Go Team Cap!” Scott yelled through his helmet. Then you all separated.

You were behind Steve and went to your spot behind a column in the parking garage while Steve went running outside. Steve ran out to the waiting chopper but heard Tony fly up and shot a device at the chopper leaving it fried. You peaked around the corner to now see Tony talking to Steve. Probably trying to be funny at first with him but you know Steve wasn’t gonna have . Rhodey came down next to Tony. You didn’t hear much but T'Challa or what you now know he goes by the Black Panther, came into view. As you saw Nat come out next you knew it was your cue to make your entrance. You jogged out to Steve’s side.

“Hey big brother.” You smiled to him.

“What the hell are you doing here?” Tony asked while pointing at you.

“She’s here to help us, Tony.” Steve said.

“Wow, my own flesh and blood against me. What next? I find out you and Barnes are sleeping together?” Tony said disappointed in his own sister.

“Really Tony?” You said shaking your head. You thought your brother was being an asshole. “This doesn’t mean I hate you I just think you’re on the wrong side. Oh and yes, I am.”

“Am what?” Tony asked. Brows raised clearly irritated at you.

“I am sleeping with Bucky and I enjoyed it! ” You told him with anger in your voice and a sly smirk came across your face.

Tony’s mouth dropped in shock. He was about to say something but Steve butted in. “You two need to drop this. You’ll have plenty of time later but now we need to get out of here.”

“Oh, you’re not going anywhere.” T'Challa said coming up to stand next to Tony. “How long do you think you can keep your friend safe from me?”

“As long as it takes.” Steve grimaced at T'Challa. He had to protect his best friend at all costs. No matter what the consequences. “Tony hear me out. That doctor, the psychiatrist, he’s behind all of this.”

“I have 36 hours to bring you in. That was 24 hours ago. You think you could help a brother out.?

"You’re after the wrong guy, Tony.” You said pleading to your big brother.

“Your judgement is askew. Your war buddy and your fuck buddy killed innocent people.” Tony said looking to both you and Steve.

“And there are 5 more super soldiers just like him. I can’t let the doctor find them first, Tony. I can’t.” Steve pleaded.

“Steve.” Natasha spoke up. “Do you really want to punch your way out of this one?”

“Alright, I’ve run out of patience. Underoos!” Tony yelled through his hands cupped around his mouth.

Someone in a red spandex suit came flying above you and Steve. He shot something out of their hands and quickly pulled Cap’s shield from his grasp while also tying his hands together and landing on top of the chopper.

“Everyone’s got a gimmick now.” You muttered under your breath.

“Nice job, kid.” Tony told the red suited man.

“Thanks. Well, I could’ve stuck the landing a little better.” The kid rambled on to Tony. “It’s…just the new suit…Well, it’s nothing, Mr. Stark. It’s-It’s perfect. Thank you.” The kid kept on talking.

“Yeah we really don’t need to start a conversation.” Tony said while looking back to you with sad eyes.

“Okay. Cap…Captain.” The kid said saluting Steve. “Big fan, I’m Spider-Man.”

“Yeah we’ll talk about it later.” Tony said with his arm up motioning him to stop talking so much.

“Just…Hey everyone.” Spider-man said.

“Good job.” Tony gave Spider-man a thumbs up.

“You’ve been busy.” Steve spoke up.

“And you’ve been a complete idiot. Dragging in Clint. Rescuing Wanda from a place she doesn’t even want to leave.” Tony gritted his teeth. “A safe place.”

“You had her under lock down, Tony”

“I’m trying to keep, I’m trying to keep you from tearing the Avengers apart.”

“You did that when you signed.” You said with sadness in your eyes. You felt bad that you weren’t taking your brothers side but you believed he was wrong. You stuck to your beliefs no matter what.

“Alright I’m done.” Tony sounded really pissed now. “You’re gonna turn Barnes over and you’re gonna come with us. NOW!”

You heard through the com a beautiful voice that you were starting to love. “We found it. The quinjet’s in hanger five. North runway.”

Steve shook his head. He then looked to you and nodded. “Alright Lang.” You said aloud to practically no one.

“Hey, guys.” Spider-man was looking at Cap’s shield. “Something…Whoa!”

Steve raised his hands up above his head and an arrow came cutting through the webbing keeping Cap’s hands together. Then Scott grew to normal size off the shield, doing a backflip off the chopper and kicking Spider-man in the jaw.

“What-What the hell was that?” Rhodey asked.

“I believe this is yours, Captain America.” Scott handed the shield to Cap.
Your brother and Rhodey started took off in the sky. You heard T'Challa say he was going to get Barnes. You lunged yourself towards him wrapping your legs around his neck and flipping him to the ground only for him to quickly get up. Steve came up behind you and slammed his shield into T'Challa. They crashed their bodies into each other. You saw that Steve had this under control so you ran towards  the hanger where everyone else on your team were trying to get to. You were then stopped by your brother you landed right in front of you. “Tony, move.”

Tony opened his helmet to look at you. “I’d like to see you try, little sister.” He mocked while effortlessly blocking your path.

You hated what you were about to do but you had to. He’ll brush it off in no time, you told yourself. “I’m sorry Tony.”

“For wha…” Tony tried to ask before you threw a punch into his jaw. You ran around him towards the hanger again. “By the way, you punch like a girl.” He yelled to your running figure.

You caught up to Clint and Wanda who were also heading towards the hanger. As you ran you met up with Steve and Scott, then Sam and Bucky. You all ran together towards the hanger but then a laser of light sizzling through the concrete stopped you all in your tracks. You looked up to see Vision floating. “Captain Rogers.” He said stoically. “I know you believe what you’re doing is right. But, for the collective good, you must surrender now.”

You looked ahead to see Tony, Rhodey, T'Challa, Spider-man, Natasha, and Vision standing together in front of your group. You were standing by Bucky. You grasped his hand and gave it a squeeze. He looked to you and smiled giving you a quick peck on the cheek. You were happy Bucky did that. It would make Tony very angry. You look to Steve, still holding Bucky’s hand. “What do we do, Cap?”

“We fight.” Steve said. In unison you all started to walk towards the other team. They started to jog towards you. Releasing your hand from Bucky’s you gave him a wink and started running towards Natasha. Bucky crashed into T'Challa knocking him to the ground. You wanted to help him but you had your own fighting to do.

You jumped at Natasha throwing every move at her that you knew. The downside was that she knew them all as well. She had taught you all you knew. She flipped you to the ground hard onto your back. It knocked the wind out of you. She had you pinned. “We’re still friends, right?” You managed to say under her hold.

“Depends on how hard you hit me.” Nat smirked at you. While you managed to distract her with small talk, you were able to slide out from under her and flip her to the ground. You were then grabbed from behind by Spider-man’s webbing that shot out from his wrists. He pulled you away from Nat and smashed you into a luggage carrier.

Getting away from T'Challa, Bucky ran over and slammed his metal fist into Spider-man’s covered face. Bucky then turned around and helped you up while moving behind the luggage cart for protection. You talked to both Bucky and the team through the com. “We got to go. That guy’s probably in Siberia by now.”

“We’re not all gonna get out of here.” Clint yelled. “If we’re gonna win this one, some of us might have to lose it.”

“This isn’t the real fight, Steve. You and Bucky get to the quinjet.” You told Bucky with stern eyes. “You can do this, Buck. I’ll be fine.” You placed your lips to Bucky’s quickly then pushed him away to start running to the hanger.

“Alright (Y/N), what’s the plan.” Clint asked.

“We need a diversion, something big.”

“I’ve got something kind of big, but I can’t hold it very long.” Scott said with enthusiasm in his voice. “On my signal, run like hell. And if I tear myself in half, don’t come back for me.”

“He’s tearing himself in half?” Sam yelled.

“You’re sure about this guy?” You asked.

“I do it all the time. I mean once…in a lab. And I passed out.” Scott sounded nervous but ready to do whatever he was about to do. Then, instead of Scott shrinking, he grew several stories high.

“Holy shit!” You yelled. “Now that’s a distraction. I believe that if you signal guys.”

Sam came flying around at Rhodey. “Way to go tic-tac!”

You heard Scott laughing maniacally and almost freaking out. He was having fun with his new size. You saw Bucky and Steve make their way towards the hanger. You gave it all you got fighting whoever got close to you. Before long you saw the quinjet fly off. You smiled, happy they were getting away. Then Spider-man started wrapping his webbing around Scott’s legs as if you were watching a scene straight out of Star Wars. They got him down and he quickly went back to normal size. You ran over to him. “Scott. Are you okay?”

“I’m fine.” Scott said. “Does anyone have any orange slices.”

You laughed and pulled out some watermelon flavored gum. “Thanks, (Y/N). You’re a life saver.”

You then heard a crash and looked up to the sky. Rhodey was falling. He must’ve been hit cause he wasn’t powering up. Tony and Sam were racing after him to catch him before he hit the ground but he was going too fast. He hit. You put your hand over your mouth feeling sadness overwhelm you.

Hearing sirens coming, you sat on the ground next to a quivering Scott. Wanda and Clint came over and sat with you waiting for us all to be arrested. Even after all this fighting, you couldn’t help but feel happy that Steve and Bucky had gotten away.


You had been worried no one around here would like you, especially not Aslaug’s sons. They got along fine with your half-brother Bjorn but they were family and had the same father after all. You were practically a stranger to everyone.

Your mother had tried to reassure you that things would be fine but that anxious feeling in your stomach was still there when you arrived back in Kattegat. It was your first time here and everything looked different than you had imagined.

You stayed back a little when your mother went to greet Ragnar and Aslaug, too nervous and shy to say anything.

„It’s your first time here, right?“ A voice beside you says and you look up to see one of Bjorn’s half-brothers.

„It is, yes.“

„My name is Hvitserk, I could show you around.“

„Really? Thank you!“ You say relieved and follow him outside.

You had thought they’d be more wary of you but he was really friendly and immediately started talking to you. He showed you around the village and you relaxed more and more, the anxious feeling you had slowly fading away.

„So…you’re staying for a while then?“


„Great…“ He tells your with a smile, „I’ll be seeing you around then.“ You were back where you had started and he waves you goodbye before vanishing inside the house again.

So my brain had this thought about Lucifer and it wont get out and its not really long enough for a fic so I thought I’d post here. When Charlotte and Penelope meet.

“Behave yourself, Mother,” Lucifer hissed as they approached the front door.

“Dont I always, dear?” she asked with more than a little condescension and smiled at her song.

“No, actually…you dont. And considering no one actually invited you it would be best to behave.”

Charlotte shrugged. “Humans and their ridiculous social rules….”


“Fine, fine. I just want to meet this detective of yours.”

Lucifer narrowed his eyes at her. “Detective Decker is off limits. She is not part of this and you will leave her alone.”

She smiled sweetly. “Of course.” He didn’t believe her.

Pressing the doorbell, Lucifer took a moment to adjust his suit coat before Chloe opened the door. When she did the detective looked…frazzled.

“Lucifer,” she said then looked at the blonde next to him. “And guest…”

Charlotte smiled widely. “Charlotte, dear. I’m Lucifers Mother.”

Chloe blinked slowly then shook her head and opened the door - she’d long since stopped trying to figure him out. “Come in.”

The two passed through the doorway and halfway into the room, Charlotte came to a dead stop, staring, her body language screaming anger.

Chloe walked past them. “Charlotte, this is my mo-”

“Penelope,” Charlotte all but hissed at the other woman.

“Charlotte,” Penelope said with anger dripping from each syllable.  

Lucifer and Chloe could only stare, him trying to figure out the connection, her trying to figure out what the hell was going on.

“Its been a while,” Charlotte said slowly, dangerously.

Penelope grinned. “Almost two millennia now I’d think. You look…well kept.”

Charlotte fumed.

Lucifer had kept his eye on Chloe and the woman had paled considerably, immediately he moved to her side, one hand outstretched just in case.

“What-” Chloe stammered and stared at the women. “I dont…what…”

It was only then that the two women acknowledged her presence and Penelope sighed deeply.

Charlotte looked at Lucifer. “Oh, she very much is part of this, love.”

His stomach dropped.

“Chloe,” Penelope said, ignoring the other two, “dear. I think we need to have a long overdue talk.”

Karaoke night at the pub. He had no idea why he even considered doing it, it was his pub. At least now it was. Yet his sister and mother pestered him to start it, and if he was smart he’d know that’d bring more people to this joint, even if it meant he had to endure either drunken and tone deaf people. Mostly. 

But after one girl’s performance, which was more than bearable, he couldn’t help as the DJ reminded the girl. “Head over to the bar and pick your choice of poison, on the house!” The catch was sing a song and you get a free drink. Daniel smiled, now situating himself behind the bar as he’d been, taking owner and bartender duty for the night. 

“Fast Car, Tracy Champman? Legendary.” He complimented.