Byun Baekhyun//Psych - Part 1

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Summary: After a month of being broke at college, you finally find a place to stay, but the only con is that there is nine other people you have to share a house with - one in particular who makes it his mission to irritate you at every turn - but they’re hiding something from you. Something big. (Part 1/6)
Scenario: Werewolf!AU, college!AU, series
Word Count: 5,972

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MBTI Stereotypes VS the Types in Real Life

Stereotype ENTJ: Dominant. Efficient. Strategic and ideal leaders.

Real ENTJ: One of the few people able to actually physically frown, don’t understand how they’re “scary”

Stereotype INTJ: Evil masterminds. Smarter than you. Are the superior beings.

Real INTJ: Misplaces anything that isn’t physically attached to them, no longer able to recognize when they’re being sarcastic or serious

Stereotype ENTP: Quickest thinkers you’ll ever meet. Witty. Intellectual masters of debate.

Real ENTP: Used memes so much that they became one and are accepting of this fact, catchphrase is some version of “Well, actually–”

Stereotype INTP: In possession of more knowledge than the Internet. Reclusive geniuses. Know all, are humble.

Real INTP: Sexually attracted to science, volunteer plethora of useless facts every hour, zero spatial and social awareness

Stereotype ENFJ: Kind. Loving. Hearts of gold and wills of steel.

Real ENFJ: Will replace your mother and be okay with that, judge being judgemental of judging judgemental judgments

Stereotype INFJ: Mysterious and tricky to get to know. More unique than anyone you’ve ever met.

Real INFJ: One way or another, embarrass themselves every single day, somehow, consistently

Stereotype ENFP: Full of life and love. Passionate lover. Always fighting for a cause.

Real ENFP: Blink abnormally fast and probably should not drink coffee ever, have to make conscious effort to not smile, should take more things more seriously

Stereotype INFP: Gifted with emotional intelligence. Spiritual and believes in the soul, the natural course of the world, and love.

Real INFP: Really good at laughing at themselves which is necessary because they f*ck up constantly

Stereotype ESTJ: Intelligent. Dependable. Productive and competent. Forward-thinkers.

Real ESTJ: Remind teachers about homework distribution and collection every single day of the week, get off on educational videos

Stereotype ISTJ: Rule-followers. Responsible. Duty drives their perfection.

Real ISTJ: Sometimes sleep over 12 cumulative hours in a day

Stereotype ESTP: Daredevil. Live life on the edge. Famous and popular.

Real ESTP: 100% of decision-making is weighing the pros, ignoring the cons, and shrugging, then doing whatever stupid thing they got dared to do

Stereotype ISTP: Cool as hell. Detached and indifferent. Smart tinkerers.

Real ISTP: Won “Most Stubborn and Silent” for Senior Superlative page in high school yearbook

Stereotype ESFJ: Genuine and affectionate. Would take care of a sick stranger if needed. Make friends everywhere they go.

Real ESFJ: Value self-worth based on quality of and feedback for homemade baked goods, the holiday season is their life source

Stereotype ISFJ: Sweet. Innocent. Fragile and caring hearts who love their friends.

Real ISFJ: Hate conflict so much that they get second-hand anxiety from watching cliché emotional plot twist movies

Stereotype ESFP: Epitome of style and fashion. Impossibly cool. At every party and loved by everyone.

Real ESFP: Physically CANNOT stop making noises and fidgeting, all storage on their phones is taken up by hundreds of selfies in various poses

Stereotype ISFP: Exceptional artists. Emotionally deep. Humanitarians and always helping the planet.

Real ISFP: Just want to become trees, don’t get why people can’t just love one another, f*cking hippies

Mothers are truly a gift from God. Never let expectance ruin appreciation. You will not find anyone in this world, who is as unconditionally loving and devoted to you like your mother, someone who’s intention is only your happiness and health. That’s what true love is, don’t take your mother’s love for granted. Love her more than anything else in this world, she’s the one who truly deserves the upmost devotion of your love.

Perfection (Bucky x Reader)

A/N: Day 3 of my daily drabbles!! This one is for my Bucky lovers, yo. I love him so much. 

prompt: it’s raining and you forgot your umbrella 

word count: 879

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Nothing shouted out ‘winter’ more than mother nature pouring down rain from the skies two seconds after complimenting the nice sunny weather you enjoyed moments ago. When you walked out the door, the nice crisp winter air bit you in the nose as you wrapped your scarf tighter against your face. The sun shining down made it all the better. You decided to take the bus to work rather than drive. It was better than being stuck in traffic and wasting gas. Taking in the beautiful sight of the nice city view, you locked your door as you made your way towards the bus stop, a few blocks away.

All was well until you heard the low rumbling from the sky. Your heart immediately dropped and the smile you wore faded as your worried eyes glanced up. Dark, murky grey clouds rolled towards the city as it quickly devoured the sun, making you groan in frustration. You looked back at your house, which was too far away to make out, deciding you could make it to the covered bus stop before it pours. You were just too lazy to go back and grab an umbrella.

It was a mistake.

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Drarry + Lucissa headcanons for @ilvermourn

• Okay so Narcissa and Lucius have always known Draco is hella in love with Harry.
• And after the war they don’t care anymore, they want their son to be happy after everything they unwillingly put him through.
• And Narcissa actually adores Harry?
• He’s so polite and kind and he’s kind of scared/careful around her which she loves.
• Also he can’t stop thanking her for saving his ass during the war.
• Draco’s embarrassed as hell though.
• “It’s like my boyfriend loves my own mother more than me!”
• Lucius fully agrees.
• “Draco, tell Potter to stop being obsessed my wife.” “Tell your wife to stop being obsessed with my Potter.”
• But they also see their loved ones are happy. Narcissa smiles more often after her sister’s death, Harry stops being scared.
• Though the suggestion of meeting the Weasleys did not fall well with Narcissa.
• And Lucius also kind of starts caring about that boy?
• Because now he thinks about it that boy apparently grew up in a muggle variation of his wife’s household.
• And he kinda realizes maybe that’s why they bond so easily. Narcissa understands the abuse this kid came from.
• So he sits down with Harry more often, eventually teaches him about the different kinds of whiskey.
• Harry just pretends to be interested.
• Draco is so relieved his parents like Harry, and so happy everyone is becoming comfortable with him living at Malfoy Manor.
• Lucius and Harry talk about how they adore Narcissa and Draco. *insert embarassing stories*
• Narcissa laughs with both Draco and Harry about their ridiculous husbands.
• “And the time they spend on their hair, can you believe it?”
• Potters and Malfoys being a cute family okay

I’m going to make more posts about this.

You wouldn't like me when I'm angry.

Context: Party and Dragonborn Barbarian, stumble upon a murderous cult targeted against non-humans. Being a Dragonborn, and seeing children corpses lying about and burning, My character is having a hard time keeping his cool. Party tries to go the “Clever” approach, and delays combat for a setup ambush. And Ambush begins.

DB barbarians First attack: Nat 20 ends up dealing enough damage to kill one guy 3 times over and the ambush ends fairly quickly. We end up Interrogating one of the surviving members. 

Prisoner “We’re hunting your kind! Won’t be long until you worthless shits are wiped clean from this land!”

DB Barbarian “You start talking about something useful. Piss me off any more, and you’ll lose your leg.”

Prisoner “HA! You pile of filth, I can’t wait to see what kind of coat your mother will make!”

DB Barbarian “Well looks like you lost more than your leg.”

He then rolls a Nat 20 on throwing the prisoner, effectively decapitating the prisoner, from the sheer force of it.

Okay but, imagine.

We all have that one toy that we’ve saved since we were children- you know the one.

The one that’s worn from all the times you’ve clutched it to your chest as you slept; the one that’s sitting somewhere in your bedroom still because you could never bring yourself to throw it out; that one stuffed animal that’s missing an eye from when your dog got to it or the toy car that’s lost a wheel from too many adventures across too rough ground.

You’ve spent the best and worst days of your life with that damn thing, running through open fields, knowing somehow that your simple little toy was more than just that, that it was special, that some day, you would need it.

It’s been years since you buried it away in your closet.

But today, you take it out.

Because today, you lost your mother to the cancer she had been battling for months.

Because today, you lost your job and your best friend never answered your call.

Because today, you need something special.

So you go home, curl up in bed and clutch your childhood toy close, tears tracking down your cheeks as you close your eyes and try to breathe.

And then it happens.

It just seems like a burst of imagination, something made up, one of those things that you hear about in stories.

But then it happens again, lightning behind your eyes slowly giving way to sunlight.

You open your eyes and your bedroom is still dark and dreary and you are still alone.

So you close them again and watch the memories unfold, clutching your special something closer, watching in your minds eye as you race across the dirt path, your toy held tightly in one hand as you throw yourself into your mothers arms- she had just gotten home from a weekend business trip, you remember that day. She brought you a little snow globe as a souvenir.

And, like a slideshow, the memories come and go, and you remember thinking that each and every one of those days, whether it be the picnic at the park with your family or the time your parents took you out for ice cream, was the happiest day of your life.

And when it all ends, and you open your eyes, you can breathe again, and the room doesn’t seem so dark and you don’t feel so alone.

You knew, of course, that you would need your special toy one day. You didn’t know why, but now you do.

That thing was with you through it all- a constant in the ever-changing universe.

And somehow, someway, it seemed to have remembered what you couldn’t, what was just fuzzy in your mind, old days that couldn’t matter now but somehow do.

Because your special toy, it’s given you back the happiest days of your life on the worst day of your life.

It doesn’t fix everything.

You’re still heartbroken, you’re still lonely, you’re still sad, but now you’re not alone.

Somehow, this simple little thing, it gave you a ray of sunshine, a little spot of happiness, of remembrance of better days, and now…now you know that you will be okay.

And, someday, you are.

1. In the beginning there are days when my sadness is bigger than the both of us, but you tell me that if I close my eyes I’ll be able to see the universe inside of me, and for a moment I do. That is when I realize you are what brings color into my life.

2. You call me your poetic girl and in return I cry myself to sleep because no one has ever seen enough pain in my writing to call me a poet. That is when I realize you are everything.

3. You ask me what my story is and after I tell you about the self loathing and more years spent trying to kill myself than actually living, you tell me about your mother and how she never calls you by the right name and never says the right things.

4. The first time you break my heart is when you tell me you love me but you’re not in love with me. I smile like it doesn’t hurt, like my heart isn’t just a pile of splinters on the floor now.

5. I can taste the end on the tip of my tongue but right now I am sitting in my bathtub squeezing my eyes shut and all I see is darkness.

6. It’s you and me and this vacant space our voices can’t seem to fill so I kiss you harder trying to find what we lost, but I just keep coming up empty.

7. I want to beg you to please, atleast pretend you still want me but instead I promise myself to stay even when it hurts. I always said I wouldn’t leave first.

8. Each time you say I love you it sounds more and more like an apology, I don’t want your apology, I just wanted to mean something to someone.

9. There is no more color, only weathered letters and old mixtapes to remind me that you were real and not just another person I made up.

10. I try so hard to pretend we can still be friends even though we both know that was the end. I try so hard but I keep breaking the last bits of me until I am close to becoming nothing.

11. I’m sorry for the way we fell apart, but I can’t stay.

-R.J// We fell together, then fell apart//
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parts; (two)

summary: in which you fall in love with a prince that has already fallen for someone else. 

word count: 1,465

warnings: swearing, mentions of sex (no smut tho u nasties)

author’s note: track the tag crowns ft calum for updates!!

Calum Hood was one of your suitors. At least, that’s what his mother had said. Calum was another story, he didn’t seem too happy about being kind of forced to suit you. Yes, he thought you were attractive, but he had his eyes on a completely different person, someone whom his parents greatly disapprove of, and that pissed him off more than anything. If there’s one thing Calum knew about himself, it’s that he didn’t express his feelings very well through oral sentences, he’d rather stay quiet and let his passive aggressiveness show on his beautifully defined face.

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at fifteen you will be so sweet and see no cruel in this awful world until you meet that boy with the bags under his eyes and that car he stole and you’ve always imagined your first boyfriend to be a good boy with a good family but you ended up falling in love with the boy who misses more classes than anything else, who hates his mother and doesn’t even know his father. at fifteen you were a sweetheart so in love with the world you were so optimistic. you met him at your first party you never had a taste of alcohol before he handed to you more shots of vodka than you could ever count but by the time you could remember anything you were in his car giving him a little bit more than just your first kiss. he wasn’t anything you’ve ever imagined, no one you ever thought would be the death of you. that one time became into an everyday, and i guess the more time you spend with someone you start acting like them. it went from skipping classes, failing tests, hating your mother, drinking drinking and more fucking drinking because he told you it would bandage the scars on your wrist and make you feel better. you would come home smelling like his hoodies that he gave you, thats all you would wear now and it was hard to tell if your breath would smell more like cigarettes or beer and your father warned you about him but all you could say is ‘daddy I’m so in love with him.’ you don’t know what love is until they leave you, they fucking leave you and your left crying on the bathroom floor every single night for what seems like just yesterday he left but your mom reminds you its been 6 months and your still hurt from the boy with the bags under his eyes you fucking swear he gets no sleep at night that how is it possible that he woke up one morning deciding he didn’t want you anymore. his bad habits soon became yours. now you are seventeen and you fall inlove with any single boy just so you have a new excuse to blame on why you want to fucking die when you break up but you and your mom know that you still want to die because of that same boy from that party that made you believe that if you drink enough beer it starts to cover up your scars and makes you fall in love but little did he know he was the one bandaging your scars and you were more in love with him than the alcohol or anyone else for that matter. you loved him more than yourself and now you know better. you only wish that at seventeen someone would have warned you that at fifteen you were going to meet someone that would alter your entire world and change the way you view people and live your life. you never love as strong as you do at fifteen when you’ve never been hurt before and you never fall as fucking fast as you do when your first love crashes his fucking car right into you and you feel like you’ve died ten times over, but no he never fucking hit you with his car fuck he never even hit you with a good bye it was just a ‘ill text you when i get home babe’ and you never got that text, i wish i could say your still making your way back home but that was two years ago and I’m almost 18 breaking other boys bones just to show myself that I’m as strong as you are. I’m starting to become a lot like the person who destroyed me, i lie through my teeth and spit out i love you to any boy just to make them fall in love with me but then i crash right into them and flip their whole world upside down when i leave them in tears but little do they know I’ve been counting down the days before i leave them just the way you probably did. for someone who doesn’t sleep anymore i woke up pretty fucking fast from my liquor filled evenings to just wake up and decide i was done with them the same way you were done with me so fast, my head is still spinning from the alcohol and i don't remember how i fucking became this monster but you become the things you love and god knowns i fucking loved you.  I'm hurting others to try and bandage the scars you left me with but i guess i have to learn that unless i heal from you i will always be just like you because you are all I’ve ever known and i can’t stop being like you because its the closest thing ill ever have left of you because you haven’t returned my texts from when i was sixteen kissing any boy pretending it was you.

fifteen through seventeen 



LOL JK none of this should work! Your slayer is malfunctioning because he should be dead anyway and he’s at least part demon. You’re fighting mother nature and some serious black magic so unless you can spontaneously employ some “love is the most powerful magic” nonsense, it’s doubtful you can help him. Too bad, so sad. Mwahahahaha!

Edit: PART 2 now available 

Anyway this is a combo of ideas I thought of and ones I saw online. Anyone have other heating methods that are also more effective than naked Lucy? Do any of these have crippling plausibility flaws?  

Do not alter or repost. Characters belong to Hiro Mashima. Fanart by ChoicesChoices.

(So basically help me I’m going nuts. I mean I just drew EIGHT people piled up under a blanket. Three of them are unconscious. Creepy. Also yes I realize Gray woke up right before this but hey. Maybe I should have had him considering if it’s too dishonorable to kill Natsu while he’s defenseless? Oh dear…made myself sad…)

That last post is a good example of how decades of neolibral rhetoric and centuries of capitalist production have totally skewed how the greater public view of who is an “economic leech.”

To our modern day economic thought, it is those seen as “not contributing,” typically poor and/or disabled people, the mythical “welfare queen,” the addicted, and the lazy. However, they never take one second to examine if owners of capital are the actual “leeches” to borrow the phrase.

What do the owners of capital contribute besides owning capital that is usually generationally passed? What do owners produce? How are they more worthy of taking the excesses of your labor than the minimum wage service workers, or the single parents, or disabled people?

No one examines WHY those people are poor. They assume they are lazy, that they are choosing to make less and do less. That basic necessities are a privilege to be earned rather than basic right, and that these people do not reach that arbitrary line of personhood. Rather, it is because of the capitalist necessity of near infinite growth and demand for ever greater profits that demands that those that have not have even less.

Luke Hemmings Imagine

Part One // (this is) Part Two

*Imagine au seeing your ex-boyfriend (Luke) and your daughter fourteen years later after walking out on them when your daughter was only one years old.


*(Y/D/N: Your daughter’s name)

Luke’s POV

Days later

“How are you doing?” Ash took a seat next to me, handing me a beer while he took a sip of his. This was what he always did before giving one of his ‘fatherly’ talks. He always knew what to say and I needed the boys now more than ever.

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Forgive Me, Father, For I’m About To Sin

 Pairing: Sam x Reader

Tags: AU, Priest!Sam, blasphemy, smut, spanking, porn with plot, porn with feelings, fluff ig, priest kink(?), 

Words: 2468

Note: somehow this ended up having more plot than i intended it to have….enjoy!

gif - hallowedbecastiel

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Imagine: meeting Jerome and him being impressed

Jerome imagine. Oh Jerome… Where can you even begin? The slender ginger , with his deep red hair and freckled cheeks, and wild eyes that made you feel excited in a new way. It had got around that he indeed did kill his mother on that hill, that one night a few weeks ago. You weren’t scared, in fact, impressed even. He had appeared to be innocent and… simple minded in a way. You on the other hand, exact opposite. You weren’t entirely crazy, but not entirely sane either. You were young, maybe a little younger than Jerome but you had more blood on your hands then most in Arkham. You went to Gotham High School, very shy, very introvert. It wasn’t until someone had started to pester and bully you over the little things; you had begun to show your darker side. No one understood the things you were capable of doing. You thoughtfully planned out the mass-murder of most of your classmates, only possibly, maybe even letting a few go to get your message across, but that was boring.

The day you had chosen had come around and you ended up taking out at least 15 teenagers before the police had tackled you and pinned you down. While sitting in the questioning room, which you found odd as you obviously did it, blood had stained your clothes and people had seen you blow some 15 year olds head off, they still questioned you.

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persephone + hades (ft. rosario dawson + kevin durand) for @stephanierabig

they say she was taken. that was the narrative of her mother, desperate to hold on, seeing her only as a daughter to control and never her own person. they say she had no choice. yet she was the one to descend, the one to decide better a queen below than a possession above.

they say he was cruel. abandoned, more like, forgotten and ignored and so very lonely. they say he was unfeeling. how could he have expected her, in all of her brightness and sharpness and determined obstinance?

the seeds were no trap – they were her loophole.
this was all by her design.
it was all his good fortune.

Found out just now

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Through all years of your training, The Ancient One was your main teacher. She was the one who found you wandering on the streets of Kathmandu, when you were barely ten years old, with no family, nor safe place to stay. She taught you everything she knew, and told you everything. You were like a daughter to her, and she was like a mother to you. It was safe to say that you loved her more than anything and anyone in the whole wide universe. Also, every time when an entire new student appeared, you were the one who stood by the Ancient One’s side through all his learning.
Yet, you found yourself instantly disliking Stephen Strange, the moment your teacher agreed to finally let him into the Kamar-Taj. To you, he was just like Kaecelius, maybe a little more narrow-minded. You were cold toward him, and told him to leave every time you had an occasion. You didn’t want another person stealing your “mother’s” attention and breaking her heart again, just like Kaecelius did.

To be honest, you were shocked when Strange haven’t reacted to your insults in offended way, nor he got angry at you. Instead he tried harder on his studies, becoming a great sorcerer in practically no time. He also tried to talk with you, nervousness radiating from his body with his every try, which was weird for him. You didn’t knew why he tried so hard for you approving him being in Kamar-Taj, but yet you found it harder to dislike him with his every try, even though you tried to not to show it.

When The Ancient One died, you were the one who broke down first, clinging to Stephen like a child, crying in his embrace like never before, not letting him go for a long time, not caring about the world anymore.
It took exactly one Stephen Strange and the sight of the world destruction to get you back to your path, and help him and Mordo fight your old friend, Kaecelius and his new master Dormamu. Thought when everything ended, you left Kamar-Taj with not as much as a mere goodbye.
You wanted to retire, leave mystic arts behind you, and leave world for someone who can find the will to fight for it. But apparently, universe got a better plans for you. It manifested itself in the form of a girl, not very younger than you, who called herself Wanda Maximoff, and she also ham magic, but hers was not because of learning mystics arts, but a mutation. You were shocked when you heard it, shocked and interested at the same time. She was the reason why you became the part of the Avengers, even though you promised yourself to not to be a part of such a group. Yet, you found yourself enjoying the time you spend with the team, becoming friends with them almost instantly. You didn’t know anything about them, taking that you spend whole your life in Kamar-Taj, not really caring about the politics and events that took place on the world, never thinking that you would need such a knowledge ever in your life.
At the beginning of your living with them though, you weren’t convinced to become so called “hero”, but you changed your mind when you meet the infamous “Winter Soldier”. The mentally devastated man who lived through Word War, got himself experimented at, and made so much evil in his life, that you found yourself wanting to help him. And yet when you two meet, you greeted him with a handshake and smile on your face, blurted out the first thing that came in your mind, and that was “You look more like hobo, than killing machine Wanda told me about.” At first he looked offended, then in his eyes you were able to see that you hurt his feelings, but before you were able to apologize, which you centrally didn’t even planned to do, man smiled and greeted you too.
“Why don’t you go back to your Tibet Xiaolin?” Your jaw dropped at that. How could he? As an answer to that, you quickly took your slide rind and teleported him right to the said monastery, at the same time teaching him, that it was in China and not Tibet. Who could have guessed that such an old man was such an ignorant ass?
When he did got back, he was so astonished with your magic, that he almost begged you to show him more. That’s how the two of you became friends in almost no time, not counting the two weeks he took to come back from China.

You and Stephen Strange meet again almost year after the death of Ancient One and fight with Kaecelius. He teleported himself to Avengers headquarters after Tony’s invitation. He was happy to see you, and you after such long time of not seeing another sorcerer found yourself hugging him, only then realizing how you missed his presence and personality. Yet it didn’t last long.

“Long time no see, Strange.” He also hugged you, his hands covered with yellow gloves shaking slightly against your back.
“It’s Doctor Strange… or Sorcerer Supreme now.” At those words you backed form him, your eyes wide open, gleaming from already forming tears. He was it in an instant and wanted to explain himself while his cape smacked him on the face, but someone got in his way. To be exact, it was Bucky, hugging you. Strange’s heart stopped for a moment when he was you in arms of a man other than himself.
“Are you ok, doll?”
“yeah, it’s just shock…” You looked at Stephen, watching him for a while. “I… congratulations Mr. Doctor… you are…”
“Second best, but you are retarded, so… I took what they offered, before you changed your mind.” He shrugged and you smiled. Such words from such man, with his ego are very likely to be considered a compliment. You got from Bucky’s arms and punched Stephen’s arm.
“Watch it, or I will change my mind.”

If Wanda haven’t explained it to you, you would die obvious to the fight that was going on between your two friends, Bucky and Strange. Apparently the fight between them was for your attention. The Black Widow, Natasha, laughed at your obviousness, telling you to pay more attention on them. And so you did, which leaded for you feeling embarrassed every time it happened, which were quite a lot, taking that it happened every day, starting over such things as passing you sugar for your morning coffee.
What shocked you most was willingness of Levitation Cape to help Stephen in this war. It would always catch you and pull you to sorcerer, whenever it got an occasion.
You tried not to pay attention to their stupid competition, you really did, but while being in the very center of it, it was almost impossible.
Seeing how uncomfortable you were with it, Tony and Steve took the matter in their hands and scolded the both men, as if they were children.

“Meditating?” You looked from your laps to Stephen. He stood at your balcony doors, the cape and gloves gone. He looked just as he did in Kamar-Taj, leaning against your doorframe, arms crossed on his chest. You smiled at him.
“Just thinking.” You watched as he moved from his spot to sat in front of you. “Where is your relict?”
“I left it in my room. Didn’t want it to interrupt.” You raised your eyebrow at his statement.
“Interrupt with what?” At your question, Doctor took your hands in his scarred, shaking ones.
“You know I like you…” Seeing your shocked face he blushed instantly. “Or you found out just now. Either way, I do like you and I did from the first time I saw you. And despite our beginning, which as you know didn’t went good, I really tried to made you warm up to me… despite you trying to do quite opposite. And to be honest I really hoped that you may start to feel something to me, and I know that I’m a little too forward right now, but it do piss me off when I see this metal-hand frozen killing machine near you.” You opened your mouth to speak in defend of your friend, but he squeezed your hands, looking at you with his deep blue eyes. “Please let me finish. I know that I can’t make you come back to Kamar-Taj, nor made you move to sanctum sanctorum, and I don’t intend to of you don’t want to, but maybe there is a possibility of you giving me a chance and going out with me?”
“Strange I…”
“Doctor Strange, Mr. Stark want’s to inform you, that your cape attacking Mr. Barnes got boring, and he requests you to put a stop for this.” Hearing F.R.I.D.A.Y.’s voice, you looked with amusement on your face, your eyebrow raised slightly.
“Left it in your room for no interruption, Strange?” Doctor cleared his throat, letting your hands go.
“I… better get going.” He tried to go away, but you got up and stopped him before he could made it.
“I will go with you, but there are two conditions.” He nodded at that, murmuring something like ‘anything for you’, at which you smiled. “You will stop harassing Bucky, he is my friend and your stupid competition is really pissing me off, and no one can make me not spend time with him.” Strange groaned but nodded.
“And second one?” You grinned.
“You let me wear the cape. Like for one whole day, no instructions and no grumbling. Then, and only then I will allow you to take the pretty, intelligent, talented, beautiful and very humble, greatest sorceress of all time – me, to a date. And who knows, if you will show me yourself finally in some good light, then I would allow you to walk me to my room’s doors after that.” After the initial shock, Strange nodded, which made you smile. “Great! Now go and get my cape, I want it clean and I want it untouched. Now, shoo. Off you go.” You pushed him out of your room, wide smile on your face. If year ago someone would told that you would agree to go on a date with Strange, you would laugh right into his face, right before sending him to Mount Everest.


Reader x Tommen

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Tommen’s choice to propose to you shocked the royal court, you were from one of the poorer houses, little benefits to offer house Lannister and no army to speak off. When he revealed it was your good nature and loving heart, pared with no desire to live anything more than a happy life that attracted him to you, his mother had scoffed and called it nonsense.

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The NutHouse

Winchesters x Sister!Reader

This is Part 1 to my new Winchester Sister Imagine.

Warnings: A lil’ bit of Angst, is Lucifer a warning?

Word count: 1.3k

A/N: The next few parts to the series will be called: Welcome to the Family and Typical Siblings. There will be mor parts but this is what I’ve got done so far.

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They’d found you in a place where they kept all the crazies rounded up, the same place Sam was after Cas broke down his wall. You’d been there for years, since you were able to talk actually. Let’s just say you had deep abandonment issues regarding your parents. Your mother said she didn’t want you, Daddy dearest didn’t care, must’ve not wanted a girl.

Today marked a week of the new long haired man’s stay in your home, it was about time you introduced yourself to him. Waltzing into his room without invitation, you began to speak even though he seemed beyond out of it.

“You’re new here, I’m Y/n,” you extended a hand to formally greet him, but he didn’t even look up at you.

“Rude, for one thing,” walking over to him, you plopped yourself down onto the hard old bed which he was forced to use.

“Sam,” he spoke, but never took his deep gaze off of the wall directly in front of him. Your head tilted closer to him to see what he was staring at, but you found no luck in your method.

“What are you- uh in for?” your face was still close to his, only the side of his face but still. Strangers being so close was a little odd, if you weren’t in a mental hospital.

“I see the devil, I’ve been to hell. Even been possessed by him. My soul was in his cage for a year and when I got my memories back, it broke me,” apparently he wasn’t going to hold back, he clearly didn’t give a damn about what people thought or said about him anymore. “What about you?”

“I hung a guy upside down so he see’s the little frowns as little smiles, now it all works,” a small smile appeared on his face.

“He was sad, I put a smile on his face. Problem solved,” you smiled as well while you continued to speak.

“I’ve been here before though. My adoptive parents didn’t want me, just like my biological ones didn’t. They said I was missing some screws up in my noggin’, so they dumped me here when I was three,” it was hard even talking about it, regardless of it being so damn long ago.

“I’m sorry, nobody should have to go through that. I’ve been through alot but I always have my brother Dean,” a sympathetic smile was on his face now, even though he was hurting he was still concerned about you. “Have you had any luck finding anybody in your family?” his eyes never left yours.

“No, and even if I did, they wouldn’t want me…just look at me. I’m certifiably crazy, they’d turn their backs on me once they realized that,” it really hurt you to talk about them, you didn’t know who any of them were- if anybody was still alive who was related to you. Did they even know?

“I’m sure they’re out there somewhere Y/n, they’ll accept you for who you are if they really want you to be apart of their lives. Who knows, maybe they’re a little messed up too,” you couldn’t help but laugh at the last part he said.

“Mister, I’m not a little bit crazy. When God made me, he meant to sprinkle a little pinch and ended up dumping the whole damn cookie jar,” now both of you were laughing.

“Winchester?” a familiar cooing sound from the nurse was calling.

“Yes?” both of you answered at the same time, then exchanged looks back and forth from one another.

“Y/n Winchester, time to head back to your room now dear,” she left you once you nodded.

“You’re last names Winchester?” Sam’s face was in a confused state, why did he say yes too? Was he?-No he couldn’t be.

“Yeah, here- I have this picture of my dad. He died a few years back, but this is all I’ve got of him…” reaching inside your pocket, you pulled out an old photo of John, the look on Sam’s face only grew into a more disturbed figure.

“That’s- that’s my dad…” was he lying? He had to be, you were an orphan…maybe.

“Y/n, now please…” the nurse poked her head back around the corner, this time she waited for you to follow.

“We’ll talk more later, Sam,” standing up from the bed, you rounded the corner out of his room. Leaving him in a puzzled state of mind.

Over the next few weeks, the two of you talked on a daily basis. You learned John Winchester really was Sam’s father and you had an older brother Dean. The nurses moved your room closer to his so you wouldn’t have to walk as far to see him, and you could talk longer at night. Sam wasn’t sleeping- Lucifer wouldn’t shut up or even let him eat in peace. But with you around, it was like Luce had just given up on pestering Sam. At least for now. He slept on a daily basis, ate regularly and healthy. They even stopped giving him medication because he wasn’t having anymore issues at all. He was finally going to be released, Dean was coming to pick him up, not wasting another moment and making Sam stay in this dreadful place. Of course, you were happy for him, he could go live his life again…but you were going to be alone now.

The day Sam was scheduled to be released, Dean arrived. Right on time. He wasn’t kidding about getting his brother back. Apparently the man Sam had told you so much about had somehow been resurrected once again and was there too, his name was Castiel- but mostly everyone called him Cas. The night before his release, you stayed in his room for hours, almost until the sun came up, mainly in fear you’d never see him again.

“I just got my family back- I finally have someone who won’t run from me, and you’re leaving…” you sat on his bed as any other night talking to him with an open mind and an open heart.

“Now that Dean and I know about you, we’re not just going to say hey and leave you Y/n. I promise,”

How was he going to promise that when he was leaving and you weren’t? You knew they were hunters, knew everything they’d been through and everything they’d done…you just didn’t want to be alone again. You couldn’t be alone again.

“Dean, we have to help her. She’s our sister and Dad just- he just abandoned her. She’s got nobody, not a soul who wants her around. We can’t just leave her here and we can’t just abandon her like he did,” Sam was speaking to Dean in the lobby, trying to reason with him.

“First of all, seeing as you just got your soul back…don’t even pull that ‘not a soul’ crap with me. I mean- do you really think I’m just going to allow her to be here any longer? Or with some stranger? Or out on the street? I don’t need your big speech man because I already decided she’s coming with us,” it was a long time before you heard anything, so long in fact you thought they had left.

About an hour later your door opened, a nurse holding a set of clean clothes for you stood in the doorway. Behind her was Sam and two other people, Cas and Dean. Though you weren’t certain which was which at this point, you knew it was them.

“You’re brothers are having you released under their care. You’re free to go darling,” the nurse who handed you your clothing had been working there since you were very first admitted. She had seen you throughout your entire journey, and now she was saying goodbye.

“Really? You guys want me?” the biggest smile was sitting on your face, everything happening felt like a dream.

“Really, we want you around Y/n,” Sam still stood behind the nurse.

“The good, bad, ugly and crazy,” the slightly shorter man with dirty blonde hair must’ve been Dean who was speaking to you.

Finally, you had a family…you had people who would love you and be there…you had a fresh start.

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