If you want it, oh
You can have it (you can have it)
If you need it (you better believe in something)
We can make it, oh
If you want it
You can have it, ah!

Boxer!Eddie prompt

Eddie wins the big fight as Waylon watches from the sideline. Once Waylon puts away the camera and stalks off, Eddie sees him trying to disappear in the crowd. Before Eddie takes his trophy he jumps down and hauls Waylon up onto the ring, hoisting him up and twirling him, smiling. Waylon goes beat red thinking with a doubt it’s a friendly gesture until Eddie lets him down and kisses him and everyone goes wild around the ring.


always better than a grumpy harry is a happy harry on his early 20s with no worries in the world, except eating sandwiches and having sex with ginny, who, by the way, is walking naked out of the frame. A beautiful morning.

(after this comic).

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Would Hajime No Ippo’s Training Work in Real Life?

Hajime no Ippo, Right up there Ashita no Joe is one of the greatest Boxing Anime of all time and Ippo Makunoichi is one of those protagonists you root for to get stronger while he trains in the kamogawa boxing gym. 

But have you ever wondered if all the training in Hajime No Ippo is plausible? Or would it to be too much for the average person. 

Well today we have another episode of WOULD THAT WORKOUT where we will use my personal training knowledge and fitness science to analyze how effective it would be. Wrap up your hands and get your fighting spirit cause we got a lot to cover today.Be sure to share with all your friends.