During Unit Sky’s dance break Hocheol looked so sad and dejected in the elimination zone, and Inho reached over to get his attention and then gave him this tiny smile and it broke my heart. Inho was one of the best unit leaders, he always tried so hard to play to his unit members strengths and was so supportive of them, and so it breaks my heart to see him trying to keep their spirits up even when it was more and more likely that they’d be the ones getting eliminated.

Like out of all the units, besides Unit Purple, Unit Blue was the one I most liked as an overall team and even if Inho, Insoo, and Hocheol do get to come back, it won’t be the same because they won’t be together and the rest of them won’t be there and Inho won’t be their leader. And I told myself I wasn’t going to cry until I watched the full episode but I’m actually bawling now.