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Hi stan My dad has left me and my family without proper food or money for the rest of the week We dont even have EGGS what should i do????? Like i dont care about my brothers, but I need to survive so that I can become rich Please send help

Sheesh!! What am I supposed to do?! I’m probably farther than your dad!
Do to the grocery store, buy some TV dinners or something, just don’t die

Episodes in every American cartoon

- We got in a fight? Let’s split up the room/house with a line. That’s my half and that’s your half.
- Two characters accidentally swap bodies
- The musical episode
- It’s time to shrink really tiny and go into (other character) to solve their sickness!
- Character 1 and Character 2 are fighting for the affections of Character 3 (who probably does not like either of them)
- The background character-oriented episode
- Oh no! (Character) has made a bunch of clones of themself! We need to kill them all.
- The episode where a character gets successful/powerful/rich, becomes an asshole, then proceeds to ruin it all
- The birthday episode
- An episode that turns out to just be a dream
- A character dislikes a newly-introduced “adorable” character but nobody believes them until they eventually prove that the cute character is actually evil
- The “you saved my life”/lifedebt episode
- Holiday episodes
- The “how did the censors let them get away with this?” episode

Coffee Superstitions

  • In Finland, coffee can be used as a means of fortune telling by the way in which the froth formed on the coffee’s surface - if a bubble formed after it has been poured in an moves towards the drinker, it would mean more money. However, if it moved away, it would mean that they would lose money.
  • In Romania, if you spill coffee it means that you will receive money from somewhere. 
  • If a girl spills coffee, it means that her lover is thinking of her.
  • Dropping a cup in which the coffee is in will bring bad luck.
  • If the coffee pot boils more than usual, it means that rain is coming.
  • If drinking Turkish coffee, there will be residue at the bottom after the cup is finished; the shape which forms will be symbolic
  • In Brazil, there is a superstition in which you should always put sugar in before coffee, and one day you will become rich.
  • In Greece, it is bad luck to cheer with coffee.
  • In Egypt, it is believed that spilling coffee is good luck.

“the first world’s third world Mona Lisa” truly disgusting tfw when you’re an Afghan 12 year old whose parents have been killed and whose life has been destroyed by the Soviet & American occupations of your country and some ass photographs you b/c he likes your green eyes and you get $0 and nothing out of it for years meanwhile the guy who photographed you becomes rich and famous while you’re stuck in a refugee camp but you’re a work of “art” to western randoms who think they’re deep b/c they’re obsessed with this 1 photo of you 👀🔪😒

Ok but ya’ll realize that in the last year Chris Pratt has played a superhero who saves the universe with the power of freindship, a talking lego who goes on adventures with Batman (that’s what the trailers look like anyway, I haven’t actually seen that one) and a guy who spends all day playing with dinosaurs and eventually turns them into his own tiny army to destroy the bigger dinosaur right?


Chris Pratt is reliving his childhood and getting paid for it

He’s becoming a superstar for pretending to be the same things nearly everyone wanted to be when we were kids

Chris Pratt is living out everyone’s childhood dreams and is becoming a rich superstar from it

May we all be so lucky

Look at the trees, look at the birds, look at the clouds, look at the stars… and if you have eyes you will be able to see that the whole existence is joyful. Everything is simply happy. Trees are happy for no reason; they are not going to become prime ministers or presidents and they are not going to become rich and they will never have any bank balance. Look at the flowers — for no reason. It is simply unbelievable how happy flowers are.
—  Osho
So what I’m saying is: fail. Then fail again, and then maybe you start to work with some of the things I’m saying. And when it happens again, when things don’t work out, you fail better. In other words, you are able to work with the feeling of failure instead of shoving it under the rug, blaming it on somebody else, coming up with a negative self-image—all of those futile strategies…Failing better means that failure becomes a rich and fertile ground instead of just another slap in the face.
Things People Need To Remember

• White people are not the problem, racists are.
• Muslims are not the problem, terrorists are.
• CIS people are not the problem, transphobic people are.
• Christians are not the problem, homophobic and judgmental people are.
• Rich people are not the problem, wealthy people who used the poor to become rich and make fun of the lower class are.
• Those who share, celebrate and honor a culture are not the problem, those who wrongly appropriate a culture to lower it or make fun of it are.
• Men are not the problem, misogyny and those who think are they’re the better sex are.
• Women are not the problem, misandry and those who think are they’re the better sex are.
• People are not the problem, their bad actions are.