Divide and rule.

By accident,or by design, that’s what’s happening round here at the moment. Wouldn’t it be great if we could express our opinions without tearing apart people who have different opinions? If we could stop taking an aggressive and angry tone with people who mean well, but say things we consider less intelligent or worldly than our own superior opinions? Because opinions are all any of us have if we’re honest. There are facts driving everything that we’re simply not party to. Honest discussion is interesting. I don’t want a dash full of identikit opinions because people are too scared to speak up, or to see people disappear because they’re sad or confused and they feel those things aren’t tolerated. Yes, you can say what you like on your own blog. If you want to be an asshole, be an asshole and people can unfollow you if they don’t like it, but maybe we’d have a less exhausted, less toxic, less miserable fandom if you directed your energy away from attacking people who like the same things you do. 

I love Harry. Always have, always will. He’s a good person. I don’t believe he has his freedom. I really don’t like the Harry brand strategy. I’m emotional about all the boys, so that upsets me. I’m becoming disengaged and I think I’m being manipulated into that. I think people are winning who I don’t want to win. I’d like to turn to the fandom to regain my strength and perspective so I can carry on supporting the boys in the way I’d like to, because I really do think they need us. That’s becoming harder and harder to do though, because the fandom is falling apart. So maybe we could try treating each other with a bit more respect and kindness, because if we don’t, all we’ll have left is a few really thick skinned, stubborn people shouting at each other about how right they are. At our best, we’re powerful and amazing and revolutionary. At our worst, we’re nothing. Divide and rule.

unicornjoel  asked:

I know you have a thick skin, and I know you get hundreds of asks each day, but sometimes I worry that we hurt your feelings by being harsh. You know that people are on this blog asking you questions because we love Magic and want to connect to you as the head designer, right? And sometimes we can be passionate and say hurtful things, but that doesn't reflect on you, ok?

I’ve been doing this long enough that I recognize passion. People caring so much that they fight about every aspect of your product is something most game makers would die for.

So fear not, I’m okay.

alysssamalfoy  asked:

hi could you do a hc for the guys learning to drive? love your blog btw<3

this is going to be a wild ride from start to finish, may be the most accurate thing i write ever


  • darry is just a naturally good driver 
  • goes into driving confident as FUCK 
  • actually feels like he is cool because of it too 
  • when he first starts driving, he is that guy who will dead leave you in a fucking hail storm if you don’t have gas money 
  • somehow gets better 
  • road rage 


  • oh my god this kid
  • for a guy who is working at a car shop you still don’t know how to fucking drive 
  • i would actually be scared to be riding with this kid when he is first learning to drive 
  • he tries so hard when he first learns how to drive but then he just gave up and did his own thing 
  • which is not a good idea 
  • 100% sure he hit a mailbox while trying to eat a hamburger and drive 


  • tries to do literally everything perfect 
  • when darry and soda are in the car with him he will NOT even think about starting the car unless they are all buckled up 
  • barely presses the gas but slams his breaks because he gets scared 
  • probably leaves the car for 10 minutes when darry yells at him 
  • this boy is so stressed 


  • steve is not a good driver
  • he is better than soda 
  • if you get in a car with steve you’ll probably have 3 panic attacks from all the wild shit he pulls but you will make it out alive 
  • screams if he goes over 70mph 
  • very aggressive driver 


  • i actually think two-bit was nervous when he first learned how to drive
  • two-bit dead was probably one of those kids who were like “um why would i need to drive i don’t go anywhere hahah!11!1!”
  • he ends up going everywhere 
  • pretty good driver 
  • i also feel like he would be an aggressive driver to but he doesn’t pull some extra wild shit 


  • johnny has only drove a handful of times and they were all with dally 
  • johnny is actually fucking shaking though because dally is hardly paying attention to the fact that jOHNNY HAS NEVER DROVE BEFORE CMON MAN 
  • he drives like an old man 
  • is the most patient driver ever to exist 
  • likes driving but rarely gets to do it 


  • fucking awful
  • never learned how to properly drive 
  • “rules to the road are for PUSSYS”
  • dallas would be that annoying prick who doesn’t use turn signals 

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Hey, love this blog! It's great for relieving stress :) Could you do how the band would react to their S/O unexpectedly saying "I love you" to them for the first time, and then getting really flustered right after because it just sort of slipped out without them fully realizing what they were saying? Thanks so much, and keep up the good work!

2D: 2D’s not sure if you actually said it to him or not and looks around, looks at you to make sure you’re not on your phone, and then points to himself with a tilted head. When you start to blush and realize what you said is when he he starts to blush a bit; he smiles and kisses your knuckles, telling you without hesitation that he loved you, too. 

Murdoc Niccals: Murdoc feels his body freeze up as he can’t remember if anyone’s ever told them they love him before (not sincerely). He tells you repeat yourself despite your flustered look just to be positive he’s not going insane and just hearing what he wants to hear; he crushes his lips against yours after you confirm it, and mutters ‘…love you, too’ back in a soft voice. 

Noodle: Noodle blinks a few times, seeming a little dazed as she repeats the words you just said to her over and over again. She had thought about the moment for a long time, thought about how freeing it would be to just confess to you… and here you were, showing her up, confessing first and becoming a total blushing mess over it. She brings your attention back to her by stroking your cheek, smiling gently as she whispers she loves you more. 

Russel Hobbs: Russel stops drinking abruptly after you say it, the shock of being confessed to so suddenly causing him to shatter the glass in his hand. You panic in response to his response and begin to clean the glass (and his hand) up, hoping the moment might just be forgotten. When things quiet down, he apologizes for the scene, and confirms he feels the same (he just didn’t expect you to say it first). 

anonymous asked:

Can I have headcanons for the main 3 on how they would react when their always calm and gentle s/o suddenly lashes out at them from pent up stress? Your blog makes me so happy omg!

Is that a bit of angst I smell? I think so. I love writing angsty shit like this. Pain is my pleasure, which is probably why I hate myself and love to destroy my own confidence lmao. Anyway, I enjoyed writing this. Thank you for the request :3

[Viktor Nikiforov]

  • You have been cleaning all day because your parents are going to be visiting the apartment you and Viktor share as a couple
  • It’s the first time they’ll be seeing your home, and you want your parents to know that you live a good, healthy, and responsible life with your boyfriend
  • and of course the best way to do that is to clean the fuck out of every square inch of the apartment lmao parents love that shit
  • You’re putting the finishing touches on the living area when Viktor comes home from practice, looking tired, but still sounding chipper when he kisses you and asks you how your day was
  • Out of force of habit, Viktor throws his duffel bag on the floor and slings his jacket over the back of the couch before heading to the kitchen for a snack, leaving his water bottle on the counter in the process
  • oh my god can you believe this bitch lmao like what the fuck who do you like you are ???? you act like you’re viktor nikiforov smh what the hell
  • “Viktor, honey, can you please put your things away? I spent all day cleaning for my parents, and you kind of just threw a wrench into everything, haha.”
  • Viktor basically ignores your nervous laugh and passive-egressive tone; he doesn’t seem to notice how stressed you are about your parents coming and evaluating all of your life choices based on one visit
  • “(Y/N), honey, you’re being silly. It’s fine, it’s all fine. Don’t worry about a thing, okay? It’s all in your head, I promise.”
  • Something inside of you snaps, and you’re sent over the edge of fury; you feel yourself scowl as every muscle in your body tenses and your blood boils as your heart begins to pound
  • You drop the can of cleaning spray on the floor with a loud clatter, causing Viktor to jump and look at your with a startled expression
  • “(Y/N), what are you—?”
  • “You’re seriously telling me ‘not to worry about it,’ Viktor? Are you fucking kidding me? I’ve been cleaning and working all day for tonight, because I want my parents to approve of the life you and I live. You realize tonight could determine if they give you their blessing to get married one day? And you’re saying ‘it’s not a big deal?!’ Viktor Nikiforov, I cannot believe you! What the hell?!”
  • Viktor stares at you with a guilty expression, not sure how to react to your outburst; you’re always so calm, and he would have ever expected this to come out of you
  • but can you imagine leaving THE VIKTOR NIKIFOROV speechless ???? respect, fam, respect
  • You storm over to the bedroom door, needing to get away from your boyfriend right now since you need to cool down before your parents arrive
  • You slam the bedroom door, leaving Viktor alone in the aftermath of your outburst and the surprisingly still atmosphere of the almost-clean apartment

[Yuri Katsuki]

  • It’s been hard the last few weeks with Yuri being so caught up in skating and you with your own responsibilities, and you’ve gotten pretty stressed out
  • But tonight, you’re going to stick it out for just a little while to cook Yuri an amazing dinner; you mostly just want to spend time with him and unwind together, though
  • Sure, you’ve been a little lonely without Yuri around as much as he used to be, but you’re holding up because you know how much he values his skating and the time he as with Viktor
  • i mean his idol just came out of nowhere and became his coach ???? how can you blame him for wanting to spend time with THE Viktor Nikiforov ?
  • Pushing the lingering fatigue aside, you take a quick trip to the grocery store to get what you need for tonight’s meal
  • The grocery store is busy as hell, and it’s a very stressful experience trying to get though the isles of customers, and the line to check out seems to stand still
  • You barely make it out alive, but you manage to exit the store with everything you need, with a little extra stress on the side
  • You spend the next several hours reading the new recipe carefully and preparing the food; cutting, seasoning, and mixing the ingredients is a lot of hard work, but thinking about spending time with Yuri tonight makes it more bearable
  • you may or may not have shed a few tears and extra sweat into the recipe, but it is made with love nonetheless and thats all that counts lmao
  • Once the food is in the oven and cooking, you text Yuri about how excited you are to see him tonight, and you be sure to imply that you have a bit of a special surprise for him
  • There’s only a small amount of time left before Yuri is going to be home, so you hurriedly set the table with the finest china and wine glasses you have, making sure to fold the napkins fancily on the plates
  • You go through the effort of lighting candles and setting out an expensive bottle of wine that you know Yuri loves
  • Yuri’s normal time of arrival rolls around, but there’s no word from him or any sign of him coming home; you send a couple of texts, but he doesn’t even open them
  • you even have turn the oven on low and put the food back in to keep it warm since it’s starting to get cold ;-; yuri where tf are you
  • At almost 10 p.m., the front door opens and Yuri enters, seeming chipper and happy to see you; you though, wear an angry expression, and demand to know where he’s been and why he wasn’t answering his phone
  • “I-I was with Viktor, (Y/N)! He promised to take me out to eat if I had a good practice, and we went out. I’m sorry for not texting, though, honey. I have no excuse.”
  • “You mean you ate already? I spent hours in the kitchen getting ready for dinner! I spent half my paycheck on expensive wine I don’t even like, I cooked for hours, and I waited around with no word from you! What the hell, Yuri?! Enjoy the meal, I guess. I made it special, just for you.”
  • Leaving a bitter edge to your words, you storm out of the apartment before Yuri has a chance to explain, pushing past him and slamming the door behind you, leaving Yuri in the dim candle light and the smell of a home cooked meal filling the room.

[Yuri Plisetsky]

  • You’re having a rather bad day—just feeling a bit worn down and stressed from the week before—and just want to spend a day on the sofa to try to clear your mind
  • i mean i think everyone deserves a day off once in a while; life is busy and sometimes a break is all it takes to get back at it again
  • You’re waiting for Yuri to return from skating practice so you can watch a movie together and relax on the couch for the rest of the day
  • Yuri’s been really busy and stressed with his skating career lately, so you figure it’ll be perfect for both of you to take time and relax together
  • The telltale sound of the lock of the front door unlatching echoes into the living room, and you smile at the sight of your boyfriend entering with his duffel bag
  • and his hair is half up in that little ponytail of his and he looks absolutely fuckin adorable ugh yura ilysm
  • After dropping his belongings in their usual place on the floor, he walks over to the couch where you lay
  • You open your arms welcomingly, inviting him to have a cuddle party with you in your arms; he’s just in time for one of your favorite movies to start playing
  • To your surprise, Yuri just picks up the remote and turns the television off, leaving you with a disappointed and confused expression on your face
  • “Uh, Yuri! I was watching that.”
  • “(Y/N), get up. We’re going shopping and then getting dinner, okay? I saw some stuff online that I want us to try on for the party Viktor and Katsudon are throwing this month.”
  • ugh Yuri wtf are you doing goddammit not everything is about you smh
  • You explain to Yuri that you just want to stay home and relax for the night, making sure to include how tired must also be because of training; you promise that you can shop with him tomorrow
  • “Come on, (Y/N). You can’t be that tired! Just suck it up and go shopping for an hour. I trained all day today and I’m fine; all you did is sit here at home on your ass this week.”
  • Something inside of you snaps and you throw the nearest pillow at Yuri as hard you can before standing and walking up to Yuri so your body is flush against his, but there’s nothing affectionate about your gesture
  • “Yuri! I’ve been having a really, really rough week and I just wanted a day to relax with you! Look, I get it; you’re probably tired from training and want to just go shopping to unwind, but can’t we just do what I want for once? I feel like all we do is what you want! And you have no right to disregard my feelings like this! Fuck you, Yuri!”
  • “(Y/N), I—“
  • Yuri sits with a blushing, dumbfound expression on his face as he watches you storm out of the room and into the bathroom, slamming the door behind you
Turned on by accident

Can I request BTS getting turned on by accident for something that you’ve done? Btw, I love your blog 💕


Originally posted by ksjknj

My god, this is basically him. Trying not to seem turned on because honestly, he’s a good man who’s determined not to let anyone (especially you) know that every little thing you do turns him on, from tying your hair into a high ponytail to giggling when he’s cuddling you (in a totally non-sexual way). Sometimes is a little just like, did you really just do that? Which is why he is staring at you like that. Oh, but his dick is also poking you down there. 

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oh my god you guys. i’ve reached 500 followers and im still shook. you guys are so great. i can’t. thank you so much for following me. you guys are all amazing. such amazing writers i follow and rp with. i cant even. imma get lovey af so click the read more. everyone mentioned below, you should go follow because i love them all v much. i’m probs going to leave out a bunch of quality blogs (especially if you’ve changed url’s and i didn’t know) but just know i love every single one of you and i love seeing your presence on my dash. again, thanks so much for following me !! 

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To your knowledge, is there a blog focused around or one that posts a lot of DIY witch crafts? Because if not there should be, or the community should start tagging their posts #witch-crafts or #witchcrafting or something to that effect. I'm in a crafting sort of mood and I want to hoard homemade tools but I'm not sure what I'm in the mood to make lol. Thanks for your time! (And if you have any crafts you'd like to link to or mention, I would love to see them!)

I don’t know anyone specifically like that, but that is a fantastic idea! Totally going to hashtag my witch-crafts from now on

anonymous asked:

I don't know if anyone asked yet but how whats your opinion on got7? Also this blog is so amazing!!!

Thank you 💕 I.LOVE.GOT7. I run polish Got7 fanpage and recently bought a whole Flight Log trilogy. I don’t even have a bias in Got7 because I love them all so much, they deserve the world

anonymous asked:

Do you think Harry is free of OT? That's what I'm getting from posts... we don't like the sub-mgmt Louis is under for obvious reasons, Liam has a baby too and so still under OT even though signed to UMG, and yes, Harry is too with same old tactics, so even though he has a sub-mgmt group, it's still business as usual for him as it is for all of them. If this gets in the way of your tea, go ahead and ignore

“If this gets in the way of your tea, go ahead and ignore”

i love receipts time: 

this is just a small sampling because i don’t even know how many times i’ve said that i think harry’s not completely free either.

but i guess you’d rather try to turn me into a villain than, i don’t know, read my fucking blog before sending messages like this.

how’s that for tea?

So a thing happened...

I actually hit 700 followers last night and I wondered if I should do a bit of a celebration what with me still having my writing challenge for 500 going and just finishing the celebration days for 600 but I love you guys so much for following me sooooo send me your gifs and I will drabble.  I AM gonna limit my tumblr wife to just 4 gifs (otherwise I will be writing for months because she WILL spam me and I love her for that.) but if you gif it I will write xxx

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This might be a dumb question (and im not trying to be disrespectful), but is Admin Winter a man or woman? If you don't want to answer, that's cool. Love your blog😊


Originally posted by k-n3ko

I’m biologically a woman and identify as one for the most part, I guess.  I don’t know, I don’t normally think/talk about it because I don’t want to say the wrong thing and be politically incorrect.  I know how much it sucks to be called something out of stupidity and ignorance and would never want to do that to another person.

But yeah, uh I’m a genderfluid female with the sexual fluidity of the Mississippi river.  Wait is that right?  Or do rivers only flow one way, they do don’t they?  Shit, I just confused myself.  Fuck it!  I like boy parts and girl parts!  

I should’ve asked Lily to explain this for me.  She’s my interpreter lbvvvvs.


I’m just gonna stop.  I don’t know how to explain myself lmao.


marksman158  asked:

HOWDY! I'm new here, and I just want to say, I freaking LOVE your art and blog! I guess I discovered the AU Storyswap because I am new. XD, but anyways, I'm so happy there is a blog like this, this is what I say when I'm new tho. XD (to random people.) Well, keep up the good work! ;)

((waaa hello there o/))

((Glad you like the au owo))

I’m gonna reach out because I haven’t in forever, and so many of you have stuck around with me for goodness knows how long or why, and I love you all for it. <3 

Yes, I do plan on participating in Zutara Smut week on my nsfw blog, but beyond that, I have so many unfinished projects and things I want to draw for and eegads! I have some time before moving on to fellowship (outside of studying for boards of course…)

This isn’t a commission offer. This is, if anything, a way for me to get my head on straight and stay on track with something

Any projects you’d like to see me finish for sure? Any fanfic illustrations you’re dying to see? Any reminders about pieces I “promised” but never quite got around to?

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I give you two words: Thank you. Thank you for beign one of the few who actually noticed that some shows have flaws, one who noticed that there are some good qualities in shows that are not that good, one who doesn't get blinded to what others say, and one who wants to give the best experience possible for fans. I go to your blog because of this and because you are a good person and a great fan, Because sadly, some people just watch a show in order to criticize about it. It's so toxic it hurts!?

You’re welcome, Anonymous.  When I first read this message, I smiled from ear to ear and got a little teary eyed.  I needed this.  

I always try to stay positive but when I see a problem with something, I will mention it.  I do not believe in the uncritical consumption of media.  You can love something and still recognize the flaws in it without suddenly becoming a “hater”. Conversely, you can notice good things in something that is otherwise flawed and objectively not good.  This is why no matter my initial reactions to a show from the pre-release designs and concepts, I give every tokusatsu series 5 episodes before I pass judgement.  I am oftentimes pleasantly surprised as in the case of Kamen Rider Ex-Aid. Yes, sometimes I get caught up in the pre-premiere negative hype but I am willing to admit when I am wrong and eat a little crow when something turns out to be better than it looked.

Messages like these make me feel good inside and keep me going.  Thank you for following me and thank you for this message.  It means the world to me to get feedback like this! 

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So, how are you and Lud lately? Do you think you both will be good dads? Because I certainly do! (by the way, mun, I truly love this blog, and your style, and you)

F: Well I know we’ll be great dads!! Isn’t that right Lud??

L: screaming as he tries to read every parenting book ever written

F: See? He’s prepared.

Hi, admins! 

A little while back I wrote a fic called “There’s Something About Nana,” and I had a lot of fun with it. Recently I discovered your blog (Which I absolutely love, it’s brilliant!), and I really wanted to share both the fic and the headcanon that I thought up and wrote the fic for. 

Remember Lambo’s debut on KHR? Reborn stated he didn’t associate with the lower mafia echelon. In this headcanon, there is a reason for this. The lower mafia echelon has this whole “bad Sunday cartoon villain” act down.

The Vongola (and by extension the Vongola alliance) are their arch enemies, the heroes. Especially Tsuna, because he’s turning the mafia business back to the vigilante organization it originally was. Which means that the lower mafia echelon is constantly mocked because they will never be as evil as the Vongola used to be. 

To give you an idea of the “bad Sunday cartoon villain” behavior: They call their own thugs minions, but also have the tendency of calling the henchmen of others minions. Imagine Hibari being called a cloud minion. Plans tend to fail because of unnecessary self-destruction buttons, they constantly carry around equipment so they can have their own soundtracks (Which includes Evil Eureka music and All The Single Ladies), hold crime exhibitions (complete with Malicious Legwork for entertainment), wear capes, delight in dirtying the carpet (such an evil deed!) and are constantly searching for the secret of Vongola’s strength.

The complete failure of a Boss has a super competent assistant (which turns out to be Kyoko, who’s a spy using her mist flame to disguise herself)

I hope you like it, and that others will too! I’d love to see more fics for this AU. 

I posted my fic on ff net:

And Ao3:

There is a mention of an attempt to drown Iemitsu, but nothing graphic, it’s just for the fun. I don’t think it warrants a warning, but better safe than sorry. There is no real pairing (except for Nana and Iemitsu, but Iemitsu is only mentioned). 

Love, Blue


Can you believe it!? Because I can’t! Two years. Two incredible and fun filled years! It’s been such an incredible experience being here with you guys. We’ve had good times and bad times (mostly good though.) The joy that you all have brought me these past two years….I honestly don’t even think I can describe it with words. You all have grown with me, comforted me and made me laugh so hard I cried. I can honestly say without a doubt that you guys are my family and I love you so very much. Some of you have been with me since I first started this blog and others came some time later but I love you all just the same.

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Your blog inspired me to finally buy some succulents myself and I’m really happy I did! I’ve had them for about 2 months and I love them to bits! They are a little sun deprived, but I’m doing my best to give them as much as I can. Sadly, there isn’t much sun in the Pacific Northwest… Nonetheless, keep posting because I love your plants and posts!

Hey! Thanks for the message and submission, I’m glad that my blog is inspiring you to get into succulents. They look great so far and I love the arrangement it’s a really cool combo of things.

anonymous asked:

((OKAY, I just gotta say that I love that this blog is active again. Thank you Mod K and Mod J for your work! You two are awesome!! Mod IJT, I hope you begin to feel better soon, because you're an awesome person who deserves to be happy and healthy. So please, all of you, have a good day, and an excellent rest next time night happens for you!))

((Awww thank you friendo! It is YOU who are the awesome one for making this blog so active and getting involved. IJT is an awesome human and I agree completely that they deserve nothing but the best. Have a wonderful day yourself hon, and if you need anything. The inbox is always open for chatting! -Mod K))