I reached another milestone and I am gonna sit here in my corner and sob. IT MAKES ME SUPER HAPPY YOU KNOW? THAT YOU GUYS FOLLOW MY THREE?? I just wanted to make a bias list of all the blogs I follow that stand out to me, are awesome, my friends, etc. There is no particular order. 

Please don’t get discouraged if you’re not here, I appreciate ALL of you! <3333 And I’m super thankful you gave my three a chance!

@fumetsunoronin, @ambrosien, @drollerie, @desbearer, @foudrecontraire2, @viigere, @kciine, @kcyblade, @starpumpkin, @claamor, @clownitorii, @lockedfighter, @lxnartears, @lostxpuppet, @rcsario, @tsugunaii, @thundcrs, @talece, @taixga, @chalceum, @jourdevanille, @prophetiics, @prettywxman, @exterreris, @galaxychord, @aeristheancient, @arraneous, @leagueiisms, @shiinseii, @lionfanged, @ayatober, @fatesmarked, @wraithr, @nisetenshi, @theanavati, @xarentia, @sweatygod, @spooky-mami, @spooky-homura, @spooopystyle, @spookypyromancy, @spoookysyndrome, @asshkaari, @spookyfists, @livingshergift, @path-of-sorrows, @fractxs, @ferociter, @devilporta,  @gildedcoward, @bellatoramoriis, @alexstrazsaiist, @shadowstitchiing

And many, many more. Again, thank you so much!