• On Thursday, unnamed sources told news site Axios that Trump gave his female campaign staffers a note: They need to “dress like women." 
  • According to the report, "women who worked in Trump’s campaign field offices — folks who spend more time knocking on doors than attending glitzy events — felt pressure to wear dresses to impress Trump.”
  • Women who heard reports of Trump’s sartorial demands were not exactly thrilled with Trump’s desire to make womenswear great again and they fire back with the hashtag #DressLikeAWoman. Read more

Here’s how many US jobs could be automated — and why robots threaten American workers most

  • American workers are more likely to be automated out of their jobs over the next two decades than people in other comparably wealthy countries like Germany, Japan and the United Kingdom, according to a new report by the consultancy PwC.
  • The numbers are frightening: 38% of American jobs are at the “high risk” of being automated by 2030, the report found. That’s compared with 35% in Germany, 30% in the U.K. and only 21% in Japan.
  • On one hand, it’s possible that new technology could actually create new jobs to make up for some of the ones that disappear.
  • But on the other hand, there is evidence that the United States government may be underestimating the threat of robotization to American workers.
  • On Friday Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin told Axios that he is “not worried at all” about automation. Read more (3/24/17)

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Trump’s isolationism on NAFTA and TPP is for his base — but that’s exactly who it will hurt

  • On Monday, Trump wasted no time, with planned executive orders that would begin withdrawing from and rethinking trade agreements.
  • Trump looks to withdraw from the pending Trans Pacific Partnership — which would have increased trade with Asian, South Pacific and North and Latin American countries.
  • And potentially renegotiate the long-standing North American Free Trade agreement, or NAFTA, according to an Axios report.
  • While axing these deals or increasing tariffs might, on paper, seem to benefit American workers — by incentivizing consumers to buy U.S. products instead of foreign-made ones — other negative effects could result, hurting U.S. consumers and even manufacturers.
  • Loads of evidence suggests that protectionism can backfire by making cheap goods more expensive.
  • Lower-income and middle-class Americans, who rely on cheap goods disproportionately, will feel these side effects most acutely.
  • For all Trump’s talk of helping lift up America’s struggling manufacturing sector, ditching NAFTA may have the opposite effect: The Center for Automotive Research recently estimated that doing so could cost up to 30,000 auto jobs. Read more
Intel acquiring Mobileye's self-driving car technology in $15 billion deal
Intel is acquiring Mobileye, a company that specializes in chips for vision-based autonomous vehicles. The Marker and Axios first reported the deal, valued at $15.3 billion, and it will see Intel take over some key technology for its ambitions to lead autonomous cars. BMW, Intel, and Mobileye have all partnered to deploy 40 autonomous vehicles for testing on public roads later this year. Read more
Treasury secretary ‘not at all’ worried about robots taking jobs
Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin says he’s “not at all” worried about robots displacing American workers, and his definition of artificial intelligence comes from Star Wars. In an interview today with Axios’ Mike Allen, Mnuchin said he was unconcerned about the effects of automation, both with physical machines and artificial intelligence. “In terms of artificial intelligence taking over American jobs, I think we’re so far away from that that it’s not even on my radar screen,” he said in response to a question from Allen. Read more


20. Adrienne Harris, 34, Special Assistant To The President For Economic Policy  “The amount of good a person can do is limited only by her creativity and effort.”

21.  Ashleigh Axios, 30, Digital Creative Director “My most inspiring moment was watching the faces of dozens of K-12 students light up as their films were screened by the President.”

22. CARRI TWIGG, 29, Director Of Public Engagement For Vice-President Joe Biden“I’ve learned to be patient, thorough and deliberate.

23. Chynna Clayton, 27, Special Assistant & Trip Director To First Lady Michelle Obama“The White House is composed of people who are passionate about the country.” 

24. Crystal Brown, 35, Counselor & Senior Policy Advisor To The General Counsel, Office Of Management And Budget“Be open, be flexible and be willing to take a risk.” 

25. Crystal Carson, 26, Special Assistant To The White House Communications Director “Keep your head down and work hard. Distractions are endless, but tune them out.” 

26. Karen Evans, 27, Assistant Director To The Office Of Cabinet Affairs“Always follow up with people and say thank you! Handwritten notes will get you a long way.” 

27. Monique Dorsainvil, 29, Deputy Chief Of Staff For The Office Of Public Engagement & The Office Of Intergovernmental Affairs“You don’t need connections to work in this administration.“ 

28. Rochelle Boone Briscoe, 42, Domestic Team Lead In The Presidential Personnel Office “No role has to be perfect; it just has to be perfect for you.” 

29.  Tonya Williams, 42, Director Of Legislative Affairs In The Office Of Vice-President Joe Biden“Never get too comfortable. Always keep your eyes and ears open for new challenges.”