A kick is a wish your heart makes

A drabble totally not inspired by my friends getting death threats and rude comments thrown their way. It went a different way Q but I hope you still like it @mobsterlena

Lena was used to receiving rude comments, she was a Luthor after all and most of them she could take with a grain of salt but then came the death threats. It was bad and if their atrocious grammar and spelling mistakes weren’t enough then Lena had to be subjected to a spam of them, practically every alert she received was yet another harsh message and she shouldn’t have let it bother her but everything was getting so overwhelming. 

So that was how Kara had walked into her girlfriend’s office armed with her favourite sugary treats and a kale and avocado salad for Lena - because despite Kara making numerous slideshows about the joys of a sprinkle donut she could not get her girlfriend to indulge in the treats very often - to see Lena sobbing over her laptop. 

Kara was instantly by her side, gasping as Lena all but fell into her arms and proceeded to sob as she curled herself into Kara’s embrace. Flooded with concern Kara scooped Lena up and effortlessly guided her to the couch, readjusting as she sat them down so that Lena could lay her head in Kara’s lap as strong fingers ran through her long tresses, gently shushing her as Lena started to calm. When Lena eventually stopped crying she started to spring up apologising as she wiped her eyes with a frustrated sigh only to be cut off with a kiss. Kara pulled back with a smile, brushing a lock of hair behind Lena’s ear before speaking in that calming yet firm tone that Lena knew all too well.

“Lena, don’t. You are allowed to cry, you are allowed to feel. It’s just me here and I’m not going anywhere, ever. So please talk to me, so that I can help you.”

“What are you going to do? Fling everyone who’s ever said a bad word to me into space?” Lena laughs attempting to brush it off but Kara looks completely serious.

“If I have to.”

Lena’s eyes widen as she takes in the solemn tone and the way Kara’s arms flex and tighten their hold around her.

“k-k-kara you don’t have to do that, I’m just being silly.”

Kara’s hand moves to squeeze Lena’s careful of the pressure as she uses her thumb to trace patterns over the back of Lena’s palm.

“How you feel is not silly Lee, especially not if it’s upsetting you. If you don’t want to tell me I respect that and I’m here for you, always.”

Lost for words Lena leans forward capturing Kara’s lips in a soft kiss, pouring the emotions she’s tried to hide into the embrace. When they eventually pull back Kara rests her forehead against Lena’s and it takes everything that Lena has not to cry again.

“I got another message today, what they said…it just cut a little close to home but I’m fine.”

Kara doesn’t say anything for a whole minute but Lena can tell by the steely glint in her eyes that Kara is trying to keep her anger in check. Kara is up in a flash, almost causing Lena to tumble to the ground with how abrupt she is. There’s a whoosh and then Kara is marching them onto the balcony, Lena’s purse and her laptop secured in one arm as she sweeps Lena into her arms and take off without a word. She doesn’t speak until they reach the DEO and it’s only to check if Lena is okay and then she’s back to angrily marching into the base with Lena rushing after her. 

“Kara?” Alex spots them as soon as Kara stomps through the door, her eyebrows raising up when she sees Lena shuffling behind her like a lost puppy. Taking one look at her sister Alex can see the tension rolling off of her in waves.

“Did it happen again?”

Kara stills, turning to share a look with Alex. Lena watches as they have a silent conversation and then Alex is nodding and prising the laptop from Kara’s grip.

“Your room is open, go and cool off. I’ll come find you if there are any updates.” Alex kisses Kara’s forehead and gently shoves her in the opposite direction, when Kara glances at Lena hesitating Alex sighs and wraps an arm around Lena’s should protectively. “I’ll be with Lena the whole time Kara, nothing bad is going to happen - now go.” 

Lena smiles as Kara nods whispering that she won’t be long before disappearing round the corner. Alex bumps Lena’s shoulder, walking them over to Winn’s desk.

“Time to show us what you’ve got Winny boy.”

After a lot of bickering over who could hack better Winn and Lena had made quite the team. Lena had only taken a break to sign some form that J’onn had shoved under her nose and then he’d left them to it. Alex had gone out for lunch and then she’d checked up on Kara who had broken a lot of cement blocks but was otherwise fine. 

“Are you nerds any closer to finding out who’s been sending those messages?”

Alex had expected a response when she’d entered the room but instead she found Winn and Lena hooked up to the main frame, playing Mario Karts of all games. Winn was hunched over trying to get closer as he furiously slammed buttons on his controller whilst Lena sat cross-legged, one hand lazily pressing on her own controller whilst she used the other to finish eating her salad.

“I swear if you hit me with another fucking toadstool I’ll-”

Alex observes how Lena smirks, pressing a few buttons and then Winn is swearing and Lena is exclaiming in victory.

“Take that Schott!”

“You totally cheated!” Winn pouts throwing his hands up as Lena smiles more.

“Did not.”

“Did too.”

“Just accept the fact you lost to a superior opponent.” Lena’s voice is teasing and Alex can’t help but chuckle when Winn pouts more muttering under his breath as Lena laughs but then she remembers why she came in and she’s walking over to them with her hands on her hips.

Neither notice as they continue to squabble as Alex rubs her temple looking back and forth between the pair. It’s a smack to the back of their heads that gets their attention. Both turning round to stare up at Alex with matching guilty expressions. 

It’s Winn that speaks first, trying to inconspicuously hide their controllers. “oh hiiiiiiiii Alex,”

“What do you two idiots think you’re doing?”

Lena bites her lip as Winn visibly shrinks under Alex’s intense stare.

“We were just-”

“Save it. I saw Lena crushing you so you can spare me the excuses. Just show me what you’ve found.”

“Okay first; she did not crush me because she totally cheated so we will be having a rematch-”

Winn starts to explain but is cut off when Lena snorts, shoving him out of the way as she grabs her laptop to show Alex.

“Finding the IP address was all too easy, especially when the dumbass sending me death threats decides to use a deo owned device.”

Alex should have known, her fist clenching as Lena casually explains without so much as an angry frown.

“Does Kara know?”

“She found him two minutes ago and is bringing him back as we speak. She should be here in 3, 2…” Lena trails off just as Kara comes crashing through the door dragging a squealing Mon-El across the floor.

Alex can see the Daxamite already has bruises forming and is feebly trying to tear Kara’s arm away which only causes her to snarl before slamming him against the wall, making sure to use extra force as he winces in pain.

“Kara please!” 


“Let me go!” He whines and then Kara is flinging him across the room, laughing as he slumps against the wall with a loud thud. He groans in pain, trying to shuffle back as Kara stalks over to him. Lena and Alex are up in an instant as Winn silently leaves the room. Kara turns to her girlfriend with a smile.

“You want to get a punch in babe?”

“With pleasure but maybe Alex should have a turn first.” Lena grins, stepping back just as Alex moves forward a truly victorious grin on her face as she comes into view. 

They can see his lip quivering and his whole body shaking as Alex leans down to whisper something in Mon-El’s ear. He actually screams right as Alex brings her foot down on his right leg. 

When J’onn finds them all moments later, with Kara holding Mon-El up like a sparring pad as Alex and Lena take turns to punch him he says nothing, smiling proudly as he watches his adoptive children do exactly what he taught them to do.

Rivamika Week - Valentine's Day

Title: No Attraction
summary: Modern AU (highschool) He was only doing it to get a rise out of her. That insufferable bastard. 
rated: T

Dark eyes narrowed into a flat stare, glaring hatefully at the stupid looking chocolate heart wrapped in pretty plastic and wrapped with a lovely bow. To be fair, she wouldn’t have paid it much attention on any given circumstance. But this particular gift was ostentatiously placed right on top of her desk, in the middle of the day… As expected people were muttering and gasping to themselves while they watched her appraise the lavish and certainly expensive gift. Class hadn’t started yet, and so people were peering in from the hallways with curiosity. 

I can’t fucking stand Valentine’s day.

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