But this is brilliant.


my submission to the AJQSSC, entitled “apple of my empire

My drawings probably doesn’t show it because they’re inconsistant as of shape, style and medium, but I’m really into creating my own headcanon, which takes place mostly in the future and I’m very obsessed with categorizing and organizing  things such as ponies’ heights. Twilight, Apple Bloom and Rainbow Dash are all small ponies. Fluttershy, Applejack and Sweetie Bell are tall. Pinkie, Rarity and Scootaloo are average. Twilight and Apple Bloom hang out and borrow junk from each other. Scootaloo is an academic student. Everybody hangs out at Apples’ and eat apple pie. Scootaloo hangs out in Canterlot. Twilight hangs out there on occasion too. They drink tea and coffee.

* this drawing isn’t actual good representation of my headcanon. Leave alone the blank flanks.