Quick Survey Thing That I Need Feedback On

Hey guys! Wanna conduct a quick survey cuz of reasons. So:

Like this post if your a Hamilton fan

Comment ‘FNAF4Life’ if you dig FNAF or enjoyed the blog I had up for it about a year ago (Mpreg Foxy)

Reblog this if you like Cuphead

& Send me a heart in my inbox if you dig Sonic

I need to know this ASAP because I have something I wanna do and I want to see who will be interested. If you enjoy all the fandoms above, just do them all. Any feedback is good.

Thanks!! :3

isi7140  asked:

You are under absolutely no obligation to do this, but if you feel like it I'd honestly love to see You Won't Wake Up Alone from Damian or Tim's POV? Just a thought :)

I didn’t even think about trying it from a different POV but you have now planted the idea in my brain, and I am seriously considering it. So don’t be surprised if at some point one pops up. Because I like this idea a lot, and I’ve had a lot of fun with that fic. Thanks. : D


I was tagged by @casiscool190 - i love you cass thank you so much 😭💗

Rules: answer the questions and tag ten followers you want to know better

Name: Louisa

Gender: female

Star sign: Virgo 🤓

Height: 160 cm (i’m as small as you lmao)

Sexuality: straight

What images have you set as your desktop/cell wallpaper: my lockscreen is a collage of beautiful drawings of my friends by our loveliest friend @i-am-coko and my background is the one and only kim seokjin

Have you ever had a crush on a teacher: ehhh no I find those things weird

Last text I sent: something to my crush about being sorry for falling asleep haha

What do u see urself doing in 10 years: since i’m like 25 in 10 years I think I’ll be at university somewhere in France or England

If u could be anywhere else rn where would u be: I’d love to be with jin rn to tell him how much he means to me

What was your coolest Halloween costume: i don’t think halloween is that exciting and haven’t done it in years but my best costume was hands down a spanish flamingo dress paired with a scream mask l m a o

Favorite 90s show: i haven’t watched any 90s shows I think but I looove all the movies like clueless and mean girls

Last kiss: uhh it was a few months ago and I still feel terrible about the boy bc i didn’t treat him well :(

Ever been stood up: no

Favorite flavor of ice cream: ahh i love love love strawberry and straciatella

Ever been to Las Vegas: nooo :( i’ve only been to the east coast yet and I’m totally looking forward to seeing the west coast some day

Favorite pair of shoes: my black and white nike trainers

Favorite fruit: it’s gotta be bananas!! I love them so much and eat them on the daily lmao

Stupidest thing I’ve ever done: probably talking to anyone ever about anything ha h a

Favorite book: milk and honey by rupi kaur and a few books by john green tbh and anne frank’s diary!!!

What loser: huh

I tag: @i-am-coko @doyouknowkimseokjin @jin-tlebangtan @whippedforsuga @cherryprincejin @angellicjimin and everyone else who sees this!! you are free to do this and I’m not pressuring anyone 💘

Blindspot Moments

3 Small Little Touches (3.04):

1. The “leaning on” of the hug.

2. The “How didn’t we thought about that earlier?” look…

3. Not exactly a small touch, but amazing enough to be A moment!

BONUS: The “I know you better than anyone” reading.

(Because that was my absolute Favourite Moment and I’ve already been really harsh with 3.04 today…)

anonymous asked:

Hi Ella, since I have no life, I thought I'd give you a few interesting numbers about your blog : your least successful story still has 173 notes (Camping with the X-Men) and your most successful one has way over 2000 notes (Batfam NSFW preferences). You get an average of 500 notes on your stories, and more comment than most authors and...I guess with that message I wanted to prove to you how amazing you are. Look at the numbers Ella, they don't lie, people like your stuffs, you have talent !

…I don’t even know what to say. I do admit those numbers are absolutely crazy and totally unreal. Like I’m so shocked anyone wants to read my stuffs at all so, you know…I’m not gonna lie, I just spend the past hour counting notes on my stories and all and…you’re about right. Between 400/500 on average and HOLY SHIT I JUST REALIZED MY MOST SUCCESSFUL STORY WAS OVER 2000 NOTES. I don’t know what to do with those informations. It kinda fucks my head up cause like…how ? Why ? When ? Uh ?!

Hell, I even just realized my fucking DC masterlist has over 2000 notes and the Marvel one 800…I don’t understand. Like. Wow. I’m over-overwhelmed. Thank you, by the way. This is…Wow.

(Stories referenced in this message : Batfam NSFW Headcanons and Camping with the X-Men and my masterlist blog : right here

I love you @scottmcwinchester, I love you @here-for-the-isco, I love you @im-just-sofie, I love you @crstianos.  I love you @kova, I love you @osondu-imafidon, I love you @asensihos,  I love you @tobinheat,  I love you @westmckennie,  I love you @bristimadridistakaki, I love you @juledx23,  I love you @livingforreal13,  I love you @taulant-xhaka,  I love you @faustlina,  I love you @delesdier,  I love you @grizibae,  I love you @hunterfrisk,  I love you @iscomadrid,  I love you @goetzeus.  I love you @mo-salah  I love you all so so much. Imma go to sleep but to anyone reading this i fucking love you all so much

peaceandlove77  asked:

You said one day you will write something about Carlos being captured by Uma and Harry that's really dark. How about this: Uma and Gil get Harry a birthday present, a tightly tied up and gagged Carlos! Just an idea if you want to write than cool thanks but it's up to you :)

One of these days, I’ll actually write that super dark fic lol.


(Head’s up to anyone reading: I don’t post smut on Tumblr, so this won’t get as dirty as it should be!)

Rated PG13. Kind of smutty

Keep reading


Would anyone like a tarot reading? :D

Can be 3 cards if you don’t have anything in particular you’d like to know, but I can do a longer one if you have some sort of issue. You can reblog (-and say you’d like one), send an ask, or use the chat.

I have two decks of tarot - regular and Osho zen. I also have oracle cards (that are really good for emotional/mental/spiritual questions).

Also, don’t be shy to talk to me, even if we’ve never talked before - I’d love to do a reading for you! <3

PS: I usually only do readings for myself but I realize I need to practice doing readings for other people too, to get the knack of it and all that. That being said - I’m still learning, so please don’t expect an amazing and super accurate reading, hahah :’‘D

Also, keep in mind that this is for fun.

Tarot can be used as a creative way of gathering thoughts. You don’t have to believe they are magical or the messages I get from them are real, you can request a reading if you’re just a tad bit curious. <3

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anonymous asked:

So good it's so good it just reminds me how much I love everyone.Like even just anyone reading this, I love you. I'm almost as sappy as Iplier Mark-🌷

Flower ur so sweet I love you, look people read this and know that Flower loves you -Non-Jim
Author: But he loves me more.
shut UP Alex -Non-Jim
Author: Aw Ti, that’s not very nice.

pomegranatedaffodil  asked:

Hey! I just wanted to give some immediate love to Vertigo because AO3 is down so I can't leave kudos and comments right now! It was fantastic. (anyone reading this other than dear author, go read the story right now)

ahhhHHHhHhHHHhhhHh thank you so much <3

I want to know what you thought!!! I can’t believe AO3 shut down on my posting day like what shit honestly. 

Anyway I’m so glad you liked it, thank you again.

AO3′s back up and running again, so go read my DCBB “Vertigo” here!

iloveprettylittleliars1234567  asked:

Hi! I'm making a stranger things gc on whatsapp and was wondering if you could spread the word. If anyone is interested they can message me!

Of course, here you go.

So to anyone reading this: If you want to be in the group chat, contact them!

Please reblog to spread the word, even if you don’t want to join!

so lance is sitting crosslegged on his bed and keith is half in his lap, the back of his head resting against lance’s chest. lance is playing xbox or smth, arms wrapped around keith as he’s holding the controller. keith’s watching lance play, idly stroking his hands along lance’s forearms, backseat gaming occasionally. lance ends up winning the game with the final shot and the way he laughs in triumph as keith smiles and says “good job, sharpshooter”

& lance lets the controller drop and closes keith tighter in his arms, leaning them both to the side a bit and pressing rapid, sloppy kisses into his neck as he mumbles “my good luck charm”