I know, I know, short update today. Sometimes, there’s just no clean way to split up these scenes nicely within 10 images. Also funny thing about this scene was that I stayed up till 3am drawing this scene cause I had to make sure it flowed nicely. I even was like, acting out the scene myself to make sense of everything, especially for Mme. Bustier. Her turn around in the first panel is possible, and even her reaching out to pull down ladybug is all possible

but man was it a stretch lol

Also yes, because of tumblr’s recent safety mode(?) problem, some of the transfixed parts have been restricted, which super super makes me mad cause well, ml is a kids show and I aimed for this comic to be somewhat appropriate for all readers as well, so for it to be marked off like that is really troubling…

These parts so far are: Part 80, Part 101, Part 105, Part 107, Part 108, Part 109, Part 115, Part 117

And lastly, I started commissions!! If you guys would really like to help me out pls check that out here. Even reblogging it helps tons

[ Song featured: Beautiful - Heathers: The Musical ]

Part 118

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Alexander Hamilton at the center [ in the eye of the hurricane ]
Elizabeth Schuyler to his left [ heart of his left ring finger ]
John Laurens to his right [ his mutual right hand man ]
Marquis de Lafayette to upper right [ like Laurens, just not quite ]
Thomas Jefferson to his upper left [ support in a material aspect ]
Maria Reynolds below him [ a mere mistress to him ]

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how it actually went
Hunters Prey - Chapter 1


Theme: Action and Angst

Words Count: 1,562

Warnings- Mentions of Blood, Needles, Medication (Pills)

Kit- Omg this is such a mess XD Glad I got it out though! I’m surprised I was able to since I have college courses to finish >~< Evil Baekhyun is BEST Baekhyun lemme just say, I love making him sassy sweet yet mean. (If that even makes sense lol) Also yes the beginning doesn’t make sense rn but later on it will trust me.  But any way, thank you for reading. I hope to continue this fic, and develop both the plot and characters as I go. Have a wonderful week you guys~

PrologueChapter 2

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lagom | travlyn

title: lagom

summary: he asked. she agreed. Travlyn. MCD s3.

a/n: SO. This is highkey born out of the need to write a fic about travlyn??? And this came to mind! I always always yell about the Guard academy hosting Balls (like to fund the academy? Because there’s no central government, so they must generate money somehow without hindering the alliance’s economy), so what if this fic might be a two-parter; I wanted to write them dancing but gotten side tracked lol.Also yes, Travis and Katelyn live together as roommates /eyes emoji I mean the dude been living on a mountain and she could use a roomie lmfao

warning(s): eye emojis they flirt, sweet talk




Lagom (n.) not too little, not too much. Just right.




She bit her tongue, averting her eyes as a laugh wanted to bubble up. But alas, even the futile attempt to save feelings and covering her mouth, Travis caught her smile.

Which was fair, because he must know how ridiculous he look.

“I can explain,” he cracked out, the sharp pitch being the last thing to break down the dam.

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zeppelinnyx  asked:

I have this image in my head of JJ, Jean, and Jasmine all doing the JJ Style thing constantly around the house and driving Isabella crazy lol

yes, also jr. he really can’t stand it…….. he and his mother usually try to ignore it and start to talk about something else, until the other three start to sulk and demand attention like puppies

jr and isabella sometimes feels like dog owners. but they love their family so much 

vxsmallpoisons  asked:

Do you think that angel of sacrifice has like one of the best endings? Honestly manlybadasshero's voice acting for zack gave me life. God bless.

I think that satsuriku no tenshi had a very good ending, Although I would have loved! to see what happens after Zack and Rachel escape, Maybe someday we’ll get a part two of the game (thats just me hoping lol)

Also yes! Manlybadasshero had the perfect voice for Zack!! 


Mini Cosplay Tutorial: JJ from Yuri On Ice!!!


  • 2 yards red jogging fleece (from
  • 1 yard black jogging fleece (from
  • 1 red maple leaf patch (from Fabricland, other versions also available at Canadian Michael’s stores)
  • 2 spools of thread at least (I went through an entire black spool of thread while zig-zag stitching all the edges)

Wig: Rufio from Arda Wigs in natural black

Pattern: Jalie 2795 (all sizes)

While I won’t provide an exact step-by-step method of how I sewed my Team Canada jacket, I will give a brief rundown of how I pieced things together. 

First off a quick review of the Jalie pattern. Jalie is a Canadian brand so it might be harder to find outside of Canada. It’s also printed in French first with English underneath so it can sometimes throw you off if you’re not paying attention. This pattern is not exactly for beginners as it was very brief in its instructions and just assumed you had a basic knowledge of sewing/stitches/fabrics already. It did mention how to finish edges which was nice. Also the pattern book is HUGE compared to normal patterns (pictured beside a Simplicity pattern) and also made of actual paper and not flimsy tissue. The only downside was that there was no envelope to keep pieces in after they were cut out. Otherwise the pattern was fairly simple to follow along (I don’t think I even really looked at the instructions half the time) and the sizing was amazingly accurate and the pieces fit together perfectly without having to ease anything.

Things modified from the pattern:

  1. I made the 2 side panels out of contrasting black fabric.
  2. I used black polyester lining for the pocket lining instead of jogging fleece to make it less bulky.
  3. I removed the sleeve cuffs and lengthened the sleeves by 2.5″ and gave them a wide hem.
  4. I removed the horizontal sleeve seam across the bicep.
  5. I removed the pocket welts and just sewed straight pockets.
  6. I removed the waistband and lengthened the jacket by 3.5″ and gave it a wide hem instead.
  7. I added the red/black contrast fabric on the collar matching with the shoulder seams.

Overall it only took me about a day to sew so it shouldn’t be too bad to take on as a weekend project. The most time-consuming part was making the pattern adjustments for the sleeve seams and the waistband/cuffs/collar.

I’ll gladly answer any other construction questions anyone else might have. Just don’t ask “How much did X material cost?” because it’ll probably change every other week due to sales and promotions, shipping, location, available stock, and retailer and who knows how long this post will continue to circulate LOL. 

Also yes, I know that the real Skate Canada jackets are a deeper red (I went with the Olympic Team red instead since that’s what was available at the time) and have black contrast fabric under the arms. Since they only show JJ with that black underarm contrast in literally 2 3 second scenes I decided to go with no underarm contrast like all the other scenes and because I’m lazy.


anonymous asked:

You know what I find frustrating about these Ot4's bragging about Down debuting better than WFH? That it must have slipped their mind that the fan base was smaller and that WFH actually attracted more people into the fandom. WFH shot the girls up, including Camila, and now they're making it seem like it's doing better because Camila isn't there. So annoying... lol

Yes also another thing that’s frustrating is when people compare CITC and Down’s success. They both charted and that’s honestly all that should matter #OT5Problems