1D Hiatus: Day 168

* The Horan and Rose Charity Gala Dinner takes place

* #HoranAndRose trend on Twitter

* Louis meets fans during the F1 Grand Prix

* Daily Mail releases pictures of Louis and Danielle having lunch on a roof in Monte Carlo yesterday

* Pictures of Louis out in Monte Carlo last night are posted by fans on Twitter and Instagram

* Several pictures of Louis are taken at F1 Grand Prix

* Louis is apparently in London

* Louis posts two pictures on Instagram

* Niall posts a video on Instagram

* John Papsidera, casting director for Dunkirk, talks about Harry and his audition in an interview

It’s May 29th, 2016.

dr. Seokmin is here, don’t panic! (」゜ロ゜)」

“So yeah, my car was just broken into. Could I please borrow your phone for a second? I need to call my brother. I mean, I shouldn’t call my brother because he’ll probably just call me out for leaving my doors unlocked yet again –and I know what you’re thinking, yes this has definitely happened once or twice maybe before. When I’m late for work I don’t really think about stuff like this? I’m a mess. I think I get it from my dad –or maybe my mom…. no actually neither of them. My parents are perfect. God, I’ll shut up, I’m sorry. I– yeah.”


Introducing: Contract AU! If you can’t tell, it’s gonna be a Pokemon parody with anomalies! :D As to why it’s called “Contract” AU… well, you’ll just have to wait and see. >:3


I was tagged by @reigningxprizefighter for the phone wallpaper screenshot meme!

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