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Wow. The Boyband anon is on point with the boy's character sketches. I would add that while Louis is one of those lightning processing people, Niall's intelligence is not be under-estimated and Zayn is very perceptive. A deep thinker. Harry also is clever especially with people and words. Not so good on business but Louis tends to deal with that & then discuss with other boys. They are a good team. Harry has amazing presence and Louis has energy. A film PR friend of mine .../2

2. likens Louis to Tom Cruise in terms of energy. Also perfectionism. I hope he does do some acting at some stage but whatever he does, he’ll do well. Niall’s family situation is the bumpiest and they all shield him from stuff. Your anon did talk about stunting & pr “opportunities” which is an odd way to put it as they tend to be obligations more than choice and one of the reasons why Niall gets out them is that Harry and especially Louis will offer themselves over the others. ../3

3. Harry and Louis understand the trade off, that it’s part of the game/industry. It goes against Liam’s grain and Niall just hates them. Harry & Louis also support each other so they have that too. The blackmailing thing is part of the industry. It’s sold as getting background to protect the client on signing, but can be used later. Not just boy bands although they tend to be young & signed to the worse contracts. Common saying is that boy bands are not marketed, they are merchandised. ../4

4. But a lot of the industry is watching 1D to see what’s next. They’ve broken a lot of boyband stereotypes, they’ve kept fans, grown with them & are seen as a long-term act if handled right. Plus, remaining four are committed to each other and band so there’s a chance. They are all known as talented, charismatic and hard working. The last is probably THE most important in the industry. Which a lot of outisders & wannabes just don’t get. People work. Hard. …/5

5. Final story about a hardworking boy band whose schedule was so tough that they were regularly exhausted. Falling behind on their insane schedule so instead of committing less, their tour manager began to give them little pick me ups. To keep them energetic. The occasional upper turned into not so occasional cocaine hits. For everyone. Basically, to keep up their tour managers were providing drug cocktails. With managements knowledge, probably approval. So a couple of the boys started …/6

6. It wasn’t a problem for most of the band but two of them started to get in deep. One of them dropped weight, started looking bad but he had a great support system and a strong family who found out and intervened. Outraged. Management denied knowledge, “cleaned out” (paid off) tour management. The other boy was better at hiding it, continued to spiral down until management used him for their own purposes. It’s still hasn’t been addressed. Boyband land is not pretty. I wish them all the best.



Glory & Gore
              A Kylux Fanmix

1. Glory and Gore - Lorde  //  2. A Love Like War - All Time Low (feat. Vic Fuentes)  //  3. Again - Flyleaf  //  4. Die For You - New Politics  //  5. One More Night - Maroon 5  //  6. Hurricane - Panic! At the Disco  //  7. Taking Over Me - Evanescence  //  8. Shut Me Up - Mindless Self Indulgence  //  9. Irresistible - Fall Out Boy  //  10. Russian Roulette - Rihanna  //  11. Demolition Lovers - My Chemical Romance  //  12. Chariot - Burn the Ballroom

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He was only here for a mission to stop what Erebos had caused. Nothing more.

Thanatos in the Holy City of Celestizam? That was completely unheard of, but he could believe it. He knew what Erebos was capable of. He experienced it. 
So when he arrived, he wasn’t frightened. 

Though he could see the fright of the people, most running out of the gates and into their houses and the church. 

However, someone seemed horrified to the point of standing still and shivering, and he understood.
With said understanding, he quickly took action by moving in front of them, and basically obliterating the beast with his whip that stretched and retracted as it pleased.

Once he finished, it didn’t look as if he was exhausted. And he really wasn’t, surprisingly.
Turning to the person, he gave just a bit of a smile.

“Are you alright?”

was rewatching some Zestiria skits and came across the one where the guys were discussing weaponry, e.g. size versus technique, having two weapons for specific functions versus one that combines both, etc. etc.

and then, we have Sorey….



🍃Study Area Favorites🍃
» Sojin: computer I built
» BTS 8 poster set
» RGB mechanical keyboard

What the fuuu kc was that new oso ep…….. What do i even feel rn 

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So I'm a nursing student and I'm on my OB rotation rn. I was in newborn nursery today and a little baby girl was born this morning with blonde hair and hazel eyes. No lie. I was internally screaming "peanutttttttttt!!!!" I washed her off and she held my finger and the daddy watched through the glass of the nursery and all I could think of was daddy!josh. Ugh my heart.

….I can honestly say that I’m glad I wasn’t in your shoes, or else I would be up that in that nursery like


Also you’ve warmed my heart so much by telling me you’re still thinking of TWAAL, despite the little hiatus it’s been on. I appreciate that more than you know <3

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I think Isayama liked the concept he had people bouncing with his idea. A mangaka is a one person work, so having multiple writers giving insight on a character he created must have been refreshing. He said the same thing with Eren, regretting he didn't write him as a weak naive person who still preservered despite the odds stacked against him.

This is something I admire about Isayama. There’s a sense of humility. He understands the story is no longer entirely his own. He generously shares it.

I know some worry that the influence of others will affect his work adversely, some suspect it already has. They see it as selling out, giving in or artistically compromising. But I don’t see it that way at all. I believe there is safety in numbers. He’s only going to grow as an artist if he’s open to ideas.


I was tagged by @tuuzmorado for the 9 favourite albums or sth tag, thank you^^

this isn’t really my 9 favourite albums because I have a lot more than 9…so it’s more like 9 favourite kpop albums, but anyway, they’re not in order or anything, that would be too hard to choose

1. EXO - Love me right

I just really, really like love me right, it’s a really good album and lmr mv is one of my favourites too

2. Jonghyun - Base

that was to be expected, wasn’t it? I love Jonghyun and I love Jonghyun’s music so it had to be

3. SHINee - Married to the music

okay when odd came out I was like “this is my favourite album ever” and then mttm came out and it was even better, not to mention I kinda only became a shawol in odd era so yeah, but mttm is really, really good, I’m pretty sure I’ve heard it the most out of these

4. f(x) - Pink tape

this is here representing the holy trinity of pink tape, red light and 4walls because seriously, all of these albums are like a life changing experience or sth I can’t, why did I get into f(x) so late omg

5.  Jonghyun - The story op.1

I just realized that I listen to this album the most, not mttm, because this is what I listen to to fall asleep so just about every night haha, this album is too good to be true

6. SHINee - I’m your boy

this album has picasso, what else do I need to say? jk, it has a lot of really amazing songs and I really like it

7. SHINee - the misconceptions of us

there is not one single song on this album that I don’t like and that’s pretty amazing

8 & 9. BTS - The most beautiful moment in life pt. 1 &2

listen to these albums, really, they’re so good, I don’t even know what to say

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