Marlene just confirmed wren most likely isn’t A. Which is great because if they were to have done that then it would be annoying cause we never see him. Now if she can only confirm ceces annoying irrelevant self has nothing to do with A either…..

Anyways. Tonight’s epi.
What’s with all the focus on Aria? I feel like they are gonna reveal something soon. I also get the feeling that they are bringing back that guy for spencer so she will have someone there for her when we find out Toby is Charles! Lol. Yes I still believe he’s suspicious. Also Leslie stone can go away now and take Sara with her. 😒😒😒

What do you guys think about tonight’s episode?

Showing my love for Kingdom Hearts:
└ 2002 | 2005 | 2015 // Our baby through the years.

it’s not gay if it’s on the moon.png

I don’t know why I did this but I like it

transparent source

dennor vampire au for aphnorja~ uwu

Imagine Denmark as a vampire tho?? And one day he has to go outside for a very urgent reason so he takes major precautions, namely …. using an umbrella and sticking to the rather shady spots. However, one strong gust of wind blows his umbrella away. So Denmark stands in the shrinking shade and slightly panics until he just starts frantically waving at Norway, a passing stranger, to retrieve his umbrella.

Denmark asking Norway to do stuff for him in the daylight because he himself can’t. Norway then asking him if it’s because he would start sparkling and Den getting totally confused because no, he would only get toasted but nevermind.

Den and Nor going on secret strolls during the night. They usually stop at some bench, sit down and Denmark talks a bit about all the past times/ages/years he’s gone through throughout his very long life and Norway practically hangs on his every word. And Den thinks his interest is kinda cute and then asks Nor to tell him about his life and they end up talking and laughing until 6am.


He looked to the stars

then he looked at her

she gazed back, away from the moon

both deciding,

the other shined brighter

coloring makes me so angry lol

and yes i actually did a prompt for the bonus day of nalu week!! I made up that stupid little quote for the day bc i really wanted to do something this time around LOL. and also yes i used a ref for the back of natsus head bc DEAR LORD HOW


cutecemetery’s six favorite albums

1. balancing survival and happiness - kublai khan

2. the difference between hell and home - counterparts

3. let the ocean take me - the amity affliction

4. selfish machines - pierce the veil

5. wildlife - la dispute

6. déjà entendu - brand new

thanks to hannah for asking me to do this ✿

Y’all want to hear a funny story? On Saturday I was hanging out with a guy friend and I passed by a guy my roommate was hooking up with. It was literally a head nod/wave situation, so I didn’t think it was important enough to tell her. Also he was with another woman and my friend thought it might make her uncomfortable, even if they’re not in a serious relationship.

Anywho, so yesterday she tells me he texted her “I saw Nina with a saltine on Saturday” and I’m like OH so we’re gonna be like THAT. And I told her he was holding hands with a white or very light skinned/white passing person. My roommate tells him that and he just texts her one word: “Mexican”. Which like lmfao there are white/white passing mexicans and also if he’s gonna presume the race of my FRIEND who I’m not PDAing with, what’s wrong with me presuming the race of who he’s with??? Also does he think me and my roommate don’t talk????

He could have been ok if he stayed in his lane and minded his own business, but he tried to be slick and he ended up being #exposed.


Okay, I keep getting people asking me to post selfies and since before now I never actually felt confident enough to do so I didn’t. But… here I am last Sunday when I was really feeling myself after curling my hair for a friend’s birthday party.

Please excuse the less-than-attractive face and the bad photo quality (these are from snapchat ^.^)

Oh my God…

If I fail my math final I’m going to end up living in a box with a beard looking at all the people I used to know wishing they still loved me for who I used to be before I epically failed at life.

I think I need to put like, twenty more packets of sugar into this coffee. My whole future is crashing down around me. It’s cool. No one panic. I’m just doomed is all.

First Haikyuu!! OC. Because I am who I am I just made an entire fucking school. The school’s called Koumorigake which means Bat Cliff so obvs they’re bats lol. I’m gonna make a girl and boys team but this is the captain of the boy’s volleyball team, Ōshiro Zangetsu. (or Zangetsu Ōshiro. Whatever the case Zangetsu is his first name). He’s got pretty permanent bags under his eyes and looks pretty done most of the time. In reality he’s laid back as hell, and really likes sleeping. Some people jokingly call him Getsuyoubi-kun (Monday-kun) because he always looks really irritated and tends to sleep at any possible chance. He’s pretty serious about sports tho and he used to do track before he switched to volleyball. He’s pretty freaking tall, so he’s a middle blocker. He’s scary good at read blocking.
And fun fact he tends to wear bat earrings.

-basically he’s a nerd and I love him idk he’s the only one I’ve really thought out at the moment-