❞ I worked at UPS loading package trucks on the night-shift. I worked in the frozen foods department at a grocery store called Hy-Vee. I also built industrial dehumidifiers at a local factory. Gnarly stuff.


Norway - Explore North

34,000 images, unforgettable northern lights, a ridiculous amount of early mornings and late nights, countless hikes, and Norway –Explore North is complete. But crafting this timelapse film wasn’t as straight forward as it seems. This project was produced entirely on the road, we live in our van so simple things like charging my camera batteries and Macbook aren’t just a case of turning on a plug. 

Dealing with this amount of raw image files from the Canon 6D meant processing times could be many hours at a time just to export one 10 second clip. Some days I would have to use my 12v MacBook charger and render out the the clips while driving to create enough power. We have a leisure battery but we have to ensure it doesn’t go flat as it also gives power to our fridge, LED lights, and water pump. 

Most of the time I would charge my camera batteries off solar power through our Goal Zero Yeti 150, although this method of power can be unreliable in Norway as it’s not often you get many clear days. My last source of power involved numerous visits to cafe’s or shopping centre’s that had plugs, as well as a comfy seat. 

My work flow consists of importing all the raw images into Lightroom 5, organising and separating them into different folders, before processing each timelapse and exporting the images to TIFFS. After Effects would then be used to import a TIFF image sequence. This part of the process is where I would do any stabilisation or digital movements. From After Effects I would export the final clips to ProRes 4444, finally importing to FCP X for editing.

I used a fair amount of different kit for this project but the Kessler Stealth slider really helped me create some unique moves. I was able to use the motion control capabilities to create movement and add slow tracking shots, giving the film depth and keeping the viewer interested. I would hike a long way with this setup due to its fairly compact size. It’s also built like a tank and really took a beating on many occasions, notably whilst descending the trail from Preikestolen in the dark where tree roots kept catching me unawares, as well as putting up with the classic Norwegian weather. The slider didn’t just help create unique shots, it also gathered interest from passers by as it slowly ascended the edge of Pulpit Rock. One guy was so intrigued by the set up that he asked to take a photo of it; the photography equipment was more interesting than the view over Lysefjord it seemed! 

The Canon 6D was the perfect camera for this project producing clean, crisp images and proving itself to be a beast in low light, which really helped with the northern lights shots, especially as I only had the Canon 17-40mm F4 lens with me. One night I was caught out by moisture fogging up the lens during the midst of a northern lights timelapse, unbeknownst to me the lake combined with rapidly cooling air meant my images had been ruined. A new lesson learned, I tried placing a heat pad on the lens to stop any fog which prevented it from happening again, although you must make sure you replace it once it cools down or else you’ll have a foggy lens once more! 

I used two tripods; Manfrotto BeFree and the Miller Solo, depending on weather conditions and how far I would be hiking. I also used a Manfrotto monopod as an extra support for the slider. With timelapse I try to keep my shutter speed under 125th of a second to reduce flicker and was able to to achieve this by using a number of Lee Soft/Hard graduated filters, and the 10 stop Big Stopper. These filters are outstanding and produce very little colour shift. I also had a few cheap intervalometers with me from, just as well seeing as one got washed into the sea!


  • Nyksund 
  • Odda 
  • Trolltunga 
  • Preikestolen/Pulpit Rock 
  • Munkebu 
  • Lofoten Islands 
  • Voss 
  • Kvalvika 
  • Myrland 
  • Fredvang 
  • Reinebringen 
  • Hamnøy 
  • Reine 
  • Å 
  • Svolvær 
  • Tromsø


  • Canon 6D 
  • Canon 17-40mm 
  • Canon 24-105mm 
  • LEE filters (soft & hard grads) 
  • Manfrotto BeFree tripod 
  • Miller Safari tripod 
  • Motion Control by Kessler Crane

I had to nap after brunch, of course, but later in the day I got to open some valentines!! I got a package from my boy shell @Jeffmusk and one from wafflesworld & mangomusings !! Our mail is super slow cause of that stupid snow so these packages must have been made of magic!

Jeffie sent me a card and ALL THE WARM! We really need that right now. I got candy hearts and GLOW IN THE DARK ROCKS! Humom says those are for her, but they smell like noms to me so I tried when she wasn’t looking.

The package from Waffles and Mango said Par Avion! That means it went on a plane to get here. Cool! Inside was the best magnet of Waffles & Mango! They both look super handsome and I think Mango is singing! It’s now hanging on the fridge with our #Turtpocalypse magnet! Also inside, was a snuggly valentine Heart!! I climbed it and snuggled it and wore it on my head. I love it!!

Thank you shell friends!! You are the bestest! 

hey everybody sorry for my lack of activity lately i literally spent the entire day working on my capstone and pretty much plan on doing the same thing today and monday as well. here’s a summary of my day though

  • wake up 
  • start coding
  • discover bug, code work around
  • break code
  • break code more
  • get pissed
  • take nap
  • get REALLY pissed
  • start drinking because it’s hopeless
  • FINALLY fix code
  • code more

Lorraine doesn’t like the water from our fridge, so instead she has been drinking OUR bottled water. She was going to buy some today, but instead decided to wait until all our bottled water is gone to buy more. Also, the other day she messed with our fridge settings to make the water colder, but I guess even with it colder she still didn’t like it.

Toddler meals! Len’s current favorites at 15 months are avocado (she can say “cado”), chicken, strawberries, scrambled egg, cheese, cottage cheese, watermelon, peas and rice. She washes her meal down with whole milk in her straw cup.

Her favorite snacks are: chex mix with pretzels, yogurt covered raisins, Craisins and fruit snacks. Oh and she likes chocolate!

She does not like: toast, pancakes, hard boiled egg, carrots or animal crackers.

She’s a pretty good eater and likes to try to use a spoon to scoop her food.

I find it pretty easy to feed her and keep her favorites stocked up in our fridge/pantry. She also likes trying new food like noodles, fish, and edemame beans.
tinyhousedarling replied to your post:were basically out of food, and I’m super hungry…

Are you American? Do you want me to alert FEMA? That sounds terrible!

I am American! You can alert the media that I am in fact a giant snow hating baby who lives in a state that snows for 1/2 the year…Im also digging through our fridge to come up with something decent to eat. so far Ive come up with:

super pathetic looking salad.

>_< I wish I went shopping yesterday…Ill tough it out until tomorrow when the roads aren’t as bad!