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#52 with Reid pls

Prompt: “I think I’m in love with you and that scares me half to death.” 

It was supposed to be simple, but then again, taking down a suspect is never easy. You should have suspected complications, expected something—everything to go wrong. Yet, you couldn’t help but feel optimistic, as if it was somehow etched into your DNA. This was a tough case to bear, let alone stomach, the unsub being a ritualistic serial killer, who enjoyed torturing his victims’ extensively before letting them succumb to death. You and your team had tracked him down to New York, one of the busiest cities in the country. After nearly a week and a half of searching, you also figured out his alias; however, in that time span he was able to murder at least two more innocent victims. Optimism was your only defense in this dark line of work, the only way you were able to stay above the dreadful things you saw on a daily basis. You saw the worst in humankind, every single day, trying to stop the seemingly incessant cycle of evil. And while your work seemed to be in vain, you knew that every single life you saved was a small victory in itself. 

As soon as Derek had parked the car, you had already jumped out of the back; your gun was drawn and your vest was on. You to Hotch, as he gestured for you, Morgan, and Spencer to take the back, while JJ, Prentiss and him take the front. With Spencer by your side, and Derek following closely behind the two of you, the three of you approached the back door of the house. By the time you reached the backdoor, you could see the worry etched across Spencer’s face. You would think that after an abundance of situations like these, it would somehow get easier, but you knew that would never be the case. Too many times have you seen situations like these end up vastly different from the previous times. On one hand, no more innocent civilians could be harmed, the unsub surrendering without much of a fight. On the other hand, sometimes the only way the unsub believes he/she is getting out of the situation is by committing suicide or suicide; those situations never ended well. You could emphasize with Spencer’s worry, but you believed sometimes he worried a bit too much. Flashing him a small yet reassuring smile, you nodded at Derek and then proceeded to kick the back door open.

The house was dark and quiet, which you could tell was not a good sign. With your finger lingering on the trigger of your gun, you crept easily around the house—making sure to keep your eye out for the unsub. Faintly you could hear voices speaking in the livingroom, and after opening a few doors, you found yourself faced with the suspect. The scene was typical of a hostage situation, the woman’s hands were bound with rope, her mouth gagged, and she was on her knees in the center of the room. The unsub had the gun pointed towards her head, his eyes trained on the agents in front of him. So far he has not spotted the three of you; instead, only taking note of Hotch, JJ, and Prentiss who stood in front of him. This gave you the element of surprise, a necessity which could ultimately determine if everyone walks out alive. You could hear Hotch attempting to negotiate with unsub, Garrett Peterson, but you knew his attempts would be difficult. He was profiled to be sadistic, getting off on the idea of torturing and mutilating his victims; however, he was also highly intelligent, meaning he was far too smart to fall for just any old trick.

“If you just put down the gun, we can talk this out,” Hotch’s voice was soothing yet stern, part of the reasons why he was one of the best at hostage negotiation.

Garrett seemed to chuckle haughtily, his eyes stone cold. “Tell me, Aaron Hotchner, do you honestly believe I’m an imbecile? You’re the distraction, aren’t you, the agents behind me are backup just in case your plan goes south,” he paused, “I want them in front of me, now.”

You knew you shouldn’t comply with his orders, he was a sadistic and ritualistic serial killer, there was no way he was going disrupt his ritual in order to add another person to his name. But you wanted him alive, death was a blessing considering the atrocious acts he’s committed, and you wanted him to rot in maximum security prison for his crimes. Leading the charge, you kept your gun pointed at his chest, before slowly moving to stand in front of him–Reid on your right and Morgan on your left. Hotch, JJ, and Prentiss moved accordingly, making sure to keep their guns trained on the unsub.

“You, the one in the middle, what’s your name?”

There was this unsettling twinkle inside his eyes, which sent shivers down your spine. He was an attractive type of man, a trait he used to his advantage, luring his victims with his charm and good looks. If you were an ordinary civilian you would have probably fell victim to his antics, becoming another body in sadistic scheme. You wanted to rely on your gut instinct, which was telling you that was devolving, every single second wasted only further caused him to rationalize his choices–stick to his ritual or become a martyr. And you were willing to assume that he was leaning towards the latter.

“Her name is [Y/N],” Reid’s voice cut through the silence, his hands tightening on the handle of the gun. There was his protectiveness showing through, and as chivalrous as his actions were, they sometimes got on your nerves. This special treatment seemed to be reserved for only you, since he did not act this way around any other members of the team. His intentions were only to protect you; however, at times it got on your nerves. It was as if he thought you couldn’t protect yourself, which was far from the truth, and as much as you admired him and appreciated his protectiveness–you were deadly without anyone’s help.

As soon as those words left his mouth, the unsub’s steely gaze left your eyes and shifted toward your colleague. Your heart skipped a beat, worst case scenarios running through your head. But he soon looked away, his charming smile overcoming his unpleasant gaze.

“Take off your vest.”

His cold voice infiltrated your ears, as you attempted to keep your hands from trembling on your gun. There was no way to ignore his orders, as it was your job to put the civilian’s lives above your own–even if it meant sacrificing your life for theirs. This time he was the one who underestimated you, believing you were that foolish to blindly comply with his orders. Instead you wanted something in return for your cooperation.

“I will, only if you let go of Julia Harrison. Let me take her place.” 

That is how you ended up on your knees, with a gun pointed at your chest. You were trained not to show fear, but internally you couldn’t help but wonder if this was the way you die, on your knees and by the hand of a psychopath. Glancing up, you were met with Reid’s dark eyes, those chocolate eyes that you had fallen in love with since you first saw them. In that moment, you had made up your mind, the determination in your eyes was easily perceived by Reid’s wide eyes. They pleaded with you, begged you not to, but all you could do was give him a sad and sincere smile. Before Garrett could register what was happening, you had turned around and kicked him in the groin and before any of your teammates or the officers could place him in handcuffs he shot you.

You couldn’t remember much after that, everything becoming a blur. There was commotion all around you, distant voices calling out to you; yet, you couldn’t see clearly. You could distantly remember a blob that you could only assume was Reid, but you weren’t sure. Then, it all went black.

The beeping of a machine is what you heard first, and the first thing you could remember was hearing distinct mumbling next to you. The next thing you can remember is the pain that radiated across your body. Memories of what happened came rushing back to you, and like before you were vaguely aware of a presence sitting beside you. Yet, you couldn’t open your eyes. Without opening your eyes you knew exactly who was sitting at your bedside, gripping your hand tightly, and talking to you.

“I know the doctor said that you were going to be okay, but there was significant trauma to your lung. You’ve been in a coma for a week now and I can’t help but think that you’re never going to wake up again. You’re my best friend, and I don’t even know what I would do without you. Who else would spend their entire weekend with me watching Doctor Who, or would spend hours listening to me ramble about quantum physics or the Theory of General Relativity? Every single moment that I spend with you, I feel a rush of endorphins and serotonin, these feelings, chemicals and emotions are things I haven’t felt in a long time. I didn’t think I could possibly feel this way again, not since Maeve, and yet, here I am. I think I’m in love with you and that scares me half to death, so please [Y/N], wake up. I can’t think of my life and what I would be like without you,” Spencer’s voice cracked slightly at the end, and you could feel something drip onto your hand. You wanted so badly just to touch him, kiss him, tell him that you were going to be just fine; but, you couldn’t move, nor could you see his beautiful chocolate eyes. Instead, all you could do was muster up as much strength as you had and softly squeeze his hand, praying that it was enough for him to hold onto hope. 

You could only await the day when you could finally wake from this coma and kiss those pink lips that wanted to for so long.


38-year-old Farah Swaleh Noor arrived in Ireland in 1996. He claimed he was from Somalia and that his family had been killed. A later investigation showed that this was a lie and that he was actually from Kenya, and his family were very much alive.

He had numerous convictions - in 1997 he raped a mentally disabled teenager who later gave birth to a son, two other women had also claimed he raped them and he had faced eight charges of both assault and disorder. The Gardaí described him as being particularly violent towards women and he was a suspect in the murder of Raonald Murray, a 17-year-old girl that was stabbed to death in 1999.

Noor moved in with Kathleen Mulhall, who had twin daughters - Linda Mulhall and Charlotte Mulhall. On the day of 20 March, 2005, the four of them spent the day getting drunk in Dublin and the twins and their mother took ecstasy tablets before they made their way back to the flat where Kathleen crushed an ecstasy tablet and slipped it in Noor’s drink.

While they were all sitting on the sofa, Noor began to touch Linda in an inappropriate way which caused an altercation between Kathleen and Noor, ending with her shouting “just kill him for me” - to which the twins complied. Charlotte stabbed Noor in the neck with a stanley knife and he fell to the ground. Linda then hit him across the head with a hammer numerous times. They took turns in stabbing him - he was stabbed at least 27 times. Kathleen watched on. The twins then dragged his corpse to the bathroom where they dismembered it and dispatched of it.

Linda and Charlotte were charged with murder and Charlotte was given a life sentence while Linda was sentenced to 15 years. Their mother, Kathleen, was sentenced to five years for assisting with the disposal of the body. Noor’s head and penis were never discovered. The twins were dubbed the “scissor sisters” by the media. After the twins were sentenced, their father hanged himself.

Hi there! Just a little progress update. I started with the maps on July, but I was redoing them again and again until the team was satisfied. I think we’re ready to conclude with the Prologue maps and focus on the programming. (Demo is Prologue and Chapter 1 btw!)

This is the Execution Room, where the souls are judged. Also this is the last Underworld map I’ll be showing. 

Also….do you recognize the little guy sitting in the throne? He’s from my first character teaser. Now that I reached 200+ followers, I guess it’s alright to present him, right? 

“If you can prove it, I’ll let you live. But if you lied to me and you really are the murderer…you’ll definitely regret it~”

His name is Bel, the Underworld’s judge. I won’t be giving him as much information for the time being. While not a suspect, he plays an important role in the story, but everything about him is a mystery. You’ll learn more about him and (maybe) his real identity when you play the finished game.

mbti murder mystery
  • intj: murdered. well someone was going to do it eventually
  • isfp: faints
  • enfj: doctor who tends to their (and everyone else throughout the book) is a suspect at the very end for being too nice
  • intp: thoughtfully leads the investigation. also probably the narrator
  • estp: character literally only there to make things harder for the investigation
  • estj: the asshole you're supposed to think did it, but is then murdered in the third chapter
  • esfj: bakes cookies! also probably dies
  • infp: also probably dies, but only because they figured it out
  • infj: saw the murder happen but has ptsd as a result and can only communicate through cryptic eye movements
  • esfp: accuses literally everyone at one point
  • istj: haunted by a Dark Past™
  • entj: acts macho but faints during the final act
  • entp: tries to sneak out of murder house, is caught
  • istp: tries to sneak out of murder house, is not caught
  • enfp: love interest, makes it out alive!
  • isfj: murderer. but for a good cause!

Jeff Davis 8 - Between 2005 and 2009, the bodies of eight young women, who were all either involved with drugs or sex work, were discovered in swamps in the area of Jennings, Louisiana. Most of the young women knew one another with some being related by blood. They were identified as:

  • Lynn Lewis, 28
  • Ernestine Marie Daniels Patterson, 30
  • Kristen Gary Lopez, 21
  • Whitnei Dubois, 26
  • Laconia “Muggy” Brown, 23; 
  • Crystal Shay Benoit Zeno, 24
  • Brittney Gary, 17.
  • Necole Guillory, 26,

The cause of death was difficult to determine in a couple of the deaths due to extreme decomposition but it’s generally believed that they were all murdered. Two of the victims’ were discovered with slit throats. The deaths were mishandled by authorities from the onset with an abundance of evidence being “lost.” A number of witnesses even named local police officers as suspects in the deaths. It was also reported that the women were informants for police before their deaths and had even provided information regarding the other victims before being killed themselves. The case still remains unsolved to this day, with many believing the police to be involved while others believe it to be the work of one sadistic serial killer.

isn’t it funny how frederick chilton and freddie lounds have been right this whole series?

frederick came up with hannibal’s psychological profile, suspected hannibal and demanded FBI protection, going so far as to coin “hannibal the cannibal”, warned alana about being blind to everything around her

freddie said that will was psychologically unbalanced, knew that chilton couldn’t have killed abigail,  and knew will and hannibal were up to something and discovered randall’s organs in the cooler

they’re also the vegetarians so they avoided eating people

as an added bonus, frederick saying “will graham is alive because hannibal likes him that way” and freddie coined “murder husbands”

Shassie Rec List

okay so I know I’m a year too late, but don’t judge me. This is in absolutely no order & in no way comprehensive, btw. This may be updated, not sure yet. ETA: PART TWO

Most of these are smutty but plotty.

If I’ve forgotten any trigger warnings, please let me know.

• Gotcha, Lassie! by misato | Rated T
You can’t run from commitment, unless you’re a near-genius with an affinity for pineapple and a thing for the Head Detective.
Drunken confessions of love. Shawn being cheeky. Tiny bit of angst, mostly fluff.

Playground Crush by moondragon23 | Rated T
Carlton finally figures out the reason Shawn has been playing tricks on him all these years.
Well there has to be a reason why Shawn is always pulling Lassie’s pig tails, figuratively speaking. Absolutely perfect fluff.

Murder by Something Something (series) by trixietru  | Rated M
When Lassiter gets invited to a mysterious weekend retreat, Shawn suspects trouble and follows along.
Shawn & Lassiter muddle through their feelings while also investigating some suspicious characters. Leans towards angst, but I can’t imagine these two not having stumbling blocks before getting it right. Everything works out in the end!

A Study in Balance by SerpentineJ | Rated G
Day 1: Tease. Three times Lassie is an unwitting tease, and Shawn can’t help but be mature.
Shawn is nice and it throws Lassiter off.

The Road to Tikihama by unadrift |  Rated T
This is not a story about a chance meeting of two insomniacs. This is a story about beer, a machete, the fashion police, zebras, egg salad, Truth or Truth, the c-word and handcuffs. With sprinkles on top. (Post “Tuesday the 17th”.)
Shawn & Lassiter end up having a heart-to-heart at 4 am. Touches on events in all seasons up to S3, Ep 15. One of my favorites.

Take That Moon and Wrap It in Cellophane by Loz | Rated T
In the past month, Lassiter’s had seven failed first dates and Shawn feels bad because he feels great.
Shawn seizes an opportunity to take Lassie on a date. Fluff.

• The Walrus and the Guy Who Carpents by plainapple | Rated M | WARNING: Mentions suicide of non-canon character
Shawn is pulled into the shady world of Santa Barbara politics as he and they investigate the death of a city councilman’s intern.
Casefic with great banter between Shawn & Gus. Oh, yeah, also over protective Lassie that ends in smut.

Spencer Didn’t Do It by Teragram | Rated PG
Shawn has been framed for murder, but Lassiter hopes he won’t be too quick to use his alibi.
An excellent casefic that flows just like an episode.Bonus Woody being his usual disconcerting self.

Shot Though the Heart (And You’re to Blame) by trixietru (3/?) | Rated M
Lassiter does something unexpected during a stressful moment, leading Shawn to re-evaluate their relationship.
Lassie whumpage. Despite the summary, not established relationship. Last updated earlier this month, so hopefully it’ll be finished soon! (besides, everything by trixietru is great.)

Losing My Mind by janewestin | Rated M         
Shaken by a brush with danger, Shawn finds himself on Lassiter’s doorstep.
Another long fic where Shawn & Lassiter work out their feelings for one another.   

double chocolate hot chocolate with extra whipped cream. and sprinkles. by unmatchedhellraiser | Rated G
Lassiter goes into the same coffee shop every day. Shawn is an annoyingly persistent barista.
Every ship needs a fluffy coffee shop au.

Single-O by janewestin | Rated M | WARNING: mentions past CSA of a non-canon character & suicide of non-canon character
Shawn and Carlton puzzle through a murder at a sideshow…and their feelings for each other.
This one is actually fairly dark (heed the warnings if those things trigger you). It also features a surprise cameo but it’s minor and doesn’t take away from the fic if you’re not familiar with said cameo characters.

Petyr knows

Remember that quote by Petyr when he told Sansa to always keep your foes confused or they’ll never suspect you or know what you plan to do next. A lot of people thought Petyr was doing exactly that with Sansa. Involving her in his schemes but only sharing some information. 

Now take a look at this moment:

This is just before he gives her over to the Boltons. He smiles, looking so proud at her for finally being brave enough to take action against the people who murdered her family. He is looking at her as his equal. Someone he believes can accomplish their original plan. However, he also has some power over her. Not the type of power that he uses to “manipulate” her per say, but Sansa has heavily relied on Petyr for the past couple of seasons. And to Petyr, it makes some part of him feel good for being that person she can rely on more than anyone else. 

However, recently, we saw Sansa’s trust in Petyr slip after we find out that Ramsay was a sadistic lunatic. Deep down, she knows she still needs him, but after being raped and abused by her ex-husband, she’s having a difficult time going back to Petyr because she doesn’t want to experience it again. And we see Petyr’s power crumble when he finally confessed to Sansa. 

Now take a look at this. Think about why the director decided to show a similar side facial shot compared to the one above. How different it is:

After Sansa walks away, Petyr makes this expression.It’s sullen and remorseful. No one else is with him outside so what other type of face could he be making but his honest expression. 

Petyr knows what he did. He knows what he said to her. Yet against his own belief, he chose to be honest with her. He knows she could possibly use it against him. But he didn’t care. He just wanted the woman he cared about so much to know that what he felt for her was real. 

And also let’s take a look:

Petyr looks so desperate here. Look how he tries to get closer. He wants her so much, but can’t because he doesn’t want to force himself on Sansa. 

In conclusion?


I always love either super sunny quirky character designs, or really dark creepy ones… There’s no in-between. SHSLs Inventor and Folklorist from Danganronpa V3. They’re my favorite for now, both because of their design and their talents!

SHSL Inventor

  • Design and talent-wise, Souda was one of my favorite DR2 character, so of course I like this girl!
  • I love here steampunk vibe! Goggles!!! Also her tentacle hair. 
  • Her talent will probably be (too) helpful in-game. I don’t think she’ll survive… :-(
  • That said, I see her as a cackling over-the-top mad scientist murderer, not a victim. She’ll be my first suspect if the Kiibo (the robot) “dies”.

SHSL Folklorist

  • I’m curious to learn about obscure japanese folklore… Except his dialogue will probably be toned down by the translation.
  • It would be very cool if he actually survived the game. I don’t think people expect the deadly looking guy to stand a chance (at least I don’t). Post-game, he could make the story of DR3 into a legend!
  • But it probably won’t happen.
  • He looks so chilling. I imagine him not realizing how much he scares people with his stories (or totally doing it on purpose and smiling behind his mask). 
  • Maybe someone will strike to shut him up. And/or he’ll die in an urban-legend themed murder. (2nd case anyone?)
  • But let’s face it, he looks like a designated villain/killer to me and he’s my favourite guy.

I think it is very important that we don’t erase the fact that Khalid was a CHRISTIAN. He was an Arab-American Christian and painting him as a Muslim only serves to erase his identity and religious beliefs. As someone on Twitter said: “Khalid Jabara’s murder is reminder that all Arabs, regardless of beliefs, are in danger of being a victim of a hate crime.”

I also think it’s important that people realize that whilst Khalid was a Christian, his murder wasn’t just rooted in racism, but also Islamophobia. I’ve seen posts try to say that Khalid’s murder had nothing to do with Islamophobia, but that’s not true.

According to the Jabara Family Statement, released on Victoria Jabara William’s Facebook:

“This suspect had a history of bigotry against our family. He repeatedly attacked our ethnicity and perceived religion, making racist comments. He often called us “dirty Arabs,” “filthy Lebanese,” “Aye-rabs,” and “Mooslems”—a fact highlighted by the Tulsa Police Department who also heard these comments from the suspect. The suspect’s bigotry was not isolated to us alone. He made xenophobic comments about many in our community – “filthy Mexican” and the “n” word were all part of his hateful approach to anyone from a different background.”

Khalid’s murderer, Vernon Majors, was not only a racist who hated Arabs and Mexicans, but he was also an Islamophobic piece of shit and a bigot who assumed that all Arabs are Muslims. Islam is being racialized.

And this is the terrible reality of Islamophobia: it kills Muslims, Christians, Hindus, Sikhs and I could go on.


Was this man a serial killer?

On November 12th, 2016, Anchorage police officer Arn Salao was investigating a theft when he saw a very tall man walking down the street. He pulled up next to him to ask him if he’d seen anything suspicious, and repeated the question when he got no answer. Then, the man turned to Salao and shot him four times. The police officer and his backup returned fire; the confrontation ended up with the mysterious man dead, and Salao in the hospital.

Turns out the dead man was called James Dale Ritchie (40) and the gun he was carrying was a Colt Python .357. The investigation determined this was the same one used on the murder of Treyveonkindell Thompson (21), who was found dead on the street on July 29th after being shot multiple times. The suspect sketch pictured above came from witnesses who saw the alleged killer getting away from the scene.

But that’s not all. The gun has also been linked to four other baffling murders that happened through the summer in Alaska, and had the people of Anchorage on edge. On July 3, Brianna Foisy (20) and Jason Netter (41) had been found dead in a bike trail, and on August 28, the same happened to Kevin Turner (34) and Bryan DeHusson (25). There’s still no information of the connection between the victims and the suspected killer, if any.

Ritchie was described as having been a “happy, positive person” in high school, where he was also a succesful athlete. However, after his graduation in 1994, he got deep into drugs and started building a criminal history. In 1998, after his first arrest, for selling drugs, he wrote a letter to the judge saying: “I lay in bed every night thinking about how I’ve ruined my life. Then I sit up crying wishing I could go back to when I was in high school.“ However, he kept getting in trouble with the law and getting short sentences or probation.

On Halloween morning of 1975, the bloody body of 15-year-old Martha Moxley was discovered in Greenwhich, Connecticut - she had been brutally beaten with a golf club. The beating was so viscous that the golf club had broken, and she was then stabbed in the neck with one of the broken pieces. Martha had been out the night before at a party at the home of 17-year-old Tommy Skakel - a nephew of Robert F. Kennedy. Tommy and Martha were seen flirting at the party and left the home together; this was the last time she was seen alive so Tommy was immediately suspected and he also had a shoddy alibi. The case eventually went cold but many local people believed that Tommy had committed the brutal murder until 1991, when his younger brother, Michael Skakel, who was 15-years-old at the time of the murder, was charged. He always professed his innocence and was granted appeal in 2013.

A Summary of 6x13 - The Gloves Are On (at least for Sara)

So Hanna, Spencer and Emily are getting spa treatments because being suspected for murder is really stressful. Aria is not there so I guess they took Alison’s dinner threats seriously.

Anyway, since she’s not there they can also question Aria and Ezra’s relationship, I mean it’s a few years too late but okay.

Oh, and Sara is there too because why not:)

Meanwhile Aria’s talking to Liam while looking like she’s about to perform on Eurovision next.

Liam however, unknowingly, supports the idea of Aria staying in Rosewood with Ezra. Poor Liam.

At the Brew Hanna meets Lucas who is now rich. But honestly though who isn’t?

As Emily goes to the drugstore so that Pam can go through her mail Hanna spots Aria and Ezra having lunch for some reason. Aria’s talking about how shocked she is by the content of Ezra’s book, so while Aria is having a déjà vu moment Ashley appears and tries to lengthen Ezra’s compulsive sobriety.

So, Emily’s sitting in her car and Pam is rushing towards her at the speed of all my responsibilities emerging.

They go having coffee (yes, coffee) while talking about her skipping school and going costume shopping.

Hanna though, after crashing Spencer’s interview, runs to Lucas’ loft to ask him to be her alibi despite the fact that he couldn’t even keep his hamster alive.

Later, Aria and Emily are sitting in Aria’s living room reading Ezra’s book. This is basically going to be Aria’s storyline for the rest of the season. A book.

Anyway, Aria is dismissing Emily’s suggestion that Ezra wrote the book about her.

I mean why would he do that?

Just saying, unless Nicole disappeared while she was out buying chickpeas this book is about you, Aria.

Meanwhile Spencer goes to see Hanna to ask her if she can take over her shopping cart and Hanna who says she’s okay with it is not really okay with it.

The next day Ezra and Aria are sitting on a bench talking about Ezra’s book. Again. I swear to god this is worse than the barrel storyline.

I guess Aria is just going to start writing his book for him now. This would be a great opportunity for payback but I doubt we’ll get that…

Later, Hanna and Emily are hanging out in Aria’s bedroom while Liam is giving them a striptease and when Hanna goes to throw away her junk food she finds out that Emily is not in fact sick but that she’s just been preparing her gift for Alison.

Back at Spencer’s barn Spencer tells Caleb how Sara was electrocuted and we all know that water and electricity don’t mix well.

Then Caleb says he always thought it was Sara who killed Charlotte because, really, who doesn’t know what Kimye is?

And then they sleep together lol.

Anyway, A is back! And he’s looking for uniforms so maybe Emily can help him out.

Tillie Klimek is a female serial killer thought to be responsible for as many as 6 deaths. She was convicted of the murder of her third husband, after her fourth husband became ill and police suspected that he was being poisoned. They tested her husband and discovered that there was indeed arsenic in his system, they then exhumed the body of her previous husbands, who were all found to have lethal levels of arsenic in their system when they died.

Klimek was also suspected in the murders of several relatives and neighbours who died suspiciously. She was sentenced to life imprisonment for the murder of her third husband.

Edmund Kemper was the last person police suspected of being the violent serial killer they were looking for. For one, Edmund was known as a reformed individual and the gentle giant of the community. Although he had been to a correctional facility for killing his grandparents when he was fifteen years old, everyone in town was shocked at his dry wit and his generous personality. He also won over his psychologist while serving time in the correctional facility, who believed that Edmund was a model prisoner and even granted his early release. As the murders of 1972 to 1973 became more and more frequent, police were out of their depth. Kemper, an intelligent man with an IQ of around 145, knew he had to stay one step ahead of the police so he began to befriend the local police officers. He was a regular drinker at a bar called The Jury Room, which was coincidentally the local watering hole of many of the officers. Kemper, who was actively killing young co-eds at the time, openly discussed the cases with the police and offered his help. None of them suspected that ‘Big’ Ed Kemper was responsible for such atrocious crimes.

Analyzing - He’s Coming For You

I’ve been stumbling upon theories that Hanna may be dead, if the flash forward sequence was a dream.

It got me thinking…In that scene, the liars say, “we came back here, for you Ali…”

What did they mean by “came back”? They shouldn’t have been leaving Rosewood, since Charlotte’s murder was not solved and they are still suspects. However, if this is the beginning of 7x01… maybe it is a dream?

On the other hand, the quote on the chalk board is referring to Rollins…a fake doctor plotting revenge.

I also noticed Hanna’s tone. She sounded angry, “NOW Alison”. Which could allude to her being angry, now that she has to help Alison yet again. Especially, after she’s been through so much…now that she was kidnapped. 

This would make sense, if this scene is later in the season…after Charlotte’s murder was solved.

Are the writers really bold enough to kill a Liar? Probably not.

Therefore, I am going to bet that this scene happens after Charlotte’s murder is solved. The liars are free to leave Rosewood…yet come back after finding something else out.

Uber A probably planned on killing Hanna, but got some news that changed their plans or someone else interfered.


The Witch of Staten Island

On Christmas night in 1843, residents of Staten Island were woken to the smell of burning wood. To their horror, the home of Mr. and Mrs. Houseman was engulfed in flames and was burning to the ground. Mr. George Houseman was away at the time, but his wife and their baby daughter had been horrifically killed and then set alight. They both had crushed skulls and broken bones. Mrs. Emeline Houseman suffered a slit throat and was considerably beaten to a pulp.

Detectives suspected that their killer was a sister-in-law who was a alcoholic and bully. Polly Houseman was also described as a grotesque woman with no morals. However, Polly seemed to have no motive for the brutal murders. Apart from being a little weird, there was no evidence to suggest she murdered the mother and child.The first trial ended in a controversial hung jury. The second trial in a conviction – later overturned by the State Supreme Court. The third trial saw Polly finally acquitted and she was a free woman. The murder of Emeline Houseman and her baby remains a mystery, but witnesses claim to have seen a “witch” entering the house that evening.