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okay so yeah i hit 1,500 followers (how? why do you people like me? im really lame) so im gonna do a promo hella

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best general blog

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Melly! I was going thru update accounts and saw this twitter(.)com/1DFAMlLY/status/788814164261216256 I have no idea if this is a 1DHQ account or what its the first time i came acros it but they have 1.2 mill followers and most I've seen have a lot less than that. So I'm assuming it is. I hope it's true! But could also be trolling.. (u don't have to post I know u have gotten shit lately for talking about speculation)


I very much lobe and appreciate you looking out for me! BUT, when people try to police fandom conversation all because someone’s theories or thoughts don’t align with theirs? Naht cool with me. My blog, my thinking boobs, my rules.

But let’s talk about this tweet!

I’m just going to ignore that the thought of a solo!Liam music video made me almost swallow my tongue. SUH! We know from the official press release that Liam is releasing music “Very Soon” ::wheezes::

They could absolutely be trolling, BUUUT,  Zayn filmed Pillowtalk around this time last year, and his single had a January release. SOHHH, if Liam’s is released in January like its mayhaps rumored to ::breathes heavy::, then this could very well be true. 

One thing I do think is that Liam’s team does not want Liam launching his solo career while he’s still chained to Cheryl’s radiator. So for me, the big signs I’m looking out for so I know when Liam’s about to kill me a lot, will be when the conclusion of Cherliam mercifully happens. I think Liam’s debut single and video will be released sometime thereafter (!!!!!!!!).


For personal reasons, I have moved my Hanji from this account to unendingcuriosity. If you would like to follow, you can. I’m still open for threads, memes, and whatnot. I’m going to keep this blog up for archival purposes, and partially because I cannot bring myself to delete all it. (Also because the Florence Welch meme is floating around and I’d still like to use it.)

I’m going to reblog and queue this a few times before I completely abandon it.

~ Rachel

This is one of my favorite pieces of pony art, however I’ve never been able to find the original artist (was this Michelangelo’s original sketch of his Sistine Chapel masterpiece?), so I never posted it. I found it on some forum discussion somewhere on some website. Also because Luna isn’t prominently featured in the picture (she’s obviously there, just look under Celestia’s left wing), so I figured it didn’t make much sense to post it on my Luna-theme blog. But I’ve decided to bend some of my own rules, so here’s the picture in all of its glory.

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// because its been happening a lot as of late, a quiet reminder to the personal blogs following me that YES, it is okay to reblog my ART or other Overwatch related bits, but please:


It throws everything off for me and i just got my activity feed in line ;; on that note, I have also gotten a few wonders regarding why in my RPs that i refer to Tracer with male pronouns. Read my rules guys, its all there :V