a story about messages

so i logged on to my tumblr today, trying to escape an endless stream of responsibilities, you know, the usual, when i noticed i had a notification.

now, i’m not proud of this, but upon seeing that i had a photo message from an unknown blog i immediately began to panic. i started running the possibilities in my head. 

today is halloween so there’s always a chance its a picture of a pumpkin or something. it could be a screamer, or some other kind of meme. it also might just be a dick pic because the internet is a goddamn godless wasteland and i frankly could not rule that out.

so with trepidation in my heart but tenuous hope in my soul, i clicked on the message and you guys will not believe what the message contained….

did i dare click the picture? did i truly dare to dream?

i took a deep breathe and revealed the image.

my acne is cleared, my crops are thriving and i have never received a more wholesome message in my entire life. message content and pupper receive an 11/10.



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May the odds be ever in your favour! 

I was tagged by @punkrockegg to Do The Thing so yes. Let us do that thing.

♡ rules: answer the questions and tag blogs you’d like to know better

♡ sign: I like the peace sign and also that road sign that just says “End” its so relatable
♡ height: 5′7
♡ last thing I googled: polonium 241 half life because of a meme that mcfucking destroyed my will to live.
♡ favorite music artist: The 1975, The Wombats, FOB, Catfish and the bottlemen, P!ATD, Børns, Halsey, Knuckle Puck and Oh Wonder… sooo many i cri
♡ last TV show watched: RuPauls Drag race with my pal Ant
♡ what am I wearing: My Mythos beer shirt w just underwear bc its too hot for proper pj’s in my room and I like 2 stick my leggy out real far :)
♡ when did I create my blog: May 2013 as like a poorly concealed ‘fitspo’ blog but then I got into fandom and now its just a shit tonne of memes
♡ what kind of stuff do I post about: this blog is a meme infested hellscape why is anyone even here.
♡ do I have any other blogs: I have my calm pretty blog @mellisonance (also my instagram handle!!), a studyblr where i put referenced resources and work/education things @microbiolani a couple of urls saved jic I want to change up my look, and a vent blog that is basically where I can go and be mentally ill and problematic as fuck and not worry/upset any of my irl pals lol
♡ do I get asks regularly: I get asked things by the lovely @focusas a lot but I broke my laptop so I can never type them out but omg what a sunshine 11/10
♡ why did I choose my url: So my soundcloud was blackandwhitesirens. Sirens because i enjoy singing people to death lmao black and white mostly bc sound cant be colours (also because I’m mixed race ayy). So that was my url for a while and ‘sirens’ became my nickname on here. I wanted a shorter url so I added iae on the end to make me seem super #edgy
Mellisonance from mellisonant meaning to “sound as honey” and my name! Mel is sonance meaning mel is sound-like.
Basically what we can learn from this is that I Love To Overthink Absolutely Everything ™
♡ gender: Female
♡ pokemon team: okay decisions scare me and so I quit the game before it could make me pick oops! my gf and brother are valor so probs red but i want to join mystic bc its blue and also the science gay one
♡ favorite colours: dusky purples and blues and and any colour you can find on a penguin. Unless its orange… I’ll fight orange.
♡ average hours of sleep: what the fuck is sleep its 4:02am as I write this.
♡ favorite characters: literally any main in b99. Amy is me and I am she.
♡ dream job: I’d love to become rly high up in a research field and maybe use that to travel or something. Kinda wanna live in germany for a bit bc it seems cool… kinda also wanna just set myself on fire whenever I think about the future lmao please @god someone just pay me to be covered in puppies.

I’m tagging @focusas @pant0ufle @bisexualightwood @inforthemonet and @pr0vemethatimbeautiful and anyone else that wants to!!

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Rules: answer the questions and tag 20 blogs you want to get to know better. 

Nicknames: Al, Alas, and my family calls me Kel 
Star sign: Aries
Height: 5'3″
Time right now: 9:27 pm
Last thing you googled: working principles christology 
Fave music artist: idk….probably Abba because I like every Abba song. Also Queen/ Nirvana/ Fall Out Boy/ Elton John (im gay)
Song stuck in my head: Riptide - Vance Joy
Last movie I watched: John Wick 
Last TV show I watched: Brooklyn 99 or Fresh Prince 
When I created this blog: In like November last year. I made my first blog years ago though.
Do I get asks regularly?: A few times a week actually!
Why did I choose my url: Daxir is my death knight OC from WoW and incredibly dear to me…I started using his name for everything 3-4 years ago and it stuck
Gender: male (I’m trans in case people somehow thought i wasn’t lol)
Hogwarts house: Gryffindor
Pokémon team: Mystic but it doesn’t really mean anything to me
Favorite color: Grey
Average hours of sleep: Anything from like 5-12
Lucky number: 14
Favorite characters: Anders and Zevran (Dragon Age), Koltira Deathweaver, every blood elf but especially Lor’themar (and recently, Rommath), also every. single. death knight. NO exceptions I love them all (Warcraft). Most of the characters I’m in to these days are my own OCs or my friends though. I haven’t picked up new non-OC favs in a looong time (exception of Rommath but he doesn’t count cause he was just hiding in plain sight)
Dream job: Working for a charity that helps LGBT people/ especially trans people, or teaching and working with teenagers. Mainly I want to work with teenagers either teaching RMPS or being a guidance counsellor
Number of blankets I sleep with: 2 always

Tags: If you see this…consider yourself tagged! No pressure to do it though