FRED - A1079913

Please Share: TO BE DESTROYED 07/22/16 A volunteer writes: Talk about a ray or rather a splash of sunshine…. Fred will be there to brighten your days and nights with his jovial , friendly and social personality if you pick him as your new forever best friend. This little guy was the highlight of my day when I met him and I can see and hear that he has already won the heart of many at the care center, staff, volunteers and visitors to our facility. Fred is an “easy going” and happy dog, he seems to enjoy people, other dogs and life all together. He is adorable, medium size, shiny orange, bright eyed and he owns “antenna ears”. We all love those…They go in all directions, dancing with the sounds…Fred is ready when you are, walks well on the leash, does his business without marking, sits just upon request or for balls and treats. He is lovely with his peers and a real socialite “employed” by the care center to welcome “special visitors”. Fred knows what a ball is, runs and jumps after and retrieves. I can stick my hand in his mouth(which I usually do not do) and he will gladly let go as he knows that it takes two to play the game. Of course, Fred is sweet and loving….He enjoys the lap, hugs and caresses. Kisses are another one of his specialties…. I could go on and on about Fred and empty my pen from all its ink… Come and meet him, see for yourself…You will fall in love…. Fred is at the Manhattan Care Center, dreaming of you Please Share: