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Sorry to bother you , i sent a message a few days ago but i think Tumblr or my Internet connection messed up and i wasn't sure you recieved it :( my question was : How well do you think Hajime and Naegi would have fared in ndrv3 if they were in Saihara place, in term of group dynamics and thematic shift (hope/despair->lie/Truth)? Since the others dr are so different from ndrv3, i Wonder how they would have handled it. I'm especially worried for Naegi since he can be very trusting. Sorry again!

You’re not a bother at all! I still have the original message in my inbox and it went through—I’m sorry for taking so long to answer! It’s just that my inbox is very full at this point, and between writing a lot and having to balance real-life stuff, and also still trying to go through every part of ndrv3 very carefully and translate things so I get all the facts, I get a little slow with responses sometimes. But I promise I intend to answer every question that comes my way!

As for this, this is a really interesting and fun question! It’s one thing to look at the ndrv3 characters and wonder how they would actually fare in a hope/despair setting against Junko, but it’s a very unique perspective to wonder about how our previous two protagonists would handle things if they were in Saihara’s shoes, moreso since ndrv3 even raises questions about what constitutes a protagonist.

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A$$ holes.
  • I'm 33 years old and I have been a big girl all my life so I have learned to love myself. I have learned to have a thick skin. Some people need to grow up. Tonight unprovoked I received a very nasty message and also a put down to all of my followers. I choose to rise above it and not respond to the sender but to block and delete him. But let me just say just because I handle that with dignity and grace and while it does sting but I push past it, another girl may not. So everyone choose your words carefully and remember it's the Internet if you don't like something don't look and move along, just because you find me revolting and gross and blah blah doesn't mean others don't find me beautiful. I can't stand bullies and you won't be tolerated on my page or any of my social media. #micdrop.
  • some abled neurotypical: lol triggered fuckin feminist crybabies if you cant handle real life don't go on the internet. i hope you get triggered
  • some /other/ abled neurotypical: wow that's so rude you autistic neckbeard i bet you live with your mom and don't shower
  • my neurodivergent ass: i mean... do yall.. do yall hear yourselves or? you don't see the irony in this at all? no irony? no hint of it? really... ok. ok.
I am now a Fannibal

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Just LOOK at these two! Look at them! I throughly blame the internet for making me want to know more about our beautiful Murder Husbands (coined by the writers of this show, aka they ship Hannigram too)

Here I am a week later and all three seasons, numerous fanfictions and video’s under my belt. Clearly its my newest obsession. I am need of more though, honestly it doesn’t help that Hugh and Mads like love each other IRL and it clearly translate to their performances and it mades it that much more heart wrenching.

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THIS SCENE! I could NOT handle this, who could? Not even the actors could, thats how much they were invested in this show and I can’t say I blame them. The story lines, the art, the interactions, the blood and the cooking of ‘meat’ were all done so artfully that even a squeamish person like myself could handle it, well more or less. I’ve seen some messed up stuff in my life but damn this show, whole new level.

I’m buying the seasons on DVD the next chance I get.

i dunno i worry about my sister sometimes bc like

shes growing up in a way different world than i did, i didnt have older siblings, i wasnt allowed to freely use the internet/etc at all, i was explicitly not allowed to talk to ANYONE online, my dad wouldn’t let me watch things like, fairly odd parents bc “timmy is disrespectful to his parents” for a while 

which is too MUCH censorship and it hurt me bc i was way too sheltered and didnt know shit about anything/couldn’t handle literally anything violent for ages until i suddenly became a horror addict somehow lmao :’) 

and now zoe’s growing up with. divorced parents who hate each other, two very significantly older siblings (we’re there for her as much as we can be but its different from growing up with a sibling around the same age) (my brother’s 5 years younger than me but thats a closer age difference) one of which is really, really into spooky scary shit (im careful about what i show zoe but she knows i play a ton of horror games) 

and her internet access isn’t. apparently restricted at all since she’s on youtube all the time/finding stuff like yandere simulator somehow/talking to people on minecraft (and once randomly asked “what’s sex” because people were talking about it and my mom and i just kinda. ‘we’ll tell you when you’re older’ at her even though i hate doing that, bc i didnt know what the fuck to say)(ill do a lot of things for that kid but i draw the line at explaining sex to her that is Not my job lmao)  

like she’s a smart kid and she can handle dark subject matter pretty well, ive never known her to be like. disturbed by movies or anything and she’s so used to me running over to pet the halloween store animatronic werewolf/shake hands with all the skeletons shes not rly affected by things like i was

but at the same time it is probably Not Good for a kid to have that. extent of free reign over the hell pit that is the internet 

and she generally respects me/listens to me, and i relate to her in a closer/more casual kinda sister way rather than a Parent way so i feel like. me telling her “hey maybe dont watch that” would probably go over better than a parental “I Forbid You From This Thing” 

but its also not really my place to try to be an authority figure or try to. be a parent either 

i dunno. im definitely gonna talk to her about yandere simulator tho thats. uh. i really wanna get her away from that :’) preferably before our dad hears her mention it and looks it up bc that would be Really Bad 

Difficult, not Impossible

As an INTP, I live the life of the anti-social.  I’d much rather sleep than party, read than converse, and blog than get into in-depth emotional conversations.  Obviously, that’s probably a lot of people on the internet, since that handy little gadget seems to attract all the anti-social people out there.

Go figure.

And when I actually have to cope with my own emotions instead of pushing them back to the very back corners of myself, I grow moody and miserable.  Nothing bothers me more than having emotions.

The problem is, as a human being, I do have emotions.  That Fe is lurking in the background, just waiting to catch me unawares, which is super annoying.  I’ve discovered one other thing, too.

We humans shouldn’t try to handle emotions on our own.

Do you know what happens when you do that?  Instead of helping your emotions dry up, they sort of fester and become worse.  Every once in a while, you actually need to turn to another person and ask for help.

Ugh.  What a disgusting idea, INTP Lady.  Why would you even suggest anything like that?

Because, my dears, that’s how we humans are wired.  We need other people, reluctant as we might be to admit it.  We need someone there to calm us down and put our emotions in perspective.  In fact, if you hole yourself up with your emotions, they’ll grow and grow until they overpower you.  When you remember that you’re not the only person around, it’s so much easier to cope.

Still, I definitely understand the struggle that it takes to make that first step and actually involve another human being in your personal life.  Who said that real life was fun?

“I felt attracted to other boys when I was four years old, but by the time I hit puberty, it felt like a tractor beam was pulling me toward another person. I didn’t know any other gay people. There was no Internet back then. I had no information about life beyond my neighborhood, church, family, and friends. So I thought I was sick. I considered suicide when I was thirteen. I had the pills measured out and everything. But I picked up a psychology textbook from the library, and it said that all teenage boys go through a phase of sexual exploration. So I thought: ‘It’s just a phase. I can handle a phase.’ I thought as soon as I had a heterosexual encounter, it would all go away. It was a lie, of course. But it got me through my teenage years. And by the time I realized it wasn’t a phase, I’d developed so many other parts of my identity. I’d become good at swimming, running, and playing the cello. I was making good grades. I was even smoking pot. So by the time I finally accepted being gay, my identity was based upon a lot more than my sexuality.”