Hey gang…recently I’ve been getting a lot of Asks and @ taggings that contain spoilery material for season three of the Flash, and it leaves me really torn because I don’t know how to handle it.  On the one hand, I try to keep spoilers under wraps so people don’t inadvertently hear stuff they don’t want to know about yet.  I do this because my spouse HATES spoilers and would be legit upset if I mentioned that ____ character will be in the show.  He doesn’t read my blog, though, it’s just that I’ve gotten into the habit of hiding things for other people who might hate it too.  But these spoilers are all over Tumblr and the rest of the internet, and I don’t know if I’m going to stupid lengths to hide things that nobody’s bothered about anyway.  

So I’ve decided to just answer them publicly, using the #spoilers tag.  Please let me know if this is a problem!  I don’t want to wreck things for people, it’s just that I’ve been going nuts about how to handle this and this kind of indecision really stresses me out.  I’ve been answering spoilery asks privately as of late and feel kind of rude doing it…but I’ll go back to doing that if people are bothered by public asks.

anonymous asked:

Hi! I'm a recently new fan, I've only just stumbled across your writing and oh my god it is so good! I was wondering though if I could have the link to the Louis Blog? Whenever I click on the others they don't seem to work, I dunno if it's just my shitty internet but yeah, keep up the good work! I'm really enjoying what you are writing!!

Welcome to my blog, my lovely. Welcome. Welcome. ;) I don’t have my Louis blog anymore as it got a bit tough to handle two at once, so, I figured I could just move it all onto this one and have my personal account/blog for my other stuff - where this blog is solely dedicated to One Direction and Harry Styles related somethings as well as my writing. xx


and all it took was me gathering my wits (and courage) to ask why no one was coming to install the rest of the wifi after the first cable dude was like ‘some other internet dudes will come in to finish the rest!’

plus the second godsend AU has graced me this side of Japan

i don’t know your name but bless you lady, may you and the family you’re here for know prosperity and happiness

also thank u for telling me no one was scheduled to come in today after the first one, and that i should try setting the router and modem up myself

thank tits things in Japan are easy enough to DIY