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Is the au Dre belong to being called Comptonfell?


I haven’t had the confidence yet to put his AU’s title up on the blog or squeeze it into the Cursetale username yet– I just low-key started adding it to the faq page or the tags!

And, plus I guess my excuse is that I haven’t started drawing enough of Dre’s universe to plaster his AU’s name up- GOSH!

I’m sorry, Anony! I didn’t mean to stroll straight into a rant, HAHA!


You have glorious eyes behind those shades for noticing, Anony 💖

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Hi! Random thought, but have you considered adding a FAQ page? Because a lot of your asks are "what paint tool/program do you use?" "what do you use for animations?". It won't stop those questions completely but I think it will make things slightly easier for you

YES I HAVE MADE ONE NOW, i dunno why i didn’t think about this buhfore…

MCU Ladies Week 2017: 12th - 18th February: Only 3 Weeks to Go!

Welcome to the brand new official home of the MCU Ladies Week. With only 3 weeks to go until this years event kicks off, I have added a FAQ page to this blog. If you have any questions or can think of something that I could add to it, please let me know, either here or over on @fuckyeahladiesofthemcu

As always, here’s your reminders of the days:

  • Day 1 - Favourite Character - Tell us who your favourite female character is, and why. Do you identify with them in some way? Did they do something special that makes them your favourite? Tell us!
  • Day 2 - Unsung Hero - Who do you think doesn’t get nearly enough attention? Who would you like to see more of?
  • Day 3 - Favourite Scene - What is your favourite scene involving a female character? Do you have more than one? Are there any parallels between them?
  • Day 4 - Actor Appreciation - a day to appreciate the actors who make the characters come to life.
  • Day 5 - Favourite Relationship - Pretty self explanatory, a day to explore your favourite female (canon) relationship in the MCU.
  • Day 6 - Headcanons/AU - a day for exploring your headcanons for the characters and any alternate universe ideas you might have. The only day of the year I will post non-canon/fanfic stuff.
  • Day 7 - To the Future! - What are you hoping for from the new female characters coming to the MCU? Which characters would you like to see from the comics? What do you want to happen to the existing characters?

And if you’re stuck for inspiration, the last two events are archived over here.

“Eh hehehehe!!~ You’ll never guess what I just stole from that hack of an inventor, E. Gadd!”

“Ladies, Gentleboos, and other species of miscellaneous gender… I give you…”


“With this little contraption and all it’s fancy apps I can finally take my most prized possession with me wherever I go without the hassle of him being in that cumbersome frame! He’s going to be sticking around for a loooong time.~”

((Me and @luigihelp have teamed up to join forces and merge our blogs together!! We’ll both be co-running this blog here as a King Boo blog but with Portrait Mario in the background! Except now he’s sorta stuck in a wii u pad. For portability reasons. Please feel free to ask Mario questions and interact with him!))

((we’ve also added ref pages for both characters, as well as an about/faq and a list of tags!))

Card Skills and Team Building

Basically aside from Center Skills which only activate at the beginning of the live (and which I’ll explain later), each card has its own individual skill that can activate many times depending on the type and RNG luck! I’ll go through the different card skills first before talking about strategies.

Types of Skills

First, there are the scorer cards. These come in 3 different flavors, Perfect, Combo, and Timer. 

This one is a Perfect Scorer. What this means is that the card activates based on how many Perfects you tap during the live. In this card’s case (though I wasn’t able to cap everything), every 18 Perfects, there is a 39% chance of your score going up by 440.

This one is a Combo Scorer. This means that the card skill activates depending on your combo. For this card, it says that every 20-hit combo, there is a 38% chance of your score increasing by 400.

Now in this case, this is a Timer Scorer. For this one, the card skill activates based on–you guessed it–the time that passes in the game. It doesn’t matter how many hits or misses, perfects or goods, or even your combo, it still has a chance of activating after a certain amount of time passes. In this case, the card skill says that for every 18 seconds there is a 36% chance of your score increasing by 540.

Then there are the perfect locker cards. The rules are the same as the scorer cards except that what these do is that they turn Bads and Goods into Perfects no matter how you mess up the timing! As long as you don’t completely miss the note then the card will turn it into a perfect during the time its skill is active.

if you see BAD以上をPerfect in the skill description then it’s a perfect locker! You can’t see those keywords here in this picture unfortunately but this card is also a Perfect Perfect Locker (that…sounds rly confusing I’m sorry) which means that the card skill activates depending on your number of perfects. For this one, every 15 Perfects there’s a 36% chance that Bads (and Goods) will be turned into Perfects.

Again, it’s the same rules as the scorer cards! Generally, for SSR cards the perfect lockers can guarantee 4 seconds of perfects and if you have more than one card, the skills stack! Here’s an example using the recent Danshi Tarumono Matsuri song:

(it actually was kind of difficult taking this picture…)

But here, you can see that the one timer that’s highlighted (Summer Tamaki on the left) is the one that’s active and counting down! If any of the other cards activate while Tamaki’s timer is still going down then it just adds to their frozen counter that will then light up when it’s their turn to start counting down!

Center Skills

Also remember that Center Skills are also very important! These increase the overall point value you get for every time you tap a note of that card’s attribute (Shout/Beat/Melody which you can tell by the color of the background during the live). Always make sure to have some type of SSR as your center and look for the word right before “UP” to determine how much your point value will increase! From weakest bonus to strongest it’s:


It’s also important to note that the earlier cards like the Outdoor Fes and Unit cards (the 大きく cards typically) only have a 50% chance of their center skills activating at the beginning of the song. The やや (it started with the Joker Flag Event SSRs and it’s now present in all new SR cards) have a 75% chance of activating and the かなり cards (all new SSRs as well as the Trigger Ordinary Days SSRs!!) have a 100% chance of activating. So this is important to look at when choosing your friend live assist too!

Team Building Strategies 

First, you want to look at your strongest cards! The おまかせ button comes in handy here, as it automatically picks your five strongest cards in the attribute that you choose (strongest Shout, Beat, or Melody cards). 

After that, it honestly depends on what kind of player you are. In terms of scoring cards, I tend to really like Perfect Scorers because my timing is usually really good and I can get the card skill to activate I like to try and combine this with a Perfect Perfect Locker (I need to find a better name for that) because the Perfect Locker helps the Perfect scorers activate more often. However, other people like the Combo Scorers instead because even if their timing is off, they still have that chance for the card skill to activate based on their combo (which is another reason why it’s good to try and aim for at least a Full Combo). Timer Scorer cards on the other hand activate the least but they also tend to be the strongest.

However, if you’re looking for help with combo requirements (for Kinako challenges or bingo cards) then any of the Perfect Lockers are what you need to use!

since i have about 2 cats to make up for in text posts (See: the three tribe kits lol) I thought I’d give a few more updates

I’ve added a FAQ pages with links to websites i use for reference and inspiration, as well as questions answered

I’d also like to plug a few other blogs i’ve come across that are also attempting to draw all these fighting kitties! Please give them lots of love and support, they will need it! 

My bud Sam has a really nice style that kinda reminds me of a disney-esque era. Here is their blog! 

Another blog is Growlies blog! She does designs that are also very animator friendly! She’s working on a Skyclan animation, so she has a lot of nice Skyclan designs. Here is their blog! 

A friendly face called Ren is drawing the kitties too! Shes got a cute style and animator friendly designs as well~ She’s working on an animation of Tallstar so there are many windclan cats there. Here is that blog! 

If you know any other blogs that are drawing all the warrior cats let me know! I will promote them !

OH OH! Also.

I added a FAQs page! I try and answer every Tumblr ask i get, but sometimes they slip through the cracks, and i apologize. These are the questions that i get asked a lot, or ones that i think the most people could benefit from!
PLEASE read these before asking a question! Any asks i get that are already addressed here will either be met with a link to the FAQs or will be ignored… if i’m feeling grumpy.

I will definitely update these from time to time!

Hey there! Glad people are enjoying the most recent update :)

Just as a heads up, over the next few days I’m trying to reorganize the blog a little bit - adding a long overdue FAQ page, a separate page for fan art, plot-related questions, and illustrated asks, along with seeing about setting up a queue for stuff :) So thank you in advance for being patient with me, and if you see anything weird it’s probably Fatal messing with you just me figuring out how to Tumblr more properly. When I’m all finished I’ll make an announcement and we can celebrate with snacks :D

Have a nice day!
Homestuck Polyship Swap 2016 | Archive of Our Own
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We’ve got more information on our About and Guide pages, and an FAQ will be added shortly!!

(much thanks to @betapalooza, @ladypalooza, and @ladystuck, for their various amazing forms and templates) (double extra thanks to @tehstripe for all their expertise!!)

Site updates! Happy Saturday! 

  • new navigation page with new categories (sns, v app, and eat jin)
  • color changes for tags/faq page
  • 1000 days project links added to the main page + navi
  • still updating the tags, though for inquiries

- sam