In celebration of reaching 20,000 followers, here are four of my most popular ‘girl next door’ type poses and outfits.

Thanks to all of you who have followed my personal blog since I started it in  January, 2016.  I also have a ‘sister site’ called where I reblog pictures that I love from other sites.  And if you’re curious, I’ve added a FAQ page, a list of things I wish people would write to me about more often, and a list of some of my favorite tumblr blogs.  See my revised site.  

anonymous asked:

Is the au Dre belong to being called Comptonfell?


I haven’t had the confidence yet to put his AU’s title up on the blog or squeeze it into the Cursetale username yet– I just low-key started adding it to the faq page or the tags!

And, plus I guess my excuse is that I haven’t started drawing enough of Dre’s universe to plaster his AU’s name up- GOSH!

I’m sorry, Anony! I didn’t mean to stroll straight into a rant, HAHA!


You have glorious eyes behind those shades for noticing, Anony 💖

Yaaaaay :D

I’M BACK in black

Well, that- that was a way longer time than I though- ugghhh so many issues to have Internet again—


I missed this so much ;w;

And– well, that’s it, I just wanted to announce that. I did some things too; changed the theme of the blog and added a FAQ page to the About and Rules page. And that’s it. I’m back.


Because I didn’t want this to be just a plain text post and because I feel bad for not having published anything (even though I know I couldn’t help it),- I’ll show you some dumb af Asche doodles I made while I was bored and without Internet-

So, click “Keep reading” if you wanna see ‘em! ‘cause they’re just too many .w. well, only like ten, but you know

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New page: make up

hey guys, because of your latest interest in it, we got some help from a lovely anon ( skinanon, ty!!!) and a former admin and we have put up a page about MAC foundations that the members would/could use.

Please check it out here

It has also been added on our FAQ, explanations page and on one of our permanent links on the desktop version of the blog! which also means the so hot link is gone rip


This was queued on the first day of school for me ahhehah hadhia lk so I guess, I hope everyone has a successful school year and I’ll do my best to provide content so everyone can suffer less as the year brutally goes on! I guess I’ll start uploading content again maybe in a week’s time or a few days, depending on how the first few days go

i also added an FAQ/about page in case yall are wondering about how my art path is going along lol

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Hi! Random thought, but have you considered adding a FAQ page? Because a lot of your asks are "what paint tool/program do you use?" "what do you use for animations?". It won't stop those questions completely but I think it will make things slightly easier for you

YES I HAVE MADE ONE NOW, i dunno why i didn’t think about this buhfore…

In celebration of reaching 20,000 followers, here are the pictures on my blog that had the most likes & reblogs.  

Thanks to all of you who have followed my personal blog since I started it in  January, 2016.  I also have a ‘sister site’ called where I reblog pictures that I love from other sites.  And if you’re curious, I’ve added a FAQ page, a list of things I wish people would write to me about more often, and a list of some of my favorite tumblr blogs.  See my revised site.  

So! With that, we mark the end of the Sardonyx arc. Looks like things have mostly been resolved; although the nefarious Peridot is still at large, Garnet and Pearl have finally made amends and can start their recovery together.

I’ve got a lot of questions following this episode. Expiration date? Just a Pearl? Peridot’s leg? How many more times can Peridot narrowly avoid capture?

Long and short of it, I’m giving this one an 8.5/10. Good stuff!

I mentioned earlier that this episode was going by a slightly different format, and while I’m not sure if that came across at all, I’ve actually already seen this episode! My boyfriend and I watched it a few days ago together, and I took notes as we watched. Then, tonight, I went back through and really combed it over while posting my thoughts. I think this might help me to get through the show more quickly - let’s hope, anyway. I might continue to tweak how we do it; I may go back to watching them totally blind while I liveblog. Any opinions? Suggestions? Anger or hatred you’d like to vent my way? Give me your feedback!

Speaking of feedback, if you hadn’t noticed, the theme has changed, yes. And while’s it’s not that big of a deal, how is it on the eyes? Too jarring? 

AND! I’m thinking of adding an about me/FAQ page, so if there’s any general questions you’d like answered, send them my way so I can compile it all, please!

I’m hoping to get to the next episode or two this weekend. We’ll see, and as always,

see ya then! ~

                         MOD APPLICATIONS ARE OPEN!!

That’s right, dear followers! It’s come to my attention, over the past few months & many wonderful milestones that we’ve hit, that I may need an extra pair of hands or two to help keep up with influx of messages we get on a weekly basis. With as many asks/submissions that come in, combined with the oddly hectic schedule I’ve been suddenly granted with trying to organize, I’ve decided to open up Mod Applications!

It’s nothing grandiose mind-you. We’re just an Imagines blog, but below this read more I’m going to expand a little bit on what I’d like to be submitted in the Application, as well as the basic rules of the blog for you to go over. Once I’ve looked over the Applications sent in, & made the decision on the Mods I’ll be adding, I’ll edit the FAQ Page to have a “Mod Section” where you can add your Title, & basic details.

Let’s keep moving!

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Hey all! Chag Sameach- I hope that you are all enjoying Sukkot 🍋 🌱!!

We have a brand new update to the PJ blog! If you notice, I have learned how to properly link several helpful pages to the main page. Beyond our Brit Kehilla, a vocabulary page, our FAQ page, and a **brand new** Popular Tags page are all accessible via your mobile devices!

If you would like any additional content added to the Vocabulary or FAQ pages, or have suggestions for our Brit Kehilla (as it is a living document), please don’t hesitate to reach out to me!

Happy blogging, happy holiday 🍋 🌱 , and happy life! PJ

anonymous asked:

Would it be okay if I drew a fusion between moonstone and my gem oc?

Of course!

( I also just wanna say I’ve added a FAQ to my main page for questions like this, so people can check that for anything similar they’re not sure of✌)

Important Info about Asks

Hi everyone. A while ago I added a FAQ page and an overview page with a compilation of posts on my blog. I had hoped that this would reduce repetitive questions since I’ve asked everyone to please take a quick look there before sending a message.

Sadly, I feel like this didn’t work so well since I’m still getting many repetitive questions and even some that are already answered in my FAQs. In the past, I’ve always answered to every single ask. But since I’m getting many questions daily and I don’t really want to answer to the same questions every time I think I’ll need to change my system a bit.

I added another section to my FAQ page which are less general topics but rather some that are often asked at the moment, regarding the current situation in the manga. And that section will be updated from time to time. You’ll find some short answers or links there to topics I’ve really talked much about already. So please don’t ask me about them again!

In the future, I might not reply to every question anymore. I’ve reached my limit, I’m sorry. So if I don’t reply to your message chances are that I’ve discussed that topic so much already that I’m sure you’ll find it on my blog or that it’s even written in my FAQs.

I’m taking much of my time to reply to your messages and I enjoy talking to you guys. But please also take a few minutes to check on my FAQs or the ‘Blog Contents’ page if your question has already been answered before you send it to me. That also includes asks that can be googled within five seconds, like ‘When is Ciel’s birthday?’ or something like that.

Thanks for your understanding! <3

flintsilvers  asked:

Hi! I was wondering, for week 2 and the 4 underappreciated characters, do you think i could do an edit of the Joker? Not because he isn't a popular and largely loved character, but because almost nobody considers him part of the lgbtq+, community. Thanks for your time and btw I'm loving this challenge so far! :)

Hello! I’m glad you’re enjoying our challenge!

But I’m sorry, we will never include the Joker on this blog. 

Well, first of all, he was never confirmed, only queercoded. And that is a completely homophobic coding. He represents nothing but harmful stereotypes.

If you like to headcanon him as gay/bi, that’s fine, but many gay fans are uncomfortable with that. Here’s a good post about it. 

Since we have gotten asks about him in the past, I’m adding this answer to our FAQ page, so we won’t be answering anything about the Joker anymore.

anonymous asked:

could u make a post about Tumblr alternatives? I heard of soup-io, ello-co, stampsy-com, medium-com, svbtle-com, tackk-com, sett-com, but which of them have things like search, follow with feed (dash), liking posts, REBLOGGING posts (called reposting on some sites lol), private messages, customizable blogs or profiles (html editor like on Tumblr would be great), and such? [plz just free and web-based w/ or w/o apps, not apps-only, cuz not everyone uses exclusively a smartphone for social stuff]

There are lots of free blogging platforms that can be possible alternatives to Tumblr. However, none of them are really exactly like Tumblr so they may not have all of Tumblr’s features. Here are some of them (in no particular order) including my first impression of said platforms and some of their features.

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OH OH! Also.

I added a FAQs page! I try and answer every Tumblr ask i get, but sometimes they slip through the cracks, and i apologize. These are the questions that i get asked a lot, or ones that i think the most people could benefit from!
PLEASE read these before asking a question! Any asks i get that are already addressed here will either be met with a link to the FAQs or will be ignored… if i’m feeling grumpy.

I will definitely update these from time to time!