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This FAQ will be revised and edited as necessary.

I’m looking for something specific, do you have anything on it?

First, check this:

Then, check these:

Still nothing? Feel free to ask!

How do I cite your blog?

The same way you can cite any social media or online content. There’s also, or you can use the primary and secondary sources I provide here.

Are there other tags that you use that might help me find what I’m looking for?

Common tags and searches linked for your convenience!

Themed Weeks/Other Eras:

1800s Week, Ancient Art Week, Contemporary Art Week, Fiction Week, Best of 2013

Nation, Country, Culture or Region (or just type in search bar):

England, Spain, Italy, Scotland, Al-Andalus, Ireland, Denmark, Scandinavia, Greece, Castile, Japan, Bohemia, Mongolia, Ethiopia, China, India, Vikings, Portugal, Finland, Etruscan, Sweden, Russia, Mali, Benin, Asia, Africa, America, Egypt, Rome, Ancient Rome

Medium or Subject:

Music, Sculpture, Textiles, Tapestry, Illuminated Manuscript, Portrait, Print, Engraving, Jewelry, Cameo, Ceramics, Theater, Film, History of Fashion


Accessibility, Essays, Education, Critical Thinking, Historiography, Representation, Gaming, Academic Racism, Scientific Racism, Critical Race Theory, Discussion, Media, Counternarrative, Academic Jargon

Is there a tag for the reaction images?

Shhh don’t tell anyone it’s a secret.

Also occasionally NSFW.

Why are you excluding This Specific Topic or Artwork?

Probably because I don’t know anything about it, and you should send in a submission.

Why is your url “MedievalPOC”, and why are you posting art I consider non-Medieval?

Because this is actually a Historiography blog. Because I’m analyzing the specific juxtaposition of those two terms, and the way our modern ideas and attitudes about the past greatly affect our perspective. Because history doesn’t exist in a vacuum, and each subsequent era affects our information on previous eras. Because there is no “Racial Reset Button”, and because Art History periodization is terrible.

What kind of jobs did Medieval People of Color have?

The same kind that everyone else did. They didn’t have separate job categories by race.

I’m one of the endless swarm of people who finds your blog by googling “Frozen POC”! Got something for me?

The bottom line. Everything tagged Frozen.

How dare you project modern racial categories on Art History?

That already happened like 200-400 years ago, and I think maybe you should ask yourself why you’re taking issue with this blog, which is trying to fix or at least address that, rather than compounding the situation I’m trying to fix?

How dare you American person write about European Things?

Again, I’m addressing a situation that already exists. European Colonists decided that European History was American History, not me.

Why aren’t you talking about the intent of the artists who made the art? THEY didn’t have any concept of “race!”

Because that’s not what I’m doing here. In fact, the entire point is that this is different from your Art History class, your Western Civ class, et cet.

Aren’t these just all chemical reactions?

No, these are chemical reactions. Art Historians scrambling to find reasons or “explanations” for various brown or black-skinned figures in European Art History is still ongoing (candle smoke, dirty touchy fingers of worshipers, “sunburn”), and has pretty overtly racist origins.

Why are you so biased?

Everyone is biased. Objectivity is a cultural fallacy.

Why are you so objective?

Everyone is biased. Objectivity is a cultural fallacy.

Why do you only ever post Black people?

That’s not true by a long shot, but it’s weird that you think so! Related: Hypervisibility, Anti-Blackness, and the preponderance of existing research from people to whom I owe a great debt.

Why do you only post white people?

Yeah, this is really a frequently asked question, and here are some related posts: Italy, America, and Racial Constructs, Racial Ambiguity, Marks of Othering in Art, Racism and Enlightenment Aesthetics, The Expectation of Recognizable Stereotypes, The Colonial Connection, and will add more as I think of them.

Someone said The Bad Thing about you! What are you going to do about it?

Probably nothing. This is the internet, people can say I am actually a butter sculpture of Jesus and I don’t wipe my butt, and you get to choose whether or not to believe that. If this is actually about something specific I said, I highly encourage you to check the corrections tag and/or the apologies tag. Or you can ask me about it.

I’m Belligerently Unconvinced of Something!! Aren’t you going to jump through these hoops I have arbitrarily set up for you to prove what I have decided your point is?

Outlook not so good. I’m more about throwing information and sources out there and starting discussions.

Are you even qualified?

Is anyone ever really qualified to run a tumblr blog?

Can you solve my interpersonal problem?

No. I also cannot train your parrots, tell you how to break up with your S.O., explain math problems or ask your mom to let you stay up past your bedtime.

Card Skills and Team Building

Basically aside from Center Skills which only activate at the beginning of the live (and which I’ll explain later), each card has its own individual skill that can activate many times depending on the type and RNG luck! I’ll go through the different card skills first before talking about strategies.

Types of Skills

First, there are the scorer cards. These come in 3 different flavors, Perfect, Combo, and Timer. 

This one is a Perfect Scorer. What this means is that the card activates based on how many Perfects you tap during the live. In this card’s case (though I wasn’t able to cap everything), every 18 Perfects, there is a 39% chance of your score going up by 440.

This one is a Combo Scorer. This means that the card skill activates depending on your combo. For this card, it says that every 20-hit combo, there is a 38% chance of your score increasing by 400.

Now in this case, this is a Timer Scorer. For this one, the card skill activates based on–you guessed it–the time that passes in the game. It doesn’t matter how many hits or misses, perfects or goods, or even your combo, it still has a chance of activating after a certain amount of time passes. In this case, the card skill says that for every 18 seconds there is a 36% chance of your score increasing by 540.

Then there are the perfect locker cards. The rules are the same as the scorer cards except that what these do is that they turn Bads and Goods into Perfects no matter how you mess up the timing! As long as you don’t completely miss the note then the card will turn it into a perfect during the time its skill is active.

if you see BAD以上をPerfect in the skill description then it’s a perfect locker! You can’t see those keywords here in this picture unfortunately but this card is also a Perfect Perfect Locker (that…sounds rly confusing I’m sorry) which means that the card skill activates depending on your number of perfects. For this one, every 15 Perfects there’s a 36% chance that Bads (and Goods) will be turned into Perfects.

Again, it’s the same rules as the scorer cards! Generally, for SSR cards the perfect lockers can guarantee 4 seconds of perfects and if you have more than one card, the skills stack! Here’s an example using the recent Danshi Tarumono Matsuri song:

(it actually was kind of difficult taking this picture…)

But here, you can see that the one timer that’s highlighted (Summer Tamaki on the left) is the one that’s active and counting down! If any of the other cards activate while Tamaki’s timer is still going down then it just adds to their frozen counter that will then light up when it’s their turn to start counting down!

Center Skills

Also remember that Center Skills are also very important! These increase the overall point value you get for every time you tap a note of that card’s attribute (Shout/Beat/Melody which you can tell by the color of the background during the live). Always make sure to have some type of SSR as your center and look for the word right before “UP” to determine how much your point value will increase! From weakest bonus to strongest it’s:


It’s also important to note that the earlier cards like the Outdoor Fes and Unit cards (the 大きく cards typically) only have a 50% chance of their center skills activating at the beginning of the song. The やや (it started with the Joker Flag Event SSRs and it’s now present in all new SR cards) have a 75% chance of activating and the かなり cards (all new SSRs as well as the Trigger Ordinary Days SSRs!!) have a 100% chance of activating. So this is important to look at when choosing your friend live assist too!

Team Building Strategies 

First, you want to look at your strongest cards! The おまかせ button comes in handy here, as it automatically picks your five strongest cards in the attribute that you choose (strongest Shout, Beat, or Melody cards). 

After that, it honestly depends on what kind of player you are. In terms of scoring cards, I tend to really like Perfect Scorers because my timing is usually really good and I can get the card skill to activate I like to try and combine this with a Perfect Perfect Locker (I need to find a better name for that) because the Perfect Locker helps the Perfect scorers activate more often. However, other people like the Combo Scorers instead because even if their timing is off, they still have that chance for the card skill to activate based on their combo (which is another reason why it’s good to try and aim for at least a Full Combo). Timer Scorer cards on the other hand activate the least but they also tend to be the strongest.

However, if you’re looking for help with combo requirements (for Kinako challenges or bingo cards) then any of the Perfect Lockers are what you need to use!

Hey there! Glad people are enjoying the most recent update :)

Just as a heads up, over the next few days I’m trying to reorganize the blog a little bit - adding a long overdue FAQ page, a separate page for fan art, plot-related questions, and illustrated asks, along with seeing about setting up a queue for stuff :) So thank you in advance for being patient with me, and if you see anything weird it’s probably Fatal messing with you just me figuring out how to Tumblr more properly. When I’m all finished I’ll make an announcement and we can celebrate with snacks :D

Have a nice day!

8 Faces Book: Just 3 days to go! 

That’s right, only 3 days left to back 8 Faces: Collected on Kickstarter.

Since we’ve already achieved our funding goal, many people have been asking us about stretch goals. After a great deal of thought and research, we’ve come up with the following (which we’ve also added in more details to the campaign page and our FAQs). 

  • £50,000: updated interviews: If we reach £50,000 in funding, we’ll conduct short-up-to-date interviews with everyone in the book. 
  • £55,000: Even better cover material: We’ll upgrade the material we use for the book’s cover, making it even more special. 

  • £60,000: everything online: We’ll create an online version of the book: a responsive website that will work across devices.

Elliot Jay Stocks has been speaking to Robert Bringhurst — author of The Elements of Typographic Style — and he’s confirmed that he’ll be happy to be one of our new interviewees for 8 Faces: Collected! This is seriously exciting; as any type fan will attest, Robert’s book is pretty much considered the bible of typography.

Help us make this the most awesome typography book ever:

I’ve begun upgrading with the help of the awesome Jonathan Black. There’s an updated portfolio and client list, added in a FAQ, Press page, Contact form, Gear list of some of the equipment I use or recommend, added more ways to connect to my other sites, the gallery is now more swipe-y and will soon have larger resolution images, and a few other odds and ends added or tweaked. Take a look.

fun fact: i started using dark-colored themes on my blog, desktop background, and browser theme because my laptop’s battery was slowly dying and i wanted to extend my battery life by using colors that wouldn’t over-exert my monitor.  it worked to an extent, but now i guess since i have a ‘new’ laptop w/o that problem (and my old one’s battery has indeed died), i guess i don’t NEED to keep using dark themes…but i can’t stop lol
FAQ Central
Links to FAQ Pages for The Asexuality Blog

OK, so it’s not 100% complete, but I’ve got a general outline down and I’ll be adding to all of these and creating new FAQ pages as time goes on.

Here you can find FAQ Pages on:

  • Asexuality 101
  • Questions relating to this blog and me personally (coming soon)
  • The Asexuality Podcast (coming soon)
  • The Ace Pen Pal Project
  • The Ace Chat Room (coming soon)

The link is permanently on my sidebar as well for ease of access. 


We can’t stop - here are more previews, including one of the six splash pages from the book! With so many incredible reactions to the theme of “beauty,” we’ve divided the upcoming issue of Dirty Diamonds into six sections that all deal with similar subject matter. Each section will be headlined by a stunning splash page illustration. The first is by contributor Noni Garcia (teenytinynoni) for the section about Bodies.

Go see our campaign on Kickstarter!

And of course, here are the comics! From top to bottom:

Elizabeth Simins (bad-at-games)

Kate MacDonald (katedrawsthings)

Mariá Raposa Branca (raposabranca)

Scotty (Crystal Jayme) (scotty6000)

Kimberly Frisch (kimberlyfrisch)

Updates about the Kickstarter campaign: We’ve added FAQs to the project page, and we’ve announced a pledge upgrade option. If you increase your pledge by $20, we will include Dirty Diamonds #5: Comics with your reward package, regardless of which reward tier you’ve selected!

Let’s keep this thing rolling! Please help us out by either backing this project or helping spread the word with a reblog. :) We’re doing great, and it’s all because you’ve been such amazing supporters so far!

Blog Updates!

I have been working on this ALL NIGHT. I’m still fiddling with the background, coloring, and sponsors, but Ive added several pages!

FAQs are separate now, so GENERAL FAQ. Ive added a lot of trivia and junk as well as Body modification information!



I have an updated ABOUT page and an ANIME LIST (music list in construction) 

also a LINKS page and a CONTACT page! 


i spent the entire day on my computer doing “business” stuff like updating my FAQ, and changing some pages and adding stuff and i changed my sidebar again so that it can work on mobile and i changed some youtube stuff and made a new banner for twitter and i made myself an official facebook page and i’m sorry that my blog was so boring today but i just needed a day to clear everything up and junk so yeah thank u

Just a friendly reminder on sending me any hate….

Hateful or antagonistic messages will simply be deleted, so don’t waste your time or mine. (X)

Honestly, I don’t read past the first sentence if it’s hateful. You are immediately blocked (Anons included) and I report you to Tumblr. Same goes for Twitter. It seems a fruitless endeavor. 

However, you all have a wonderful amount of passion and energy. These are admirable qualities, so I thought we could redirect those God given talents. May I suggest Catholic Charities? There are several worthy causes if you are looking for something to champion. Any of these charities would be lucky to have you. I wish you all the best in any of these endeavors. Go with God!

And yes, I am serious.  

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