hey when you feel awful about how you reacted to abuse and you think you must be weak and pathetic and blame yourself for not being stronger and more stable and unaffected by abuse, you know, it’s not just you, everyone would react the same way you did. Humans weren’t made to go thru trauma and pain without support and comfort, and stay unaffected, especially as children, all of us get hit by trauma and get paralyzed and broken by it, there is no human on this planet who would be able to go thru what you did and not feel the consequences. I know a lot of people play strong or act like nothing affects them, but it’s an act, they can get traumatized and abused just like everyone else. Some even go as far as to imply that only reason you were traumatized was because you were so weak and so sensitive, well that is bullshit and believe me they don’t know what they’re talking about, if they were subjected to the same trauma and abuse, with as little support and validation you had, they would be exactly where you are right now. Everyone would be exactly where you are right now. You haven’t reacted wrong or dealt with it wrong or taken damage from “nothing”, nobody can know how hard it was for you and how much you struggled except for you. Nobody else has the right to speak about it or tell you shit about how you should be reacting and how much it should be affecting you. They wouldn’t have taken it any better than you did. You did the best it was humanely possible.


Feeling deeply traumatized after watching a documentary about the chimney sweep boys in Victorian England. Boys and girls (usually sold to the upper class by their parents) as young as 3 were made to crawl up the chimneys of their master’s mansions and clean the soot from there.

Their knees and elbows were usually bruised and bloodied after they were done. To toughen them up, the master would usually pour water and salt on their wounds and mercilessly send them up another chimney. Because of this, calluses formed. Sometimes, to make the boys climb faster, the master would light a fire beneath them.

With the “job” came many hazards. It was not unusual for some boys to get stuck in the tight corners of the chimney, sometimes, without the knowledge of the master. These poor souls were left to suffocate from the soot and toxic fumes. Worse, some were BURNT to death when the fire was lit and their screams could be heard for 2 miles away.

Many of these chimney boys didn’t live to adulthood due to the daily breathing in of soot and other toxic chemicals. They also suffered from deformed bones due to their young bodies having to bend out of shape to fit into the chimney.

Never again will I whine about any uncomfortable setbacks in life.

I’m sick of the teenage “forbidden romance”. I’m so tired of kids running around and sneaking away from their parents, and parents saying stuff like “I forbid you from seeing that boy!!!!”
I want supportive parents! Happy parents who see their kid likes somebody and says “How wonderful! What a nice boy! Have him over for dinner!”
And I want parents who love their kid’s significant others, because they love their kid!

im about to go to bed, but i just want to reiterate a few things.

girls: you are not disposable. you are brilliant. you are strong. you are worth more than every single diamond that has ever and will ever exist. you are so, so amazing, and i love each and every single one of you. you should never, ever have to change any single thing about yourself for someone you’re dating, from the breath you take to the way you cut your hair to your friends to your religious or political beliefs. your lives and bodies are yours, and they are no one else’s to critique and criticize.

abuse survivors: i see you. i AM you. this is hard for me to talk about, and it would be damn near impossible without the incredible support youve shown and the awe-inspiring stories youve told. thank you. from the bottom of my heart, thank you for your support and your strength and your love. you are all so, so, so brave.

hockey tumblr, as a whole: we have GOT to stop slut shaming. we HAVE to. puck bunny? is a derogatory term based on gender, which basically by definition makes it a slur, or at least something like it. stop attacking girls who want sex with players. stop attacking girls who dont dress the way you think they should. stop attacking girls. just stop. and stop using gendered slurs to demean and harass other girls who have different opinions or choices than you.

and this one last thing: dating a player? is not a luxury. if it is, so is dating me, or you, or your friends, or my friends, because we’re all PEOPLE. we are all the same. theyre not the gods of olympus, theyre not jesus christ sent down to save us. they can skate around on large knives and handle a giant stick with more skill, care, and agility than i possess while walking down the damn stairs. i can create entire worlds in my mind and turn those worlds into words on a page, into characters and images in your head and thoughts in your heart. both are wonderful, incredible talents that have taken years to develop and earn. one is not greater than the other. their talent on the ice does not make them greater than me, or you, or any single one of us. they are people. and we have GOT to treat them as such.

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Are the Fentons actually abusive? Like i have met them and they seem to just be a bit strange and kinda dumb. Can they look after children? #theyalwayscarryweapons #Ithinkdannyisscaredofthem #dotheycaremoreaboutghoststhantheirkids? #notresponible #haveyouseenthewayJackdrives? #surprisedthekidsaren'tdead #orwithsocialsurvices #savethefentonsfromthefentons #please #onlyinamitypark

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i headcanon that hanzo has borderline personality disorder since it results from abuse typically (and there are many signs of hanzo being canonically abused) and can result in trust issues, bursts of anger from supposedly nowhere, dissociation, and a difficulty in accepting your own worth. The way hanzo's voice lines and interactions play out for the most part, he seems to fit a picture of having been abused and developing this severe personality disorder that would affect his whole life after.

*sticks my leggy out dramatically* h e l l o, 

I agree with an abused(mentally/emotionally) and traumatized Shimada heir, and gonna throw out my own HC that because of the extreme pressure to preform to the expectations of the clan and his cultural standards too (& all this could probably be interpreted differently from Japanese and western perspectives too), he’s got hella perfectionist/performance issues too. and that’s why he’s always trying to sound so confident in his voice lines and shit because that’s what we do when we have zero idea what we’re doing but don’t want anyone to know. fake it til ya make it.

blizzard please give us a hug for hanzo this boy needs canonical healing and redemption.



Instructions for Project #savecody

1. Create a 1-2 minute video for Governor Hogan of Maryland stating your concerns for the children of Daddyofive and the actions you would like the state of Maryland to take to insure protection of the children featured on his Youtube Channel as well as actions that can be taken preventing abuse and exploitation of ALL children in monteized content online. (If you agree, you may include my points regarding Coogan laws and other protections required for children in hollywood such as working hours and working conditions)

2. Title your video, “Dear Governor Hogan…”

3. Make sure it is 1-2 mins ONLY. I know this is a passionate issue with so much that needs to be said, but a government official is more apt to watch a 1-2 min video rather than a 10 min video.

4. Be as professional as possible. Again, it is a very heated and passionate issue, but utimately, the changes in our country tend to happen in a court of law. To be taken seriously, we need to remember that. Please express your anger and sadness, but also be clear and logical so that we are taken seriously.

5. Upload your video to Youtube. DO NOT monetize it. Officials viewing the video will most likely not watch it at all if they see any sort of advertising in front of it. It hurts our credibility.

6. TWEET it to Governor Hogan @LarryHogan using the hashtags #deargovenorhogan #daddyofive #savecody

7. RETWEET THIS MESSAGE to get more people involved. RETWEET the videos made tagging @larryhogan and using the hashtags #deargovhogan #daddyofive #savecody . MAKE THEM SEE.



tbh the way some abusive parents approach teaching their kids to be ~obedient~ would be funny to me if it wasnt so fucking traumatizing.

like if you make your kid do something/stop doing something out of the fear of consequences then theyll never actually understand why doing that/not doing that is important, and theyll only try to dodge the consequences?

example: the kid has to take their prescribed medication 3 times a day. the kid is afraid of failing to do so because they know the consequences will be dire. if the kid somehow forgets to take their medication at lunch, lets say, they will compensate by taking 2 pills in the evening so the number of pills checks out if the parents were to look.

making your child terrified of making mistakes fucks them up, and destroys any true parent-child communication, but i guess some people prefer to be ‘strict’ and ‘old fashioned’ and abuse their kids anyway lmao.

Sometimes I wonder if you actually hurt me.
If I’m really just some attention-seeking little girl who likes to delude herself into thinking she has a few nasty issues.
But then you do it again.
You won’t stop screaming, won’t stop hitting, won’t stop hurting, won’t stop won’t stop
And then you don’t.
Why do you pretend to be nice to me?
Why do you ignore me?
Why do you hit me?
Why do you hug me?
Why do I feel like I’m going crazy?
Why do I still love you?

i can’t believe this needs to be said but if you’re into like killing stalking and those kinds of stories that fetishise abuse in gay relationships i’m going to fucking block you on sight. don’t follow me don’t interact with me you can go choke

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Your gross

When *you’re sending hate and forget to turn on anon for one of the messages  😂 ^^^

Like, lol. This is ridiculous, Tigs. Come on now. 

Backstory: For the people who are seeing this who aren’t familiar with my relationship with this darling girl, we “talked” for awhile, and eventually stopped when she tried to manipulate and guilt trip me. Like, I’d been busy, and we hadn’t even really spoken all that much to begin with. But yeah. Like, I stopped talking to her after that whole fiasco. I saw that I was dodging a bullet, and I left. Like, No. I’m not dating an abuser. Newsflash, emotional abuse, manipulation, guilt tripping your partners when they have done nothing wrong IS ABUSE. 

So, I left. Like, I saw the warning signs, and I was out. She messaged me again a few weeks later with some bullshit apology like, “I’m sorry I came off as manipulative (not I’m sorry I was manipulative). I’m trying to improve. All I can do is ask that you stick around and help me to improve… I thought that’s what mommies did… I’m sorry if I was mistaken…”

LIKE??? COME ON! THAT IS SUCH BULLSHIT. That right there is manipulation. You’re saying I’m not a mommy if I don’t take you back and put up with your shit. NO. NO. NO. The door. Bye. Shoo. 

AND NOW, YOU’RE SENDING ME HATE ON TUMBLR! LIKE, YOU ARE A CLASSIC ABUSER. LIKE, TEXTBOOK DEFINITION. I WAS SOOOO RIGHT ABOUT YOU. All you’ve done is show me your true colors. I mean, I knew what you were already, but this definitely validates it. 

Let’s take this from the top, shall we?

1. “Super friendly my ass.” Read the rest of that line. My description literally says, “Super friendly! But also NOT having any of your shit!” Which is exactly how I am. You tried to manipulate and use me, and I told you to fuck off. I would gladly do it again. 

2. “You need jesus”  😂 😂 😂

3. “ Polyamorus relationships are gross, you can’t love 2 people at the same time..” Lmao, okay? That’s like, your opinion man? I’m pretty sure I’ve loved more than one person my entire life. Like, oh I don’t know, my family, friends, teachers, romantic partners? Other important people in my life? And at this very moment, I have two romantic partners who I love. Whatever though, I don’t need to validate this to you. You’re a child. An immature child who needs to have the internet taken away from her before she makes an even bigger fool out of herself. (She’s not really a child. She’s a grown woman, but she acts like a child, obviously. Not as in an age regression way, as in a throwing a tantrum and sending hate because someone doesn’t want her way. I have to state this because trolls.)

4. “ All these poor people that follow you are being mislead” Nah, fam. I’m exactly who I say I am. I was good to you until you showed your true colors. Then, I told you to fuck off. Because literally, fuck you. You’re a textbook abuser, and I’m not playing these games with you. Not interested. Fuck off. I’m not nice to people who aren’t nice to me. I’ve never pretended otherwise. Lmao. 

5. “Your gross” LMAO, YOU ARE SO DUMB. LIKE WHAT IN THE ACTUAL FUUUUUUUCK. FUCKING CHRIST. I’M WHEEZING. LIKE, I CANNOT STOP LAUGHING  😂 😂 😂 Who the fuck, messes up sending anon hate? The level of incompetence. I can’t. I can’t  😂 😂 😂 AND THEN ALL THE TYPOS. Bless you’re little heart. Thank you for this gem. Seriously. Thank you. Anytime I’m feeling down, I will have this to laugh at. 

P.S. *You’re gross. 

6. “Who do you think you are? Giving people advice when your terrible at being a caregiver” Lmao. First off, I was never your CG. We were just getting to know each other. I don’t even know your real name, ffs. I’ve only had two official littles, and I received no complaints from either. I’m an excellent caregiver. As a matter of fact, they still come to me when they want to regress, and I let them. Because I care for them, and I like being around them. I don’t like being around, arrogant, rude, abusive assholes who try to manipulate and make me feel like shit about myself WHEN I’D JUST MET THEM. Like, legit, get a life. No, get some help. You need help. 

7.  “ Why are you such a bitch? You don’t deserve to be a mommy, you are not good to littles” I’m a bitch because you’re a cunt. Fuck outta here. I’m good to people who are good to me. Be they littles, caregivers, coworkers, professors, store clerks, whatever! I am not good to assholes. 

YOU do not get to treat me any kind of way and have me stick around. You don’t get to be abusive and then harass me and face no consequences. Next time you feel like sending one of your “exs” (it’s in quotes because we never even fucking dated) anon hate, I hope this memory stops you. 

I hope you feel ashamed. I hope you’re embarrassed. Because you should be. Get your shit together. Leave people who aren’t interested in you alone. Get some therapy and work on your abusive tendencies. Or don’t and continue being an asshole. It makes no difference to me.; I’m never going to speak to you again, lmao. 

Best wishes, Tiggy dear. Now kindly fuck off. 

Did anyone ask for...

…newlywed Fitzsimmons finally moving into their apartment and talking about babies? No? Well here it is anyway, with bonus discussion of Fitz’s craptastic father!

Written as a follow-up to this fic, but it’s not necessary to have read that one first. Takes place roughly a month after everyone escapes from the Framework. Enjoy!


“Well, that’s the last box,” Mack announced, setting the cardboard box down with a grunt. Though he’d carried it with relative ease, the muted thud it made as it settled onto the hardwood floor revealed its surprising weight.

“Thank you for getting the heavier ones,” Jemma said gratefully, patting Mack’s arm as she passed him, fluttering about the apartment to make sure all of the boxes had been placed in the rooms that matched their carefully written labels.

Mack shrugged off the praise as he slid his hands into the pockets of his jeans. “No problem. Hey, I’ve got to head back to the base to finish up those repairs for Coulson. Congratulations again, you two.”

“Thanks Mack,” Fitz said with a smile and nod. “See you soon.”

With a final wave, Mack headed out the door and out of the apartment building, where Elena was no doubt waiting impatiently for him. The only one left lingering after being wrangled into helping them move the last of their things from the Playground to their new apartment was Daisy. As Jemma roped Fitz into finally beginning the long process of unpacking, Daisy meandered through the apartment, studying the various paint samples Jemma had taped up whenever she’d found a spare moment throughout the past week.

Jemma happened upon her while she was speculatively eyeing the spare bedroom, which was empty of both boxes and paint samples – she and Fitz weren’t quite decided on what to do with it yet. As Jemma came to stand beside her, Daisy threw a wry smirk at her and said mischievously, “Well, you’ve got a ring, you’ve got a cozy little apartment – I think I know what comes next.”

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